Haye to face Harrison

One-time friends to face-off for Haye's heavyweight title

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Haye to face Harrison

Haye: facing an 'old friend'

The public want to see one final high-profile destruction of Audley Harrison, and I'm only too happy to do my duty for the British people.

David Haye
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David Haye will defend his world heavyweight title against bitter rival Audley Harrison live on Sky Box Office HD.

The WBA champion has confirmed that he will make a voluntary defence of his belt at the MEN Arena, Manchester, on Saturday, November 13.

It will mean renewing rivalries with one-time friend Harrison, who has spent the last six months calling the Hayemaker out.

Harrison is number 13 in the WBA's rankings but has jumped the queue on the back of his sensational European title win, in which he knocked Michael Sprott out in the final round.

Even before that, the 2000 Olympic gold medallist has been chasing a domestic showdown with Haye, the pair having fallen out several years ago after a row over undercards.

Harrison says he let Haye fight on one of his, only to see the compliment go unreturned - and has let the world know exactly what he thinks.

The bitter fall-out will add fuel to the fire ahead of a landmark clash for British boxing

"At one stage I had a lot of respect for Audley, but over the years that respect has turned to disdain," said Haye.

"It's now time for me to go out there and close the Audley Harrison show once and for all. Audley's a big name, but he's known as a boxer that people want to see get destroyed. The public want to see one final high-profile destruction of Audley Harrison, and I'm only too happy to do my duty for the British people."

Harrison, said: "David Haye and the boxing world will be in for a shock on November 13. I told Sky Sports in 2009, that destiny would bring me and David in the ring together. Haye rubbished it and so did the boxing world.

"I've said it many times that I will be a world champion before I retire and now I get the chance to fulfil my destiny in boxing. So go ahead, write me off but I can't wait for the day when A Force Harrison, destroys Mr Haye. Yes I can."

This will be the first time in 17 years that two Britons have contested the world heavyweight title. Back in 1993 Lennox Lewis successfully defended his WBC strap against Frank Bruno at Cardiff Arms Park in Wales.

This will be Haye's second defence of the belt he won against Nikolai Valuev a year ago, following his impressive nine-round destruction of John Ruiz in April.

It means a unification showdown with either WBO and IBF king Wladimir Klitschko or his brother and WBC boss Vitali will have to wait until 2011 at the earliest.

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Peter Desmond says...

Give credit to Audley hes ranked 13 and has some how got a title shot!! Haye is the champion and with the title comes responsability, he should have to fight one of the Klitschkos and prove what he is about, or at least stop talking about fighting them because we all know he is scared.

Posted 07:31 9th September 2010

Dwain Clark says...

Rubbish. This fight is everything that is wrong with boxing today. Pacquiao v Mayweather? Khan v Maidana/Ortiz/Bradley/Alexander et al? Haye v Klitschko''s? Thank the lord for Juan Manuel Marquez, one of a minority who actually brings credibility to the sport! Long live JMM!!

Posted 22:55 8th September 2010

Matthew Smith says...

This is not about Haye making money off Harrison, it''s about Haye making money off the Klitschko''s. As Eric Bischoff correctly observed: ''controversy creates cash''. A fight with either of the brothers right now would generate interest, but not quite enough interest, as Haye''s profile is not at it''s optimum level yet. A British heavyweight World Title fight, billed as a grudge match, would be a big draw in the media and solidify the popularity Haye needs to attract paying fans to Europe and beyond for his fights with the Klits. Destroying Harrison, whom almost everyone despises, would be the perfect way to accomplish that and make a fair few quid in the process. This fight makes smart business sense but Haye needs the knockout or it''s a disaster for his career. Roll on November 13th!

Posted 21:49 8th September 2010

Ibrahim Osekre says...

I just done understand understand all this negativity about Haye and the so called Klits. Once again, boxing is not just about the fame. It is a serious business and I applaud boxers who go the extra mile to make sure the financial side of the sport is taking care of. Haye can decide to fight even my grandmama if he feels confident of not only making money but also to win becuase without the title, you just become one of the many nobody''s around. Boxing is a serious sport and must be taken so. I will not put a boxer in a ring just because i want to prove a point - noway. So Haye can do what he wills so far as that makes him happy . . . .he i not in the sport to please no one and just like Mayweather Jnr, he can pick and choose, if you dont like it then period. People around boxing wants to make money out of it and promoters will always have an opinion on other boxers but trust me, they would never want to be the one in the ring come the boxing day, so leave David Haye alone, after all it took him a long time to achieve what he has - the WBA World Heavyweight Belt.

Posted 20:22 8th September 2010

Donal O''leary says...

Heavyweight boxing is at a very low ebb presently. If i was a middle aged, formerly half decent heavy weight boxer I''d hit the gym hard. This is the the perfect time for any respected boxer with an ounce of talent to become undisputed champ and he''ll only have to defeat three barely mediocre opponents to do it. I know you guys like to big up all your sporting talent, and hey, encouragement is the way to go but serioulsy?? Rate Haye, or the K''s for that matter, out of ten, ten being any former decent heavyweight champ... Go on, I''m curious..

Posted 20:14 8th September 2010

Richard Dominic says...

