Megson axed by Bolton

Position in bottom three leads to manager's dismissal

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Megson axed by Bolton

Megson: Sacked

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Bolton Wanderers have confirmed Gary Megson has been sacked as manager with the club in the Premier League relegation zone.

Speculation about Megson's future at the Reebok Stadium had intensified following the 2-2 draw at home to Hull City on Tuesday night.

The Trotters threw away a two-goal lead against their relegation rivals and fans called for Megson to be dismissed at the final whistle.

Megson has been unable to win over the Bolton faithful since being appointed manager in October 2007, just a few weeks after he had taken charge of Leicester City.

During his first season, he steered the club to survival and last term Bolton finished the campaign in 13th place.

However, the team have struggled for consistency this season and the stalemate with Hull left Bolton inside the bottom three due to their inferior goal difference.

With the transfer window about to open, Bolton have decided to act now and have placed Chris Evans and Steve Wigley in caretaker charge ahead of Saturday's FA Cup third-round tie against Lincoln City.

Hard work

A club statement read: "Gary Megson has been relieved of his duties as first-team manager of Bolton Wanderers Football Club with immediate effect.

"The decision has been taken in the light of the position the club finds itself in the Barclays Premier League at the halfway point of the season.

"Assistant manager Chris Evans and first-team Coach Steve Wigley will take charge of first-team matters for the interim period.

"The club wishes to place on record its thanks to Gary Megson for his hard work and commitment to Bolton Wanderers during his tenure as manager."

Megson's style of football and tactics have regularly been criticised by the supporters, who were unhappy with his decision to substitute goalscorer Ivan Klasnic against Hull.

And, speaking after what proved to be his final match at the helm, Megson acknowledged his concern that he would never be able to win over the Bolton fans.

Comments (61)

Abdul Baggash (Birmingham City fan) says...

It is time for all Bolton fans to wake up from a three-year nightmare from the days of Sammy Lee till the sacking of Gary Megson. You should pay more attention to the future and stand by the new manager whoever that maybe. As a Birmingham City supporter, I have great respect for BWFC (Although they beaten us at home). I personally think that Bolton is too big to drop when there are teams in the Premiership who should be in the Championship. I wish Bolton every success in the second half of the season. And I hope that they select a Manager with excellent record in the premiership and stop trying new managers with no previous experience. I think Mark Hughes would be an ideal replacement and he would take the club to another level. Happy New Year.

Posted 08:19 31st December 2009

Jimmy White (Wycombe Wanderers fan) says...

To be honest, I'm amazed Bolton have kept Megson in charge this long. When he was appointed, they were playing European football, and although he took over a side languishing in the relegation zone in October 2007, Bolton weren't adrift at the bottom and Megson had most of the season to put things right. Granted, Big Sam was a tough act to follow and few would have expected Bolton to finish in the top 7 again, but over the last couple of seasons they have consistently looked like strong relegation candidates, with no hope or expectation of even contesting a top half finish. Megson's sides have always played a negative brand of football in the lower leagues, so how he got the Bolton job in the first place, let alone hold onto it for over 2 years, is beyond me. If you look at their squad, they have some quality players with much more potential than those in the teams around them like Wolves, Hull and Portsmouth, and the owner has provided enough funding so that they have strength in depth. But the fact Megson has never managed to get his signings to click (Elmander is a classic example) and restore Bolton to anywhere near the heights they were reaching under Allardyce surely proves he should have gone a long time ago.

Posted 06:54 31st December 2009

Horden Harper says...

Don't listen to the media, other fans, other managers, anyone. BW fans know the score, they watch the games, their manager was not good enough. I'm a City fan and I watched Hughes, he wasn't good enough, and when we ditched him we were slaughtered. I'm tired of bandwagons and people passing judgement on things they know nothing about. BW fans have felt this way for a long time, I know a few and they simply didnt like the style and tactics. It's notfor people who don't watch BW, or merely catch them on MOD to comment. One last thing, and no offence to BW. But for Hughes to now be linked with BW, by the media, who last week questioned why he was sacked from the richest club in the world... just shows what they really think of Hughes's quality, and how much they were desperate to have a pop at city. Good luck BW, I hope you stay in the prem.

Posted 03:40 31st December 2009

Harry Shortland (Hull City fan) says...

