Balotelli sets City exit date

Italian youngster sets sights on return to Milan

By Simone Bargellini   Last updated: 18th January 2011   Subscribe to RSS Feed

Balotelli sets City exit date

Balotelli: Injury boost

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Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has admitted he would like to join AC Milan within two years.

The Italy international, who confirmed he would not need surgery on his knee injury, joined City only last summer on a five-year deal from Inter Milan.

But the 20-year-old has already been linked with a return to Italy having met with Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani on a visit home in November and the Rossoneri were on the look-out for a new striker during the current transfer window.

Instead the Serie A leaders signed Antonio Cassano after his contract dispute with Sampdoria, while City have boosted their frontline by swooping for Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg.

In Dzeko, himself and top scorer Carlos Tevez, Balotelli believes the ambitious Blues now have the world's best strikeforce.

But he admits he would relish the opportunity to link up with Cassano and his former Inter team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Milan attack.

"Do I envy Cassano for going to AC Milan? A little," Balotelli told Italian newspaper Extra Time.

"(Milan owner) Silvio Berlusconi said that Cassano is the best Italian talent - he's wrong or doesn't know Balotelli.

Happy at City

"Me with Ibra and Cassano at Milan? It'll happen soon. For this year, and another, I will stay at City where I'm fine."

Balotelli is currently sidelined after a recurrence of the knee problem he picked up on his City debut in August.

He has not featured since scoring a hat-trick in the 4-0 win over Aston Villa on 28th December and was expected to be out until the season's second Manchester derby at United on 12th February.

But the Italian star has now allayed fears he would require more surgery and he could return to action sooner than expected.

"My knee still gives me trouble but the cartilage is okay," he said. "I don't need another operation. In a few weeks I'll be back on the field."

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Whata Waste (Arsenal fan) says...

Atleast hes honest. City fans are deluded in actually thinking these players want to play for a small club. Offer them all the money in the world. Balotelli had just left a Champions League winning club, what interest would he have in a club hes never heard of before. Besides you lot should be more worried about Tevez, hes off at the end of the season.

Posted 12:54 18th January 2011

Bobby Dazzler (Liverpool fan) says...

What a clown this kid is, Mourinho fell out with him and so is every other manager until he sorts his attitude out, Think City should sell him now, because he will not be able to keep his big mouth shut

Posted 12:51 18th January 2011

Shane Merriman (Chelsea fan) says...

It's a shame i watched Balotelli at inter and when city bought him i was happy to see him come over but he can't handle it he is used to bullying players but he can't really do in EPL so he's not happy not being the superstar he is in the best league in the world and if he ever wants to be a worldclass player like he thinks he is he needs to prove himself here not run when things get tough

Posted 12:50 18th January 2011

Adam O'callaghan (Arsenal fan) says...

Honestly... This guy's ego is bigger than Kanye West, and he said he was the voice of a generation. First he says He's better than messi, then he said he had no idea who wilshere was. Honestly if players were more like balotelli contracts would only be one year long, enough time for the ego to die down and move on from club to club without leaving an impact.

Posted 12:41 18th January 2011

Chris Jones (Reading fan) says...

This guy is unbelievable. He may have talent, but he has no humility and that will hold him back. Fact of the matter is that he wasn't progressing that well at Inter because of his attitude, now he's at City on mega wages and his heads got even bigger. What this guy needs is some heavy shepherding and a serious talking too - he needs to be told that he COULD be world class but he has to work for it. Personally I think he needs a man manager like Ferguson, but Fergie knew better then to get involved. More of a worry is what will happen to the careers of Milner, Johnson, Richards, Heart etc. These guys are good, but will their growth be stumped like that of SWP, Bridge, Given - clearly good players who have been disregarded like a piece of rubbish. The rules have to be tightened to prevent this waste of talent - squad sizes should be made smaller - perhaps 22 and clubs should be prevented from spending more than 50% of what they earn (including wages). This would safeguard clubs from going under (like Leeds, Portsmouth) and prevent the needles waste of talent that it being produced by mega rich owners playing top trumps with English football clubs.

Posted 12:37 18th January 2011

Lee Clements (Manchester City fan) says...

shocking season so far????? 9 goals in 13 games, can't wait to see him when he's good. Let him have his 2 years here and we will then command a huge transfer fee, because I have no doubts that that he will be a huge success!! only 20 years old and already bagging hat-tricks, if this was an english lad he would be raved about!!! City fans get off his back, or are you our new generation of fickle fans expecting immediate success!!! Were you there in 1998/99?? I guess not!

