Fans turn on Roo

Supporters angry as striker looks to leave Old Trafford

Last updated: 19th October 2010  

Fans turn on Roo

Rooney: Fans unhappy with his decision

We've given this boy a chance to become a legend at the greatest club in the world and he wants to throw it all away.

Man Utd fan Kevin Stephenson
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Manchester United fans have been quick to turn on Wayne Rooney after Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed the England striker has asked to leave Old Trafford.

Within minutes of the press conference which saw Ferguson confirm the 24-year-old has called off contract negotiations, readers got in touch with us to air their views.

And while some could understand Rooney's desire to move to pastures new, the majority of Red Devils fans were quick to condemn their 'hero's' actions.

Daniel Smith was first to get in touch and his reaction mirrored that of many United fans. He commented: "Well it's been confirmed Rooney wants to go. I say let him! I don't want players at the club I love that don't want to be there!!! United have done so much for him but he's quick to forget that."

Darren White was also left dumfounded and said: "I feel physically sick...The fans have been superb to you and you want to leave before the season even started? Unbelievably disappointed and upset."

United fan Colin Martin took the news even harder and even admitted to shedding a tear. He said: "I was sitting at work and found out. I cried. Mufc will never be the same again."

Many fans had been thinking the press reports indicating Rooney was looking to quit Old Trafford were wide of the mark, including Kevin Stephenson who said: "Absolutely stunned. Even when all the reports were in the papers this morning I still thought that this couldn't happen. We've given this boy a chance to become a legend at the greatest club in the world and he wants to throw it all away."

Stephenson was also quick to point out that Rooney's former club may benefit from any sale and added: "No-one seems to have mentioned the 25 per cent sell on clause Everton had inserted following his transfer in 2004? Watch this space for a player-swap deal instead!"

Once they had absorbed the news, many United fans were quick to point out that the club will continue to prosper even without their prized asset.


Chris Roberts said: "Once a player wants to leave and his heart is no longer in it, get rid. That is what's happened to Rooney, you could see he wasn't right at the World Cup. Sad, but we'll get over it. United are bigger than any one player."

Owen Laughran echoed the comments, saying: "It's amazing how quick so called devoted players change their minds, probably with a little help from their money-grabbing agents. I say sell Rooney to the highest bidder and buy someone else who can do the job."

Other supporters feel Rooney is showing a lack of gratitude. Paul Grimshaw said: "When a player wants to leave what can you do? I think it does show a distinct lack of respect and appreciation for the club that has developed his raw talent ... he will have damaged his relationship permanently with the Old Trafford faithful. No one likes to be hurt by someone you admire and accept as one of your own."

Sarah Norman added: "Let him go. It's as simple as that. It's about time players realised they are only as big as the team they play for.....He obviously thinks he's too important. Look what happened to (David) Beckham after he got shifted....never really re-gained form!"

And Paul Streamer can see only one destination for the England striker - Eastlands - and said: "Rooney thinks he is bigger than the club, so it's time for him to move on. He'll probably join that other mercenary (Carlos) Tevez at City, I hope they win nothing, because that's what they deserve."

Ferguson appeared stunned as he announced Rooney wanted to leave Old Trafford but many fans feel the United manager will emerge stronger. Tony McElroy said: "If Rooney wants to go, let him leave. We have lost players like (Jaap) Stam, Beckham, (Roy) Keane and Ronaldo. Everyone can be replaced. In Fergie we trust!"

But Jack Bradley went one stop further and hopes the manager makes Rooney rot in the reserves: "Fergie better not pick him any more!! if he does not want to play for us anymore than so be it. I don't want him in our team.

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Andrew Mccarthy (Manchester United fan) says...

Rooney is a disgrace to the shirt and badge he has kissed on so may occaisions. The Glazers should now fully back Fergie and stick him in the reserves for as long as possible. There is no way he can play for Utd again?

Posted 12:36 20th October 2010

Kambo Dinkom (Chelsea fan) says...

Im not supporting Man U anymore they cant win anything without Rooney. Sorry guys

Posted 10:34 20th October 2010

Garry Appleby (Newcastle United fan) says...

