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Last updated: 19th October 2010  

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Rooney sums up the current mood at Old Trafford

Wayne Rooney Manchester United

Is Rooney to turn his back on United?

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There is only one story that is dominating the back pages this morning as the nationals dedicate a plethora of column inches to Wayne Rooney's possible exit from Old Trafford. The news that contract talks between Rooney and Manchester United have broken down has sent Fleet Street into a frenzy, with hacks across the country desperate to get what could prove to be the ultimate scoop. The views expressed in each publication vary but what the dailies are united on is that Rooney could be wearing blue, of the sky variety, in the not too distant future.

The Guardian says that 'Wayne Rooney is increasingly open to the idea of completing the most rancorous and staggering transfer of modern times by leaving Manchester United for Manchester City. Carlo Ancelotti, the Chelsea manager, confirmed today that he would be interested in Rooney if he could establish any sense on the player's part that he would be willing to move to Stamford Bridge.

'But the reigning Footballer of the Year is leaning more towards City, acutely aware of the potential riches of joining the wealthiest club in England. Although a perception has built that he wants to move to Spain, he has told team-mates that City, not Real Madrid or Barcelona, is the more realistic destination.'

The Sun says that 'Wayne Rooney wants to quit Old Trafford because he believes the club owners lack ambition. His fallout with manager Alex Ferguson is only part of the problem for the Manchester United striker.

'Rooney was unhappy at the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid last year and also the lack of spending since. He does not want to commit himself to a five-year deal with a club that are financially struggling and no longer in the market for the world's best players. Rooney remains fiercely ambitious to continue landing the biggest titles, having won the Premier League and a European Cup with United. But he fears that is no longer a possibility at the cash-strapped club.'

The Daily Mail says that 'Wayne Rooney has told his Manchester United team-mates that he WILL consider a move from Old Trafford to neighbours Manchester City.

The United striker is considering his options after telling the club that he will not be extending the 18 months of his current contract. It emerged last night that there is real interest from City, who will have to pay Rooney £230,000-a-week to broker a deal. That would make him the highest paid player in the Barclays Premier League.

'United are unlikely to offer more than £150,000. United's players believe this contract row is purely about money - not about the breakdown of his relationship with manager Sir Alex Ferguson.'

The Independent says that 'Wayne Rooney can terminate his contract next summer under Fifa transfer regulations that would see Manchester United receive only £5m in return. Under the Webster ruling - named after the former Hearts player Andy Webster, who set the precedent - Rooney can buy out the final year of his contract for his current annual salary of £5m plus a relatively small compensation figure.

'As dictated by Article 17 of Fifa's transfer rules, it would dramatically reduce his current market value, which is closer to £45m.'

The Daily Telegraph says that 'Although moving from United to City would result in Rooney being vilified by the red half of Manchester, sources within the United camp have been made aware of the player's readiness to contemplate such a move. The possibility of Rooney, who celebrates his 25th birthday on Sunday, swapping red for blue is understood to be an open secret among his team-mates at United.'

The Telegraph also reckons that 'There are reservations among some influential figures at City over a move for Rooney, based on the player's off-field troubles. However, the opportunity to prise United's marquee player from Old Trafford is likely to override any issues over Rooney's suitability to become part of the Eastlands project.

The threat of losing their star player to their closest rivals has yet to prompt Ferguson or United chief executive David Gill into a concerted effort to bring Rooney back on side. Despite high-level talks between the Old Trafford decision-makers, the Glazers have made it clear to Ferguson that he has full control over Rooney's future.

The United manager will be free to decide whether Rooney stays or goes and, should he sanction the player's departure, the Scot will be in control of both the timescale and the destination.

Although Ferguson has yet to publicly disclose his intentions, the prospect of losing Rooney is understood not to be troubling the 68 year-old to the extent of the disappointment he felt when accepting that Cristiano Ronaldo should be allowed to leave United for Real Madrid in June last year.'

