Rooney wants new striker

United star keen for club to bolster in the summer

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Rooney wants new striker

Rooney: Feels United need to spend

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Wayne Rooney has called on Manchester United to open the cheque book and buy a big-name striker for next season.

The England star has enjoyed his most prolific campaign to date, being hailed PFA Player of the Year in the process, but that has not stopped him asking for support up front.

United head into the final day of the Premier League season having scored 82 goals this term, which is 14 more than last year but 13 less than rivals Chelsea.

The defending champions look likely to lose their crown to Chelsea later on Sunday and Rooney feels they need to bolster their front tine if they are to reclaim the title.

"If we can bring in two big-name players in it would give us a good chance of getting the league back if Chelsea do win it," he told The People.

"If you look at the team in 1999 that won the treble we had four forwards, all capable of scoring goals.

"Now there is me, (Dimitar) Berbatov and Michael Owen. There is Federico Macheda too, but if we can get one more top forward in it would give us the right balance."


Speculation is rife that a number of clubs are planning audacious attempts to prise Rooney away from Old Trafford - although United are highly unlikely to sell him at any price. And the 24-year-old is happy to remain in Manchester.

He added: "I have two years left on my current contract so talks haven't started yet on a new one. But I am sure after the World Cup we will sit down and speak about a new deal."

Rooney, who is recovering from ankle and groin injuries, has had a fantastic season which has seen him notch 34 goals in all competitions.

His stunning form means United have barely registered the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, who left to Real Madrid last summer, and Rooney is expecting more of the same next year.

He added: "I've been disappointed with the last month of the season with injuries but overall I am more than happy with the number of goals I have scored this season.

"The manager told me he would be playing me more up front and I knew that with Ronaldo and (Carlos) Tevez leaving I would have to score more goals.

"To score so many this time was fantastic - but it's still not my best season. I once scored 76 in a season when I was 11.

"But it's my best as a professional and I know the expectation will be there for me to do it again next season."

United still have faint hopes of retaining their Premier League crown and will do so if they beat Stoke and Wigan can get a result at Chelsea.


However, Rooney believes their season should not be regarded as a failure if they end the campaign with only the Carling Cup.

He said: "Considering some of the problems we have had this season, like losing Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez from the squad, we have done well still to be fighting for the title.

"We have battled on and to still have a chance to win the League after the defeats we have had and the injuries to Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic is some achievement.

"I look back to the times when we have done well, especially in some important games like at AC Milan in the Champions League, in the derby games against Manchester City, and away games at Arsenal and Tottenham. I know we have performed at a high level."

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Zakir Hussain (Manchester United fan) says...

sell berbatov and buy bojan he will adapt and will want to come because he will get played

Posted 16:21 9th May 2010

Ankit M (Manchester United fan) says...

What we need to realise is that this isnt a FIFA game! The amount of debt we face, its time we comprehend that we have nothing much to spend, and might have to do with our youth system, or some player swaps. United has never been a selling club in history, and selling Ronaldo at the age of 24, when he is your top player, not paying the money for Tevez, are signs that we dont have much in the pocket. Possible avenues that could be explored are a Berbatov-Huntelaar/Benzema swap, or a Carrick Berba / Modric Defoe swap. Free agents could be another option. But it dosent look good. And I usually am an optimistic guy!

Posted 16:00 9th May 2010

John Milk (Manchester United fan) says...

We need to get rid of Berbatov he is just a useless and lazy striker. We should try and get Benzema he's young, very talented and he can adapt easier to the premier league then some players. David Villa is a top striker, But he is 27/28 so he may struggle to adapt to the power and speed of the English game.

Posted 14:48 9th May 2010

Mike Jackson (Manchester United fan) says...

Given that despite what David Gill says, since we've already spent 18m on Chris Smalling and Javier Hernandez I really don't think we've got the money to go out and buy a Benzema, Villa or Dzeko. In my opinion we should go for Adriano, he'd be cheap(or possibly free) Sir Alex woudl sort his attitude out, and him and Rooney would be an incredibly powerful strikeforce

Posted 14:47 9th May 2010

Paul Dale (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

I would try and go in for Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid. Rumors are that he is not willing to sign a new contract as he has fallen out with some players in the squad. You could probably get him for around £30m whereas someone like Villa would cost around £40-50m (Valencia will want top dollar as they are heavily in debt). Higuain is an amazing striker and i think he would do well in the Premier League. Has been one of my favourites since he broke onto the scene and he is only 22. Bags of potential!

Posted 14:39 9th May 2010

Shaun Cowap (Manchester United fan) says...

Our options are endless; Benzema, Dzeko, David Villa, Higuain, i'd even have Nistelrooy. Lose Berbas & Anderson or Carrick in my opinion too, and sign up a top CM like De Rossi, He'd make our CM rock solid once more.

