Rooney ruled out for United

Ankle injury sidelines Red Devils striker

By Rob Parrish   Last updated: 27th September 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

Rooney ruled out for United

Rooney: Ruled out

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Wayne Rooney has been ruled out of Manchester United's UEFA Champions League clash with Valencia on Wednesday night through injury.

The England international limped out of the Red Devils' 2-2 draw with Bolton on Sunday in the 61st minute and had an ice-pack strapped to his ankle on the bench.

Rooney has endured a difficult season so far with allegations over his private life leading to numerous headlines on the front rather than the back pages of the newspapers.

The 24-year-old has found the net just once for his club this season, scoring from the penalty spot in the 3-0 home win over West Ham at the end of August, and has cut a frustrated figure at times.


Sir Alex Ferguson, who admitted before the weekend that his star striker was struggling under the intense media glare, confirmed Rooney's absence to the club's official website on Monday afternoon.

In-form Dimitar Berbatov is expected to lead the line in Wednesday's Group C match against the Spanish side after a series of impressive displays so far this term.

Veteran winger Ryan Giggs will also not be involved against Valencia after he suffered a hamstring injury in Sunday's match at the Reebok Stadium.

United will be looking to claim their first win of the group phase having laboured to a 0-0 draw at home to Rangers in their opening fixture.

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John Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Wayne hasnt been the same since the bayern game last season.He is still carrying the problem with his ankle and clearly any of you other teams supporters who jump on the "public roo-bashing bandwagon" need to open your eyes or just watch his perfomances with a bit less of a biased view. As for Macheda he does a bit of promise but he hasnt the class of a rooney.All this public pressure i dont think is the issue,he had a poor world cup before any of the hype started.It all stems from the semi against bayern when he went over on his ankle.The mighty Rooney will return.

Posted 10:43 28th September 2010

Sam Critchlow (Manchester United fan) says...

Yeh, Rooney is poor at the minute. Very poor. But even if his touch is off or his shooting is wayward, just being on the pitch is a huge gain for United. One of the reasons Berba got his quite thrilling hat-trick against Liverpool was the fact that Rooney occupies the minds of the defense far more than any of the other strikers. The Valencia players will be jumping for joy now they know that Rooneys name won''t be on that United team sheet. Taking him out of the team for a month or so, like others have suggested, won''t help his game. You don''t gain match fitness by sitting on the sideline''s watching your mate''s do what you''d love to be doing. Keep playing him Fergie, the man will come good soon. Also, remove Johnny Evans before he costs us more points.

Posted 09:59 28th September 2010

Simon M (Manchester United fan) says...

No great lose given his form this season, we have other players that can come in and do the job.Rooneys head isnt in the game, last season he was unbelievable. No one was anywhere near him. Nice to see the comments from the Liverpool and Arsenal supporters. Didnt Steven Gerrard have a rubbish season last year? Didnt he have problems off the pitch? Liverpool supporters probably dont remember that. Isnt Torres having a rubbish season? Didnt he get injured like Rooney towards the end of the season? Torres is also clearly struggling this season. Dont Arsenal have a player called Walcott that is suppose to be the real deal! They have been saying that for 3 years yet 1 good game in every 10 isnt a world class player. Rooney is World class but he not at his best at the moment. I am not giving him sympathy as it is all his own doing. Once he sorts his head out he will be back as good as he was last season and helping us challenge for honours come May. Come on Wazza the United faithful are behind you.

Posted 09:15 28th September 2010

Taran O (Arsenal fan) says...

What is your excuse for Rooney at the world cup??? Before all the allegations came out, he was one of the biggest flops of the world cup!! And to all the Manc''s saying he needs a goal, learn to read.... He has scored a goal!!

Posted 22:17 27th September 2010

Stanley Gurajena says...

Please kindly leave Rooney''s private life alone maybe the young man can concentrate in his game.

Posted 21:22 27th September 2010

Paul Few (Manchester United fan) says...

rooney was brilliant last season ,lets get behind the lad once he gets one goal he will be awsome

Posted 21:09 27th September 2010

Jon Wood (Manchester United fan) says...

Why is everyone getting on his back. Give him a break. Last season he was brilliant, he dosn''t score for a while and now he a bad player. He still contributes to the team even with out scoring. Once he bangs one in the net everyone will see the Rooney we did last season.

Posted 20:56 27th September 2010

Darren Gore (Liverpool fan) says...

Why don''t United stop treating their fans like idiots and admit the truth? He''s been dropped, simple as. Why does Ferguson insist on playing these stupid charades?

Posted 20:14 27th September 2010

Mikes Le (Arsenal fan) says...

Ruled out because of Injury? More Like dropped from the squad, Heskey has been playing better than Rooney.

Posted 19:50 27th September 2010

Craig Johnston (Manchester United fan) says...

To be fair to Rooney he was head and shoulders above the rest of the united team last season. Im afraid this year he will not be missed on Wednesday night he just hasnt started this term and the Berb is doing the business!

Posted 19:44 27th September 2010

Duane Roystone (Manchester United fan) says...

No big loss, he''s been so ineffective recently we''ve practically been playing with ten men! Give Owen the nod, when he plays he scores its that simple.

Posted 19:40 27th September 2010

Wayne Rponey (Manchester United fan) says...

No offense but you haven''t been up too scratch mate, personally i think we should start berba and kiko, Macheda for golden boot! We need too tighten up at the back or it could be a long night/Season......

Posted 19:29 27th September 2010

Anthony Hitchen says...

im glad rooney isn''t going. he really needs to sort his head out, big time. keep him out for a month fergie and give him time to sort his personal problems out, and then we might see him back to his best.

Posted 19:26 27th September 2010

Peter Hopkins says...

really ...........

Posted 19:21 27th September 2010

Tony O''riordan says...

i''m not being bitter but let''s see how man utd can handle the puresure without there top player''s , just like Arsenal have to every season again this season are without are top player''s van persie bentdner walcot cess ramsey the list goe''s on but no one ever mention''s it.......

Posted 18:46 27th September 2010

Stephen Haw (Liverpool fan) says...

I have to laugh how they''re trying to cover this up as "injury". The only injury that Wayne needs to worry about is the possibility of a viral one after his antics ...

Posted 18:44 27th September 2010

Doreen Bates says...

he needs to do as the song says THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING bye bye you may have a big wage but where is your loyalty to both your team and your wife

Posted 18:41 27th September 2010

Graham Smethurst says...

Rooney should be given a complete break from football he cannot cope with footballs pressures and his home life. His body language speaks volumes. If he was given a month sabatical the differance would be tremendous. The public have short memories,out of site out of mind. it would give the lad some of the time he needs. At the moment he is a ruined man and no amount of money can buy him out of it. Fergie should realise this. Consider the Geoge Best situation.

Posted 18:28 27th September 2010

Jon Dunn (Manchester United fan) says...

If we win it''ll be the right decision if we lose it won''t be. Unashamedly fickle as I am. Roo blatantly needs time out and if our squad is big enough and good enough to win the league we''d have to cope without him at some stage anyway. Berba has earnt everyone''s confidence and should lead the line and Owen deserves a go to. Come on United, clean sheet and 3 goals away in Spain please. Don''t want much me eh

Posted 18:13 27th September 2010

Moon Govender (Manchester United fan) says...

Fletcher should not be in to form a wall he caused the goals against liverpool and bolton--- I like Bebe--- should try him out more often---Suggst put Da silva at left back and try Evra at left half as he likes going forward

Posted 17:34 27th September 2010

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