City open Kaka talks

Blues travel to Milan to begin discussions

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City open Kaka talks

Kaka: City talks

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Manchester City have opened talks with AC Milan over the possibility of bringing Kaka to the Premier League, Sky Sports News understands.

Sky Sports News chief news reporter Bryan Swanson has learned that City executive director Garry Cook travelled to Italy to begin preliminary discussions with officials from the Italian outfit.

The potential blockbuster transfer remains at a very early stage and no bid has been lodged, with Cook keen to test Milan's resolve to retain the services of the talented playmaker.

Club owner Silvio Berlusconi described the Brazil international as 'untransferable' earlier on Tuesday but City are yet to be put off.

A website owned by Berlusconi is reporting that City have offered 100 million euros (91m million) for the 26-year-old playmaker.

"This time they (Manchester City) are here for real with an official delegation," said the report on the mediaset website.

"Manchester City want Kaka at all costs and they have shown their cards. Garry Cook, two representatives of Sheik Mansour and Kia Joorabchian, who is acting as a mediator, met with Adriano Galliani and Ernesto Bronzetti (Milan's chief executive and commercial director) and made their offer."

But Berlusconi says he is in the dark about any bid.

"I know nothing about the offer, but I hope he stays at Milan," he said.

City's owners the Abu Dhabi United Group proved they have the financial muscle by signing Robinho from Real Madrid in the summer in a 32.5million deal.

And they are now keen to bring the forward's compatriot to Eastlands to give manager Mark Hughes' squad real superstar quality.

Kaka admitted to Swanson in a November interview that playing in the Premier League was an ambition he hoped to realise at some stage in his playing career.

But with City currently battling to avoid relegation to the Championship, it remains to be seen if one of the most gifted players on the planet will be prepared to make the move, regardless of the riches on offer.

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Fikile Mharo (liverpool fan) says...

It's business, Kaka has already signed for Man City, they dragging this saga thru the media to get maximum publicity. (announcing to we have arrived sit up and take notice). 1. It makes business sense. 100mill get a the a great ambassador for the club. 2. Great looking player and 3. He just happens to be the best in the world too. City is buying the Kaka squeaky clean image the brand that will sell in the east. 4. The Kaka name will attract other big names to the club too 5. It will attract the best players to their academy too the new owners have stated that they will still focus on the academy to grow good players. 6. Mark Hughes, he has got to step up to the plate. The best team need the best keeper, the best defence and best holding midfielders. Real learned this lesson the hard way.

Posted 14:28 19th January 2009

Jack Graham says...

Obviously Man City are relishing the prospect of a player of Kaka's calibre, and there is no doubt that he will become a key member of their squad. However, I don't agree with the Man City owners methods. The obvious example to compare this to is Chelsea's phase of buying players when Roman first took ownership. Chelsea bought wisely instead of just picking out the best players from the best teams and putting in ridiculous offers for them which it looks like City are doing. It isn't as simple as "buying success" in the space of a few weeks' transfer market and I think that what the City owners are doing is naive.

Posted 13:25 19th January 2009

David Chapman (Southampton fan) says...

Firstly as a Southampton fan I'd be a hypocrite to say I didn't want a rich invester as were in debt and heading for league 1 but City are RUINING football, how do my team have a chance of even getting in the PL with the money being spent on billionaires dream teams. However all these City fans saying it was Chelsea who started this is stupid, sure they overpaid for players but lets not forget AC milan legend Shevchenko was their all time biggest signing at a quarter of whats being quoted for Kaka! Lets all hope Kaka turns out the same way.

Posted 13:01 19th January 2009

Sunil Naidu says...

City fans seem to be more bitter than the rest of them here.Yes the "big 4" have spent more money than the rest on most occassions,but City seem to be changing that with this ONE signing,they are ready to pay more than what the club costed.That is why it is obscene.Suddenly chelsea look better,they were ready to pay a few million more than what any other club was ready to offer,but the money that is being talked about here is just insane,but i dont blame city fans,most of them would not have even seen pictures of a city player with any trophies,I don't think Kaka has to answer anyone here,if he did move everyone would know why.And yes chelsea though were up there but could never go upto the level of actually challenging teams to win cups and that's where the money helped them and in all ways they did buy their success .But city are no-where close to that,all that they have been doing is being jealous of their Glorious neighbours,I hope they do sign Kaka though, they will need someone who can get them back into the Premier League.Because they can't buy a PL spot with all money they have.

