Wenger - Title race wide open

Gunners boss not ruling out Chelsea

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Wenger - Title race wide open

Wenger: Seeking consistency


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Manchester United are 4/6 favourites to win the Premier League with Arsenal 13/8 and Chelsea now 9/1. Bet now.

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists the title race remains wide open after Manchester United's defeat at Liverpool.

Manchester United missed the chance to go six points clear of Arsenal at the top of the table after going down 3-1 to Liverpool, thanks to Dirk Kuyt's hat-trick.

Wenger was still ruing his side's failure to beat Sunderland on Saturday as they dropped two points in the championship chase.

The Gunners chief has refused to rule reigning champions Chelsea out of the title race and believes it will come down to who proves the most consistent over the last few months of the season.

"It was two points lost [against Sunderland] because first of all when you play at home you want to take the three points as well because we feel we scored a regular goal and we were disallowed a penalty so the three points were in there," Wenger told Sky Sports News.

"What diminishes the frustration is that the other teams dropped points as well like Man Utd yesterday.


"It is very, very open, I believe Chelsea is not completely out of it, Man City is not out,Tottenham has a little chance, a smaller chance.

"But it will be down to consistency, we have been remarkably consistent.

"I believe in the league if you look at results in the last ten games we have been the most consistent so let's focus to try to continue with that run and then you have a good chance."

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Osayuki Obanor (Chelsea fan) says...

up chelsea, the epl is wide open.there is hope 4 chelsea. long live all chelsea fan world wide. blues 4 life.

Posted 14:49 7th March 2011

Jared Krain (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

More of a change than Liverpool, so not sure why you laughing?

Posted 14:46 7th March 2011

Etete Gunner (Arsenal fan) says...

Despite manchester united standing a chance of winning the league,i have come to realise that any time arsenal is close to manchester united interms of closing the gap in the league the officiating must go against arsenal why? The problem right now in the english premire league are referee's,the are no more competent for their job why? The hole world is aware that since howard web stop officiating manchester united game things has been so difficult for them,i don't want to believe yet that english premire league is basically on arrangement.

Posted 14:44 7th March 2011

James Goodings (Arsenal fan) says...

If Arsenal survives the next two weeks in the PL without lossing points then they will win. Simply because their injury Players will have recovered

Posted 14:40 7th March 2011

Jose Gilberto jnr (Arsenal fan) says...

Well this Arsenal Season so other teams should get that in their damn head

Posted 14:24 7th March 2011

Ian Forbes (Manchester United fan) says...

Lol man utd will win

Posted 14:14 7th March 2011

Selwyn Govender (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

at Scott Hughes (Liverpool Supporter).....Yeah right .....At least Spurs has a little chance of challenging whilst Liverpool has absolutely NO CHANCE....ROTFLMAO

Posted 14:12 7th March 2011

Andrew Cockburn (Sunderland fan) says...

The results at Anfield and The Emirates at the weekend certainly seem to have put a new perspective on the PL title race, for just when it seemed to be developing into a two-horse race between Arsenal and Man. United, the door now appears to be open once more for Chelsea, Man. City and possibly Spurs to join the fray, and of course some of those clubs chasing United have a precious game in hand. It seems likely that there may well be one or two more twists to the tale, particularly as Man. United still have to play both Arsenal and Chelsea. It certainly makes for an interesting run-in to 2010/11.

Posted 14:06 7th March 2011

Dave Beach says...

Scott Hughes your team have no change but becareful as Tottenham could pinch your euro place hahahahahaha

Posted 14:05 7th March 2011

Paul Brad (Liverpool fan) says...

Don't be a muppet Scott when we are back competing for titles maybe then you can snigger

Posted 14:04 7th March 2011

Andrew Watson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

hahahahahahaha.... and Liverpool have no chance lol!

Posted 13:58 7th March 2011

Stuart Griffin (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

And Liverpool have what, no hope at all! ha ha!!!

Posted 13:50 7th March 2011

E Zouani (Manchester United fan) says...

"in the last ten games we have been the most consistent"...correct me if Im wrong but there are more than 10 games over a season me Wenger....the term "clutching at straws comes to mind". On a seperate note, many congratulations to Liverpool, Kenny and Kuyt for the result yesterday. Completely outplayed us. Its nice to finally see the Liverpool of old coming back

Posted 13:50 7th March 2011

Ronald John (Manchester United fan) says...

Man Utd will win the league, when we beat Arsenal at the emirates

Posted 13:37 7th March 2011

Declan Healy (Liverpool fan) says...

The door may have been left open but are you going to step throught it Arsene???? Arsenal blew it yet again at the weekend. They can complain about Arshavins disallowed goal but to be honest, Arsenal should be winning those matches comfortably. Liverpool and Chelsea did ye a big favour, now do yourselves one and win matches. You won't get many more opportunities to close the gap.

Posted 13:29 7th March 2011

Sandeep Sandhu (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with Wenger that the title race is wide open and it should mean a exciting run in, but in all honesty if Arsenal want to win the league there cant be anymore slip ups to the likes of Sunderland, results against West Brom and Newcastle could fundamentally rule them out of winning the league because of the crucial points lost against teams who are not on their par

Posted 13:23 7th March 2011

Scott Hughes (Liverpool fan) says...

'Tottenham has a little chance' hahahahahahahhaha yeah right!!!

Posted 13:07 7th March 2011

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