Rooney is like a lot of other players looking for greener grass but with no sense of loyalty, he has proved this with Everton and Man Utd, however I have no sympathy for Man U as for years they have taking young players from clubs and unsettled them, I think this now has happened to them twice with Ronaldo and Rooney (I bet he has a club lined up). Money is too much in the game and it should now have a wage cap. People are going to lose their jobs with cuts, 7/7 enquiry hardly got news while Liverpool takeover was forever on the news, I for one will not shed a tear over Rooney or any overpaid footballers who want increase in wages for periodically being good at job when everyday folk who consistently do a good job have pay freezes, reductions or redundancies. Football is an animal out of control and fans authorities need to sort this now, I agree people can move in their jobs but decency, loyalty and morals are words some footballers could spell but not no what they mean. Kevin Davies, Steve Harper and Tim Cahill to name a few are honest pro''''s with loads of the afore mentioned, my list who do not have it will surpass any word count. So Rooney''''s stance is not new but it has happened to Man Utd and all hell breaks loose, sorry but most fans are laughing but it is a sorry state when this takes more airtime than real matters

Posted 10:29 20th October 2010

Ann Patterson (Manchester United fan) says...

To Dave Lee Why should Utd fans give Rooney a chance he has had a say many times and told lies. there is no player bigger than Man Utd as the are still the best club in the world and City can only live in dreams of acheiving what Utd already has You can have Tevez and Rooney and you still wouldn''''t even come close to Utd It would take you a thousand years to reach there fame or never. If Rooney wants to go then we say let him go its Man utd we love and we trust the best manager that football has ever had, yes Sir Alex and if you think Mancini is hard enough well use you imangination

Posted 10:24 20th October 2010

Terry Siner (Everton fan) says...

My heart bleeds for those shocked United fans. Cannot wait to see them at Goodison next season so that we can offer them our deepest sympathy as their beloved Wayne is once again a Blue, be it City or Chelsea

Posted 09:34 20th October 2010

Geoff Stevens (Gillingham fan) says...

Love to see Michael Owen get a run now and reclaim England place from this greedy,over rated has been. Finished in his mid twenties without a world cup goal to his name. Enjoy the money Roon, and kissing the highest bidders badge.

Posted 09:12 20th October 2010

Sam Cotterill (Aston Villa fan) says...

Good to see Rooney getting one over on Alex Ferguson, Utd came in with an offer Everton couldnt refuse (using the "we can buy anybody we want stance") and now dont like it when Rooney says he has had enough of the club, good on him ! Rooney has proved he "Is BIGGER than UTD" ! LOL !!

Posted 08:59 20th October 2010

Dave Lee (Manchester City fan) says...

WOW you lot havent even heard what Rooney has to say yet and you have thrown him to the wolves already, you really are as bitter as everyone makes out, this will be your demise as a great club, you have no money and at least 4 of your long serving players will be gone next season, your club is getting drained dry, do you think if you sell rooney for £50 million plus that the glaziers will invest that money, ha ha no way it will go in there pockets.....BYE BYE UTD HELLO CITY

Posted 07:58 20th October 2010

Lewis Preston (Manchester United fan) says...

Let him go, Rooney''''s not that good anyway, he''''s too inconsistent. We need a striker that scores on a regular basis. Somebody like Luis Suarez.

Posted 07:48 20th October 2010

Jay Tyler says...

i am a die hard manchester united fan and i can say that although it isnt very good news, manchester united is a bigger club than one individual player, we shown that when we lost david beckham, roy keane, ruud van nistlerooy, and the best player at manchester united and the world ( cristiano ronaldo ). send him back to everton, chicharito will do his job and if not bring benzema over from real madrids subs bench.

Posted 07:46 20th October 2010

Kattie Hutcheson says...

