Torres sets sights on glory

Striker targeting Champions League after sealing Chelsea move

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It's the kind of team I like to play against. It's the kind of team I want to play for.

Torres on Chelsea move
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Fernando Torres believes he can fulfil his dream of winning the Champions League after completing his move to Chelsea from Liverpool.

The 26-year-old - a Euro 2008 and World Cup winner - sealed his switch to Stamford Bridge on a five-and-a-half-year contract for a British record fee shortly before the transfer deadline, and is now delighted to call himself a Chelsea player.

"It's the kind of team I like to play against. It's the kind of team I want to play for," he told Chelsea TV.

"It's always very tough to play against Chelsea - one of the biggest teams in Europe, always fighting for everything.

"This is the target for every footballer - to try to play for one of the top clubs in the world and I can do it now. I have to be very, very happy as I am.

"It's my dream to win the Champions League and I'm sure I can, playing for Chelsea. I think all my team-mates share that dream with me and hopefully we can."

Torres is relishing the responsibility of testing himself alongside Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka, rating the Ivory Coast forward "the best striker in the world by far".

The former Atletico Madrid forward said: "I am a big fan of all of the Chelsea strikers.

"When I was very young I remember Anelka was playing for Arsenal. It's the kind of football I like to play.

Drogba the best

"Obviously Drogba is the best striker in the world by far. It's a big responsibility for me to play alongside them because the level they have is so high."

The transfer was finally confirmed on Monday - three days after the Anfield club turned down the player's transfer request - and he will be available to play against Liverpool on Sunday.

"I am so happy and so proud to be here, finally, after these tough days," he said.

"At the end of the day I can say I'm a Chelsea player and I'm very, very happy."

Torres admitted it had been tough leaving Liverpool but he is confident he has made the right decision.

"It has been two, three, four very, very hard days for me especially for everything I have leaving Liverpool but I can say I'm a Chelsea player," he said.

"I'm really happy and I'm sure I'm doing one of the biggest steps forward in my career, joining a club like Chelsea.

"I just want to be at the level I'm supposed to stay at. It's a great club with a great responsibility. I'm prepared for the challenge."

Torres cannot wait to link up with his former Liverpool team-mate and friend Yossi Benayoun at Stamford Bridge.

"He was worried about everything, these last two or three days, and I am very happy to play with him again," he said. "Hopefully he will be back (from injury) as soon as possible.

"For my kind of football it's very nice to have this kind of player. I have a good relationship with Yossi on and off the pitch.

"It's great for me to join the same team as him again, at a big club like Chelsea. I know all the team-mates miss him - he's a great lad."

Comments (204)

Alec S (Liverpool fan) says...

Never mind gd luck Fernando, hope your agent buys you dinner. I really hope Suarez and Carroll click with Gerrard Meireles and Carragher and Liverpool can rise again because it would be nice for such an exciting league to have 2 clubs with pedigree at the top; Liverpool and United. Chelsea pensioners? Good luck.

Posted 22:52 1st February 2011

Huw Williams (Chelsea fan) says...

As a chelsea fan i am over the moon we got torres it was only a matter of time,it was even better after reading all the comments from you scousers on friday that he was going knowhere shows what you know!As for history you lost your record of unbeaten home games to us we did not just beat it we bew it out of the water! The same as MAN UTD are going to do to your title record if not this season then pretty soon.The fact of the matter is you are HISTORY at best mid table prem league at worst championship .

Posted 22:29 1st February 2011

Sjkdjag Asdasd (Manchester United fan) says...

Torres' first goal for Liverpool was against Chelsea at Anfield. His first goal for Chelsea shall be this weekend, against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. the irony....disgusting man, father, and player. lost all respect.

Posted 22:25 1st February 2011

Anthony Charman (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool need to move on and wish Torres all the best. We never had to sell and to be honest the money is just too good to refuse. He obviously became unhappy with everything happening at the club over the past two years. Torres came to Liverpool to win trophies and he hasn't and we won't be in the Champions League again next year. He has seen Crouch, Bellamy, Riise, Alonso, Masch, Hypia, Arbeloa leave and been replaced with the likes of poulsen, Konchesky, Kyriagkos, insua, degan etc! He has seen a team capable of winning the league dismantled and replaced by average players that quite frankly are not good enough for Liverpool. Liverpool need to get rid of the average players and get a settled squad that wants to be at anfield. Hopefully Suarez and Carroll will be the start of some major signings of quality young players. Good to see Kenny bringing back the true philosophies of the club as well!! There seems to be a buzz again!! Great to see some youngsters like Kelly and Shelvey getting a chance

Posted 22:08 1st February 2011

Bashka Lamar (Chelsea fan) says...

Why every fan is talking about LOYALTY, are the clubs loyal to the players. If u are a player of Torres caliber. u should look for your own interest. in real world eveyone looks after their own interest

Posted 22:06 1st February 2011

Red Squirrel (Liverpool fan) says...