Have I got a deal for all you long-suffering Bolton fans ..... how about taking back Phil Brown? He's worked there before, and he's proved he can't help Hull..... so how about it? He'd probably do well at Bolton. Good luck anyway ... Hull's going down, I'd hate to see the Wanderers go down too.

Posted 03:14 31st December 2009

Stuart Haley (Arsenal fan) says...

No offence to Bolton fans, but Bolton aren`t good enough for the Premier League. Even though I initially thought that Megson`s appointment was stupid, I think that Bolton should be grateful to Megson for having kept them in the EPL as long as he did. I think that Bolton`s squad have been too weak for the EPL since Anelka left. Some clubs with bad squads deserve to be Premier League clubs for their performances and results, like Stoke or Burnley, but Bolton have a bad squad and play badly, so unless Bolton get a world-class manager, they`ll go down at the end of the season.

Posted 02:42 31st December 2009

Martin Wilkes (Leeds United fan) says...

re Marc berry,,, wat problems have we got at LEEDS??? See you next season!!!!

Posted 01:55 31st December 2009

Tommy O'connor (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Megson simply had to go! poor football and even worse decisions!!! one thing that amazed me was the amount of money Megson got and wasted! why did big sam not get the same transfer kitty as megson?? Big sam worked miracles spending hardly a penny, where as Sammy Lee and Megson got a combined Ģ30mil - spent on terrible signings like Elmander and Knight! we have the spine of a decent team, now we need a strong character of a manager to just ship out the deadwood!! and whoever gets appointed should deffo make Gary Speed assistant! Hughes or Ferguson would be excellent choices, but what about Sven? haha

Posted 01:32 31st December 2009

Chris A says...

I'd be very surprised if Mark Hughes wanted to manage little Bolton but then I'd like to think a football man like hughes would want to jump back on the wagon. I supported Megson for as long as was possible, but I grant that not a lot of fans had the time of day for him from day one. I just think, like a lot of people have said, that he should have made effort to connect with fans - it's always better to understand before scolding! Once you start to criticise fans rather than rallying them, it's hard to come back from. Personally, I am happy that the gloom has been lifted from everyone, regardless of whether it was the best footballing decision, and i just hope the club take the initiative and get a Premier league calibre manager, not someone like Peter Reid who failed at Sunderland, nor Southgate or Jewell. It's our time to have a proven manager, who can take our club out of the gloom and in to the next decade with a bit of success, starting at Lincoln! Come on you whites!

Posted 01:04 31st December 2009

Sam Kinch (Aston Villa fan) says...

Ok, Megson was not the best manager in the world, far from it, but all these people saying that big sam was some kind of god is sadly mistaken. You played ugly football with him, he left, and you still play ugly football now! You always will do. Well, you dont complain when your winning do you now? Lets face it, when you dont have a lot of money, you can not get the best players/managers, give it a break!

Posted 00:26 31st December 2009

Ken Crawford (Manchester United fan) says...

Itīs certainly no coincidence that that a certain Mark Hughes just happens to be out of a job at this moment in time. It wouldnīt surprise me it the ink isnīt already on the paper.

Posted 22:16 30th December 2009

Lee Hailwood says...

When Gary Megson was given the Bolton job two years ago he was never my first choice,to be honest he was never in my top ten,thank god hes gone.His style of football was rubbish,he made some stupid substitution decisions.Maybe the players played apart of him getting sacked.I just feel sorry for all those Bolton fans who have shed out money for season tickets.Lets look to the future,theres 18 or so games left.Big Sam built the foundations for this club to progress,Megson knocked them down,now lets get a manager in who can build the foundations back up again just like Big Sam did and take this club further .My choice for the next Bolton manager would be Mark Hughes,Alan Curbishley or Peter Reid.If i was wishful thinking Big Sam.

Posted 21:32 30th December 2009

Matt Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

Thank goodness I don't have to see Megson on my TV for the rest of the season. Is it any wonder Bolton are struggling with such a dreary individual at the helm? Every time I see him being interviewed on Sky Sports my eyes glaze over and my muscles begin to atrophy, he's that dull. Imagine what it's been like for the players; going from a colourful and articulate character like Big Sam to the monotone Gary Megson, who couldn't inspire an eskimo to build an igloo. Add to that the issue of his credentials; Megson is not Premiership class. Good enough to take a team to the Championship title but no more than that, he just doesn't have the tactical awareness. Hughes would be great for Bolton, but will he take the job?

