Redknapp confirms Gallas deal

Spurs boss says move for defender was 'no-brainer'

By James Riach   Last updated: 20th August 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

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Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has confirmed that William Gallas is set to join the club and described the move as a 'no-brainer'.

The French defender was released by Arsenal at the end of last season and is now on the brink of joining the Gunners' arch North London rivals.

Gallas, 33, will undergo a medical at White Hart Lane on Friday afternoon ahead of moving on a one-year contract.

Redknapp has opted to go for the France international to bolster his options in central defence, with Jonathan Woodgate still out with a long-term groin injury and Ledley King plagued with knee problems.

The Spurs boss admits he did not have to think too hard about securing the services of the former Chelsea man, who he confirmed is on the verge of completing his switch.

"He's a no-brainer on a free transfer," said Redknapp.

The centre-back's wage demands - reportedly £80,000 per week - were thought to have been behind his departure from the Emirates Stadium, as manager Arsene Wenger was not prepared to break the bank to keep him.

Redknapp denies that Gallas' wage requirements at Tottenham are beyond reasonable and says he will not be on a ridiculous salary.

He added: "He's never asked for big money here.

"The chairman's agreed a one-year contract with him and the wages are more than reasonable.

"He'll bring experience, he's a top-class player. Arsenal offered him a contract at the end of last season which he didn't accept and he became a free agent.

"(He's) an absolute top-class player so I'm well pleased to have him here."


When asked if he was concerned what reception Gallas would receive from the Spurs fans, Redknapp remarked: "He's not the first player to go from Tottenham to Arsenal or Arsenal to Tottenham. It happens all the time - (Carlos) Tevez goes from Man Utd to Man City.

"He (Gallas) was at Chelsea, he won championships and all sorts at Chelsea, so he's a footballer, a great lad as well.

"I've been really impressed with him so I'm looking forward to having him here. He'll improve Tottenham and that's all I'm concerned about.

"He wants to come here and play and that shows character. He's not bothered about that (reception), he's got the bottle to come and want to play here.

"Anyone who plays for Tottenham the fans I'm sure will give him a good reception. He's a nice guy, what's he done wrong?

"The only problem he has, he gets annoyed with people at times who are not as professional as he is.

"That is not a bad thing, that can't do any harm. He wants everyone to be as professional and want to win as much as he does.

"If he can bring that to this team as well that will be a good bonus for us. He's got vast experience, whenever we've played against him over the years I've always thought he's been a world-class defender, at Arsenal and at Chelsea."

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Clive Elliott says...

Excellent signing, has the Champions League experience we need. If Ledley can''t play we have to have cover for the Champions League, Gallas provides that and has cost nothing. There is a long history of players and managers swopping teams, it means nothing to the intelligent Tottenham fan. The guy is a winner and hates losing, that is a good trait to have, the problem lies with those players that don''t have that passion because they hate to face the truth. He upset people at Arsenal, who offered him a contract and wanted him to stay, because he was at a club who haven''t won a thing for 5 years.

Posted 21:58 20th August 2010

Hod The god! (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Good bit of business, well done Harry!! Gallas can play anywhere along the back four and with the new 25 man squad coming into effect this season he could prove to be a very useful acquisition!!! He''s got a couple of good seasons left in him and hopefully his experience of winning things at Chelsea may rub off on our younger players!! Oh and I think Sandro is gonna be the best buy in the prem this year!!

Posted 21:35 20th August 2010

George Harris (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

He''s more welcome at the Lane than ''supporters'' that don''t get behind our own players, E T

Posted 21:30 20th August 2010

Paul Kendall (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

This is a good deal for us. Harry has a history of getting the best out of older players. As for being an Arsenal reject, he rejected a contract offer from Arsenal so rejected them! Harry doesn''t suffer fools gladly and I''m sure he won''t stand for any trouble from Gallas. As a Spurs fan I don''t care who he has played for, if he pulls on a Tottenham shirt and strengthens our back line with solid performances then he will be a fantastic free signing, if he doesn''t perform then he won''t play and all we have lost is paying his wages for one year. Definately worth the gamble...

Posted 21:04 20th August 2010

Joel Yid (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Firstly i cannot believe the nerve of some of the spurs fans on here actually undermining Redknapp in anyway. He is our best manager by a mile in our recent history. Arsenal aside, Gallas is a very good defender and cannot be called an arsenal reject because they offered him a contract to stay. He will be extremely useful for us this season and any fans who boo him at the Lane are as bad the Woolwich who think booing their players is a good idea. COYS

Posted 21:03 20th August 2010

Eric Dolan (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Lets give the guy a chance! Harry has a proven record of getting the best out of players if after one year it dont work out ....theres the door

Posted 20:39 20th August 2010

Stewart Smith says...