I''''d like to think there''''s still loyality in football. You just have to look at the likes of Gerrard, Scholes, Giggs, Terry (to name a few) to believe that. Wayne Rooney is a different matter. Who protected him when he came back from the 2006 World Cup in disgrace? Who has protected him from acts of violence an petulance towards fans alike? Once a cheat, always a cheat...His wife may accept to live with that, but we, the Manchester United fans, do not! He has cheated the fans and their love for him in an act that is the ultimate betrayal. He served the club well, but so what? So have Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Ruud van Nistleroy, David Beckham, Nicky Butt and so many, many more players. It is, was and has been their job for hich they have been handsomely repaid. The BIG difference between Rooney and all the others including Ronaldo is that when and if they ever step back onto the Old Trafford pitch, they will be applauded for their loyality, dignity and humanity towards Manchester United, but when and if Rooney ever steps onto the pitch there will be nothing but the voice of 75,000 betrayed fans...I don''''t care which club Rooney plays next for, Manchester United have been there, done that, got the shirt. We will survive this inspite of Rooney and the Glazer Family after all we have survived relegation, plane crash that demised so much talent and greed in our history. Rooney, you are no more...Go wherever you want, but know that you will NEVER experience the love and support and tradition that is Manchester United and its fans.

Posted 07:43 20th October 2010

Jahanzeb ali Aurangzeb (Manchester United fan) says...

if he wants to leave.. let him leave.. seriously i have lost all the respect for him..this cocky man thinks he is better than manchester united.. as all the stars that have left man utd know, it is only one way you go when you leave man utd and that is down. let him leave for spain and rotten. and if he leaves for another english team, wow than, that just show how much loyalty his family learned him .

Posted 06:25 20th October 2010

Bharath Honnegowda (Manchester United fan) says...

I feel sick on hearing this news. The last time it affected me so much was when Beckham left. i was such an admirer and a true fan of Rooney since he scored that goal against Arsenal when with Everton. He has shattered the hearts of many faithfuls'''' like me at United. I sincerely hope that god punishes him for being such an ungrateful man. I HATE YOU WAYNE ROONEY. hope Sir Alex makes him rot on the bench till January.

Posted 06:08 20th October 2010

Ken Hill says...

Rooney for city?,They.vd made Tevez tired of football!

Posted 05:14 20th October 2010

Paul Buckenham (Manchester United fan) says...

do you think that wayne rooney will refund the £150 i spent on 3 replica shirts for my sons out of his millions now that they will be obsolite as he no longer wants to play for us any more and i think many other reds would like their hard earnd cash back as well .come on wayne cough up

Posted 04:03 20th October 2010

Paul Eveleigh (Manchester United fan) says...

"He kisses the crest, he puts in a transfer request..." Two facts: 1. Let''''s be honest, Rooney is not the sharpest tool in the shed and his head will be easily turned to more money somewhere else, but 2. The Glazers have seen to it that United are becoming increasingly uncompetitve financially and that has transferred to the quality on the pitch. Rooney carried this team last season and must be watching the fortunes of City and the quality of Real Madrid and think that is where he is best suited. He only has 5 years left at the top.

Posted 03:55 20th October 2010

Jim Dawson (Everton fan) says...

Sit your contract out and come home.

Posted 02:06 20th October 2010

Danny Mckeon says...

Ah well guess the t-shirt was right all along, ONCE A BLUE ALWAYS A BLUE!!!!!!!! Wen he turns out for man city in January!!!! Haha

Posted 01:47 20th October 2010

Graham Law (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Well, I think it is quite amusing! When this was happening to my club, with berbatov, where was the man u outrage then? Your player not wanting to play for your club is gutting and no matter how good that player was ( and berbatov was one of the best players I have seen in my lifetime as a spurs fan) you wish that player the worse because that is no way to treat your club. You and Everton have leant the hard way and I blame the agents whispering in the players ear saying "leave them, you are better and I can give you better!". The players have no respect and I suspect that he has been tempted somewhere.

Posted 01:44 20th October 2010

Marvyn Paul (Manchester United fan) says...

Let Rooney go. Sir Alex is the best at what he does for a reason, and he will unearth a gem who is better than Rooney. He''''s done it in the past, and with his experience we can be assured he will do it again.

Posted 01:36 20th October 2010

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