Hodgson leaves Liverpool

Reds decide to replace Hodgson with Dalglish

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Dalglish: Reds return

Roy Hodgson Liverpool Premier League

Hodgson: Left Liverpool

I am very sad not to have been able to put my stamp on the squad, to be given the time to bring new players into the club in this transfer window and to have been able to be part of the rebuilding process at Liverpool

. Roy Hodgson on leaving Liverpool.
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Kenny Dalglish is 6/1 to win a trophy this season following his appointment as Roy Hodgson's successor.
He's 9/4 to secure his first win in charge against Everton next Sunday.
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Roy Hodgson has left Liverpool with Reds legend Kenny Dalglish put in charge until the end of the season at Anfield.

Hodgson found himself under intense pressure at Liverpool following the disappointing 3-1 defeat to Blackburn in midweek.

Liverpool are languishing in 12th spot in the Premier League and are sitting just four points above the drop zone.

The 63-year-old refused to answer questions on his future following the defeat at Ewood Park and speculation over his future intensified after his pre-match media briefing on Friday was cancelled.

Liverpool's owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have reportedly been looking at their possible options for a managerial change for over a week and they have now decided to act.

They had intended to see out the season with Hodgson before reassessing the situation but recent results - defeats to Blackburn and Wolves - and the deteriorating relationship with fans and associated falling attendances have prompted a rethink.

The club have turned to former player and manager Dalglish to take up the reins for the rest of the campaign and try and rescue a wretched campaign for the Merseyside titans.

Dalglish, who wanted to return as manager before the appointment of Hodgson in the summer, will now take charge of the side for this weekend's FA Cup showdown with arch-rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford.

In a statement on the club's website, the club's principal owner John Henry said: "We are grateful for Roy's efforts over the past six months, but both parties thought it in the best interests of the club that he stand down from his position as team manager.

"We wish him all the best for the future."


Hodgson admitted he was sad and disappointed to have left Liverpool after conceding the last few months had been some of the most challenging of his career.

"Being asked to manage Liverpool football club was a great privilege," he said.

"Any manager would be honoured to manage a club with such an incredible history, such embedded tradition and such an amazing set of fans.

"Liverpool is one of the great clubs in world football. I have, however, found the last few months some of the most challenging of my career.

"I am very sad not to have been able to put my stamp on the squad, to be given the time to bring new players into the club in this transfer window and to have been able to be part of the rebuilding process at Liverpool.

"The club has some great, world-class players, with whom it has been a pleasure to work and I wish the entire squad well for the rest of the season.

"I thank those with whom I have built up a close working relationship at the club for their loyalty and support during very testing times, and finally of course to the Liverpool fans, your passion and dedication to the club will see Liverpool at the top of the game once more."

Henry believes Dalglish is the right man to take charge of the club at such a difficult time.

"We are delighted that Kenny Dalglish has agreed to step in and manage the team for Sunday's FA Cup tie at Old Trafford and for the remainder of the season," added Henry.

"Kenny was not just a legendary footballer, he was the third of our three most successful managers - three giants. We are extraordinarily fortunate and grateful that he has decided to step in during the middle of this season."

Chairman Tom Werner said: "No one who cares for this great club has been happy with the way this season has unfolded and we have examined options and considered at length what is best for us going forward.

"Kenny will bring considerable experience to the position and provide management and leadership for the rest of the season."

Comments (191)

Steve Watson (Leeds United fan) says...

A life long Leeds Fan, Sorry to see Roy Hodgson go, but he was never a big enough Manager to do the job at Anfield,glad they got king Kenny back; hope they turn it round. Leeds are proof of what can happen in the prem'

Posted 19:25 9th January 2011

Charles Carmichael (Manchester United fan) says...

It's sad the treatment of Roy, the fans, if they call themselves that, blamed the lack luster performance on Roy, rather than the players. It's beyond comprehension that Beneitez was allowed to spend money at will and rarely found a player to cut the Premiership, yet Roy was denied that opportunity with the 'fans' on the back of Roy from pretty much day 1.

Posted 17:39 9th January 2011

Andy Moore (Liverpool fan) says...

Sorry to see Roy go. He didn't have much luck and the players he inherited we're rubbish. I think Roy shouldered a lot of the blaim when the players got away with lack luster performances and there is a number of players who are not fit to wear the red shirt of liverpool. However hopefully with Kenny coming back in will give the players and fans a lift and hopefully Kenny has the opportunity to sign players as well as get rid of some of the dead wood players in the squad who should have been away a long time ago. In kenny we Trust!!!!!

Posted 11:49 9th January 2011

Scott Jarman says...

Roy Hodgson is a God, wasnt given the chance in January. People forget what he has done in his career looking back at his last job fulham fulham hadn't won away since in about 33 games then they won 5/6, following that came 7th and then following that a Europa league final with Fulham a team 14 seasons ago was close too getting kicked out the league. Liverpools mistake. i now hope Liverpool go down.

