Super Bowl XLII

Will the Giants or the Patriots emerge on top in Arizona?

Last updated: 21st January 2008  

Super Bowl XLII

The New York Giants are preparing to face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII - but who do you think will emerge as champions?

Can Eli Manning lead the Giants to glory and follow in the footsteps of brother Peyton who won the Super Bowl with Indianapolis?

Will Scottish-born kicker Lawrence Tynes appear on the winning side or will the much-fancied Patriots come out on top? Will they make history and remain unbeaten throughout the season?

Can New England quarterback Tom Brady hit back after throwing three interceptions in the AFC Championship game?

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Clive Mitchell says...

The Giants have alot of luck on their side. Outsiders each time and still came through even after losing the toss in extra time and getting that intercetion which basically set up a near straightforward field goal for victory. some instinct tells me that Manning is gonna be the man at the Superbowl. If the Pats don't score heavily in the first quarter then the Giants will gain in belief which will wear down the pats at the finale. My brain tells me Pats all the way but my gut feeling tells me fate has a hand. Should be a cracker final.

Posted 01:18 23rd January 2008

Andy Martin says...

Everyone is saying the Giants don't have enough to beat the Pats - but they said that last week v Cowboys, and the same was said v Packers. So don't write them off just yet. All the pressure will be on the Pats to win and go unbeaten, so the Giants can just get on with the job in hand!! I hope the Giants do win, but they will have to play out their skins to do so!!

Posted 12:49 21st January 2008

Ben Williamson says...

The best players in the World can have a wobble, like Brady last night, but the reason they're so good is it doesn't happen very often! The Giants better pray it does again if they are to stand any chance of the title!

Posted 12:34 21st January 2008

John Owens says...

New England would have to be poor and Eli will have to be good (that's a lottery). However... they are capable of it and for some reason I have one of those feelings.

Posted 12:17 21st January 2008

James Booth says...

The Pats have beaten the giants already. They'll do it again. Moroney is amazing at the moment.

Posted 11:52 21st January 2008

Tom James says...

I can't see the Giants stopping the Patriots' march to Super Bowl triumph. They have been awesome all season and will emerge easy winners in my view. Brady will control the play and I can see them winning by at least three scores.

Posted 09:50 21st January 2008

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