Shearer's return wants to hear from you on Alan Shearer's appointment

Last updated: 1st April 2009  

Shearer's return

Shearer: Shock return

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Newcastle have confirmed Alan Shearer will become their manager for the final eight games of the season.

And wants to hear your views on Shearer's return to St James' Park.

How will Shearer fare at Newcastle? Can the former England captain keep Newcastle in the Premier League?

What does this mean for Joe Kinnear?

Is Shearer the right man to get Newcastle out of their current predicament?

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Comments (63)

Jason Johnson says...

This was the ideal time for shearer to take the job , He is in a no lose situation ,If he keeps newcastle in the premier league he will be a paraded as the hero of the toon .If they get relegated then it will be a case of he only had 8 games to save them and the damage had already been done . I do hope newcastle do stay up they are a big club with great fans . But there big mistake was getting rid of big sam ,Given time he would have done wonders for the club

Posted 06:11 7th April 2009

Peter Bonner says...

I have always liked Alan Shearer, and wish him the best of luck in his mission to keep Newcastle United in the Premiership. He does have his work cut out, and having no previous Managerial experience makes the job even harder. I hope he can become as big a legend as a Manager as he did as a player.

Posted 17:14 6th April 2009

Anil Sewpersad (Arsenal fan) says...

What a daft decision by Alan Shearer to accept the Newcastle job! Good players do not neccessarily make great managers anyway. I should be surprised if Newcastle do avoid the drop. Did Shearer accept the job for the money?

Posted 04:42 3rd April 2009

Paul Spencer (Liverpool fan) says...

What a joke.What did this fella win in 10 years as a player for newcastle,NOTHING.And what's he going to win in the next 8 games,RELEGATION,but it will be ok for him because he's walking after the 8 games.

Posted 01:16 3rd April 2009

Dg B (Newcastle United fan) says...

It may be farcial to the rest of you, but who has a greater chance of keeping them up, Shearer or Hughton ? Enuff Said ! Sure it's desperate, but at least it will create a buzz and give us a shot at staying up. Let's face it we need to beat Stoke, Boro, Fulham and maybe Pompey and we'll be fine ! Come on Al, you can do it !

Posted 14:41 2nd April 2009

Chris Bailey says...

I hear some Newcastle fans are talking about Champions League football now that Shearer has got the job haha, lets hope you go down as to be fair that is where you belong, you make me laugh its all about Keegan the god who won what again when he was in charge the first time??? and then you get a Newcastle fan who pumps millions into your club and is the most hated man in the north east because what? he upset poor old Keegan rrrrrrrrr dedumbs, I'm sure he is your best mate again now Wise has gone and Shearer is there. lets hope Shearer fails so you will then boo him, maybe Peter beardsley and Gazza will be the next managers as according to you, your only a good newcastle manager if you have played their. Weirdo's!!!

Posted 14:26 2nd April 2009

Ian Mcdade says...

At least it takes the heat of Man City for a while. Poor old Geordies. I put it down to brain washing cos you can't be that deluded to think Shearer is the saviour. Shearer has history for falling out with team mates, managers and opponents. He is hardly inspirational, in fact he is positively bland. I would go as far as suggesting he may actually make the situation worse once he has a run in with one or two of the players. Newcastle's current position reflects the players ability. Most are average at best and many dont appear to have the desire to fight. For the last 6 weeks or so, only Boro have looked as bad. I would wish you luck, but like us in the late 90's and Leeds 5 years ago, you need to get relegated so the fans can set more realistic goals.

Posted 14:19 2nd April 2009

Richard Bapty says...

I like Newcastle, always have done, but as a Leeds fan i can see the same happening to newcastle as it did to us. All season people were saying 'Leeds wont go down'....... then we did, and look at us now. The porblem Newcastle have got is they dont have any real good players. They have past it, selfish players that are trying to salvage their career i.e Duff, Viduka, Owen. I hope Shearer does keep them up, and then bring in some new players next season to challege for the top 7. Its not right a club being in their position when they have the fan base and support that they have, yet teams like Wigan dont ever fill their ground, not even for a home game against Man.u. Good luck Shearer - see you at Elland Road in 2 years in the Premiership :-)

Posted 14:07 2nd April 2009

Simon Chadwick says...

Shearer and Dowie will take Newcastle down, no question. The players dont care about the club and I dont see Shearer as the man manager type. Can't wait to see the Geordies down at Elland Road next year in the Championship!!! By the way, any chance of getting Smudger back off you next year?? We'll trade Showumni for him!!

Posted 12:46 2nd April 2009

Carl Luke (Newcastle United fan) says...

I'm sick to death of hearing other fans say they're sick to death of hearing Newcastle fans saying we're a big club! It's becoming a cliche. Let us enjoy our fun.

Posted 12:45 2nd April 2009

Laurence Bic (West Ham United fan) says...

