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Last updated: 29th March 2011  

Rafael Benitez may have left English football, but his legacy will forever be remembered at Liverpool.

And in a brand new, revealing interview with Sky Sports' Guillem Balague the former Reds boss speaks openly about the highs and lows of his time at Anfield.

The never-seen-before chat, which is exclusive to, sees the former Liverpool manager open up about some of the key moments of his six years in one of the biggest jobs in English football.

The first part of the interview includes:

RANT REFLECTIONS - He discusses his infamous press conference and explains why many of the points raised in 'Rafa's rant' are still valid.

GLORY IN ISTANBUL - He reveals what really happened in the Liverpool dressing room when they were 3-0 down to AC Milan in the Champions League Final.

LOOK HOU'S TALKING - He refutes the suggestion that Liverpool's Champions League success was largely down to previous manager Gerard Houllier.

THE NEARLY MEN - He discusses the men he narrowly missed out on signing for Liverpool, including Florent Malouda and Dani Alves.

TRANSFER TALK - He defends his transfer policy at Liverpool and talks in depth about the sale of Xabi Alonso.

Hit the video at the top of your screen to see Guillem's candid chat with Benitez.

Check back later in the week for the second part of the interview when he discusses why things went wrong for the Reds last season, plus why he is dreaming of returning to the Premier League again.

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Nathalie Shepherd (Bari fan) says...

Until Man Utd win more european cups than Liverpool, Utd will always be in Liverpools shadow. FACT!

Posted 15:06 30th March 2011

Ryan Stott (Liverpool fan) says...

Long live king kenny

Posted 14:13 30th March 2011

Jeremy Williams (Liverpool fan) says...

Rafa will always be a legend to Liverpool fans. The media slated him then constantly defended the ridiculous laughable Roy Hodgson. One is Spanish, the other English. Go figure

Posted 14:08 30th March 2011

Pablo Escobar (Liverpool fan) says...

There are some seriously bitter & twisted people out there (yeah, talking about you Dave White). Rafa did a good job and his heart was always in the right place. If some of those transfers had gone through things may have turned out differently. Those final 10 games two seasons ago were the best I have ever seen Liverpool play. It was the Valencia machine he always wanted to re-create. And then it fell apart, for reasons unknown.

Posted 12:56 30th March 2011

Richard Conway (Liverpool fan) says...

I do wish Rafa would stop talking about Liverpoool and saying he has unfinished business. You have no unfinished business with us, you came, you saw, you spent £300million on largely mediocre players, you destroyed the bootroom, ran an unhappy ship and sold our best players because they refused to bow down to your ego. Your rants against Fergie were prime examnples of how much you placed your ego above the club, and all those rants ever did was make Fergie want to prove you wrong - which he frequently did. You did win in Istanbul with Houlliers team because you weren't there long enough to put your mark on the squad, and when you did start taking control our form, our players, and our club went downhill fast. You are not Fergie, you are not 'the special one' ( a case proven in Italy), and you are not even Hodgeson. Stay in Liverpool if you wish, enjoy the english rain and our 2 weeks of summer, but please stay out of Anfield.

Posted 12:15 30th March 2011

Rob Knox (Liverpool fan) says...

Rafa had us competing with, and often winning against, the biggest and the best in Europe. Only spending £12m net in 5 and a bit years, he did better than many people give him credit for. His undisguised disdain for the press resulted in a less than enthusiastic national media, who of course shaped the thoughts the countless drones who soaked it all up. Some of whom you'll find posting here.

Posted 10:11 30th March 2011

Niaz Petkar (Liverpool fan) says...

I think Rafa should have a second crack at Liverpool, maybe after King Kenny. I mean he did bring trophies to Anfield and also the 5th European Cup. His achievements stamped in Liverpools illustrious History and not forgetting the Holy Grail the 5th European Cup. He stands tall along Legends Like Shankley,Paisley,Fagan,Daglish. YNWA

Posted 08:35 30th March 2011

Ecp Red (Liverpool fan) says...

Benitez had a right to complain about hicks, gillette, parry and purslow but what i'd like to know is what are his excuses for what happened at inter, rafa you had you're chance and have now become an embarassment, move on with your life please. Liverpool are the most famous and widely supported club in the world and demands a great manager at the helm, rafa was not up to it. Long live King Kenny.

Posted 08:31 30th March 2011

Dave White (Manchester United fan) says...

hahaha I'm still laughing at rafa from all those years ago when he ranted at fergie that day............there were no facts in that press conference at all..........not one single fact, just wild accusations from a bitter deluded man who thinks himself better than he actually is...what a joke and to hear all the liverpool fans moaning as they did at the time is pure theatre...keep up the great work liverpool fans, you'll never be as big as utd...and thats a FACT!!

Posted 23:04 29th March 2011

Dave New (Liverpool fan) says...

I think Benitez should be given another chance at management - taking over from Ferguson at United. Then maybe he can bring them the same quality of players, tactics and success as he brought to Liverpool. I wonder why he chooses to keep living in England. Maybe its because nobody wants him.

Posted 22:33 29th March 2011

Hunbolt Squid (Liverpool fan) says...

Rafa Legend YNWA Come back after King Kenny Rafa.

Posted 19:14 29th March 2011

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