Barton blasts 'stupid' Diaby

Magpie blasts Gunner's reaction after sending-off changes game

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Barton blasts 'stupid' Diaby

Diaby: Sent off

I think it was stupid from him. They were 4-0 up, there was no need for him to react the way he reacted

- Joey Barton on Abou Diaby's reaction to his strong challenge
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Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton has branded Abou Diaby's reaction as stupid after the Arsenal man was sent off in the amazing clash at St James' Park on Saturday.

Arsene Wenger's side were 4-0 up and cruising when Diaby was incensed by a ferocious but legal challenge from Barton.

He pushed him to the ground before raising his hands to Kevin Nolan, giving referee Phil Dowd little option but to send Diaby off.

The numerical advantage helped the Magpies score four goals to hit Arsenal's title charge and earn a memorable draw.

Don't understand

Barton, who scored two penalties in the amazing comeback, said: "I don't understand Diaby's reaction. I went in one-footed, cleanly took the ball and my momentum carried me into him.

"I think it was stupid from him. They were 4-0 up, there was no need for him to react the way he reacted. For me, it wasn't an issue.

"If the Arsenal players don't like being tackled, they should go and play basketball or netball or one of the other games."

Barton believes the Magpies missed out on the win after hauling themselves back into the game after the Gunners had been four-up inside 26 minutes.

He added: "If anything sums up football, that was it.

"At half-time, the game was over against such a great side as Arsenal. But a little bit of lack of discipline with them and the momentum swung in our favour.

Lost words

"We could have won the game 5-4, 6-4 - Kevin Nolan had a good chance. Very rarely am I lost for words, but in this case, I am a little bit.

"It doesn't happen every week, that. Days like this are few and far between. I don't think the old ticker can take too many more of those."

Barton hailed the spirit in the Newcastle dressing room to fight back the way they did.

He added: "It speaks volumes for the spirit and the character in there that we went out and were able to do what we did out there.

"I am honoured and privileged to have been part of it."

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Comments (36)

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Dean Francis (Arsenal fan) says...

Joey Barton calling other footballers stupid, After his angelic career.....Hypocritical maybe

Posted 10:38 7th February 2011

Luke Quinn (Newcastle United fan) says...

It was a good fair tackle. We had a perfectly good goal disallowed so to me the 2nd penalty we got made up for that. I'm sure all you arsenal fans won't admit that though and the referee was totally at blame for your lot bottling it.

Posted 10:23 7th February 2011

Andrew Sutton (Sunderland fan) says...

For once Im going to defend Joey Barton. There was nothing wrong with that challenge, he played the ball first, tried to move his foot to minimise the contact and Diaby turned into him. Nothing Barton could do about it. Diaby is supposed to be a midfield enforcer but if he reacts like that to a tackle he needs to get out of the Premier League and go and play on the continent where football is a non-contact sport. Arsenal are very easy on the eye with their football but they have no fight in them and cant compete with a team who are going to be physical against them. Stop blaming Joey Barton for your team bottling it Arsenal fans, you moan like a bunch of girls when you dont get your own way.

Posted 10:11 7th February 2011

Louis Kwakye (West Ham United fan) says...

Lisa Dennison with the main point here. Diaby has had his leg broken before by an overzealous tackle. If he was sent off for that, Nolan should have been gone. The atmosphere and occasion got to Dowd, No doubt.

Posted 10:11 7th February 2011

Albert Cunningham (Arsenal fan) says...

Obviously a lot of opinions expressed are by people who never saw the full 90 mins.Sir Alex said this ref was unfit physically well he is worse than that. Lets now see what happens to players who put in tackles like Joe bartons.That said good luck to Newcastle fans they had a game to remember.Surely that whats footballs about.

Posted 10:05 7th February 2011

Emmanuel Kondowe (Arsenal fan) says...

Diaby has been good in handling his emotions so far but this time he failed. It's easy when you not a player to say why get so angry when you're winning knowing very well that you risk being sent off and being aware that your team has a recent history of losing or drawing games they could have won. Barton's challenge, intentional or not was provocative. Diaby should be excused.

Posted 09:07 7th February 2011

Joseph mary Oketch (Arsenal fan) says...

I thought Barton would have come out to apologise than making such shameful comments. The tackle was bad and unsportly honestly Diaby was lacky not to break his leg. The other thing am questioning is, are these referees small gods? because even when a player questions their clear bias decisions, then FA jumps in to penalise them, where is the fairness surely?

Posted 06:24 7th February 2011

Mul Abdillah (Arsenal fan) says...

Watch out for the next game

Posted 02:10 7th February 2011

Gareth Haigh (Newcastle United fan) says...

Two years ago I would've said that Joey Barton was one of the worst people in football... another wild one with wasted talent. However I, like most Newcastle fans, will hold my hands up and say that this season he has been a revelation. He's far from perfect (just ask Pederson) but at least he holds his hands up to most of his misdemeanours and has acknowledged a need for lifestyle change (for example he is now teetotal) without trying to seek forgiveness for his past. On current form Barton, and possibly Nolan, should be in the England squad at least, Barton in the starting 11 tbh, but England's loss is our gain as Barton will never be allowed to wear the shirt again due to his past as the powers that be will never allow it. Personally I believe in reformation of character, even though nobody is perfect, and Barton has served time for his past and is trying his damndest to better himself, much to the geordie faithful's pleasure.

