Fergie fumes at officials

United boss says Chelsea are favourites for title

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Chelsea are favourites now, there's no question. I'm certain we'll respond but we could win the next five games and not win it.

Sir Alex Ferguson
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Sir Alex Ferguson slammed the match officials as Chelsea leapfrogged Manchester United at the top of the table with a 2-1 win at Old Trafford.

Didier Drogba scored a contentious second goal for Chelsea after Joe Cole had given the visitors a first-half lead.

Drogba appeared to be in an offside position as he collected Salomon Kalou's pass before smashing the ball past Edwin van der Sar.

Ferguson was left fuming that the goal was allowed to stand as Federico Macheda's late effort proved to be a mere consolation for the home side.

Poor performance

"What I can't understand is the linesman's directly in front of it," Ferguson told Sky Sports 1. "He has no-one near him and he gets it wrong.

"A game of that magnitude, you really need quality officials and we didn't get them today. It was a poor, poor performance."

Referee Mike Dean has been in the spotlight this week after Blackburn's Martin Olsson admitted he deliberately went down in the area at Burnley because of Dean's reputation for giving penalties.

United had two penalty appeals turned down at Old Trafford while Chelsea also looked to have a good shout when Gary Neville barged Nicolas Anelka.

Asked whether Dean had been affected by the comments, Ferguson added: "I don't know about that but when I saw Mike Dean I did worry, I must admit."

The win moves Chelsea two points clear of United with five games to go, and Ferguson believes Carlo Ancelotti's men are favourites for the title.

"Five games left, they're two points ahead and four goals better than us - they're in the driving seat," continued Ferguson.

"Chelsea are favourites now, there's no question. I'm certain we'll respond but we could win the next five games and not win it."

Barclays Premier League 2009/10 - Chelsea 8/13

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Stuart Sylvester (Tenerife fan) says...

Man Utd fan , Some poor decisions (both ways) not the end of the title race . Still tough fixtures for all 3 contenders . As Arnie says "We'll be back"

Posted 11:27 4th April 2010

Chris White (Arsenal fan) says...

Yes the officials were at fault for some indifferent officiating. But lets face it...United were outplayed yesterday for large parts of the game. Football is like that..some decisions go for you, some against you and United certainly have had their fair share of incorrect decisions go their way. I think united fans should be more worried that their team played two below standard matches in a week... without Rooney they don't look half as threatening going forward.. and they still have some big matches to play without him

Posted 11:19 4th April 2010

Val Valentine (Liverpool fan) says...

Oh Well! Another good job well done by Chelsea, who I must admit were the better side from the start. But I wonder if it is true, what Rafa said ¿ONLY ALEX FERGUSON can criticise the officials and get away with it¿. I have watched many matches involving Manchester United and please correct me if am wrong. You see whenever a manager wins or loses they always come out and give their criticism whether it was team performance or otherwise, but Alex Ferguson never comes out whenever his team have lost badly and played poorly (and he always sends out that sell out assistant manager). This shows me every time that his team performed so badly that even there manager has nothing to say. I guess some of us are use to things going our way and when it does not he seems to play the blame game...this is football it is so unpredictable that¿s why we love the game so much. And I remember when C Ronaldo was playing for them how he use to say Refs should protect C Ronaldo from fouls and I use to LAUGH and thing that this guy things the whole world (axis) revolves around him or what. I WISH FOR THIS RUN (defeat) WILL CONTINUE FOR THE NEXT 5 REMAINING GAMES.

Posted 10:50 4th April 2010

Nath Eade (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

bit like the linesman when Mendes scored from the halfway line, fergie you fool.

Posted 10:35 4th April 2010

Kassim Fadhili (Manchester United fan) says...

Its sad for the title of the most popular football league to be decided by a poor refereeing decision. I still believe points will be lost by all the top three teams. And to all those who criticize Sir alex, just reflect and look at your teams and your managers comments when you lose. Chelsea are the worst losers as each game they have lost, they end up with less than eleven players in the pitch

Posted 10:25 4th April 2010

Tim Chia (Chelsea fan) says...

Oh please Fergie..quit the complaining! The foul on park was evened out by the foul on Anelka. Both deserved a penalty but non was given. Drogba was clearly offside when he got the ball and scored, but Macheda practically served the ball in with his hand, guess he also has the 'hand of god". Seems Fergie has lost the ability to see things as they are and now picks what he wants to see....Please Sir Fergie....shine your eyes and growup !!!