The Daily Mirror says that 'Manchester City are preparing to pull off the biggest transfer deal of all-time with a £100million package to land Wayne Rooney.

'The England striker has told Manchester United he has no intention of signing a new contract after falling out with boss Sir Alex Ferguson. And City are ready to take advantage of the turmoil at Old Trafford. The Eastlands hierarchy are drawing up an audacious transfer package that would see them pay United £50m for Rooney, plus another £50m in wages over a four-year deal.'

The Daily Star says that 'Manchester City plan to offer Wayne Rooney an astonishing £26m a year to clinch one of the most stunning transfers in English football history.

'It is understood City will offer Rooney a staggering £300,000 a week in basic salary to cross the divide. And Starsport has learned City are prepared to pile on an extra £200,000 in image rights to take his weekly wage to a sensational £500,000.'

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Roger Luffman (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree totally with Antony Bowers statement, Rooney has no loyalty to any one, not even his wife! Admittedly he''''s good at what he does, playing football. While this has made him a very wealthy man his background - poor education and making bad judgements, will always let him down. Like most sportsmen he cannot put a whole sentence together. He has become spoiled and lost his edge of the field, Fergie would be wise to let him go...

Posted 14:38 19th October 2010

Dazza Walbers (Liverpool fan) says...

The new yanks at Liverpool will bring Rooney back to Mersyside.... but the Red side. This will be the start of there intent to bring Liverpool back to the top.

Posted 14:01 19th October 2010

Keith Murray says...

Fact !! Rooney is a good player ! Fact !! Any team in the World would love him ! Problem is he knows it and seems to be throwing hes dummy outta the pram, Moyes gave him the Chance ! Fergie brought him to life ! Real Madrid have tapped him up , just like they do to every player they want !!. As a Chelsea Fan I say !! STAY IN THIS COUNTRY ! WE ALL NEED U HERE , no matter what team we support ur still a crowd puller

Posted 13:34 19th October 2010

Antony Bowyer says...

Not surprised he has never been loyal in his life, he left everton when we were favourtes to go down and he is supposed to love the club? He''''ll end up at city as he is t thick to go abroad.

Posted 13:30 19th October 2010

Salman Khan says...

Hahaha £5,00,000 per week. Good joke.

Posted 13:01 19th October 2010

Philip Parr says...

Sir Alex has lost the plot somewhat within the last 12 months. He believes he has a strong enough squad to compete with the best in europe and continues to play a weakened team in the premiership. Clearly looking at the results this year with draws against Fulham, Everton and West Brom when in a position to win all 3 shows that he can no longer afford tochop and change his side as he did in the past. His only real quality player is Rooney, if he leaves United and they continue to be restricted in their spending they simply will fall from the previously guaranteed top four into a mid table side. I think Rooney should cut and run. So much for the faith shown in him by his manager. He shoud be fighting tooth and nail to keep him at United but clearly he isn''''t otherwise he would be standing up telling the press that all the rumours are untrue. I wonder what the odds are for a Rooney and Torres swap deal in January ?

Posted 13:01 19th October 2010

Andrew Govender says...

"Chasing Money" ???? Are you United supporters serious? MUFC have been deteriorating in form over the past 3 seasons. From winning the champions league & League double in 2007 to winning the league in 2008 to winning the Carling cup in 2009.Wayne has stated that united have to invest in order to compete with the Big Dogs , however we all know what american owners really care about don''''t we. Well done Rooney.All the best at your new club.Be it Madrid or City or Chelsea , you will surely be moving up in life.As for MUFC , worrying times ahead isn''''t it.Cant remember which Sky Spots reporter predicted that City will soon be the big boys of Manchester.I didn''''t realize that it would be this soon.

Posted 12:53 19th October 2010

Jon Hykeham (Chelsea fan) says...

Obviously Man City don''''t want to play European football....Or will they find a loop hole in the system?? They can''''t possibly run self sufficient by doing this! I can''''t believe there isn''''t a salary cap yet....Footballers need to learn respect; not earn money.