Posted 04:56 19th January 2009

Daniel Shortall (man utd fan) says...

City are another chelsea' so much money has been put into the club and now they have trouble working as a team. Its like they've never played together before. Man city will bring in these players and they will all need to gel wich will be hard. Building a succesful team is from the youth upwards and playing as a team not a one man show (robinho)

Posted 23:37 18th January 2009

James Routledge says...

Im a leeds fan and know how all the man city fans will be feeling right now. I also know that as soon as Sheikh leaves there wont be a manchester city left unless someone even richer buys. This will happen because he will leave and especially if you buy kaka you will be left with players you can not afford to pay their wages. Then you will sell them for one quarter if not less of what you bought them form and slowly do what my team did and sink down the leagues.

Posted 16:20 18th January 2009

Paul Jenkin (Manchester City fan) says...

Firstly, I've been a Man City fan since 1967/68 season. Isn't it hilarous that, for once in City's history, they have some serious cash to spend and a manager who looks like he actually has a game plan and some clue what to do with it and and yet all and sundry (fans of all the other premiership teams, so-called 'experts' like your TV pundits, former players from other clubs with no link to City, team mates of players who City are supposedly chasing) are all suddenly experts and entitled to criticise City? In my opinion, everyone should concentrate on their own clubs and keep their half-baked, ill-informed, jealous, mealy-mouthed, unwarranted, unwanted, usually factually incorrect, pathetic and just downright ignorant opinions and speculations to themselves. I watched some of the soccer coverage on Sky yesterday and was appalled at the comments made by your panel. No-one I know gives a stuff about what has-beens like Paul Merson and Charlie Nicholas say and Phil Thompson....please! They might have been half-decent footballers but they can barely string a sentence together. Also, if they we such great visionaries and motivators, why aren't they managing top clubs? By the way, can someone please tell Charlie Nicholas that he looks a pillock with ear-rings in. And all this bull about City's money ruining the game. The game's already 'ruined' by the cash sloshing about since the setting up of the Premiership. Which team would refuse the money that ADUG is bringing to City? None of them. Are players coming to City for the money? Of course they are. Be honest, that's all they go to any club for. Here's hoping City DON'T sign Kaka or any prima-donnas) but they do sign some quality players who can bolster the defence and midfield so we can (a) survive in the Premiership this season and (b) make a serious assault on the Premiership in coming seasons.

Posted 11:01 18th January 2009

Richard Parry (Manchester City fan) says...

As a City fan I want success but still look back with rose tinted glasses as Man City were the last ALL ENGLISH team to win the English League. Think about that 'big four'. It might be the case that we now need foreigners to stitch you up, but we have the best Youth team in the country and we shall definitely cause a few upsets i.e. 6 pointers or have MUFC already forgotten that.

Posted 10:32 18th January 2009

Christian De rossi says...

As a Manchester United supporter i am excited to see who City buy, this will make our clashes even better as the whole world will watch. City's new stars will make the Manchester derby the best in the world. It will make Manchester the best place for football and it will dominate London and the likes of Merseyside, Milan etc. Look out everyone - Manchester is coming!

Posted 22:05 16th January 2009

Lee Cook says...

very interesting to see this story develope. i am a United fan and cannot wait to see the likes of Kaka embrace the premiership, the manchester derby will have its rightful place as the biggest derby in english football with world class stars on both teams. However financial I would be wary if i was a city fan, as we have seen with the current financial climate, organisations spending vast amount of cash come with very high risks. This is illustrated in Abramovich's declining interest in Chelsea football club. This has meant that Chelsea have to become self sufficent by 2010 and is why they have not spent big for the past season or so. inevitability should be a word lodged into the minds of city fans. Even though I wish them every success, aslong as its not to the detriment of worlds best team, Man utd!

