Toure - Gallas not my friend

Arsenal defenders' relationship is purely professional

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Toure - Gallas not my friend

Toure and Gallas: Forming an impressive partnership

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Arsenal's Kolo Toure has admitted he does not get on with former skipper William Gallas.

The Gunners' central defenders have formed an impressive pairing again of late with the Arsenal rearguard conceding just five goals in 15 games, but Toure says his partnership with the Frenchman is purely professional.

The Ivory Coast international said: "My relationship with William has improved, but it's just a professional relationship.

"Once we are on the pitch we try to keep a professional attitude and to communicate."

Toure added: "I am friends with Johan Djourou, with Emmanuel Eboue, with Gael Clichy, but it is not the same with William.

"We never got on well together.

"However, it is the same within every company - you cannot be friends with everybody."

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Mark Whittaker (Arsenal fan) says...

It's such a shame that they don't get on. And as a fan of the club it's horrible to keep hearing these things over and over again. But they have proved they can still play together, which i suppose is a positive. Toure has probably had the worst season by his standards for quite a few years now which is a shame, and i bet outspoken Gallas told him so, which probably caused the rift. At least Djourou is progressing really well and can partner either Gallas or Toure.

Posted 12:03 13th March 2009

Joe Bahrami (Manchester United fan) says...

Kolo Toure has to admit it throgh media to force this. that shows how single minded a player like Kolo is. You do not see these sort of things saying throgh media, happening elsewhere. you Kolo must not say this in media to create falling out when you know you two are the back bone of Arsenal at the moment. make it work for the sake of yourself as a committed peace maker captain, club and the fans who pay your wages. This shows your leadership must be analysed by wenger sooner. Arsenal needs you and Gallas to concentrate on these tallentent yougsters and make it work. You both are very good world class defenders and you both must know better. It is a bad time for your club to hear these comments. just help your club to win something rather than disintegrating your team mates which could leading your team to finishing in 5th or 6th. he does not get on with former skipper William Gallas

Posted 11:35 13th March 2009

Ola Secxy (Arsenal fan) says...

i know it is not possible to be friend with everyone in saying that, im a fan of Kolo Toure but as things stand toure need to shut his mouth up and get on with the job and see what we can achieve at the end of the season instead of giving unnecessary interview.....keep it to urself toure we arsenal fans dont want to know.

Posted 11:19 13th March 2009

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