Posted 12:50 19th October 2010

Salzan Abden says...

Rooney should remember if he is leaving for the money Man City will not have it always like chelsea there will be a time when they will have to stop spending only clubs with gr8 history are able to attract players like Man Utd.

Posted 12:46 19th October 2010

Willba D says...

Rooney to sign for liverpool when his contract expires next year. Yeah

Posted 12:42 19th October 2010

Jon Ollier says...

It''''s just another indication of the shift in power from the red side to the blue side of Manchester. Ferguson''''s stubbornness shining through again and once Scholes, Giggs, Neville, Van Der Sar hang up their boots at the end of the season Fergie will be left with a mediocre team. Wouldn''''t surprise me if he resigned before then...oh isn''''t life wonderful!!

Posted 12:35 19th October 2010

Angel Heath says...

rooney cannot go we need you please dont go we all going to miss you love you rooney your my best player in man utd x

Posted 12:23 19th October 2010

Graham Deakin says...

Has anyone spoken to City?? Where on earth has the Star got their figures from?? City will be criticised for ''''offering'''' obscene wages to Rooney and the wave of I''''ll feeling towards the club will increase based on absolutely nothing more than press speculation! It is a totally ridiculous storyline because Rooney is a United player and his spat with them should remain with them and leave City out of it.

Posted 12:08 19th October 2010

Keegan Govender says...

If Rooney wants to leave so badly then let him go, there''''s no point in having him stay and being unhappy and underperforming, Fergie has the experience and knowledge and has always put Man Utd before any individual player, no matter how talented the player is...and I''''m sure that if Rooney leaves Fergie already has a striker lined up in mind to purchase in January...

Posted 11:54 19th October 2010

Ideem Pochee says...

SIR ALEX is king he could groom many more stars if he wants to leave let it be.

Posted 11:51 19th October 2010

Chris Anderosn says...

To be honest I am a die hard Man.U fan but am not worried by the thought of Rooney going!! We have seen superstars come and go at United including Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo we have always came out of the situation strong. The battle that United are going through which does worry me is that of the crippling debt!! If in 5 years time we where debt free with no Rooney I would still be a very happy man, unfortunatly in 5years I see us having just as much debt and no Rooney or replacement!! Hopefully if Rooney does go the fans will backlash again at the Glazers because lets be honest this whole mess originates from them!!

Posted 11:46 19th October 2010

Christine Bobbie (Manchester United fan) says...

I am a die hard Rooney and Man U supporter. I think Rooney should grow up. soldiers go soldiers come. If Rooney goes Man u may have a hard time for a while but they will survive and still remain a great club. Rooney may not find his form in another club and that will be the beginning of his downfall. I believe Sir Alex was trying hard to help him through his private ordeals, He is giving Rooney the opportunity to get hold of his life and passion hence the knee injury stuff.ROONEY STAY.

Posted 11:41 19th October 2010

Jon Murphy says...

Fair play to him! if someone offers half a million a week you would be stupid not to take it, we would all love to be pro footballers not just for the love of mthe game but the multi millionaire lifestyle aswell. If you had your own company and paid yourself 3 million a month no one would say anything, Rooney is his own product and if he helps earn a club £200million in four years he should get at least half. This fat cat bankers who caused the credit cruch still pay themselves 5-10 million bonuses.

Posted 11:40 19th October 2010

Mohammed Yousri says...

Rooney is still a kid and his personal problems have caught up with his performance for both club and country. I trust Sir Alex to do right by him, Rooney just needs to tame his ego and listen to his coach.

Posted 11:34 19th October 2010

Ramokobo Mpakanyane says...

with the character Rooney has, i think he wil not do well in most teams. Therefore i think man united knows him more better and they know how to treat him. I do not think he will go far with his good future in soccer if he leaves united.

Posted 10:09 19th October 2010

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