Fergie - Rooney wants out

United boss admits star striker is keen to leave Old Trafford

By Chris Burton   Last updated: 19th October 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

I asked to have a meeting with the boy and he reiterated what his agent said, that he wanted to go.

Sir Alex Ferguson on Wayne Rooney
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Manchester City are favourites to sign Wayne Rooney in the January transfer window. Do you think he will stay or go? Bet now.

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Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Wayne Rooney has intimated to him that he wants to leave Manchester United.

He claims to have held a meeting with the talismanic frontman and his representative, during which the 24-year-old admitted that he has no intention of signing a new contract and is keen to take on a fresh challenge elsewhere.

Speculation had been mounting that Rooney could soon be on his way out of Old Trafford after seeing his relationship with his manager stretched to breaking point.

It is claimed that the England international feels frozen out at present, having been omitted from games he believes he was fit enough to play in - with United continuously claiming that he was nursing an ankle knock.

Rooney admitted as much after turning out for his country in a recent Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro, revealing that he had no idea as to why Ferguson continued to overlook him.

The United boss is said to have been incensed at seeing his authority undermined and has made little effort to interact with his star striker ever since.

That has fuelled rumours that Rooney could be on his way in the January transfer window, with Ferguson's decision to leave him on the bench for Saturday's Premier League meeting with West Brom only serving to fuel the fire.

The usual suspects have already been linked with a big-money approach in the New Year, with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea all reported to be waiting in the wings.

But it is local rivals Manchester City that have been installed as the early 9/4 favourites with Sky Bet to snap up the striker.

Bad news

Ferguson insists there has been no falling out between himself and Rooney, claiming the door is still open for him to stay, but acknowledges that a bidding war is now likely with the player making it clear that he intends to move on.

"David (Gill, chief executive) telephoned me and said he was on his way over because he had some bad news," Ferguson told MUTV.

"His agent said he wouldn't sign his contract and wanted away.

"Dealing with the next step was always going to be decisive for us, how we dealt with the situation.

"I asked to have a meeting with the boy and he reiterated what his agent said, that he wanted to go.

"The one thing I said to him was 'respect this club', I don't want any nonsense from you.

"I don't know if he has done that. I have doubts on that, we are reading all these things about falling out with me and all that nonsense.

"It's disappointing because we have done everything we possibly can to help Wayne Rooney ever since he came to the club.


"We have always been here as a harbour for him any time he has been in trouble, the advice we have given him, I was even prepared to give him financial advice.

"But it's not just Wayne Rooney, we have done that for all the players.

"Wayne has been the beneficiary of that, just as Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes have...so there has been no falling out.

"So there we are, we have got into a situation where we had to clarify this for our fans because what we saw on Saturday was unacceptable.

"When we got to 2-2 (against West Brom) and they were chanting Wayne Rooney, it's a pressure on the players and didn't do the team any good so we had to clarify the situation and put it right."

Ferguson added: "It was a shock. I couldn't believe it.

"In early discussions - in March I think - we had discussions with him, he intimated he wanted to stay, that he wanted a life contract with the club, that he was at the best club in the world. It was terribly disappointing to get the news.

"We couldn't understand it."


Ferguson insists no approach has been lodged for Rooney as yet and has sought to make it clear that the offer of a new contract remains on the table should the striker change his mind.

"There's no offer on the table as they are not prepared to listen to an offer but there's always an offer from Manchester United to negotiate with any player and that's still there," he said.

"I am disappointed, I can't believe it. When you manage Manchester United there is always something you have to deal with and we have had to deal with these situations before. It's not as easy as it was a few years ago.

"We are dealing with agents who are living in the pockets of players, it's a different world and we have to deal with it."

Comments (254)

Donald Hindley says...

Good riddance Rooney we have lost bigger and better players than you and still suvived. if it was up too me you would never play for manchester united again ROLL On January then you can go to the council tip.ie man c

Posted 08:42 20th October 2010

David Gatt (Manchester United fan) says...

I know you may not agree with my coments but why is Fergie courting sympathy.He doesnt like it when the shoe is on the other foot,just ask Stam,Beckham, Keane how it feals when the club you have sweated blood for decides to dump you like a sack of potatoes.Fergie the bully has finally met his match.The bully is being bullied.Get over it Fergie you have treated former players much worse.

Posted 08:29 20th October 2010

Khosrow Salour (Manchester United fan) says...

Where is Man Utd headed? The owners should realize that it¿s the stars that fill in the stands. I started becoming a Man Utd fan in late 70s. I am sure no one wants to see the same positioning for the team in the domestic and European leagues as it was in that period. Dont you all miss the stars that have left United after a short spell, Like Ronaldo, Tevez, Nistelroy, Forlan and Becks

Posted 06:11 20th October 2010

Nazim Mahmudov (Manchester United fan) says...