Posted 00:54 7th February 2011

Jonny Milburn (Newcastle United fan) says...

Same old Arsenal always been treat unfairly by refs think of all the times u lot have conned the ref the whole country see it but mr i did not see it wenger missed it stop blaming the officials and take a look the way you played second half Arsenal bottled it and we took advantage as always the strong phsical teams get the better of them.

Posted 00:48 7th February 2011

Jon Smallbones (Arsenal fan) says...

Why is Barton even allowed to speak regarding matters like this? Lets not he has a criminal record for being an "idiot" not to mention punching Pederson infront of 40,000 fans and 1million TV viewers then going oh i dint touch him it was a friendly pat on the shoulder! Altho Diaby's reaction was silly, and the tackle was technically legal, it looked herrendous!! Best part of the game was "hard man Barton" scared and really apologetic kneeling down to Diaby, and to those Man City fans, yeh Barton would have got up and thumped him one last season, would have easily done it this season - but nto to someone like Diaby whose twice his size and could easily have him! Every tackle i ever see Barton do looks herrendous and looks like iot could cause damage! As for you who think noones allowed to tackle Arsenal, we have shown plenty of times this season we can handle rough games and come out on top with a win! Lets not forget we are 2nd and the ONLY team chasing UTD - who lost to Wolves and are deffinatly beatable. Lets win the Carling Cup and then overtake UTD - I wanna see what silly excuses City, UTD, Chelsea, and even Newcastle fans come up with!!

Posted 00:16 7th February 2011

Roy Winter (Newcastle United fan) says...

What a prophetic statement made by C Lee the man city fan. Joey went in one footed and hard but won the ball cleanly, why de jong went in with a two footed lunge off the floor and straight through the man so yeah I still want him to be banned and a lot longer than six months. So no we're not two faced!!!

Posted 23:24 6th February 2011

Eric Hadley (Arsenal fan) says...

Players routinely receive yellow cards for tackles with a lot less intent than Bartons, why not his time? Diaby got what he deserved how come Nolan didnt? only Mr Dowd can answer that,.but he won't. Yet again inconsistant officialdom, when will the officials be made to justify their incompetence? 75% are not good enough to officiate in the premiership and are undermining arguably the greatest league in the world. The Arsenal players cannot lay the blame for their collapse solely at the door of the officials and must now dig deep and show the commitment and courage that has been brought into question.

Posted 22:39 6th February 2011

Michael . (Newcastle United fan) says...

Joey Barton knows first hand a bad reaction, bad tackle and to be fair, assault, you cant argue with what he;s saying, one foot, won the ball, you cant stop your momentum. If steven gerrard did that tackle, he'd have got an 8 in the papers, but no joey gets a hard time everytime he touches a player. If scott parkers fit for an england shirt, joey barton should feel hard done by.

Posted 22:24 6th February 2011

Paul Smith (Newcastle United fan) says...

There was far more power in the follow through De jong made on Ben Arfa. Barton's was only slightly more than a clip.

Posted 21:41 6th February 2011

Mark Conroy (Newcastle United fan) says...

I was at the match the tackle was firm but controlled and quite hard. Comparing to the de jong ben arfa tackle is ridiculous as barton was not seing red and in control. De jong was high and wreckless. Best game of football i have ever and will ever see, the reason Arsenal lost was because Wenger changed too little too late and by the time he did change things newcastle had built up a head of steam and could have easily won. Arsenal were good in the first half and losing 1 player who was stupid at best should not have cost them the result. They were awful in every way in the second half. Howay the lads!!

Posted 21:37 6th February 2011

Calum Gillies (Manchester City fan) says...

Paul Corrigan, Barton has not changed at all it was only a couple of months ago barton flung a punch straight into Pedersens stomach for getting in his way.

Posted 21:35 6th February 2011

Graham Lear (Stoke City fan) says...

Boo hoo Arsenal cry babies, Barton is right if the Arsenal cry babies don't like being fairly but strongly tackled then they should go and play the game of tiddlywinks along with their manager. Only one person is to blame for that sending off and that is Wenger himself who has told all his players that if any one tackles you then they are playing unfair. I notice once more all the Arsenal brainwashed fans are out in force once more. Poor dears, looks like one more season with out winning anything except ememys for them.

Posted 21:22 6th February 2011

Carl Robinson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I don't think the tackle was malicious, he went in for the ball got the ball and couldn't stop, it was a 50-50 ball diaby didn't have the ball neither did barton but he won the ball, thats it end of story, even MOTD said it was fair tackle

Posted 20:54 6th February 2011

Jude Davis (Arsenal fan) says...

Silly reaction from Diaby but you could see that Barton went right through him. It was a poor tackle. The fact you win the ball means nothing if you come through and clean the man out. However it was the referee's other decisions that cost us the 3 points. Why wasn't Nolan sent off for the same offence in pushing our Keeper to the ground after they scored the 1st penalty? Which was harsh, but the 2nd penalty to make it 4-3 was farce. Phil Dowd is a bottler end of story, heard 50,000 screaming Geordies and gave into them. Luckily Utd lost and in fact we have gained points, but he needs to be dropped from Premier League Referee panel after that performance, shoddy to say the least.

Posted 20:48 6th February 2011

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