Posted 10:22 4th April 2010

Andy Moon (Chelsea fan) says...

Manchester United fans are mad they were not given the off-side, but surely the two penaltes Chelsea should have been given was more important. The game should have ended 3-0 as there was a clear hand ball from their goal scorer, and Anelka was definately brought down in the first half. So United fans can cry and feel hard done by again blaming apoor result for them on bad officials, but surely a bad performance in the first half from the team has a lot to say about the result.

Posted 22:37 3rd April 2010

David Peddy (Liverpool fan) says...

Ferguson never complains about the abnormal amounts of Extra Time officials give in M.U matches which help them steal late winners or offences which go unpunished against MU players .Wise up Ferguson it cuts both ways.

Posted 22:27 3rd April 2010

Joe Sycamore (Torquay United fan) says...

Anytime a decision goes against Man U Ferguson bleats and cries foul. He obviously still believes that no team other than his has any place on the pitch. What a whinger. Grow up or shut up. Preferably both.

Posted 22:17 3rd April 2010

Andy Hills (Manchester United fan) says...

Referees and linesmen were hopeless today United really did deserve to lose after the first half, yeahh their goal was offside, but also our goal was a handball I like macheda but it wasn't his fault and it was a handball It's still anyones race atm, if rooneys back for the city game then we still have a strong chance at the title Todays team choice was crap and it's no surprise we lost Buy a big player so its not just rooney snatching all the goals

Posted 22:15 3rd April 2010

Bill Mcconachie (Fulham fan) says...

The two penalties, one each, nullified each other, that is irrelevant, both should have been awarded.The "offside" goal was absolute incompetance,the 18 yard line made the assistant's job easy, and he bottled it,he should be downgraded as this was not one of the complex offside interpretations but a very straight forward one.

Posted 22:15 3rd April 2010

Jay F (Manchester City fan) says...

Surprize, surprize Fergie isn't happy United lost! Yes the officials were rubbish but they robbed Both teams! Both should have had a penalty and both should have had a goal scrubbed off, Drogba's offside goal & Macheda's hand ball goal! Does he ever admit they were just rubbish! Sad old man!

Posted 21:52 3rd April 2010

Ricardo Corona (Manchester United fan) says...

Didier was offside, there's no doubt about it, but to be honest, Federico's goal looked as if it was scored with the arm but anyway; referees should have penalised both actions, Didier's goal affected ManU's game, they slowed down a lot and it wouldn't have happened if referees were more professional.

Posted 21:52 3rd April 2010

Mario spiteri (Liverpool fan) says...

Ferguson has criticised the assistant referee for missing the offside even though he was in line with the action. How about the assistant referee who gave the penalty against Liverpool even though he was in line with play and could see that the foul took place outside the box? Serves you right Sir Alex!

Posted 21:51 3rd April 2010

Guy Brown (Manchester City fan) says...

Poor Fergie, time must be catching up with him seeing as he neglects to mention his teams goal was from handball and the ref declined a penalty for chelsea, basically that the game evened it's self out over the 90mins and the result was fair. So much as well for them coping without rooney eh Mr Neville

Posted 21:45 3rd April 2010

Cameron Daniels (Manchester United fan) says...

It's a shame that the title race has come down to a shocking decision from a linesman. I don't see how the assistant managed not to see that Drogba was offside. A 1-1 draw would have been a fair result, but now it looks like the title is Chelsea's to lose.

Posted 21:44 3rd April 2010

David Andrew (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

He missed the bit where Macheda handled into the net, but then SAF always seems to miss those incidents

Posted 21:40 3rd April 2010

Bruce Mills (Manchester United fan) says...

mike dean and his linesmen made the biggest mistake of the season when they allowed drogba,s goal to stand he was a clear yard offside and the linesman had a clear v iew of it he also missed 2 penalty,s 1 for each side.,I think its about time the FA started to punish referees and linesmen when they miss obvious fouls,penatys and offsides or else make them fulltime officials and dock their pay when they make the mistakes

Posted 21:39 3rd April 2010

David Jaynes (Manchester United fan) says...

We were not beaten by Chelsea today, yet again we were beaten by the Officials

Posted 21:39 3rd April 2010

Alex Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

Sorry boss but that's the reason Valencia won't do,he disappears in the big games...we need better,and Ribery has to be a target.Saying that,the turning point was the pen we never got

Posted 21:38 3rd April 2010

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