Posted 20:12 16th January 2009

K Scott says...

this is getting stupid , why doesn't he follow his heart instead of his wallet, if man city were only offering 20 0r 30 million then he would be laughing and saying who are man city and who do they think they are?! hes better off where he is coz he'll be guarenteed champions league football but if he goes to man city he'll be playing championship football.Man city are just setting themselves and their supporters up for the biggest drop in their lives.can't wait to see it.

Posted 11:57 16th January 2009

Simon Watson says...

I cannot believe the shambolic reaction that everybody seems to have with city on this matter. I was born in 1977, they year after we won our last major honours in the league cup. There is no getting away from the biggest rollercoaster ride you have ever seen but that is City. When the takeover was complete at the end of the season city fans were extatic and the media had something else to get their teeth stuck into. With the money invested it was going to be inevitable that we were going to offer massive sums for the best players in the world. This was singled out by the board and the manager months ago. Isn't it a bit hypoctritical of the so called top four fans and management lashing out about money and city not being a top club. For years the top four have spent big on the top players and nothing has been said. Lets have a look at fergies face if any of these potentially lethal signings make it to the blue camp. City fans have been through more then you can imagine over the years and have stayed loyal at all times even when were in the second division. Surely a signing of Kaka's callibre is a sign of intent for the club and the thousands of our loyal fans

Posted 11:54 16th January 2009

Paul Eveleigh (man united) says...

I think is great for the sport that Man City have all of this money and they are going to give it a go. But let's be honest, the great players are only going to join for the money - and that's fine - each club has its own mix to offer. If City do go on to become successful then their mix will change. The sad part of all this is the way City fans (and other so-called big clubs - Leeds, Newcastle)still carry the victim mentality. I can't help looking at Chelsea and seeing their manager turnstyle in full swing and think that the same will happen at City. Although the big 4 have taken the lions share of everything Players, money) - apart from Chelsea, they have remained with their manager and coaching staff for a number of years.

Posted 02:54 16th January 2009

Alastair Russell (Manchester United fan) says...

Here we go again same team same story. I remember the Robinho story the wunderkind was going to reshape City's future. Well I guess we are going to hear the same story again and again as they buy to get themselves some backbone. Let me tell you a little secret Hughe's doesn't have the backbone not today not tomorrow. So the next 100 million will be for a manager because now you have set the benchmark, so good luck and keep on whining about the successful teams.

Posted 02:15 16th January 2009

Jideobi Onuora (Manchester United fan) says...

Some people here forget that Kaka will not be the last buy for Man City this month. Kaka will just be the general overseeing the rest of the troops that they will definitely buy to fight the relegation battle. Also, it's not just about Kaka. Even if he is not motivated by money and wants to see out his contract with Milan, Milan themselves might be motivated by the amount and will convince him to leave. Milan are not broke but any club will think long and hard about walking away from 100m for one player. 100m is no joke and I doubt that the Man City owners are going to pay that kind of money if they don't have serious plans for the club. And Kaka having won pretty much everything in Italy might be open to another challenge. I do wish they'd gone for Messi though, I would have loved to see him strut his stuff in the Prem. Well, maybe next year...

Posted 00:38 16th January 2009

Michael Matthews (Manchester United fan) says...

Surely there aren't a more pitiful bunch of supporters than City fans? Gullible and constantly searching to lash-out at any other football fans. City supporters, be quiet and build up from the bottom. Look at QPR...they actually know what they are doing, whereas you're just a fatty in a sweet shop. On a brighter note, Aston Villa is the way it should be done...Young and Agbonlahor are the future of English football...the bitter pill that United have to swallow, as being mentioned on here is rubbish. We're not the bitter ones...even the 'pool fans are talking sense!!!

Posted 16:29 15th January 2009

John Carroll (Aston Villa fan) says...

