Fergie may retire next year

Darren tips Sir Alex to stand down at end of next season

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Fergie may retire next year

Sir Alex and Darren Ferguson: Father and son


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Sir Alex Ferguson could step down as Manchester United manager at the end of next season, according to his son Darren.

The legendary Scot has been at the helm of the Old Trafford outfit since November 1986 and has brought unprecedented success to the Red Devils.

There has been speculation over when Ferguson will call time on his career with United ever since he performed a U-turn over his initial decision to quit when he turned 60 seven years ago.

Darren Ferguson, who is following in his famous father's managerial footsteps with his role at Peterborough, believes it could be next summer when the United boss elects to call it a day.


Ferguson has stated that he wants to help United equal Liverpool's record of 18 English league titles, with the Red Devils just one adrift.

The North West rivals are battling for Premier League supremacy this term, with the Anfield outfit having cut United's lead at the summit to just one point, although the reigning champions still have a game in hand.

Ferguson jnr said of his father: "His health is fine and he's building a new team.

"If they win (the Premier League) this year then they catch Liverpool in terms of titles won.

"I can see him doing this year and next - and then that might be it for him."

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Ryan Lewis (Manchester United fan) says...

Sir Alex is the best of all time simple, all these fans saying that he has only won a lot of stuff because he has had a lot of money are just jealous of his talent and that he is not the manager of their team, ps I think that Slaven Bilic should be the new manager IF he goes.

Posted 16:05 27th March 2009

Dylan Ip ting wah (Manchester United fan) says...

Should Sir Alex leave, I would want either Martin O'Neill, Steve Bruce or Eric Cantona in charge. I reckon either of those 3 will do a good job.

Posted 15:59 27th March 2009

Scott Sunderland (Manchester United fan) says...

What a legend! it'll be a sad day for football when he retires! I, as a United fan, want a british manager... we have never had to search abroad for managers so why start now? I think the new manager should be o'neil or moyes or maybe steve bruce. They should make a new statue outside of old trafford as hardly any manager as give so much to one club

Posted 15:00 27th March 2009

David Molloy (Manchester United fan) says...

Sir Alex has been one of United's legends on their long road to success... But if the time is right, maybe he should step down, ,he should do it on the right terms too and go out with a bang but the real question is: who will replace him?

Posted 13:14 27th March 2009

Justin Hinton (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

To all Liverpool fans ranting that Benitez is better than the Govan Legend...Behave! Fergie is responsible for the allround improvment of the Premiersip. He raised he bar that high that every other club has had to change their approach and tackle the great scot. The premierhip will be a different place when he leaves but their is no doubt in my mind that he's the best manager the UK has ever produced since Cloughie and his beliefs in progressing british talent longside foreign imports are the reason why MANU & the premiership are the biggest in the world. however i'm a wolves fan so up McCarthy and lets hope we get one more season out of Fergie while wolves r in the Prem league would be nice to beat him & them again....

Posted 13:14 27th March 2009

Crispen Daysh (Manchester United fan) says...

I will believe it when see it. If Ferguson retires he will be missed but I feel he has done a brillaint job thanks for really awesome years Sr Alex and good luck. when he steps down I would like to see Solskjear take over or Mark hughes any ex United stars. Anyway we will see if Fergie retires next year. Only he knows and god knows.

Posted 13:08 27th March 2009

Chris Mchardy (Manchester United fan) says...

The man is a legend!! Its as simple as that. Dread the day he leaves Man Utd as it is all I know. However, mark my words, another Scotsman will take charge, and a guy who I truly believe he can write his own history with the Reds...David Moyes. That will happen - trust me!

Posted 12:49 27th March 2009

Barry R (Manchester United fan) says...

Who ever below compared Rafa to Fergie, honestly.. Take a deep breath and get yourself a coffee. This man is a walking legend. A true phenomenon in football management. Bob Paisley - Likewise. They are mountains and leagues above the rest. People in football are remembered for their magic moments and the trophies in their locker. Ryan Giggs and Fergie have em all. Giggs to hit his 11 league title this year. Tribute to the most decorated footballer England has ever seen

Posted 12:37 27th March 2009

Sean Bale (Liverpool fan) says...

Manchester United are a team built around Alex Ferguson. We look at the team and is a Ferguson team, its the only team in the premiership where the manager truly owns the team.He is the Guvnor, the platyer play for Alex, when he leaves, Man chester United will never be the same....not for a number of years! Yse they have money where they can buy the best players, but so do chelsea......so does Liverpool....but they cannot consitently perform like Man u do. Alex is the epicentre, he has built a dynasty with players like giggs who will leave with alex. I really feel that when sir ALexleaves an era of dominance will end, like the liverpool of the old and other teams wiill catch up. The cycles is over, alex leaves the nucleus disapears, a new team will need to be built...Alex is the last of a dying breed of long standing managers, jose came, had succes but still got sacked....alex.....he is the man

Posted 12:32 27th March 2009

John Lawlor (Liverpool fan) says...

