Fergie - No more needed

United boss happy with his lot, while Nani steps up his recovery

By Chris Burton   Last updated: 20th July 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

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Sir Alex Ferguson is 'comfortable' with his current Manchester United squad and has hinted that he is unlikely to make any more additions.

The Scot has drafted in just two fresh faces this summer, with Chris Smalling completing a switch from Fulham and Mexican striker Javier Hernandez arriving from Chivas Guadalajara.

Both of those additions have been made with one eye on the future, with the duo lacking in top level experience.

That means United continue to be linked with a host of big names, with Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli the latest to be touted as a potential target.

Ferguson, though, claims he is more than happy with those at his disposal and believes there is no need to dip into the market again.

He insists United are not concerned with the exploits of other clubs, including free-spending Manchester City, and intends to keep his focus locked solely on events at Old Trafford.

Ferguson said: "I cannot speak about other clubs. We are comfortable with the squad we have got.

"We bought players at the right time of the season and we are happy with what we have."


Meanwhile, Nani is set to hand United a timely boost on their North American tour by stepping up his return from a dislocated collarbone.

The knock ruled the Portuguese winger out of this summer's World Cup and was expected to keep him sidelined for the majority of pre-season.

However, he is now hoping to be awarded a run-out against Philadelphia Union on Wednesday.

Speaking before a session at the NovaCare Complex, Nani told United's official website: "I just started training with the team three days ago.

"I am feeling good now. I can feel my fitness beginning to build up and I am hoping to play a little bit this week.

"I'm very much enjoying the tour - it's a great opportunity for me to get a good pre-season under my belt ahead of the new campaign."

Comments (63)

Max Marsh (Manchester United fan) says...

We need to buy ozil. SAF has already given the youth a chance and they have failed to deliver. the only young player that has delivered is Macheda and rafael, but rafael wrecked our chances of winning the champions league.

Posted 12:31 21st July 2010

Tom Hart (Manchester United fan) says...

Some of you so-called United fans need to take a long hard look at yourselves. Your more interested in what Man City are doing than you are your own club! I am totally behind Fergie for two reasons. 1 - if we do buy 3 or 4 new players, how are the youth players meant to develop and mature? Play for the Reserves? What you fail to realise is that Fergie would have told them 12 months ago that they will get a chance in the first team next year. This time has come. So just imagine how they would feel if their boss went out and bought a player for £20+m in their position. I'd be pretty cheesed off! And point 2 - all of you fail to realise that UEFA have a rule that will begin in the 2011 - 12 season that states that if a club is not making a profit then they will not be allowed to play european football. Therefore if Man City or Chelsea buy a player for £40 odd million then they have to get another £40 odd million to balance out their books. This can't come from their owners. So get a grip you so called united fans and have faith in your so called team! You were all sayin the same things last season and Fergie proved you all once again. And without very unfortunate injuries in defence we would have easily won the league. Just think, the season before that same defence got the PL record for the most consecutive clean sheets. That probably saved us 7 or 8 + points. We were 1 point away from winning the league last year with midfielders playin in defence for 6 games. Get a grip you lot and stop talking out your arse!

Posted 11:27 21st July 2010

Sean Austin (Manchester United fan) says...

I Reckon SAF has his mind and eyes set for the future. He has and is buying players that have potential, such as Obertan, hernandez, smalling, Gibson, mechada plus others. SAF has made some bad choices with signings but every manager has but look at some of the bette signings he has made, he bought Evra for around £6 million and he's now considered one of the best left backs in the world. Ronaldo was £12.5 million and he needs no introduction (though maybe the mother of his child does) Vidic and Rooney. All these players have been bought and have contributed massively to the team and if sold they will get a return on them. We have the 2nd most homegrown players to ratio of total players in the 1st squad in the prem and most of them are under 21, SAF has plans and i'm right behind him as it feels right what he is trying to achieve!!

Posted 10:10 21st July 2010

Dave Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

It angers me to see so many of these so-called fans slating Fergie for these comments. SAF is building a legacy that will be at the club and allow us to be successful for long after he has gone. I for one would much rather see a kid coming through the youth system given a chance rather than go out and spend 20 odd million on a foreign mercinary who will leave for the next big money offer that comes along. The team we have at the moment is still very strong and you can bet your life that we will be competing for honours again come May. Stop whining and whinging and get behind the club! Look at the players we are producing - Da Silva twins, Macheda, Wellbeck, Gibson, Jonny and Corrie Evans, Cleverley, Josh King - the list goes on!!! It is more much healthy to be a self-sufficient club than one which would ultimately implode

Posted 09:52 21st July 2010

Lee Courtney (Manchester United fan) says...

I would like to see a creative midfielder signed but when it comes down to it if SAF feels ther squad is correct then it probably is as who knows better than him?

Posted 09:44 21st July 2010

Jason K (Manchester United fan) says...