Couldn''''t believe it...Just swap him for Benzema if possible. Letting him go to city will be absolutly disaster...

Posted 05:57 20th October 2010

Paul Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

It is sad when any team loses a player with skill /excitement /passion - but as we have not seen this for awhile, maybe it is time to move on to rejeuvenate his own career and provide England with those talents again. I remember the time - ''''I want to become captain'''' - '''' I want to stay at utd for life'''' Strange really - i always wanted those things but never got them - mainly because i wasnt good enough, accepted it , grew up, moved on but still have the desire to go back in time and fulfill those dreams. Wayne - you still have the opportunity to address that, so grow up, act your age not your boot size - get your personal life (feelings) out at home not in the city and think how proud your children will be when you aspire to those dreams. Otherwise move on and give the next person the opportunity.

Posted 05:56 20th October 2010

Luke Titley (Manchester United fan) says...

This is a terrible blow for us, If Fergie cant change his mind in time for January I seriously fear for our champions league future. Rooney''''s 30 odd goals last season (and Valencias crosses...which are now unlikely to be seen again after his horrible injury) were the only reason that we challenged Chelsea at all last season. This, along with the impending retirements of the three muskerteers means that we need to invest in some high quality new players quickly. However I fear for Utd as the money only seems to be available to pay off the interest on our debts. If Rooney does go in january and we don''''t find suitable replacements for the aforementioned, then I really fear for our champions league future. Global brand or not, if your not competing in the champions league you are out of the spotlight and fans from further abroad will stop supporting our club and paying out their money on merchandise. A global reduction in fan support and a further lack of funds due to a failure to qualify for the champions league means only one thing. The Glazers will have sucked the life out of us and will look for a buyer. Good news? Maybe? But seriously, Who is going to buy a football club that''''s in £770 odd million quids worth of debt and would require another £200 million to reinvigorate the squad. That''''s nearly £1 Billion! If had it, I''''d buy Utd myself but sadly I don''''t. I just hope the Glazers either find the money to invest in the squad or find that buyer with a few billion pounds to play with. If not, I can only see tough times ahead us. BELIEVE!!!!!

Posted 05:33 20th October 2010

Shaun Byrne (Manchester United fan) says...

Great Player no doubt about that,yet another player dictating and undermining a great manager, it has also happened at other clubs to name but a few,Liverpool, Chelsea and even our England international side during the world cup 2010. Get rid of him, and a few nore like him,let us not let them destroy our national sport and beautiful game........

Posted 05:18 20th October 2010

Mike Morris (Liverpool fan) says...

Rooney is an idiot!! Give him a couple of years (maximum!!) and he will end up like Gazza!

Posted 05:03 20th October 2010

Nate Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

"Dear Wayne I know with all my heart that you wont even come close to reading this, let alone pay attention to it....but there are somethings that have to be said and heard. I have been supporting this club since as long as i can remember....more than 25 years. And during all that time, is one thing that has never changed.....the wish...the dream to have played for Manchester United. The dream of leading this fine club. Im sure alot of people have had that dream but unfortunately only a rare privilidge percent are allowed to live that dream.....and you have indeed been blessed to live that dream for a pretty long time now. You were once a blue...turned red. And now it seems your blood needs another change of colour. All us fans want to know is, ''''what has changed during the past 4-5 months''''? We have loved you to the very core ... supported you thru thick and thin. Have always wanted you to suceed, even though there may have been better players than you. We have chanted your name like gospel yet you want to turn your back on us. I can understand you may think this club isnt heading in the right direction.....but it is you from who we seek direction.You may want a new challenge, or infact earn more than what you are getting in monetary terms, but remember one thing. The Arabs or the Spanish may value you more financially but they will never love you as much as we do....You may ask the likes of Giggs, Scholes and Neville.....the biggest paycheck that they ever got from this club was RESPECT....something that is the hardest to earn. Money can be earned overnight....but it takes years to earn respect.....yet you turn your back on it.Every one, who has left, has looked back on their time at the ''''THEATRE OF DREAMS'''' and in hindsight have admitted, that this was the best time of their lives...their careers....the beckhams....the Staams...the Van Nistlerooys etc. So, i plead you to think very carefully before you act."

Posted 04:41 20th October 2010

Steve Beam (Manchester United fan) says...

Wayne Rooney is a quality player but his personal problems all self inflicted have made him a very average striker cash in on him now and buy a real established big name with the cash

Posted 04:21 20th October 2010

Jon Soulsby (Sunderland fan) says...

To be honest i''''m suprised. I really can''''t see Rooney leaving, he fits so well into utd and why would ge leave! They are the best club in the world ( and I''''m a Sunderland fan) plus he can only play in England. All this hate is from liverpool and city fans who have nothing better to do

Posted 02:59 20th October 2010

Darren J (Liverpool fan) says...

