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All the best Super Bowl stats ahead of the big game in Miami

By Paul Higham   Last updated: 2nd February 2010  

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Life's a Brees for Drew

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Manning shows Indy the way

Super Bowl XLIV
Saints v Colts
Feb 7, 11pm, Sky Sports 1 & HD1

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American Football is a game littered with stats, but we've brought you the ones that matter ahead of Super Bowl XLIV, so you can see who will be the big performers in Miami.

Peyton Manning and Drew Brees will lead two sets of high-octane offensive units to Miami, so expect plenty of points on the board as neither QB is shy on airing out the football.

Both defences though have shown they are no mugs, with the Cotls up there with the best at stopping teams finding the endzone, while the Saints have ball-hawk Darren Sharper always threatening to pull off another pick.


The two quarterbacks will grab the limelight, as they have been the two best in the NFL this season and their regular season numbers are pretty close.

Manning has thrown the ball 57 more times than Brees, with New Orleans having a decent running game this season, so no surprises that the Colts triggerman also has more yards and completions.

MVP Manning has therefore found the endzone on no more than 33 occasions, more than any other quarterback in the league except for one - guess which one?

393Completions 363
10Sacks 20
4500 Passing Yards 4388
33 Touchdowns 34

Rushing attack

Neither team can boast a 1,000 yard rusher for the Super Bowl, with Joseph Addai getting the closest, but the Colts have not had the best season on the ground - which has forced Manning to air it out more often than not.

The Colts did sneakily score the sixth-most points rushing though, meaning they can punch it in when they get in the red zone, but the Saints have a more varied attack and they top that particular stat.

Pierre Thomas is their top man but Reggie Bush stepped up with a huge play-off game against Arizona and followed up against Minnesota, so Indianapolis' run defence must be aware of both men.

Jospeh AddaiColts21982810
Pierre ThomasSaints1477936
Mike BellSaints1726545
Reggie BushSaints703905
Donald BrownColts782813

Up in the air

New Orleans have traditionally been a high-flying offence since Drew Brees met coach Sean Payton, but the Colts have outdone them this year with the league's second-best passing attack.

Both teams scored 34 touchdowns through the air, with Manning only throwing 33 of his team's as running back Joseph Addai threw the other to Reggie Wayne on a trick play.

Brees seemed to have more options than Manning with Coltson, Henderson, Meachem and Bush, but tight end Dallas Clark is as good as a receiver for the Colts, while youngsters Peirre Garcon and Austin Collie have come on leaps and bounds this season.

Reggie WayneColts100126410
Dallas ClarkColts100110610
Marques ColstonSaints7010749
Devery HendersonSaints518042
Pierre GarconColts477654
Robert MeachemSaints457229
Austin CollieColts606767

Hard-hitting defence

Underrated is the word to describe Indianapolis' defence, while the Saints were fearsome at the start of the season before suffering a blip, but were right back on point against the Vikings.

Both teams have sack machines in the form of Freeney and Mathis for the Colts and Will Smith for the Saints, and time for the QB will be at a premium in Miami.

The Colts have a small but very speedy defence that despite giving up plenty of yards, is eighth in points allowed and has twice dealt with Houston's top-ranked pass attack this season.

Darren SharperSaints710.59 3
Jonathan VilmaSaints1102 3 0
Clint SessionColts1030.52 1
Dwight FreeneyColts2413.50 0
Will SmithSaints49131 0
Robert MathisColts379.50 0

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Mark Nicholson says...

These stats will count for nothing when it comes down to the big show on Sunday, but it's a positive thing to see that this will be one of the closest Superbowls we have seen for several years. This will come with one acception - stop Indianapolis first downs in the first quarter, or the saints may stumble and let the Colts run away with it. My prediction will be 35-28 to Indianapolis but wouldn't it be poetic if the Saints can pull off a victory for a city that was so badly scarred by Hurricane Katrina? Come on Brees - your Superbowl MVP could possibly be waiting for you!

Posted 13:47 1st February 2010

W Aldo says...

Will Sky be repeating its excellent superbowl blog this time around? Wish I could make it out there myself, but the blog is the next best thing!

Posted 12:48 28th January 2010

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