Rooney future in doubt

United striker could leave Old Trafford

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Wayne Rooney is 6/1 to head to Spain in the January transfer window and join Barcelona. United's rivals City are also 6/1 to sign the England striker. Bet now.

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Wayne Rooney could be on his way out of Manchester United after negotiations over a new deal at Old Trafford broke down.

The England international's current contract expires at the end of next season and if he does not agree fresh terms the Red Devils could see their most valuable asset leave for nothing.

Sky Sports News sources understand that Rooney has become frustrated by a breakdown in his relationship with manager Sir Alex Ferguson, while a relative lack of investment in new players in recent times is also a concern.

United took the rare step of issuing a statement on Sunday, claiming that reports that Rooney could be sold in the January transfer window were 'nonsense'.

But it has since emerged that the 24-year-old, who moved to Old Trafford in a £20million deal in the summer of 2004, is now considering calling time on his career with United.

The striker has been thrust under the spotlight this season following allegations over his private life, while his on-field performances have failed to rise from the doldrums of the summer's miserable World Cup with England.


Ferguson left Rooney on the bench for Saturday's 2-2 draw with West Brom at Old Trafford, just days after the striker played 90 minutes for his country and publicly contradicted his manager's assertion that he was suffering from an ankle injury.

The former Everton youngster was in breathtaking form for much of last season before sustaining an ankle problem against Bayern Munich at the end of March, from which point on he has looked a shadow of his former self.

In the 21 games prior to the injury in the first leg of United's UEFA Champions League quarter-final exit, Rooney had scored 22 goals from open play. In the 21 games since, he has found the net just once from open play.

Rooney would not be the first big name to leave Old Trafford after falling out with Ferguson, as David Beckham, Paul Ince, Roy Keane, Jaap Stam and Ruud van Nistelrooy will all testify.

But to see the man who became the focal point of United's attacks last term following the £80million sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid depart would be a major setback to the North West giants.

Rooney's apparent unhappiness at Old Trafford is expected to alert the few elite clubs who could find the funds to secure his services, with Real, Barcelona, Chelsea, and even the unthinkable prospect of a move across Manchester to City all mooted.

Comments (176)

Bill Pattinson says...

rooney wants to leave? get real, he has to be sold to pay debt interest, Man U are a selling club now, the yanks are bleeding them dry.

Posted 14:58 19th October 2010

Daniel Perez says...

Just let him go already, or make him go at the very least!. He was up until now one of if not the most hyped/overrated players in football. Let face it all goals he scored last season were mainly down to good deliveries from players like Valencia, on his own Rooney is nothing. He cannot control the ball or make situations happen like Messi or even Tevez. His performances for England have been abysmal to say the least. I''''ve just grown tired of Rooney being so overrated all the time its about time people realized he is just an average player, well below average now, let him go and join any other team I''''m pretty sure based on his current from no other BIG English or European team will have him. He will be a total fool to leave Man Utd... Rooney just go already man, your not that good anyway and lets see which other team will have you, I''''m pretty sure its going to be lower quality side....

Posted 13:34 19th October 2010

Bungo Bill says...

I''''d just like to point out, Rooney didn''''t contradict Ferguson. He was on international duty...and was asked if his ankle was injured...He said ''''No''''. If he had been contradicting Ferguson, that would mean Ferguson sent him on international duty with an injury, which doesn''''t seem likely does it? It''''s the media blowing it all up because they have no stories. The reason he''''s playing from the bench is form, pure and simple. This is a total non-story.

Posted 13:06 19th October 2010

Lorraine Taylor (Manchester United fan) says...

ive been a busby babe for the last 38 yrs....rooney pull your socks up...forget doggin fergie the likes of ronaldo and beckham both had there differences with fergie cause at the end of the day they thought they were better concern is the club itself and how its declining, get them yank glaciers out or weve had it!!!!!!

Posted 07:30 19th October 2010

Sibusiso Sibisi (Manchester United fan) says...