There are strong rumours now that the removal of Rooney from the Manchester United team was an elaborate plan hatched by the board due to the arrival of David Moyes at the start of next season as the new Manager. Alex Ferguson has hinted at retirement sooner rather than later and with the massive debt Manchester United are in and the certain failure to qualify for next seasons champions league, Ferguson wants to retire before the walls come tumbling down around Manchester United. It makes sense that Ferguson should go now rather than later because he will be 69 in December and the team is in decline. The likes of Giggs and Scholes who are the last of the golden generation of Manchester United players under Ferguson''''s dictatorship are at the last embers of their career and will follow suit. David Moyes had a bad relationship with Rooney when Rooney jumped ship to Manchester United and for Rooney to still be apart of the team would possibly lead to further volatile arguements amongst the already fragile team. There is also Rooney''''s infidelity issues which has lead to Ferguson shunning him and not speaking to him since he got back from the world cup. Added to the fact the owners need for more cash to payoff the massive interest payments and it all makes sense to get rid of Rooney and use the transfer fee to try and reduce the debt very similar to what happened with the Ronaldo transfer fee. What recently happened with Liverpool''''s woes recently will pale into comparison of what is going on at Manchester United. Alex Ferguson''''s legacy will be that he couldn''''t propel Manchester united to topple Liverpool to being the most successful English Club in history.

Posted 02:49 20th October 2010

Jason Harrison says...

A great player but an even greater club. Will be a real shame if a player of Rooney''''s calibre and stature in the game decided to leave the greatest club in the world and go to a club like Man City. Rooney who is a world class player despite current form deserves to be at the biggest club in the world which is Manchester United if not United then the next best which is either Real madrid or Barcelona. I feel we have not heard the last of this story by a long way.

Posted 23:01 19th October 2010

Josh Hunt (Manchester United fan) says...

Gutted! Absolutely gutted! I thought Rooney had the fire and the passion to be United for the rest of his career. When Ronaldo left it was expected as was Tevez''''s departure, but Rooney is a different matter altogether. I can''''t even begin to express how disappointed I am. I hope he doesn''''t go to Madrid, City or Chelsea and I hope he has a great career but from a supporter''''s perspective this is a tragedy for United. I know United will pull through but Wayne''''s footballing heart will be missed.

Posted 19:41 19th October 2010

Pramad Ban (Manchester United fan) says...

We carried on after Beck....We carried on after Ruud....We carried on after Tevez....We carried on after Christiano.....and we still will carry on even if Rooney leaves....United has never been known for a player....Actually,the players are known for being in United!!! We Believe....GGMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 18:55 19th October 2010

Jackie Pilkington says...

He hasn''''t played well for months, so if he wants to go, let him. Real Madrid seem to have most of the worlds best players, so - let him cool his heels on the bench with a lot of other big names. Real Madrid only need so many in the team, so Rooney will soon realise his passion for playing will be few and far between.

Posted 18:43 19th October 2010

Alan Lowe (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

It seems to me that Wayne has come to the same raelisation that George Best did many years ago. George felt the United side was on the slide after the 1967 European Cup win and expected some transfer activity, and some retirements but when neither happened he just gave up and left. Wayne and anyone not totally blind can see that the same thing is happening, the side are on the slide and there appears no way back with the Glazer''''s unwilling to fund decent players. When players like Carrick, Fletcher and O''''Shea are stars at the club one can clearly see they are in deep trouble, add to that the fact that Ryan Giggs and Paul Scoles and even Garry Neville are still regulars in the side and it is onbvious the only way is down. Alan Lowe

Posted 18:25 19th October 2010

Chris Jennings (Newcastle United fan) says...

Rooney has never been and never will be a true united great. The only way is down when you leave United. The guy is an absolute liability and i will be glad to see the back of him. Personaly i think he has gone down hill over a long period. He is definately not a one touch striker in he always needs the extra touch and loses the ball.

Posted 18:15 19th October 2010

Stewart Garrett (Manchester United fan) says...

He is a great player and we cant afford to lose him. This is starting to feel like the end of our time at the top. I cant bare to thing of what could happen to us in the future, no SAF, no money, large debt mid table mediocrity!!!!! feel sick as a dog today.

Posted 18:14 19th October 2010

Nick Tegg (Chelsea fan) says...

If the player does not want to be there you have to let him go, Tevez, Ronlado, Ince, Keane, Sharp what have they won since leaving?? United will come back, as will liverpool, as will leeds. Every club has ups and downs. As a chelsea fan its good at the moment as it is for City. Blame the money if you go back 20 years the team with the biggest wage bill were always up there. Either way can you imagine John Terry leaving Chelsea.................Or Giggs Leaving United or Le Tissier Leaving Southampton. The safe money he will go to Real Madrid! (the deal is done) why else would your financial adviser not open talks.

Posted 18:14 19th October 2010

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