United deny Rooney reports

Striker's sale talk slammed as 'nonsense'

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United deny Rooney reports

Rooney: Not for sale

To suggest Wayne Rooney will be sold in January is nonsense.

Manchester United.
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Manchester United have branded suggestions that Wayne Rooney could be sold in the January transfer window as 'nonsense'.

The striker's every move has come under scrutiny this season following allegations about his private life and a slump in form which has followed on from a dismal World Cup with England.

Rooney also appeared to contradict manager Sir Alex Ferguson's assertion that he was suffering from an ankle injury by stating in midweek that he was fully fit and had been training as normal all season.

Ferguson had left the former Everton man out of his squads against Valencia and Sunderland after he was taken off during the draw with Bolton.

Rooney, who has scored just two goals for club and country in 11 games this season, returned to play the full 90 minutes of England's disappointing 0-0 draw with Montenegro at Wembley on Tuesday.

But he was left out of the starting XI by Ferguson for Saturday's 2-2 draw with West Brom at Old Trafford, only joining the fray 19 minutes from time when he was again unable to trouble the scorers.


Some observers took the Scot's decision to leave last season's star man among the substitutes as an indication that the duo's relationship had broken down and reports emerged in the Sunday newspapers that Rooney's days at Old Trafford were numbered.

Although they rarely comment on individual stories, United have opted to make a brief response to suggestions Rooney's alleged rift with Ferguson is now so great that he will be ushered towards the exit door.

"To suggest Wayne Rooney will be sold in January is nonsense," said a club spokesman.

United are aware even that statement could be seized upon and interpreted as opening up the possibility for Rooney to be sold at the end of the season, when his contract will only have 12 months to run.

It is not their policy to talk about contract negotiations in public either and that stance has not changed.

However, privately they remain steadfast in their belief that Rooney will eventually sign an extension that will make him one of the club's highest earners.

Comments (73)

Alex Collins (Manchester United fan) says...

Ive been told by a united source that rooney is going to man city for half a million per week, at a fee of around 100 million, hes goin.

Posted 09:02 18th October 2010

Tina Holmes (Manchester United fan) says...

Let''''s give Rooney a chance, I don''''t see how a player can score goals if he''''s not on the pitch. The guy needs to be playing reguarly to get back his confidence. Trouble is anyone who is disloyal to Sir Alex gets the chop, so he should have kept his mouth shut. C''''mon you Red Devils!!!!

Posted 08:53 18th October 2010

Jeff Burn (Manchester United fan) says...

Hope he doesn''''t go but if he does go I''''d like him to run down his contract so the parasites in charge of our club get nothing to pay off the interest. In years gone by the departure of a big star from United could be handled by a strong squad and subsequent investment. Under the Glazers, we cannot rely on either. If Rooney leaving speeds up their departure then so be it. No pain - no gain. Glazer out.

Posted 08:24 18th October 2010

Rob White (Manchester United fan) says...

sell rooney, he is not interested anymore and he isnt fit to even sit on the bench

Posted 07:04 18th October 2010

Jerry C (Liverpool fan) says...

It could be the beginning of the end. Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Van der sar - old, Berbatov - inconsistent, Chicarito - new n unproven, Rooney - where do i start? In 1999, u had Yorke, Cole, Teddy, Solskjaer. Not to mention, the classy attacking midfield. Times have changed but it''''s always about plugging the gaps. Will you again? Think not...

Posted 05:54 18th October 2010

Reece Stanley (Manchester United fan) says...

Everyone needs to calm down! Wayne rooney is going no where. He wont be moving. It''''s the media, trying to sell paper''''s. That''''s all. He hasn''''t played because hes not beem fit mentally. His performances have suffered because of this. 3 months down the line all this nonesense will have been forgottln about.

Posted 03:42 18th October 2010

Piaras murphy (Manchester United fan) says...

The fans have a right to no what''''s going on at there club especially when its some thing that will have such an impacted on thing! If there is a possibility Rooney will leave we should be told cause as Ferguson says no one man is bigger than the club and that goes for him as well!! We still haven''''t replaced Ronaldo cause we are 700+ in debt cause of r owners that Ferguson keeps backing over the fans! No money No replacement No Rooney No silverware

Posted 02:46 18th October 2010

Azizur Rahman (Manchester United fan) says...

i think we need to look into selling our fringe players such as oberton, hargreves and the veterens. lets ace it the club has no money , if manutd want to win this season we have to invest in players that can score goals not just 1 or 2 . i stongly believe its the glazers fault , i just dont understand why they wont sell up

Posted 01:56 18th October 2010

Paul Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Just go Rooney for all us season ticket holders please go i dont pay all that money to see yo sit on the bench,youre bad news and most of us want you gone.

Posted 00:52 18th October 2010

Pete Stewart (Manchester United fan) says...