Statements can be thrown around in the media, and we sometimes dont really know what''''s going on, but if the allegations about ManUtd and Rooney are true then all I can say is that Rooney is making a big mistake..and if he did leave he''''s leaving at the worst time, with him trying to rebuild his marriage. There is something about succeeding at ManUtd that makes our icons think that they are semi-gods..I''''ve seen it before..the success gets to those players. Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo, now Rooney sulking on the bench..NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB. And if Rooney wants to leave then go. It aint greener on the other side buddy..Rooney''''s temperament is similar to that of Wazza''''s. Fergie was good at taming the lad, and Mancini, Mourinho wont know how to manage him, he will go down the rails. Not the first time he''''s been in a row with a manager, done it to Moyes too. All this makes me appreciate Scholes, Neville, Giggs, Solksjaer more..Those are real Manutd legends

Posted 07:09 19th October 2010

Phil James says...

Media Candy. Who cares !! It fills talbloid and TV space - he is a so called celeb for kicking a ball - and having the morals of a tom cat.

Posted 06:59 19th October 2010

James Fudge (Liverpool fan) says...

No matter what anyone says from where I stand it''''s just nice that Liverpool are not in the headlines this week. Keep it up Rooney!

Posted 06:41 19th October 2010

Michael Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

Fergie knows best and Rooney obviously does not want to be protected. At least Ronaldo is 1st at training and the last to leave, so Mourinho says. We should definitely have bought Ozil. Rooney hasn''''t got the sense to know what is best for him. It will be a blow if he leaves BUT and this is a HUGE BUT, is the 80mil from Ronaldo still available together with the money from the sale of Rooney????????Fergie can do great business here if the Glazers position does not affect him. I would hate to see Rooney leave but to save 150,000 a week plus get 60mil could be a great deal for a player who is unhappy in his football and privete life

Posted 06:33 19th October 2010

John D (Fulham fan) says...

Well he clearly can''''t go abroad to play, can bearly speak english let alone Spanish or Italian, stay where you are Rooney, no other team in the PL needs you or your personal life.

Posted 06:32 19th October 2010

Isaac Luti (Manchester United fan) says...

Imho, I think Fergie has tried to be supportive of Rooney despite the foolishness he got up to that is the sole cause of his loss of form. Given its his private life, Fergie has tried to keep the spotlight away from Rooney by giving him time to play into some form but the boy just goes and contradicts the manager. Fergie has no fear in losing a good player, which Wayne is compared to some of the WORLD CLASS TALENT that has left OT in Fergie''''s time. So if Wayne wants to leave so be it, this Manchester United, it will be around longer than Wayne Rooney. He is our biggest star and one of our hardest workers but he disappointed a lot of people with his scandal & if he cnt add humility to his embarassment, he can go. We''''ll miss you Rooney but like I said this is Manchester United.

Posted 06:13 19th October 2010

Vladimir Madik (Manchester United fan) says...

Please everyone, calm down. Rooney is not going anywhere. He is in the process of contract negotiations and the media has taken advantage of this situation and tried to milk it for all its worth. Fact is, Rooney is loyal to Man United and he has stated this many times in the past. Ferguson is a great manager and I highly doubt he would do anything to a player if he didn''''t believe it was in the best interest of that player and the club. There is absolutely NO credible evidence that supports any of the claims that the media has made about a falling out between the two and Rooney''''s unhappiness at Manchester United. In a few weeks time, this will all pass and everyone will look back at the situation and say to themselves "I wonder why people actually believed all that garbage." I''''m sorry to all the MUFC haters out there who have been drooling all over the idea of our golden boy leaving the club, but keep in mind that even if it did happen, however unlikely, Manchester United would still be better than any of the clubs you support. Especially all of you hypocritical Chelsea and Manchester City supporters who talk about Yanks owning the Reds when your clubs are owned by foreigners as well and the only reason you have been performing half way decent in recent times is because of the hundreds of millions they have been pumping into your clubs while united has been dominating for years with a very conservative budget.

Posted 05:16 19th October 2010

Martin Hare says...