Posted 11:39 9th January 2011

Richard Mead says...

Liverpool fans be careful what you wish for. Why you think a man who has not managed for 15-20 years can come in and transform a team that has 4 players (Reina, Gerrard, Kuyt and when he can be bothered Torres) which are World class, as for the rest of the squad they would be lucky to get into a Championship side. Face facts the worst thing to happen was Benitez winning the Champions League because it made it nearly impossible to sack him. His use of the transfer market was shocking along with his tactics. So before you all get excited just remember your club is no longer the club it was and is going to take a long,long time before you are back in contention.

Posted 11:35 9th January 2011

Obadan Frank says...

i dont think kenny is anyway better than Roy. Daglish has been working behind the scene to oust Roy from lfc. Liverpool at best are now a mid table team and liverpool fans should wake up and smell the coffee that their glory days are over.

Posted 10:47 9th January 2011

Chris Anders (Liverpool fan) says...

I Don't agree with what's happened to Roy but that's the norm for us now and the reason lies with the board. They may have done a good job helping Mr Broughhton sell the club and hiking ticket prices up but that's not what matters most at a football club. It's results on the pitch. Why change the Manager before the new owners came in? If I bought a club I'd want someone I was happy with, not a knee jerk reaction from the previous administration. Despite the rubbish thats said and written by some idiots, that team of deadwood was on top of the league just twenty months ago and only lost twice all season. Missed out on a third CL final in five years losing to Chelsea (who Utd never meet before the final) despite scoring four at the Bridge. It would be easy to say the squad isn't up to the job and it's Rafa's fault but that's nonsense.

Posted 09:45 9th January 2011

Daniel Dobson says...

Well sadly Roy had to go, I think he was a quality manager, just his football is not Liverpool's football. But we also have to look at contributing factors. This rot set in when souness set in as manager, and has been left to fester. No one has tried to rectify it. And in regards to Kenny, he is Liverpool through and through. He will install the same passion and ambition he holds dear for our wonderful club, into the players who seem to think playing for liverpool is a job and not a priviledge. Come on King Kenny return us to those glorious years in the 70's and 80's.

Posted 09:28 9th January 2011

sophie Barrett (Arsenal fan) says...


Posted 09:18 9th January 2011

Lewis Cruttenden (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

as a blckburn fan obviuosly i love kenny dalglish and its great to see him back, i just hope liverpool fans dont turn on him because its going to take alot to turn things around at liverpool but they have got some great players there that are under performing and maybe didnt believe in roy hodgson,kenny maybe be the man to pick them up and make them believe again. never want to see the best teams with great history and fans relegated, thats what keeps the premier league so good.

Posted 09:01 9th January 2011

Kyle Gibson (Manchester United fan) says...

To add an American's perspective: Liverpool fans, which looks more clueless, Roy on the bench, or Glen Johnson on the pitch? You could pluck somebody from the MLS that plays better than him, and our league is a waste paper basket fire. I liked Roy at Fulham, but then again I liked Rafa at Liverpool. If I were any club president, I would go after Roberto Do Matteo. which still wouldn't change the fact that your team as it stands isn't top 4 material.

Posted 09:00 9th January 2011

Oliver Harris (Liverpool fan) says...

Glad Roys gone, he was never the right man for liverpool but that wasnt his fault, he tried his best and worked with what he had (which wasn't a lot) Glad king Kenny is now manager its definitely a step in the right direction the players need someone with a true passion for the club, someone who will inspire them to be the best.give them confidence and bring out the best in them King kenny ticks all of the above. As for torres' lack in form i don't think his touch has been right and that his confidence has been good since the injury he picked up last season if he hasn't improved by the end of the season i say we sell him to someone who wants him like barce or chelsea and bring in llorente, pedro and suarez P.S please kenny buy back Xavi Alonso

Posted 08:18 9th January 2011

Robbie Corrance (Liverpool fan) says...

Hodgson left with Benitez's mess... Really? LFC had more players at the World Cup than any other team in the premier league at the time! How is that a rubbish team? 4 of those players were actually IN the final... Rubbish team hey! Roy has taken a team that may have finished 7th last season but has turned them into a team that will be lucky to finish 12th. What has Roy EVER achieved in management? He might be a nice guy but he hasn't actually done anything! Dalglish has won more trophies than Hodgson has won AWAY GAMES IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE!! Hodgson had a league win% of 35% (worst % of any lfc manager including Souness)tell me would any other team settle for that?? Chelsea didn't with Scolari and what was said there? If hodgson was a better manager than Benitez then surely he would have taken the SAME TEAM higher than Benitez? Just like Coyle did at Bolton without 'stamping his Mark on the team' or just like Redknapp did at Spurs. Some idiot on here saying Roy didn't make any signings... Roy let Aquilani go and BOUGHT Poulson for £5mil WTF? he then let Insua go (who had our highest assist rate last season) and brought in Konchesky WTF??? he also brought in Joe Cole, Raul Merieles and Aurelio came back too so he had cash in the summer. More than Rafa had too as he had to Sell to Buy. People on here just spew out rubbish that they have heard down the pub! Roy is a terrible manager who wasn't good enough for Liverpool, do some research or please just be quiet. Idiots

Posted 08:05 9th January 2011

R Johnson (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Another good Manager loses his job due to a combination of the media who like Managers being sacked and so called supporters who in reality know sod all about the game!

