Keane offers Rooney advice

Red Devils legend tell striker to look after himself

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Manchester United legend Roy Keane has told unsettled striker Wayne Rooney to look after 'number one' after he reportedly decided not to renew his contract.

The 39-year-old Ipswich Town manager helped the Red Devils win seven Premier League titles before he left in 2005 after falling out with manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

It now seems Rooney is following a similar trail and leaving before his time after publically contradicting Ferguson by stating he has not been suffering from an ankle injury as previously claimed.

It is now understood that Rooney is against signing a new contract at Old Trafford meaning the club's hierarchy could decide to cash in on his services sooner rather than later.

Falling out

"Players and managers fall out all the time," said Keane. "It's part of life.

"If I was to offer advice to Wayne, who is a good lad, I would tell him to make sure he looks after number one.

"Players are pieces of meat - that's how I look at it. When your time's up, your time's up.

"Luckily for Wayne he's at a good age and he's fit."

Along with Keane, David Beckham and Jaap Stam are other players who have left Old Trafford after falling foul of Ferguson, although he does not believe Rooney's exit is inevitable.

"It depends on the situation and whether you have been lied to or not," he said. "But, as usual, we are second guessing what has gone on at the club, which is dangerous."

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Comments (7)

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Richard Lalas (Manchester United fan) says...

Thought Rooney was smart, i guess not. No individual is bigger than the team (MAN U) tot he''''d have learnt dat from the past.

Posted 06:43 19th October 2010

Kambafwile Chungu (Manchester United fan) says...

Please,Rooney as at now he is old enough to make such decisions being loved by manager does not mean he has to always pleaded let him go Fergie has done what is capable of,those problems he has are to be solved by him,alot of people have helped him before so let him be.

Posted 06:29 19th October 2010

S Kelly (Manchester United fan) says...

Has meat really got that expensive? These players r being played too much. Rooney has done zero since march.

Posted 03:11 19th October 2010

Dennis Mn (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Rooney should get professional and sign the contract. He is out of form, the best thing for the club is to replace him with someone who has better form. We should work hard to regain his form, then the manager wouldn''''t have to make excuses for him (ankle injury). Everybody wants to see Rooney play, but he has to earn his place in the team. He was very good for us last season, but this is a new season.

Posted 22:31 18th October 2010

Takis Oikonomopoulos (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Unfortunate footballers. Bought and sold like a piece of ''''meat''''. As good as Roy Keane was on the pitch, he is just as oblivious to the real world. The majority of the working class can be let go by their boss without any compensation and without a cushion of a few million pounds in the bank. But yea definately I really feel for those that work a 10 hour week and get paid more in one year than most will in a lifetime. Also I disagree that Rooney (or anyone in that case) should be looking out for ''''number one.'''' No player is above the unity of a team. Real Madrid should serve as a good example of this. 11 pima donna''''s operating individually will always come second to real teams. Man Utd will survive without Rooney.

Posted 21:03 18th October 2010

James Allen (Leeds United fan) says...

Roy Keane giving Wayne Rooney advice? not sure that''''s the best thing to do! Rooney just needs to stop acting like the spoilt brat he is and get on with it, sulking isn''''t going to improve his form. He needs to decide if he cares about the club he supposedly loves or how many zero''''s are on the end of his pay check!

Posted 20:38 18th October 2010

W Tf says...

why the hell do people keep asking keane for his opinion like it matters?

Posted 20:37 18th October 2010

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