Girls get all the luck

Sun shining on and off the pitch for Arsenal's lady with the mic

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Girls get all the luck

Kirsty, before spending a few weeks on the beach.

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Arsenal's Kirsty Percival has been sunning herself in Grenada ahead of Ladies Day, yet hasn't missed a match!

I think watching the football in a beach bar in Grenada is a superb way to get myself warmed up and ready for this weekends showdown on Ladies Day. (Bet the guys never do that!)

I flew out on the day Arsenal played Villareal in their away leg (and was nervous until landing when I was told we had drawn 1-1).

Feeling optimistic I knew we would go through and do them at home the following week which we did of course 3-0 and I was watching the game this time in the hotel TV room before heading to the pool bar to celebrate.

I watched the game with a fellow Gooner who was on vacation. We kept switching over and checking the United score urging Porto to score but it never happened so we knew we had United next and let's face it, it's going to be a cracking encounter.

Arsenal played some quality stuff that night and I was extremely impressed by Eboue, I have always thought he was a great signing and I knew he would come good and prove the critics wrong.

Theo, of course also made me glow with happiness, what a finish and with Cesc settling in just great the link up play and fluency is back at the Arse and I am so excited to see how the season is going to end.


In my time away I also chilled out Caribbean style to watch us cruise past Wigan with a 4-1 win (unlucky Miranda!), but I also had the disappointment of watching us lose the FA Cup Semi against Chelsea 2-1.

I'm still completed bemused by the team selected by 'The Professor', but I guess he had his reasons and I'm thinking we will see Chelsea in the final of Champions League where a win for us will make the bitterness I feel disappear.

Then Tuesday I got to watch the gripping performance of Liverpool's and Arsenal's 4-4 draw. However my boyfriend Gary is from Liverpool and supports the Reds so I was a little subdued with my comments as I did not want to leave the Island on bad terms.

Gary is currently working for Jason Roberts Football Foundation (Yes Roberts from Blackburn Rovers) and lives on the 'Spice Island', so we left each other on good terms.

The 4-4 draw was not at all what I had predicted but all in all it was a good end to my time in Grenada.

Since I got back the week has gone very quickly and I now look forward to Sunday and Arsenal beating Boro. I am hoping we can do the same to them as we have done to Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic and put 4 past them. That way I will have the gloating rights of all the Ladies Day FanZoners.

So enjoy the rest boys (bet you're not sunning yourselves) and take a look at how real women can know the game just as well as you!

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