Alex Ferguson the greatest manager ever? I'm sorry but no, he can never be as good as Bob Paisley - 19 trophies in 9 years, including 3 Eurpopean cups and 6 league titles speaks for itself...

Posted 11:35 27th March 2009

Tim Jarman (Manchester United fan) says...

Ferguson jnr, cantona, keane, martin o'neill for next manager....who ever we get in will never match up to sir alex so all us utd fans need to move on and not compare...i agree that it will be an interesting time at old trafford. We should never forget fergie but we definatley have to move on and not bask in his glory...keep the tradition and get a manager connected to the club!!!

Posted 11:20 27th March 2009

Robbie Earnshaw (Liverpool fan) says...

Fergie is a legend but is he better than Rafa, no way! We will see at the end of this season how Fergie got played by the magician.

Posted 11:19 27th March 2009

John Strey says...

His retirement watch might at last be one that keeps the right time !!!

Posted 10:29 27th March 2009

Russ Lawrence (Everton fan) says...

Easily greatest coach of the generation. Like Kevin Costner, He built it, (and the trophys came!). He didn't buy it like others. Now just keep you hands of Moysey when he does decide to go!

Posted 10:20 27th March 2009

Andy Harris (Arsenal fan) says...

I'll be glad to see the back of him, maybe someone else will have a chance!! The man is a legend, the Premier League won't be the same without him and I hope he stays.

Posted 10:05 27th March 2009

Jamie Reynolds (Reading fan) says...

There is no doubt that Ferguson is by far the greatest manager ever to grace club football and I have a huge amount of respect for his honours and the generation of players he has given to the national squad. But I have to say (as a neutral) I am looking forward to a time where United are in a position to fail! I look at the premier league these days and am drawn to the bottom where the action is rather than the top and that is such a shame! Ferguson leaving the game will mean United go into a period of development and the identity of the club is sure to change, which will be difficult for a majority of the players and staff at the club to handle. I look forward to a time where 7 or 8 teams are challenging for champions league football...and you never know, one of them could be the mighty Royals!! URZ!

Posted 09:50 27th March 2009

Neil Judson (Manchester United fan) says...

Firstly, as a season ticket holder at Utd, I have to say Mark Owens (the guy with the 1st post) is talking rubbish about any proper Utd fans ever wanting Fergie to quit cos we have not won the league.. On to the reason why i am emailing and post Fergie Utd. Why are people presuming we will 'fall from grace' (Mr Owens talking rubbish again)? A club like Utd I am sure will continue to win at least a trophy a season no matter who is in charge. Old Trafford and our fans alone are worth 15 wins at least a season and with the infrastructure that Utd have (let alone the world class players and being the biggest club in the world) Utd should be able to attract one of the best managers in the world. Eg Capello, Jose or Agent Sparky (joke). Good luck to Fergie whenever he retires, lets hope we have another couple of prem and euro titles in the bag by then.

Posted 09:32 27th March 2009

Ricky Radia (Manchester United fan) says...

It will be a bit of a shame if Fergie goes at the end of next season, as i still think he has got another 3 or 4 years in him at least. He has been abolsutely fantastic for us and he is going to be a hard man to replace. The fact that he has built a new team will put us in a good position for the future. You can see that we have a strong base of young players which will carry us forward for years to come. The man does that eventually replace Fergie, will have to be in the similar mould as Fergie. They have to be a strong character and a winner. I would personally like to see Jose Mourinho in charge as he has that winning mentality and he can get players to play for him. Which is what fergie has now. Granted we may play a bit of boring football under Jose, but it will be something we have to live with, as long as we win trophies we are fine. Beautiful football does not always win you trophies. Just ask Arsenal that. David Moyes or Martin O'Neill are also very capable of doing a good job at united as they have the potential qualities to succeed at united. The aftermath of Fergie's retirement and the new dawn of his successor will be of interesting times to us United Fans.

Posted 09:29 27th March 2009

Mark Owens (Manchester United fan) says...

Firstly i would like to say Thank you very much to SAF, He has been the greatest manager our club has seen. We as united fans are all dreading the day the big man finally steps down as it will mark the beginning of our fall from grace. To all the so call Man Utd fans who over the years have screamed for him to leave when things got a little sticky! Shame on you, yes we should be able to expect us to be winning the league every year but SAF is not a miracle worker! SAF has proven what great things can happen if only you stand by your manager, MON is doing a great job at villa and so is DM at everton. Success takes time and SAF has brought us nothing but success. So if and when SAF steps down i just hope every fan and football fan can appreciate the success he has brought to United and to the premiership as a whole. If feel our next manager should be MON has he has a great record and holds to heart most of SAF's values.

Posted 08:41 27th March 2009

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

He said the same thing in 2002 and look what happened. I can see no other manager in world football who can fill his shoes. There is only 1 Sir Alex and he is the real "Special One". I don't think anyone can replace him. He brought us where we are today. He is the best manager in the world, bar none. I hope this is just a speculation. We need him to be with us for as long as possible.

Posted 08:29 27th March 2009

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