Pompey confirm Adams axe

Former Arsenal defender shown the door at Fratton Park

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Pompey confirm Adams axe

Adams: Axed

The priority is for Portsmouth football club to remain in the top flight and we feel the appointment of a new manager will give us the best opportunity to enable us to do this.

Portsmouth statement.
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Portsmouth have confirmed that manager Tony Adams has left the struggling Premier League club.

Sky Sports News revealed on Sunday night that Adams was set to be axed from his post after a run of nine games without a win which left the club just a point above the relegation zone.

And the Fratton Park outfit have now released a statement on Adams' exit, with first-team coach John Metgod also shown the door.

Director of youth operations Paul Hart will take over as caretaker manager until a permanent successor can be found.

"This has been a very difficult decision and Tony has worked tirelessly to arrest the slump in form," a club spokesman told the club's official website.


"He is rightfully highly-respected within the football world and played a major role in our FA Cup triumph last season. We would like to thank him and John and wish them well in the future.

"The owner and the board feel they have been as supportive as they can during a period where results have been poor. The team has played well but too many points have been dropped from winning positions.

"Notwithstanding the adverse economic conditions the board remains committed to the continued growth and development of the club for the future, building on its achievements of the last three years.

"The priority is for Portsmouth football club to remain in the top flight and we feel the appointment of a new manager will give us the best opportunity to enable us to do this.

"Paul Hart knows the football club, having joined us nearly two years ago, and is a respected coach with managerial experience."

Final straw

Former Arsenal and England captain Adams had only been in charge on the South Coast since late October when he was named caretaker manager following the departure of Harry Redknapp to Tottenham.

However, a run of just two wins in 16 league games has seen the club slide down the table, with Saturday's last-gasp 3-2 home defeat by title-chasing Liverpool deemed to be the final straw.

Pompey were also knocked out of the FA Cup in the fourth round after a 2-0 home defeat to Coca-Cola Championship side Swansea, ending their defence of the trophy they lifted in May last year.

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Gary Ward (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

I think that the Portsmouth chairman has been nothing short of spineless for sacking Tony Adams.

Posted 22:00 9th February 2009

Nick Burnett (Southampton fan) says...

Shame on you Sky Sports, for not putting on any comments from Saints supporters. Saints fans are licking their lips in anticipation at playing 2 derby games against Pompey in the CHAMPIONSHIP next season. This is just the incentive Saints need to climb the table.

Posted 21:12 9th February 2009

Karl Walker (Manchester United fan) says...

It's the same thing that happened to Ince! Same question to the board, why was he made manager in the first place? Look at Ince's experience and Adams' How were they equipped to handle the premiership? let alone without funds (or players)? These two should never have been appointed managers of these clubs simple as that! they did not have enough experience and they are as a result victoms of incompetence from two boards. You can't blame them for wanting the jobs, that's what they ultimately wanted! but thanks to two idiotically run teams, you've ruined the reputations of two young and promising managers! When will the FA come in and tell these teams how to act properly when appointing these people?! Either employ a better selection process or stick with your manager regardless of whether you go up or down!

Posted 19:19 9th February 2009

Andy Doolan (Portsmouth fan) says...

Lets be honest Adams had to go. It's a shame as he seems a genuine honest man but somebody has to be made accountable and that has to be the manager. Granted there are players in our squad badly letting us down.. But Adams obviously wasn't doing or saying the right things to get them back on form again.. If he'd stayed we'd be relegated 100%. We'd lost Defoe and Diarra ... 2 quality players for sure but we still have 3 England internationals in our squad and a lot of quality. I think it's the right time to let him go.. we have a third of the season to get 16 points for safety. We have got 10 points in the last 42 available under Adams.. Come on Mr Curbishley.. in and work your magic please!

Posted 15:43 9th February 2009

Martin Davis (Portsmouth fan) says...

I think that Tony's sacking is a shocking decision. I have two things to say: 1. I can't believe that any Pompey supporter is blaming the manager for the dreadful results that Portsmouth have been turning ot recently. I think we are all surprised at how easily we have been throwing results away but, let's be honest, the players are the ones to blame, not the manager. How Tony can be blamed for throwing away the game on Saturday, amongst others, is astonishing. What a shame that an English manager hasn't been given enough time to put his imprint on the game. 2. Portsmouth's board have made massive errors during Tony's stint in charge - firstly saying the club was up for sale just before the opening of the transfer window certainly didn't help his bringing in new faces and secondly sacking him the FIRST week after letting him chose his new players! No chance for him to readjust the team and no chance of a new manager changing things around. Shocking. Quite Shocking!

Posted 15:33 9th February 2009

James O'fee says...

Just like his mate Paul ince from the old school of cliques, these are the people that thought they had it but never came through with the goods, both with their country and managment, although they excelled as club players the only one who was in the England squad around 1996 who has done anything is Gareth southgate and he's feeling the pinch, just because you are good individually it doesnt mean you can manage, maybe that's why another 1996 England boy is'nt keen to manage mr Shearer, maybe he knows without Venebales's clique to back them their just average.

Posted 14:27 9th February 2009

Matthew Brayne (Aston Villa fan) says...

How can any board justify getting rid of a manager so soon after the transfer window. Adams record wasn't great at Portsmouth but he inherited a team that had been struggling for form before Harry Redknapp walked out on them (again!). He'd brought players in but wasn't given the chance to show if those decisions were right. The board sold his best players from under him. Come the end of the season the board will have find answers to the fans especially if they go down

Posted 13:26 9th February 2009

Aran Beedham says...

Firstly, Tony Adams was not given time to turn things around and secondly, he was handed a very difficult set of circumstances right from the start. Harry Redknapp leaves and suddenly Portsmouth have got no money and become a selling club. Their two best players, Diarra and Defoe, both sold. The lesson to be learnt here by managers is - don't follow Harry Redknapp into a job, he has an enviable ability to get club owners to part with large sums of cash for transfers then when he leaves the club are skint. Look at how much he has spent at Spurs already. Tony Adams was on a hiding to nothing.

Posted 09:55 9th February 2009

Alan Smith says...

Adams has been hard done to,two of his best players gone which am not to sure he had much choice in it.i understand the importance of staying in the PL but believed Adams could do it.Also after the game on sunday in which pompey were extremely unlucky if that was the game in which Adams future was decided then it just makes the decision worse.

Posted 09:50 9th February 2009

Adnan Miah (Liverpool fan) says...

....it is really sad to see another English manager axed from a premier league team. Tony Adam needed time just like other mangers but it shows that we don't have faith in English managers.

Posted 09:44 9th February 2009

Kev R (Newcastle United fan) says...

Crazy, and the fans must really love Harry for bailing out on them and taking their best players with him, Adams done what he could with what the club left him with. So whats the plan "get a new gaffer and throw a load of dosh his way in the summer" seen these kind of false promises closer to home. A real shame and yet another quality manager surplus to requirements.

Posted 09:36 9th February 2009

David W (Liverpool fan) says...

I find this sacking unbelievable really. Why would he get sacked after losing to Liverpool. No great shame there as Liverpool are at the top of the league challenging for the title and have only lost one game all season. None of the lower teams expect to get three points against the top four in truth. They play and hope, but don't bank on it. Surely it would be more appropriate to sack him if he can't beat the teams in and around and below them in the league...the weaker teams?? Crazy decision making by egotistical morons again.

Posted 09:16 9th February 2009

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