Posted 07:52 9th January 2011

Deniz Altin (Chelsea fan) says...

And whats gone happen if Liverpool fans turn on their own players? Liverpool will be relegated. It is a job of the manager to get the players to perform. It is the job of the directors to pick the right manager to do that. The directors simply picked the wrong guy with Hodgson. And fair enough they picked an old legend to carry on till end of season. Will he be able to keep his job after summer? NO because Liverpool want champions league football and both the owners and most sensible of Liverpool fans know the new appointment is there to keep Liverpool in top half of the table. I for one see Rijkaard coming to Liverpool. I think he certainly can turn stuff around at a club like Liverpool because he did the exact same thing at Barcelona. He will need 2 years though. Anything else and Liverpool will be waiting along time to regain champions league spot. Simple. Rijkaard is the only one who can do this now. If you think otherwise and then watch next few seasons as Liverpool becomes an average side in England!

Posted 07:52 9th January 2011

Joey Jobless (Liverpool fan) says...

The club have just completed a hat-trick of managerial appointment errors. Roy's a great guy and really good Manager but should have seen that the 'dream job' was merely a nightmare. Rafa was arrogance on glue and his legacy will live on ... one lucky night in Istanbul permitting him the time to run the team into the ground. I would have preferred Kenny Rogers to Kenny Dalglish. Out of Europe and stuck in the bottom six by the end of February. We might beat our greatest rivals tomorrow as they've been playing like Everton although they think they're as good as Barcelona. Funny thing is, Fergie has started running down Utd in a similar way to Rafa at Liverpool. So, could they be following us into the Championship in a few years?

Posted 06:55 9th January 2011

Moses Hickory (Chelsea fan) says...

You'll never walk alone... unless your name is Roy Hodgson. Jog on, Joooooog on!

Posted 04:26 9th January 2011

Nigel Croghan (Liverpool fan) says...

I am tired of hearing media pundits and former managers providing their backing to Roy Hodgson as Liverpool manager by proclaiming that ¿it¿s not his team¿ and how he needs time to build his team, or how Rafa Benitez left him a poor squad. Let¿s get one very simple thing straight here; was it Alan Pardew¿s team when Newcastle beat Liverpool in Pardew¿s first game in charge as Newcastle manager? Was it Steve Kean¿s team when Blackburn beat Liverpool on Wednesday night? It is always the manager¿s team. The manger¿s job is to manage the players at his disposal. Whether he signed them or not is irrelevant. The manger coaches, provides the tactics, gives the teamtalks and seeks to motivate the players. If he is not doing this, he is not doing his job. As for the ¿Benitez left him a poor squad¿ argument. Let¿s look at some good old FACTS; - when Roy Hodgson took charge on July 1st, Liverpool had more players represented at the 2010 World Cup than any previous World Cup, and more than any other Premier League side had. - the squad which Hodgson inherited finished second in the Premier League just 12 months previously, with the club¿s highest Premier League points tally - Roy Hodgson signed Raul Meireles for £11m, then admitted how he wasn¿t sure where best to play him A message to all of Roy¿s friends in the media ¿ 35 years in management without a major honour says it all. He was out of his depth the moment he got the job. Here¿s one for you, Kenny Dalglish has won more trophies than Hodgson has won away games in all his time managing English sides. Another thing, please stop reporting his overall win record (which includes pathetic Europa League games). His league win percentage is the lowest for any Liverpool manager post-war (35%).

Posted 04:21 9th January 2011

Ranjit Singh (Liverpool fan) says...

For those who say roy hasn't been able to buy his players, watch broughton's interview for appointing RH. The main reason he gives is that roy isn't about asking money for new players, he thinks he can get more out of those we have, that's why we got him.

Posted 02:39 9th January 2011

Lainey Mccormick (Liverpool fan) says...

Welcome back Kenny & good luck, but any LFC fans who think things will change overnight are deluded !! it will take time and as a life long LFC fan i hope its sooner rather than later. Roy is a gentleman , and although i didnt think he was the right man for the job when he was appointed i will say this... He has not had a chance to prove himself at LFC and i think he was very brave to take the job on to start with , not many people are brave enough to jump onto a sinking ship, and not all LFC supporters blame Roy for LFC demise, people should take a closer look at Purslow and Co !! Good luck Roy hope you do well at your a good man.

Posted 02:38 9th January 2011

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