Posted 14:20 9th May 2010

Jamie Hall (Manchester United fan) says...

For me a player that hasnt even been considered is Porto's Hulk! wouldnt cost the earth and he is banned in Portugal for like 4 months so i think he'd be easy to prise away! Then we need a new talisman in midfield. I sure wouldnt mind a swap deal with Carrick/Modric!!!?? But all in all we need to freshen up the squad a bit!

Posted 14:20 9th May 2010

Chris Whiteman (Manchester United fan) says...

I really hope Berba goes this summer, he slows up the forward play far too often and always loses the ball! I think the last decent game he had was away at Bolton, not good enough. I'd love to get Villa but he's pushing 30 now. I think Benzema would be a great signing, having him and Rooney upfront would be awesome, guaranteed goals.

Posted 14:12 9th May 2010

Andrew Cullen (Manchester United fan) says...

I think United should bring in David Villa from Valencia and Youri Gourcuff from Bordeoux to strengthen the attacking game at United. Both would be amazing signings and would play great at Old Trafford. But, first of all, we need to get rid of that waste of money, Berbatov. So hopefully they will offload him during the summer!!

Posted 14:08 9th May 2010

Kevin Momanyi (Manchester United fan) says...

In other words Berbatov is just furniture please sale him asap. Kevin Sudan

Posted 13:47 9th May 2010

Gavin Cleland (Arsenal fan) says...

United can't afford a big name striker ! Thats the problem. They already tried for Villa, Valencia wanted 40Mil for him and United couldn't find the funds. No luck this year United ! If Berbatov is sold it needs to be a big number or United have no chance and lets not lie Berbatov isn't worth any more than 20Mil after the horrible season hes had this year.

Posted 13:43 9th May 2010

Kevin Cassidy (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think Utd will get Dzeko, i dont want them too, i want him to come to Spurs. I think it would be best all round if Utd took Keane off of our hands and we signed Dzeko. Hell, we'll even throw in a few million so you take him, we know you could do with the money. Next season Citeh are gonna run you lot all the way for who finishes higher and i for one hope its the blue side of Manchester sitting one place behind Tottenham come the end of the season. But dont let my personal feelings get in the way of the Keeane deal we've just agreed yeah.

Posted 13:36 9th May 2010

Benj Dandy (Manchester United fan) says...

Benzema or Dzeko

Posted 13:27 9th May 2010

Abdullah Muntar (Chelsea fan) says...

Dimitir Berbatov is nothing to Man united but a liability

Posted 13:24 9th May 2010

Ben Standitt (Manchester United fan) says...

Your all talking nonsense! Berbatov is a fantastic player, there has been many a time playing for utd that Berbatov has not only looked the best player on the pitch but one of the best in the world, he such a classy player which we don't have in our team, blending styles is what makes a successful team. plus people forget Cantona wasn't a prolific scorer as he brings others into the game like Berba does. Also what the **** has Dzeko done in his career that Berba hasnt done better already, It's just another flavour of the month thing. Benzema has struggled since moving up a level with Real, so I say keep Berba and seeing we will never get Torres or Drogba, add the only other consistently top class striker and proven goalscorer in the world - Villa! that's if we can convince him to leave Spain. if not him then one for the future - Kun Aguero! a great future prospect, and has played up front on his own for Athletico many times so knows how to lead the line by himself, which is very good for a small guy.

Posted 13:19 9th May 2010

David Thorogood (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Rooney is right! He needs a Striker who can provide a real partnership up front. Man Utd needs to ditch Berbatov, a real waste of money! Buy in a striker who can score as many as rooney. Someone who is a natural goal scorer, such as the likes of David Villa, Fernando Torres or buy back Cristiano Ronaldo!

Posted 13:14 9th May 2010

Joseph innih Joseph (Manchester United fan) says...

Manchester united should bring back Carlos tevez that is the only solution for them

Posted 13:04 9th May 2010

Ryan Mc c (Manchester United fan) says...

Would like to see silva at united..or aguero(unfortunatly he wants to go to Chelsea) I think villas price tag will be to big if he has a good world cup and he is 28 or 29 and can't see fergie paying over the top for him at that age but I would love to see him sign. And if benzema can't get in to the Madrid side what makes him good enough for us? Silva or higuain I think silva is the beat option because he can play as a winger and a second striker so wen we play the 4-5-1 againest the big teams he will still be in the side.

Posted 12:45 9th May 2010

Scott Mclaren (Hibernian fan) says...

Edin dzeko from wolfsburg is the ideal strike partner for rooney

Posted 12:43 9th May 2010

Duncan Robertson (Manchester United fan) says...

We should sign David Villa from Valencia he would help Rooney out big time they would rip the league a part he is better than berbatov well that isn't hard

Posted 10:11 9th May 2010

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