Posted 12:23 18th January 2011

Dean Digby (Rushden & Diamonds fan) says...

the boys 20 years old and supports ac Milan which was made clear when he was at inter. i personally thought that he was only going to city to get better then go back to where he wants to be for the rest of his career.. he's a fantastic player for 20 years old, outspoken doesn't make you arrogant . he will be the best one day!

Posted 12:09 18th January 2011

Martin M (Manchester City fan) says...

You guys are so gullible. You don't believe this drivel do you? The media have been after City for over two years. Don't you remember the campaign to get rid of Mark Hughes and then the hostility to City when Hughes was sacked? Can any of you guys remember a pro City piece in the papers? No, neither can I. I see the United straw clutchers are on here, telling us to get rid of Mario. The guy's been injured all season, right from his debut game. And yet he's scored 8 goals in 11 games. I think he's only played the full 90 mins twice, so that is some return, don't you think? Ian Jarvis, Balotelli said when he won the junior player of the year, that only Messi was better than him at the same stage of his career. You've twisted that just like a journalist would. City are coming for you and you are trying anything you possibly can to delay the inevitable. Good luck with that one.

Posted 12:02 18th January 2011

Nick Brett (Arsenal fan) says...

It's no surprise that yet another City player wants out. The way that club is being run is an absolute joke, mediocre players being signed for tens of millions then being offered wages that some of the world's greatest talents aren't close to. On a plus note all the mid-table clubs will be licking their lips at the prospect of signing him on loan with no wage contributions now just like the rest of the City squad.

Posted 11:55 18th January 2011

Billy Goater says...

Nic Grant (Manchester City fan) 8 goals in 11 games is hardly shocking! Ok, he has an attitude problem, but he's only 20 and Mancini will teach him to channel it in the right direction. Football history is littered with players who started off the same and went on to great success, Rooney, Anelka, Marsh. City signing Dzeko and making such a fuss probably hasn't helped.

Posted 11:43 18th January 2011

Paul The red (Liverpool fan) says...

Players like this do not deserve to play in the PL, and I would doubt City would miss him much....

Posted 11:37 18th January 2011

James Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

This guy is a joke, poor temperament, lack of respect and an all round disgusting attitude, i'm no fan of city but i hope tevez and dzeko smash them in so he sits on the sidelines sulking for the forseeable future, the premier league can do without guys like him, send him back to Italy. Good Riddance

Posted 11:17 18th January 2011

Nic Grant (Manchester City fan) says...

He's had a shocking season so far anyway wouldn't be a shame to see him go. He's just another adebayor - lazy! Oh and take Jo along when you go

Posted 10:54 18th January 2011

Ian Jarvis (Manchester United fan) says...

What a suprise that he wants out already, it was only 2 months ago he was claiming to be the best in the world, then messi wins the ballon d'or and out comes the dummy from Balotteli, City need to stop buying the ego's of football and get some team players. This guy doesn't even want to see out his contract, he was the same at Inter, if i were Mancini i would sell him off sooner to a lesser club and see how he likes that.

Posted 10:49 18th January 2011

Tony Patton (Manchester United fan) says...

When will Balotelli learn to keep his mouth shut. He may well be talented but his attitude is disgusting. He has no respect for his current employer who have invested heavily in him. I think Man City should cut their losses and get rid of this devisive individual.

Posted 10:48 18th January 2011

Blue Blood (Manchester City fan) says...

this guy is such a tremendous talent but at the same time he tremendously annoying! please be quite and just concentrate on actually playing football.

Posted 10:41 18th January 2011

Mr Murphy (Barcelona fan) says...

Aha city are a joke, this is what happens when you give players stupid amounts of money they don¿t care about the club or the fans it¿s shocking i feel sorry for city fans ... An do you really think that any of them would be at city if any mid table team around the world had of offered them the same? city are killing the prem

Posted 10:30 18th January 2011

Gavin Hughes (Cardiff City fan) says...

Think it's a shame this guy constantly seem's to be linked away from Man City, I have seen him play a few times for Inter and think if he got his head down he would be a massive success, He was used to bullying players in Italy with his size etc which is not the case in England and not sure he really likes it but I am sure if he applied himself he could become Man City's no 1 as the potential is their he just needs to knuckle down.

Posted 10:25 18th January 2011

Helen Battersby (Manchester City fan) says...

I think Balotelli should stay at City and stop talking about leaving, he has only just arrived and has a contract he should honour. We need the likes of him if we are to win the League and those gloating Manchester United fans will shut up about the 34/5 years.

Posted 10:23 18th January 2011

Paul Corrigan (Manchester City fan) says...

five year contract sunshine.

Posted 09:58 18th January 2011

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