This will prove to be a masterstroke from HR for THFC! All you doubting Thomas'' will be helping yourselves to some large slices of humble pie in a few weeks, never mind at the end of the season! Gallas has experience, is a leader & will be a good mentor for both Dawson & Bassong throughout the season. And when will all you petty minded people let go of the rival nonsense that seems to take over your lives? Who gives a flying four-penny one who he''s played for before! It''s total, immature b**locks to think like that, if he''s committed to Spurs, get behind him! Well done HR &....COYS!!

Posted 20:35 20th August 2010

Big Al (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

We''ll see how many Spurs fans change their tune when Billy G pops up with an 89th minute winner from a corner at the lane this season against the Gooners! Good signing Harry, experience is key in the Premiership and despite his history of toys out the pram, he will be a great influence on Bassong and Daws when King is resting up. Let''s get Diarra and a top TOP striker in now and we can aim for 3rd this season, no worries.

Posted 19:55 20th August 2010

Jade Monty says...

Gallas might well have been distruptive at Arsenal, but he never wanted to be there. Remember the only reason you got him was because it was part of a deal when you couldn''t hang on to Ashley Cole.

Posted 19:30 20th August 2010

Chris Cork (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Good bit of business. Perfect cover for King and Woodgate. Stop your whining.

Posted 19:23 20th August 2010

Shaun Hamilton (Liverpool fan) says...

Why are the Gunners having a pop... Great buy for Tottenham, he will bring vast experience to a young defence, not only on the field but in training. Gunners what back up do you have?????

Posted 18:50 20th August 2010

Matt Dighton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Gallas ,top class addition to the squad. Exactly what we need mid week in the Champions league. The Gooners can go suck on their lemons as they love the bitter taste. Spurs are on the up under Harry. What has the moaning Wenger brought to the pathetic team across the way in recent years ?

Posted 18:48 20th August 2010

Ozzy Waffle (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

All these guys saying we should have signed this person and that person. Just have a look around. Massive signings just arent happening for anyone at the moment even man city. I mean look who theyve wasted all those millions on. If we get past young boys gallas will be a vital player. you''ve only gotta look at tuesday to see what happens when you take king outta the defense. Yeah he has a bad attitude but if anyone will sort that ''arry will.

Posted 17:43 20th August 2010

B West (Arsenal fan) says...

It appears Willie has more than shot himself in the foot here. wanted a 2 year deal out of Arsenal, only got offered one. Now after attempting to bounce his wage demands around various clubs who aren''t willing during this window, he is scraping the barrell at Spuds. Only on a one year deal mind you and pretty much guranteed for less money than we offered him. What a complete donkey!!! ha ha ha ha. Come on you Young Boys!!!

Posted 17:37 20th August 2010

Craig Coombes (Chelsea fan) says...

Gotta Say i think this is a good signing for spurs. Gallas has proven over the years to be a quality centre back, and he would of been sourly missed at the bridge if we didnt have carvalho take his place. Spurs back 4 looked well out of place in the champs league the other night and Gallas has the experience to lead them through hard times. A great free transfer who will give a good 2 seasons. Gotta be better than a cb (King) who can play one game a week, and another centre back (Dawson) who has no pace!

Posted 17:30 20th August 2010

James O''neill (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

He''s free, what''s the fuss - if he starts crying we''ll show him the door. We need the backup.

Posted 16:07 20th August 2010

Bob Bob (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Stop whining and support numpty Spurs fans! So what he was a gooner...get over it! I will be giving him my support along with the rest of the team. We needed someone with experience and 32 is not old if you look at the shape of Giggs and Scholes.

Posted 15:42 20th August 2010

L R says...

As i Chelsea fan I saw the best of Gallas on the pitch, unfortunately off it the bloke is a disgrace. The way he forced a transfer from us to Arsenal was dispicable, threatening to score own goals etc. Then having moved to Arsenal he proceeded to have a meltdown every other week, the fella has got form in upsetting the dressing room, simply can''t see the logic in Redknapp touching him, prepare for mutiny at Tottenham.

Posted 15:36 20th August 2010

Jay Pea (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Why??? Always had faith in who ever Harry wanted but this is just to much. Hes old, hes rubbish, hes an ex gonner with a bad attitude who just disrupts things, all my gooner mates are laughing as they know how bad he is on and off the pitch. Begining of the end for everything Spurs worked for. A former Spurs fan

Posted 15:12 20th August 2010

Andy Wilkes (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

*Keith Seal* are you for real ?? !!! Harry is the best thing to happen too spurs for a long time, he has delivered what no one else could, Gallas adds experience something we are short off when king and woodgate are out. are you actually a Spurs fan or someone who pretends to know about football what a JOKE !!

Posted 15:08 20th August 2010

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