Like all debates there are two ways of looking at this one, and each argument is well balanced and true. Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have gone unchallenged for far too long which has resulted in ruining the appeal and competitiveness of the league completely - whats the point in competing in something you can't possibly win? So it is great that Man City and my beloved Villa are finally making the league a bit more interesting. However the damage teams like Man City, United and Chelsea will do to football on a whole if they continue to spend the astronomical sums they have done will change the game forever. The smaller clubs will simply die off as they cant compete for promotion as the top teams will be too rich to challenge, and as a result they will sadly lose their "catchment area" of young supporters due to the gloryhunt mentality of the new generation of football fan. No revenue coming in will result in them going under - we have already began to see this with so many clubs in administration. My club Villa, have plenty of money behind us but i would like to think we are using it sensibly and buying good young english talent for the future and not throwing it around like all the other "top" clubs (and spurs!), have been. That said, i would love Robinho and Kaka down Villa Park and wouldnt be complaining if we were buying them so good luck to City and their fans and let them enjoy it while they can. Short term lets enjoy seeing how the "big 4" cope without the guarantee of their champions league cash. Long term...well, we will see.

Posted 15:47 15th January 2009

Alessandro Platman (West Ham United fan) says...

I am all for Kaka to be brought in by Man City as he is a classy classy player but I am wondering why they need him... Mark Hughes has strikers in abundance in Jo Robinho Sturridge Vassell Benjani and Bojinov. Man City, I believe, are only second to Chelsea in terms of goals scored. Rather than spending big on one player why not buy quality consistent defenders such as Agger or Marquez (of Barcalona). I read somewhere Kaka would recieve a pay out of an estimated 2million a month which is ridiculous. I would like to see him in the premier league but I am unsure as to why he would join Mark Hughes' team as they are struggling...Milan have a fabulous squad but it is ageing so i have to wonder why Ancellotti or Galliani would consider selling him..financially yes it's a huge sum of money but that is quality you cannot replace. Milan have an excellent chance of securing Serie A and the UEFA Cup...I have always loved Kaka since he was brought in from Sa Paulo but i seriously have to question his credibility if he leaves all he has for a relegation dog-fight. To a degree yes I understand he has friends at Man City in Elano and Robinho but I honestly worry about Man City as if Sheik Monsour leaves their team will spiral out of control like my beloved West Ham...paying large sums of money to players is crippling my club but we need Bellamy and Parker so I am all for Kaka going to Manchester!

Posted 15:40 15th January 2009

Kabir Ramdew says...

We all have been captured by the romance of the beautiful game and this is just part of its evolution. Haves and have nots alike marvel at it so i`m guessing any of you with a spare billion would buy a club and fulfill your footballing fantasies...Its all for the love of the game I say. Attacking Man City for having unlimited resources is like attacking the big four for being in the positions that they are today. They have built themselves up to be great clubs and it didnt happen overnight. United, Arsenal and Liverpool have a great history and have earned thie place in the top four. Chelsea are the sign of the times, the building up to be footballing super powers happens at a much faster rate now with money playing a role that it does. I say bring it on as the game will be at an even higher level for it. No doubt Chelsea raised the bar in the premier league under Jose and (dare i say) were the catalyst in making the prem league the best in the world...Smaller clubs cant bemoan the great history of the top clubs, they dont have their own yet, and United and Liverpool had humble beginings a long time ago so you cant take them to task for being successful. City will add another dimension as football is in a post modern era. If it comes to 20 billionaires owning the 20 premier league clubs then so it will be. The potential of billions in the bank will lure most clubs no matter how fans feel. In the end deep down, Everybody wants to rule the world...

Posted 15:03 15th January 2009

Andy Richmond says...

F.A.O. RUPERT Tonge I normally just flick through the comments and shrug my shoulders at some of the jealous ranting that goes on, but RUPERT oh RUPERT what the ??? "an organic structure of hard work, loyalty and integrity " ?? Rio Ferdinand 30 million Wayne Rooney 23 million plus Berbatov 30 million Veron 28 million I'm getting bored now and I don't want to list off all the 10 to 20 million players united have signed. That's about as organic as a plastics factory Unfortunately your position at the top table is just starting to be a little bit threatened and you start bleating like a sheep. I would settle back, have another prawn sandwich and watch it all unfold. I just hope that some other cashed up arabs take over some of the other long suffering teams that have had to watch year after year as "the big 4" have mopped up all the trophies simply because they can afford to. That's right Mr Organic man "afford to"

Posted 10:41 15th January 2009

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