Good luck Geordies! Your teams have always played good football and you deserve your place in the Premiership. Some cracking games with the Hammers over the years and great friendship between the fans. Same is not true of 'Boro - Get rid of them down to the championship to play with all the moaners and hoofers down there - did someone mention Sheff Utd - not me.

Posted 12:14 2nd April 2009

Shaun graham Newcastle united fan (Newcastle United fan) says...

Ashley has appointed Shearer as manager, okay he's trying. But if we go down, he has got to realise Shearer will not be to blame, he will get the blame himself. I love Alan Shearer and i think he will bring stability and confidence back to the squad which will hopefully give back in return the results that we need and have been looking for since Keegan left. If that is a success i reckon Shearer will help Newcastle stay in the Premier League. If Big Al is successful at doing so, i would keep him as Manager or at least a role at the club for next season. Newcastle surely and hopefully will be safe. They do not deserve to be in The Championship next season. Good Luck Toon Army! Shaun - Newcastle.

Posted 11:26 2nd April 2009

Barry Madlin says...

As an outsider it was always obvious that the fans wanted Shearer back, not sure if this is the best circumstances under which he could have been appointed, but unlike Neil Hamilton who makes a valid point, could he ruin his reputation, I dont htink he can. For Alan, the loss he could suffer here is the future fate of his beloved Newcastle Utd.........he is doing this for the club and the fans, he is a fan, how could he lose. Geordies will get behind him of course, but you must not put any failure down to him, this is the players responsibility......and the club of course for recent indiscretions, (Dennis Wise for God sake!!) We had former highly respected players come back to us, Billy Bonds, Trevor Brooking to do similar jobs, but no board backing, there is no danger of that for Alan. Good luck to him and Joe

Posted 02:38 2nd April 2009

Keith Larkin (Leeds United fan) says...

Pretty amusing really, Can go one of two ways and either is great for Shearer. He keeps them up and he is an even greater Newcastle hero. They go down, he claims the damage was done before he arrives and gets to do more coverage on the BBC! Hope he does well but with any luck Leeds United wont be the only 40k+ stadium in the Championship next year!

Posted 21:58 1st April 2009

Peter Martin (Newcastle United fan) says...

Aaron, substitute the words Glasgow for North East and Rangers for Newcastle in your post and you have a true statement. The Old Firm are the most deluded fans in Britain. I should know, I lived in Glasgow for 4 years.

Posted 21:17 1st April 2009

David Morton says...

I can't wait to see the look on the Geordies' faces when Shearer turns round and tells them, "April Fools!"

Posted 21:02 1st April 2009

Mitch Rolo (leeds fan) says...

I have been saying it for 5 years now, Ncastle are the next Leeds. parasites in the boardroom,and lazy overpaid heroes on the pitch (Viduka - LOL , whats he on 50 K a week , probably averages 60 mins playing time a month). Shearer (no experience) , Kinnear, Wise , Dowie , hardly a bunch of winners are they. We had the Parasite in the Boardroom (Ridsdale) and an untried untested Mangler in Oleary (where is he no) on whom he squandered millions. Spot the similarities. Doomed to fail i am afraid ... Grit the teeth and home your chairman doesn't suck what blood there is left outta your club. They are only in it for the money

Posted 20:55 1st April 2009

Liam Gerrish (Chelsea fan) says...

"It will be an absolute miracle if Alan Shearer saves newcastle from the drop" agree but atleast they have a manager that knows how to play the game from experience, rather than some stuck up out of shape guy in a suit.

Posted 20:28 1st April 2009

Steve Rishton (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

One thing about Alan Shearer you always knew were his heart lay. Even when he played for Blackburn (and he is the best player i have seen in a Rovers shirt) you knew he had black and white bedding and matching curtains. Anyway the morale of the story is don't let your heart rule your head. Good luck Al you are going to need it. As for who is going down i think it will go to the last day with upto six teams involved. So all the fun will be at the bottom folks so forget the boring top four..........stay tuned!!!!

Posted 19:52 1st April 2009

Demetri Panayi (Arsenal fan) says...

This is an appointment that is full of romance and is going to attract headlines but when the dust has settled, the reality is going to set in. Newcastle are still a club in disarray at the management level, the are still battling relegation and they have just appointed a manager with no previous experience as a number 1 purely because he is a Newcastle legend. On top of that, he hasn't got the luxury of a tranfer window to bring any players in. Ashley has been very clever by appointing him as it keeps the fans off his back. I hope Alan Shearer succeeds at Newcastle. He is a likeable, passionate guy who loves the club and most football fans wouldn't want to see Newcastle go down. He has a hell of a task on his hands with only a handful of games to go. I wish him and Newcastle the best of luck. In the end, if they go down despite his efforts he can walk away and very reasonably say he didn't have enough time and had no opportunity to bring in players. Or am I just being too cynical?

Posted 19:35 1st April 2009

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