Some of you fans honest to God wreck my head. We need soem world class players we need this we need that we should be spending 30-40 mil on this lad. Real marid spent over 200 million last season. What did they win? Man city the same. What did they win? Both did nothing. Madrid sell their young players on and they excel at other clubs and then they buy them back for stupid money. Utd are fine. Maybe another midfielder but they aren't desperate. Yes they were poor last season but for heavens sake look at the injuries. The entire defence out for a month. Hagreaves out for the season. o shea most of the season, nani & van der sar three months, rooney a month, giggs a month now tell me any other club that could have those injuries and still finish only a point behind in the league and win the carling cup! The have macheda, diouf, hernandez, wellbeck, smalling, pogba, cleverly, corrie evans, I don't rate gibson at all, all coming through the ranks so stop this rubbish for 30 million players. No player is worth that amount anyway. Fergie knows what he is doing. Why would he be stupid and come out and speak against his bosses? Would any of you? No because it's a stupid thing to do. Utd will win the league for me next year and once again shut all you bandwagon supporters up again. How many times does it have to happen before you stop moaning? I recall a few years ago people saying certain youngsers were not good enough for man utd and fergie had lost the plot. Those youngsters were ronaldo and rooney so don't dismiss the current crop coming through and end up eating your words again.

Posted 08:06 21st July 2010

Brian Hinchcliffe (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Why don't you all trust the man he has not got it wrong many times in the last few years, has he. So shut up and lets see what the great man can produce now and in the seasons to come.

Posted 07:08 21st July 2010

Milton Van noie (Manchester United fan) says...

Why can't SAF just come clean and everyone what we already know.............Theres is no money to spend! He surely can't be happy with the way the season turned out for us last time around or does he (SAF) plans to play Heargreaves every game of the season? Things are really becoming comicle

Posted 07:05 21st July 2010

Ed Soong (Manchester United fan) says...

True Man Utd fans will always support their team whether they go through a rut or deliver trophies. For our good young lads to develop, we need to give them the chance for first team action more regularly. The likes of the da Silva twins, Macheda, Welbeck, Gibson etc need that chance. Sir Alex is giving them this chance this season. So, let us stop whining about lack of signing of Batocelli or Ozil or Lahm to our team and let us support our youngsters to bring us back the glory! That is what a True Red Devil Fan would do!

Posted 06:37 21st July 2010

Hassan Ali (Manchester United fan) says...

Hmm, let's look at Fergie's transfers in the past few years. Ronaldo - £13m Vidic - £7m Evra - £5.5m Rooney - £27m Nani - £15m Total - £67.5m Berbatov - £31m Carrick - £19m Hargreaves - £17m Total - £67m Frankly, I think Man Utd are better when they don't buy 'names' and they buy 'talent' and nurture that talent as seen from the first 5 against the next 3. In fact, if you go over Utd's transfer records over the past decade, they don't pay huge amounts often and most of the time, those 'big-name' players end up flopping (Veron is a prime example, Berbatov is another). Whether the club has money or not is not an issue to me. If people actually think about it...the only reason the Glazer's have to hold onto Utd is because it's a cash cow and to increase it's value - they're hardly going to do that if the club starts to flop. They could've sold it for £1.5bn earlier this summer, don't forget. But even if the club don't have money, frankly SAF is the greatest manager the game has ever seen and if he believes his squad is good enough, then I'm happy to support them.

Posted 05:23 21st July 2010

Sanjae Hemmings (Manchester United fan) says...

Wow! So much for united fans. I can't believe that anyone man united fan believes they no more than SAF about this squad after all many thought he had lost it when he paid 12.75m for ronaldo and look what he became, truth is SAF probably is right and we don't need anyone else, fans say we have no fight in midfield but look at fletcher, nani, carrick they all fight for each other no matter what, shame the fans can't join them and become united as our club says we are! Its manchester UNITED, let SAF do his job and stop doubting!

Posted 03:55 21st July 2010

Davirai Musingarabwi (Manchester United fan) says...

Let's believe this great Scot Sir Alex. He re-introduced the concept of babes that was initiated by Sir Matt. He has won the league three times and CL once over the four seasons. That's top of the range by any standards. I have not anybody who has has half his passion for this Manchester United FC. Let's have faith in him; he has delivered the goods more than any other coach on the football pitch.

Posted 03:43 21st July 2010

Lolu Ayo (Manchester United fan) says...

Amazing!!! There's no pleasing you people!! Afterall you can do a better job than Sir Alex eh, straight from the armchair, you know the club and his players better than him. I bet all the trophies won over the years have been flukes....the man has lost his mind they say!! What a bunch of pathetic losers, come the end of the season when United actually win something you will all once again say Sir Alex is the greatest manager ever....a week after that you'll go back to being the star-player-hungry doom-merchant glory-hunting fans you are!! Pathetic

Posted 03:18 21st July 2010

James Flynn (Manchester United fan) says...