The scariest thing is the SAF seems to have lost the plot. Several average players have come in, Bebe, Smalling, to name but 2, to bulk up the already average squad at OT, O''''Shea, Evans, Carrick, Owen, Anderson (better stop before I name the whole team). To make matters even worse, there is no money to get them out of this mess. The Glazers have royally screwed MU and if anyone thinks the Ronaldo money is still available, you need to wake up. If it takes MU winning nothing this season - and this is a stick on - to get the Spitting Image puppets out of OT, then it will be the best thing to happen to them. The loyal fans that turn up week in week out, maybe need to consider boycotting a few home matches to get their point across. Wearing the stupid ass green and gold as a protest while still in attendance at the games is quite laughable - you idiots !!! Every credit to the old enemy down the East Lancs Road as they at least did their bit to get rid of their useless, money grabbing, greedy Yank b***ards out of town. PS. Leave Rooney alone, he''''s just young, dumb and got far too much money that he doesn''''t know what to do with himself. Fergie will bring him back against Stoke next week and he''''ll do the business - 2 goals in a 3-1 win. Finally, to respond to the spanner that thinks all the trophys will be heading to the sit in tenants at the City of Manchester stadium - dream on you big dolls head !!!!! All of the cash, none of the class - 34 and counting..................

Posted 00:47 18th October 2010

Duane Roystone (Manchester United fan) says...

I hope we do sell him in fairness, for his own sake as well as ours. He''''ll never have a minutes peace while he plays in the EPL because the press here are relentless blood sucking vultures. Also, if we do sell him for silly money to Madrid we can buy strikers who actually score every season 20-30+ goals. Lets not get carried away - he''''s had one good season and a couple of average ones for a striker, he just isn''''t that good.

Posted 00:38 18th October 2010

Nigel Sizer (Dorchester fan) says...

Think everyones missing the point. Fegie, in my mind was trying to give Wayne time to put his life back together when he most needed it, with the injury statement. Someone once said to me ,''''don''''t bite the hand that feeds you''''! I await the future with interest./

Posted 23:55 17th October 2010

Neil Spirit (Manchester United fan) says...

Wow, I can''''t believe how many people have turned on Rooney. Yes, he needs to buck up his ideas, stop sleeping with prostitutes and get his head back in the game but that is no reason to sell him because of a bad start to the season. And even if we did the money would go straight to the bank just like the money from ronaldo did. Rooney should not be made the scapegoat for the fact man utd is now a team full of average players. Our team needs a massive overhaul in terms of a goalkeeper, a rightback, a centreback as obviously something isn''''t right with our defence, a solid centre mid, an attacking playmaker and a world class striker to cover for Rooney and berbatov. I am frustrated at our performances this season just like many of us are but pointing the finger at Rooney isn''''t the answer. We need a new owner and some world class players, time to stop wasting money on "potential" that doesn''''t pay off. Yes we bought ronaldo young and made him the player he is today but that was a one off, time to buy some top class players to make sure we stay a top class team...

Posted 23:35 17th October 2010

Lee Greenwood (Manchester United fan) says...

i agree with lee farnworth, plus we cant always blame 1 man for drawing games its an 11 man side and clearly something is happening behind the scenes at old trafford because this isnt united we know, rooney will strike form again fergie just needs to play him game in game out u can never lose talent only build on it.

Posted 22:44 17th October 2010

Martin Wood (Chelsea fan) says...

totally agree with chris whiteman about the media.

Posted 22:39 17th October 2010

Nick Buchanan (Liverpool fan) says...

I can see man u having the same problems as liverpool. The mancs may laugh but deep down you can see what was once a decent football team, now a team of average players. Scholes and giggs are in their last year and if this story is correct then wayne won''''t be there in 12 months either. To top it off you have no money to spend because of your greedy owners and a debt which is going to end the glory years for the mancs. But hey, at least the trophies will still becoming into manchester, but in your rivals trophy cabinet - man c. YNWA

Posted 22:18 17th October 2010

Dave Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

rooney is awful and fergie is right not to play him. he is not interested and wants away on this seasons form who will miss him also who would want him.

Posted 22:05 17th October 2010

Dave Jessop (Manchester United fan) says...

United will probably lose Giggs, Van der Saar. Scholes and Neville at the end of the season plus Hargreaves will do well to play regularly again and there is alway a doubt about Ferdinand''''s fitness - we cannot afford to lose Rooney too! Especially with no money to spend to replace him as every penny goes towards the Glazers debt

Posted 22:05 17th October 2010

Malcolm Custard (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Wayne is great and we should help him

Posted 21:50 17th October 2010

James Spratt (Hull City fan) says...

I''''ve heard a strong rumour he is siging for Hull

Posted 21:44 17th October 2010

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