Blues plot thickens

We want your views on the next Chelsea boss

Last updated: 4th June 2008  

Blues plot thickens

Carlo Ancelotti has seemingly ruled himself out of the running for the vacant manager's chair at Chelsea but we want to know who you think will get the job.

Milan coach Ancellotti has stated he intends to remain at the San Siro. Is his decision to rule himself out a big blow to the Blues?

A number of names have been linked with the position since Avram Grant was sacked by the club last month.

Latest to be linked is Roma coach Luciano Spalletti? Is he the man to lead the club to success at home and in Europe next season?

Have the Blues lost out to Manchester City for Mark Hughes' services? Will they regret the decision.

Send your views by using the feedback form below and we will print a selection.

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Mark Fayers (Arsenal fan) says...

Harry Redknapp is the answer to Chelsea's dilema. Give him some money, and watch what he can get out of a Chelsea squad. Harry deserves a chance with one of the big boys!

Posted 11:25 4th June 2008

Alan Harris (Chelsea fan) says...

I dont think it really matters who they choose, Hughes, Ancelotti, Mancini, Rikaard, Spaletti, I think they are all fine coaches, and given £100M to spend this summer, and if they can keep Lampard and Carvalaho, we will challenge in all competitions again, but whoever they choose, they need to act NOW !

Posted 08:59 4th June 2008

Chris White says...

Chelseas arrogance is about to come back to haunt them and abromovich, kenyon et al only have themselves to are a successful coach at a big club and you are offered a post at a smaller club where no matter how successful you are you could be undermined and sacked at the drop of a why would you take the job at chelsea??

Posted 05:45 4th June 2008

Asa Komalsingsakul says...

I think if Roman Abramovich wants to see long-term successful at Chelsea FC, only Mark 'Sparky' Hughes can do his favours. It is the best time for Chelsea to recall our legends like Sparky and Zola to work alongside Steve Clarke at Stamford Bridge, they have more passion to lead more than anyone else from outside world, and they are really deserved to take this challenge as we Chelsea Supporters will always stay with them through and through and it is only ONE mission that can be able to polish our club's image in public view. I wish Abramovich will not choose wrong decision this time, he should listen to Chelsea Fans who love the team not less than he does, otherwise disaster would be happened again at SW6 1HS and we have never got a happy time so far like Arsenal or Man Utd. We desire long-term with full passion like Sparky at Chelsea FC and he is the one who can lead us to glory of europe and domestic like he did with United as a players before. This is what we all want and waiting for, isn't it ?

Posted 01:47 4th June 2008

Neil Munro (Liverpool fan) says...

Sorry Blues, but I'm finding this VERY amusing! You let one of Europe's best, albeit abrassive, managers go, spend a season with a 'stop gap' (no offence Mr Grant but where is the pedigree/results at the top level?!) and now, embarrasingly, find yourselves scratching around and possibly even coming 2nd to Man City!!!!! No offence to Man City fans but I thought Chelsea were positioning themselves as the 'top club' not just in England but also Europe and the World/the established Universe?!!! If that were true how is it that Inter, who let's face it have done 'not a lot' in Europe lately can get a top manager lined up and 'sorted' whilst Chelsea can't?!!!! Seems to me the bubble is bursting and the best managers are thinking twice about getting involved with Chelsea. Can't say I blame them! My only thought is for Mark Hughes and the connundrum he now faces - go to Man City with an owner who seems totally clueless or go to Chelsea to work for an owner who is dellusional but has more money! My advice would be 'stay put and keep doing what you're doing' - he'll get the Man Utd job in 2-3 years time and most likely not only find a far more settled & experienced squad and ownership but also have far better longevity! It's a 'shame' that by then Man Utd et al will be watching Rafa add to our 18 league titles and 5 European Cups as we re-assert our position as the most succesful English Club of all time! However, Mark Hughes, stay where you are and fullfill your destiny! Chelsea fans..... you have my sympathy!!!!!

Posted 01:46 4th June 2008

Ben Clarke (Chelsea fan) says...

The story was just made up as usual. As a club we need to get back to the days when the manager behaved with a biyt of dignity. Grant was an imposter, Mourinho a flawed gienuis. Hughes might not be an instant succsess but long term he would be best choice.

Posted 23:35 3rd June 2008

Daniel Gibbs (chelsea fan) says...

The only man for the job is Sparky. He has proven what a good manager he is with Wales and Blackburn. He a young manager with fresh ideas on how the game should be played. And the Bouns is he's as hungry for success has he was in his playing days. With Wales he proved he could handle the big games, and get players to play. And we will miss out on this good manager, who will one day be a great manager, to chase managers that know little or nothing about english football. I'm grateful to Roman Abramovich for all that he has done for the club I have loved man and boy, but when his he going to learn to listen to the fans. And the fans are saying "we want Sparky". So please mr Abramovich, give the fans what they want. And remember THIS IS OUR CLUB, NOT YOUR TOY

Posted 22:20 3rd June 2008

Michael Hall (Chelsea fan) says...

Stay away from Hughes. Simply for the fact that i dont think he will handle a big club. He wont bring in the right signings. Santa Cruz isnt good enought for chelsea. Neither is Bentley. We need a manager who has experience at the top level, scolari would be ideal or someone with simular experience.

Posted 21:09 3rd June 2008

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