I think one more signing is needed, a midfield maestro, one who can pass the ball like scholes in his hayday and score some goals as well, my ideal choice for that would be Arteta, as Iniesta will not leave barca and gourcuff is untested in our league. Lets face it, Anderson is on his way it seems and even if he doesnt, what difference will he make? he hasn't done what was expected, maybe one more year for him at the very most, but deffo get arteta

Posted 01:05 21st July 2010

Adam Catlin (Manchester United fan) says...

I think we give the younger players a chance this year to make a name for themselves, we could have a new team worth of good young players. Give Smalling, Evans, the Da Silvas, Obertan, Gibson, Diouf, Hernandez, Macheda and Welbeck some games, but not too many so we can still perform with players we know who can deliver. We just need to trust in Fergie. We may not win any trophies, but a good stepping stone for the following years to come.

Posted 23:36 20th July 2010

Gareth West (Manchester United fan) says...

There's to many uneducated football fans, that love to shout there mouth off without really looking into things at the club.sir alex is a living ledgend ,he's managed to guide the club into superstardom again and trust me ,he has helped to build a living legacy that will help to keep Manchester United at the top of the premier league for yrs to come. If you really look into the squad the core has been there for more than a decade giving so much of a winning mentality and a true desire to succeed . Look at the rest of the premier league and lower how many have gone through the united youth system? But having that core that has brought on players such of fletcher ,ronaldo and Rooney . So how can anyone say that these other youngsters coming through won't make the grade, there only just about to peak, you will see they've all played together for so long they know each other inside out, and speak the same language! Look at barca, look at spains midfield, they've all played together for years ,did that help them? So only bringing in two or three players is a sensible idea ,why pay such inflated prices for has beens or world cup wonders?! Havn't we seen that before I do believe! The glazer situation isn't brilliant but we do still seem to be going in the right direction so I think that fans should stand by there club , we can all hope for an owner that's going to give sir alex a golden pot , but footballs a business these days and as most will know the economic situation is not helping . And to lower league fans chin up ,the premier league and Europe will come home to Manchester .

Posted 23:32 20th July 2010

Jason Hydes (Manchester United fan) says...

I think we struggled a lot last year with injuries and performance levels but saying that we were 2nd only to Chelsea who finished well. If we had won a few of the games we should have won we would have won the title and perhaps the Bayern match then everyone would be singing glory glory man utd. If the gaffer is happy, i'll be happy. No team wins everything all the time so give them a break after all you could support another team and win sweet FA all the time.

Posted 23:13 20th July 2010

Nuwagaba Marvin (Manchester United fan) says...

As always, i'm amazed at some of the shortsightedness of some fans. Why didn't we sign Joe cole yet we signed Micheal Owen?? One of them would be earning 90k per week n the other wont. Fans want Big name signings yet they know we are in debt, they want Sir Alex Ferguson to openly criticize the Glazers as though we didn't see how that turned out at Liverpool with Benitez, Gillet n co., Sir Alex at the moment is the only reason why some of us are still smiling despite the obvious trouble that we are in, n he's simply doing his job, which is to play down the fears until a long term solution is reached, i dnt really see how coming out in the open and saying something that is already public knowledge will help, we almost won the league last season with the same squad albeit Berbatov's Profligacy, and that is what we are going to do again, win the league without having to fork out excessive amounts of money. City has spent 25odd millions on every player they have bought because they can n yet i dnt even consider those players good enough to play for UTD. How much more do you think established players of Manchester United's caliber would cost, not to mention the wages??

Posted 22:51 20th July 2010

Ciaran Mc laughlin (Manchester United fan) says...

Man Utd need to get another central midfielder! Carrick isn't as good as when he first came to united while anderson as good doesn't have consistancy. Scholes, Gibson and Fletcher are good but 3 is not enough. Another good central midfielder and i think Utd fans will be happy with that and confident goin into the new season to push for bigger and better trophies than the carling cup. If Ferguson gives Garron Gibson more of a first team role he will develop into a top class Player for the BEST TEAM AN THE WORLD!!!!!

Posted 22:49 20th July 2010

Andrew Williams (Manchester United fan) says...

Man United do and always will have money to spend on big players, its quite refreshing that we havent bought these "stars" in my opinion, just because they look amazing doesn't mean they will work well in the team (Veron) The world cup can suck people into the illusion we need these players who excelled on the big stage but fergie is intelligent enough to know who fits into the team or not. Smalling adds decent cover for a allready decent and strong in depth (provided no injury diasters like last year) happen again, our midfield doesn't really need more creativity as i believe its more subtle the way we do it, nani is set for a brilliant season and will hopfully show the potential it is quite clear that he has and berbatov as well hopfully can finally settle in. Football fans these days will only be satsified with 11 superstars in there starting line up; this really isnt the case for any side. Unfortunately, we cant compete with the money that Chelsea and Man City have, but without the Glazers, we still wouldnt be able to compete, look at Barcelona trying to be big spenders and resulting in them taking a huge loan out! P.S, this talk of man u needing a striker confuses me; we have 7!

Posted 22:28 20th July 2010

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