Posted 20:16 30th December 2009

Adam Wareing (Everton fan) says...

This is a pretty harsh decision considering Bolton have two games in hand over four of the teams above them. If they won those games they would have a point more than sunderland who are currently tenth! However, despite that I guess if he'd lost the backing of the fans it was inevitable that he would go at some point anyway.

Posted 19:10 30th December 2009

Darren Rose (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Kev F (Sheffield Wednesday) - you're spot on. The supporters of every club in the land (except maybe West Brom) would hold their head in their hands if they found out their manager had resigned or been sacked and had been replaced by Gary Megson. That includes all you Leeds fans. I'd be happy with any experienced manager coming in.

Posted 19:05 30th December 2009

Kevin Teece (Liverpool fan) says...

Bolton fans need to get realistic.You do not have the fan base to sustain the spending of Allardyce.That is why he left you for Newcastle.You've been against Megson from day one, never giving the bloke a chance from day one.Even this season he's had bad luck against my team,Man City etc.You have 2 games in hand on most of the teams around you. The players seem to have been with Megson, just you fans who should always get behind your team during a game.I hope you get Peter Reid, because apart from a good spell at Man City years ago, he has been crap as a manager. Megson I hope returns quickly into management and gets some respect from fans who deserve a good football team

Posted 18:55 30th December 2009

Andrew Parkes (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Amazed at the non Bolton fans having a go at the Bolton fans, none of you have had to sit through the football served up and Megsons unbelievable blindness. Yes Big Sam, played hit and hoof but there was an end result mostly 3 points!! Megson played for draws!!! Awful tactics and awful man management skills, as he proved at WBA he never was and never will be good enough for the top flight!

Posted 18:54 30th December 2009

Scott Wignall (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

I think all of us Bolton Fans were really harsh on Megson. He had a tiny budget, yet saved us from relegation in his first season in charge and got us to 13th place by the end of his second. Under big Sam yes we got results, but it was painful to watch the team we love so much. Megsons style of play was much easier on the eye and we are not the hated team we once were. Although we were harsh (all the way through his stay at the reebok), he did eventually deserve sacking, but i believe we should respect him. Yes he did make some terrible signings, but he also made some excellent signings for us, including players like Gary Cahill and Ivan Klasnic. I hope we replace him with Hughes, because he did and excellent job at rovers when they were in a similar situation and i really believe he is the best man for the job.

Posted 18:54 30th December 2009

Chris Lucas (Crystal Palace fan) says...

In my opinion, it was a mistake to appoint Gary Megson in the first instance and an even bigger mistake to wait for two years to rid themselves of him. Unfortunately I fear the decision has been taken too late to avoid the big drop but I do sincerely hope that I am wrong. Good luck to BW and their supporters in their quest to retain their premiership status.

Posted 18:34 30th December 2009

Stu D (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

No one likes to see anyone lose their job, but it was plainly obvious to the majority of Bolton supporters that a change of leadership was required. As for some of the comments from other supporters, only engage on a subject when you possess a modicum of acquired knowlege! I was particularly incensed by Stuart Pearson (man u). Geographically we live in the same area, and it's good to support teams in your area, is it not? People need to bring themselves upto speed, Bolton's supporters are some of the most passionate outhere. Just out of interest Stuart "whats the weather like in Essex"

Posted 18:33 30th December 2009

Dennis Swift (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Having read some of the comments made me wonder if those who wrote such dribble actualy went to the games. I have endured some of the most dire football ever played in this league, even Allardyce played better football. Megson must think all games are played away, because playing with one forward at home aint exactly positive. Last night was the final straw for me, Matty Taylor looked as if he was carrying a wardrobe on his back all night, he should have been replaced by Gardener. But to haul Klasnic from the pitch and replacing him with a defensive midfielder was his final nail in his coffin. Replace a forward with a forward, you were playing at home Muppet. Were in a similar situation as before, we hope Gartside thinks this one over and not appoint another fool in Jewel. Gartside`s the real problem. Denn

Posted 18:33 30th December 2009

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