I dont know why there is so much negativety surrounding this fight. Is it not a good thing that 2 British boxers are fighting for a version of the Heavyweight title? the last time it happened was in 1993 and then one of them was Canadian. Sure Audley hasn''t lived up to expectation or even his own hype (although who could?? that is some hype!). Sure it is not going to be a high quality fight, but are there that many available out there in the heavyweight division. But it has got a bit of needle, genuine dislike of each other, 2 londoners, I clean punch finishes it. The best thing they could do (sorry sky) is put this fight on terrestrial at a decent time so all could watch!! At least this is generating some interest in the sport, I have not seen a thread this busy for a long while, the papers will get hold of it. Compare this to the disgracefully small amount of coverage Ricky Burns got for a fabulous, couraguos victory at the weekend for a world title. Why not, i reckon

Posted 17:21 8th September 2010

Robert White says...

i think haye is rite to take this fight like no way is he ready 2 fight the 2 clitskcos like this will be his 4th fight at this weight and people be happy when he knocks harrison out never again will we have 2b ticked off when harrison wins cuz this has gotta b the end off him and i no im rite people so u dont need 2 say im rite

Posted 17:10 8th September 2010

Jason Snaith says...

Stop messing about Haye and Fight a Klitschko !

Posted 16:42 8th September 2010

Jason Rameswari says...

Haye is going to demolish Harrison, Harrison is known to be reluctant to throw punches, I dont know why, maybe it tires him out? But if Harrison waits to land his big left hook, in my opinion he would have got knocked out by then!! Either way if the the fight is as exciting to watch, as the conference was, then we are in for a good show!

Posted 15:11 8th September 2010

James Brown says...

This is such a joke, Audley harrison couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag and Haye has just proved himself to be a coward, they will both make a lot of money from this but no respect...''bitter fallout'' if you believe that your a fool, two mates makin a few quid

Posted 14:44 8th September 2010

G B says...

What a boring Fight! I honestly dont know which one of them to boo! David haye thinks he''s the next big thing to revive the Heavy weight division, what a joke, he avoids fighting Klitchko''s and he''s not even entertaining to watch. And Harrison im sorry but what had he done in recent years really?

Posted 14:15 8th September 2010

I Hussain says...

Haye u r such a girl, be a man and fight the Klit''''s....... u r and embarrassment to boxing.....

Posted 14:08 8th September 2010

Mike Jassi says...

Love him or hate him, you gotta respect Audley Harrison. Everyone writes him off, yet he comes back time after time. He won the heavyweight prizefighter, and the European title. For me, he deserves a world title fight for his hard work, dedication and heart. However good Audley is, he is not in the same league as David Haye. Haye has the heavyweight boxing world in the palm of his hand, yet he won''t fight either of the Klitschko brothers. Frank Warren said it himself. But, come November 13th, you never know what is going to happen and for me, this is an intriguing fight and a good one for British boxing.

Posted 13:55 8th September 2010

Al Muhamamad says...

Oh my gawd - what if Harrison wins?

Posted 13:36 8th September 2010

Owen Thomas says...

The only reason Audley is so vocal about beating Haye is because he sees it as an opportunity for one last decent pay day. Audley is one of the worst boxers around today and one of the most boring to watch. He got outclassed for the entire fight by Sprott and got lucky right at the end. He doesn''t deserve to be here. He has never faced a decent fight and there''s a reason for that. He''s terrible. I will be tuning in to watch just so I can see Haye embarrass him, knock him out and end his career. It''s about time!!

Posted 13:17 8th September 2010

A W says...

First off, this is a Haye win by k/o... No doubt! But I think Haye''s being clever here, firstly fighting A-Farce to destroy his career and increase his support, then he will fight one of the Klitshcko''s some point next year when they will probably have passed the peak (still quality opposition) but giving himself more chance to live up to Lewis'' legacy.

Posted 13:16 8th September 2010

Steve Roberts says...

Cant understand the amount of anger directed towards Haye over his decision not to fight either Klit brothers. These guys have put to bed any chance of a deal being done to stage these fights, with their demands over finance. Haye has done the correct thing by telling them to get on their bikes! Once he has put Audley out of his misery, and they had beaten another couple of washed up fighters, maybe they will get real!

Posted 12:55 8th September 2010

Terry Mann says...

You know, I don''t think this is a bad fight for Haye. He is obviously a very clever guy, and he knows regardless of all the negative press this is getting from the fans, most people will be intrigued into watching it. He is the main draw in a dull division and this fight could generate as much interest as him fighting a Klitsco brother but for different reasons.. However, on the flip side, I really think Audley is a dangerous opponent for Haye. He''s big, he''s strong, and more importantly, he''s FAST! Haye hasn''t fought anyone like that, and I think the fact Audley has sparred with him many times, will make him more confident in expressing himself in the ring.. I like David Haye, I see why he has taken this fight, but I think, unlike most, he may be regretting it when the fight is over, and he''s lost his title.

Posted 12:45 8th September 2010

Timmy Orr says...

What a curious match up, I do think Haye will blow him away but stranger things have happened. First couple of rounds Audley will be keeping it long, I can then see once he gets clipped he will get his gloves round the back of hayes neck and hang on stinking the place out. At this stage if it is getting to the last third of the fight you never know he might just catch haye. Haye is not a coward he his just savvy to know that the UK public will lap this fight up. He will fight one of the klitschko brothers just a matter of time. What I would like to see is haye hit Audley with a really hard shot and end it. Its a shame what has happened to Audley, 8 years ago I was saying he will win a world title because when he does relax and let go in a fight he has world class combos in his locker but he falls asleep in fights and has not got that true boxing gut that you need in the pro game. Haye in 4. ouch !!!!!!

Posted 12:29 8th September 2010

Box Singh says...

Why are people saying its a joke! It will sell out quite quickly, and will get large viewing figures and make both fighters lots of money. How is this different to any other boxer in history? Fact is you can look at Mike Tysons, Ali''s, Holyfields...anybodies record, they have all had fights with so-called bums when in the prime of their careers. Its boxing, this is very very very normal, wake-up and smell the coffee!!!

Posted 12:13 8th September 2010

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