I doubt whether he will move even of he is out of favour with sir alex and want to move. There are only maybe 4 clubs in the world who can afford him: Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea. Real Madrid and Barcelona firstly don''''t need him and secondly they are both dealing with their own debt issues so a massive money move seems unlikely. Chelsea are also starting to try and be more prudent with their spending so a huge offer for Rooney also seems unlikely and surely then a move to Man City has to be seen as unthinkable I dont think rooney is that type of person rumours about his private life true or not... anyway im sure this is all just hot air and rooney will soon br playing regularyl once this storm has passed and he pens a new deal

Posted 05:10 19th October 2010

Jonny C (Manchester United fan) says...

Not a single quote in that story. Rubbish

Posted 02:02 19th October 2010

Alan man u fan says...

Rooney wont go, the Media are reading far to much into the story,,United must no let him go if they want to stay a big power.. Wayne is having a bad season but he is young are All players have bad times in there playing career but all bounce back..Fergie we sort it out and the contract talks will start again and Rooney will sign a 5year deal and everyone will be happy. But if for some reason the stories are true and united really want to get rooney out and the goes???? I can see the fans turning to Fergie and united, they fan wont turn up for games, the money will drop and we will end up like liverpool........

Posted 00:13 19th October 2010

Sym 170 (Manchester United fan) says...

If this is all true let him go. He has been poor for a while anyway he''''s heart isn''''t in it. Yes he may have scored a few last season but he wasn''''t doing anything that any other half decent striker couldn''''t - he was getting all his goals in the box and with superb delivery, especially from Valencia. He can''''t even control the ball properly, let alone beat a man anymore. Give Chicharito a shot up there and Macheda, at least these players don''''t hesitate to use their weak side like true strikers *cough* Rooney for England the other day!

Posted 23:57 18th October 2010

Steve Rudds says...

United need to sell him! Get what they can, as he is disloyal and playing poorly (remember gazza?) Man u the biggest in uk are getting into financial troubles - down to yanks and there is no obvious way out. Even if glazers went now man u have big debts to be sorte, bad news for the club and also uk football. This trouble should make the uk business authorities review conditions for owning/controlling uk football clubs/teams. We dont need business speculators or financial gamblers else the whole football scene will be .....ed! Chelsea were lucky with the russian and even luckier with jose, but next 5 years, doubtful. United are the big news and rooney is just diverting the spotlight.

Posted 23:55 18th October 2010

Steve Rudds says...

United need to sell him! Get what they can, as he is disloyal and playing poorly (remember gazza?) Man u the biggest in uk are getting into financial troubles - down to yanks and there is no obvious way out. Even if glazers went now man u have big debts to be sorte, bad news for the club and also uk football. This trouble should make the uk business authorities review conditions for owning/controlling uk football clubs/teams. We dont need business speculators or financial gamblers else the whole football scene will be .....ed! Chelsea were lucky with the russian and even luckier with jose, but next 5 years, doubtful. United are the big news and rooney is just diverting the spotlight.

Posted 23:54 18th October 2010

Linda Baker says...

Rooney is very spoilt. Doesn''''t have a clue what respect, dignity or pride means. very sad.

Posted 23:38 18th October 2010

Donna Morrow (Sunderland fan) says...

Probably all a load of rubbish but if Rooney wants to go then i think the powers that be should fight to keep him...No he is not bigger than Man United but he is a fantastic player when on form. And lets be honest Man U have lost too many great players through falling out with Sir Alex...yes he is an absolutely brilliant manager...his 24years at old trafford prove this but HE is not bigger than the club either! Of course he has to keep the players focused and these days managers are responsible for their players both on and off the pitch but sometimes he has to let things go and not behave like a child, giving players the cold shoulder when they are not perfect..... yes wayne has a pretty shady private life lately as other players have also had....yes punish your players Sir Alex but for gods sake please stop driving them out of the club..David Beckham is my no1 example and in my opinion we missed him then and still do now! Fair enough Ronaldo, he thought he actually was better than Man u :) Dont make the same mistake with Rooney please Mr Ferguson...or one day it will bite you on the bum!!!!

Posted 23:35 18th October 2010

Linda Baker says...

Rooneys head has always been bigger than his talent. He''''s a spoilt brat. Getting a reality check now.

Posted 23:32 18th October 2010

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