Why the derision of Liverpools very illustrious history? The idiot Mancs & Chelski fans who say it means nothing - please have a word with your managers, especially Fergie, and they will tell you different. REAL football fans have a true understanding and respect of what Liverpool have achieved over 50+ years same as we do for Man U achievements. We told them to come back when they had 18 titles and quess what they did and no doubt they will get no19 before Liverpool do as much I dont want them to, so kudo's to them! When Chelski, Man C etc can achieve the same then and only then can you keep harping on abou how 'big' you are. If Liverpool go on to win the Europa League this year no doubt all we will hear is what a tiny cup it is and how it doesn't mean anything - well it will be one more European cup in our trophy cabinet and one more than Chelsea will have cos sorry but the Champions League is going to Barcelona - not even Torres can get one over on Messi et al!! And as for us having a space for the Premier League trophy - yes that is very true, its there and waiting and the faith & belief that I have in Kenny and Liverpool tells me that next May 2012 I'll be watching Kenny, Stevie G and the rest tryin to wipe the grins off their faces whilst holding the Premier League cup! YNWA

Posted 21:06 1st February 2011

Nige M (Liverpool fan) says...

Carroll may be a risk at £35m.. but has anyone noticed the improvement that Torres showed in the short time under Kenny.. and wasn't it kenny who made Shearer the striker he was... If Carroll want to learn he could not have a beetter teacher!

Posted 21:01 1st February 2011

Paul Liasides (Liverpool fan) says...

Everyone is happy with this deal. Torres wanted to move on,Liverpool were resigned to him going.As far as I can see Liverpool and Chelsea are both happy,so where is the problem? The bottom line is MONEY!! Lets all move on! Goodbye and good luck Fernando Lets just get behind Suarez,Carroll,and more importantly Kenny. You dont know how lucky you are,I have spent almost 30 yrs having to watch Sheff.Wd or Sheff Utd as a liverpool fan working acroos the pennines. It doesnt matter waht league you are in,or where you have to go to work, "Your Team isalways your team" YNWA

Posted 20:33 1st February 2011

Simon Blandini (Chelsea fan) says...

Now Torres is at the level he should be surrounded by world class players liverpool can only dream about.

Posted 20:27 1st February 2011

Gary Molyneux (Liverpool fan) says...

Gutted that Torres has gone, lets be honest the guy was class. Liverpool needed to win the title when they came second, this could have resulted in such a different journey over the last two years. However, the club has basically now sold off its prize assests, Alonso, Mascherano, Torres. No club can loose this Kind of talent and not suffer. Torres was let down with broken promises of reinvestment that never occured under the Yanks last years in charge. That said, a gamble for Chelsea given Torres' disastrous showing in the World Cup and his subsequent loss of form. However, form is temporary and class is permanent. If he had gone to a foreign team then I could have stomached the move, unfortunately he went to Chelski. Hopefully the current reinvestment will see us back on track. YNWA

Posted 20:27 1st February 2011

Lucio Morreti (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool are a big club because of what Bill Shankley did for us from 1959 onwards, through hard work and tactical ingenuity. Chelsea are a big club through the sheer luck of a multi-billionaire taking over in the mid 2000's. Know your place Chelsea fans.

Posted 20:07 1st February 2011

Dane Mckoy (Chelsea fan) says...

Why have Liverpool fans suddenly decided that their star player is not so much of a star because he has left liverpool?? that is not objective in the least. You cant get upset at a player who is doing what he thinks is the best move for his career. I dont think that Chelsea is by any means trying to buy their way into the Champs League. We are just using foresight to get an early young replacement for strikers who are definitely going to be on their way out (Anelka). Furthermore, this was also a deal that started over a year ago!! Torres is also an amazingly talent YOUNG player who can contribute to the club over an extended period. Its arguable that his best years are still ahead of him!! Torres hasn't looked happy playing at Liverpool for a while now! It could be that the lack of silverware has taken away from his motivation. As a footballer, the personal achievement markers for your career is SILVERWARE!

Posted 20:04 1st February 2011

Julius Ceasar (Chelsea fan) says...

Torres wan't at his best at liverpool because he wasn't surrounded by enough class. He now has that feeding support and so will fulfill just expectations.

Posted 17:52 1st February 2011

Dan Selby (Chelsea fan) says...

liverpool fans keep harping on about how old chelsea players are lets remind you that carragher, gerrard, kuyt,Maxi Rodríguez are 30 or over.

Posted 17:51 1st February 2011

Nick Phillips says...

Torres is yet another player who is only interested in his bank balance. Loyalty to a club does not matter these days. Still, good luck to him.

Posted 17:47 1st February 2011

Mark Kelly (Liverpool fan) says...

to all the chelsea fans calling liverpool fans bitter,are you the same fans who haven't stop whinging about garcia's goal in 2005.its 6 years later and you're still going on about it

Posted 17:46 1st February 2011

Reece Savage (Liverpool fan) says...

All you chelsea fans who think it is gunna be a great signing just wait a few years yeah he maybe one of the best strikers in the world but he is gunna wanna play in the middle where drogba plays because torres prefers to play through the middle not out wide and then you still have anelka who is gunna wanna play and malouda

Posted 17:44 1st February 2011

Tapiwa Mukumba (Chelsea fan) says...

Torres has joined his friend yossi at chelsea and was looking back at how they played together, it will be a good season and if Barca is out the way am sure Chelsea will be in to win Euro Glory.

Posted 17:35 1st February 2011

Amit Bhansala (Manchester United fan) says...

Lol drogba best striker in the world? Really? Messi and ronaldo to name a few that are better then him

Posted 17:34 1st February 2011

Mike D (Liverpool fan) says...

When Gerrard pops the ball into the net this Sunday, he should head over to El Miserable and stick up five fingers to remind him of what he has just done.

Posted 17:32 1st February 2011

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