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Detroit Social Club remember some iconic memories from World Cup history

By Peter Fraser   Last updated: 19th May 2010  

Detroit Social Club World Cup Gold

Detroit Social Club reflect on their World Cup memories

Paul Gascoigne England West Germany World Cup 1990 Crying Tears Weeps

Gazza's tears in the semi-final against West Germany

Maradona Argentina Greece World Cup USA 1994

Maradona's 'crazy face' celebration at World Cup '94

Detroit Social Club World Cup Gold

Detroit Social Club reflect on their World Cup memories

Detroit Social Club have unveiled their much-anticipated debut album 'Existence', which will be released on 31st May just in time for festival season and what is tipped to be a blazing summer for the band.

Also on the horizon is the release of a new single 'Prophecy', on 24th May, while a seven-date tour of Scotland and England is set to commence on 10th May as the headline of the inaugural New To Q Tour.

Here frontman and songwriter David Burn gives his favourite memories from World Cup history.

World Cup memories

1990 World Cup

It was the first World Cup that I properly watched. I was nine years old and I remember collecting all the Panini sticker albums. The music as well, Luciano Pavarotti's 'Nessun Dorma' had a great connection with the football and it was a real event and I do not think it has been like that since. David Platt's winner against Belgium in extra-time of the last 16 also sticks in the memory. Salvatore Schillaci and Gary Lineker were the main men, but you cannot forget Columbia goalkeeper Rene Higuita for his massive barnet. Gazza's yellow card against West Germany in the semi-final and Lineker then looking over at Sir Bobby Robson is an obvious one.

1990 - Roger Milla

I always remember him dancing around the corner flag for Cameroon in 1990. We were all copying that celebration in the playground whenever we scored by holding our groin and dancing. It is probably like all the kids have been copying Peter Crouch's Robot Dancing.

1994 World Cup

It was in the USA and obviously England were not there. Graham Taylor was the manager when we did not qualify and they did that 'An Impossible Job' documentary, with all the 'do I not like that'. I was really excited about the World Cup after 1990, and then 1994 was just a complete damp squib. Roberto Baggio was amazing for Italy before he missed the decisive penalty in the final. Diana Ross also deserves a mention for that penalty miss in the opening ceremony. She was singing and then ran up and missed an open goal from about six yards! Everyone also remembers Maradona charging up to the TV camera with a crazy face after he scored that goal.

2002 - Ronaldinho lob

Ronaldinho lobbed David Seaman from about 40 yards with a free-kick when England were knocked out by Brazil in the quarter-finals. I was working in a factory at the time and after a night shift finished at six or seven in the morning I would go straight down the pub in my local town, Chester-le-Street, and start drinking. David Beckham was only half-fit, but you have got to remember how important he was in qualifying. Who else was there, Trevor Sinclair? Exactly.

2006 - Theo Walcott

I was quite excited when he got selected at the last minute. Bear in mind when he was playing for Southampton his pace was ripping defences apart. I could see why Sven Goran Eriksson took him over, but I did not understand why he did not play him. Why take a young player with that pace and explosive potential, like Michael Owen in 1998, and not play him? I genuinely thought it was the right to take Walcott. I like risk-takers. I would rather go down taking risks than go down without a fight.

2006 - Zinedine Zidane head-butt

It was in the final and Zidane was sent off for head-butting Marco Materazzi as France eventually lost to Italy on penalties. I thought, 'fair play' after what Materazzi is supposed to have said about his mum. But at the same time he is a professional so he should not have reacted.

2006 - Winding up Sky Sports News

They had a big screen in a place called Times Square in Newcastle and we always went over there to watch the matches. In fact last time we got in trouble with Sky Sports News because for the England versus Portugal quarter-final they were interviewing people and they would say, 'five seconds and then we want everyone to be quiet'. They would count down the five seconds and then the whole place erupted!

Quick-fire round

World Cup winner:

Top scorer?
Fernando Torres

Dark horses?
Ivory Coast and maybe Mexico

How far can England go?
If we do well, the semi-finals

Gazza or Rooney?

Pele or Maradona?

Three Lions or World in Motion:
Three Lions

Will Becks be missed:

Pub or the couch?

Club support?

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