Rooney reveals exit reasons

Striker says club do not meet his ambitions

By Graeme Bailey   Last updated: 21st October 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

For me its all about winning trophies - as the club has always done under Sir Alex. Because of that I think the questions I was asking were justified.

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Wayne Rooney has revealed his reasons behind wanting to leave Manchester United, insisting it is not down to money but ambition.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed on Tuesday that Rooney wanted to leave the club, and admitted his disappointment and disbelief.

Ferguson insisted he did not know the reasons behind Rooney's decision to shun a new contract at Old Trafford and instead look for a move away.

But now Rooney - who has just 18-months left on his current deal, has released a statement outlining his decision to seek a move away from United.

Rooney has been quick to deny that any moves away from the club would be financially motivated, insisting that the club's lack of investment in their squad is the primary factor.

"I met with David Gill [United chief executive] last week and he did not give me any of the assurances I was seeking about the future squad," Rooney confirms.

"I then told him that I would not be signing a new contract."

Rooney also admitted he was shocked by Ferguson's comments on Tuesday, adding: "I was interested to hear what Sir Alex had to say yesterday and surprised by some of it.

"It is absolutely true, as he said, that my agent and I have had a number of meetings with the club about a new contract. During those meetings in August I asked for assurances about the continued ability of the club to attract the top players in the world.

"I have never had anything but complete respect for MUFC. How could I not have done given its fantastic history and especially the last six years in which I have been lucky to play a part?

"For me its all about winning trophies - as the club has always done under Sir Alex. Because of that I think the questions I was asking were justified."

Huge debt

The England star insisted that he would always 'owe' something to Ferguson.

"Despite recent difficulties, I know I will always owe Sir Alex Ferguson a

huge debt. He is a great manager and mentor who has helped and supported me from the day he signed me from Everton when I was only 18," he said.

"For Manchester United's sake I wish he could go on forever because he's a one off and a genius."

Comments (117)

Mark Jones (Arsenal fan) says...

I can''''t believe some of these comments on here talking about no loyalty. Rooney has always given 100% for utd whenever he has played. he''''s helped united to winning trophies, and scored plenty of goals. so for me, he''''s more than repaid man utd for what they paid for him. And besides there is no loyalty from clubs. they''''ll just keep players for as long as they''''re useful and when they''''re no longer needed they''''ll be force out of the club. like beckham, kean and etc found out..... there is no sentiment in football. footballers have a short careers so who can blame them for getting all that they can out of it? so just lay of the lad. whatever united have done for him he''''s more than repaid them. but i guess nobody has the right to leave united unless ur being forced out.

Posted 20:27 21st October 2010

Adeoye Adewale says...

Well, i am not surprised at rooney wanting to leave mufc, cos he is too materialistic. Some said he is a world class striker, but to me, a world class should be able to make something out of nothing, so he is not and doesn''''t play football for passion but money. Let him leave, a player is not bigger than the club itself.

Posted 20:19 21st October 2010

Colin Wilson says...

wayne rooney will regret this move in the years to come just like other players that have crossed fergie....ask beckham dwight yorke as well, these guys years later all say that they made the wrong move and regret the choice they made.......let him go to city united will get another player who will be as good as rooney if not better in the years to come...let city pay 50m and 300k aweek for him as he is as loyal as a sewer rat!!!!

Posted 19:55 21st October 2010

Brian Gray (Manchester United fan) says...

I would make Rooney sit in the stand for the remainder of his contract. 18 months off would finish him as a player. He deserves nothing else.

Posted 18:06 21st October 2010

Micheal Jonson (Arsenal fan) says...

don''''t get me wrong wayne rooney is a very good player but a true great player no! I KNOW MANY MAN U fans will disagree with such a coment but the fact remains that at each major tournement he has played in with the national team he has always been found wanting ie world cup 2006/2010 euro 2004/2008 so where this world class status comes from i don''''t know. in reality he''''s had ONE Great season which was last year until he unfortunatley got injured and has struggled to regain his form. however we can''''t judge him on his reasons for leaving but i think he could have shown his teamates and man u fans a bit more respect as he''''s got nothing but respect and love from the true loyal fans!! every team has their ups and downs and it''''s ovious that utd are in decline and like ronaldo is jumping ship....

Posted 17:55 21st October 2010

Ross Campbell (Dumbarton fan) says...

If it''''s all about winning trophies, will Rooney be looking to change his nationality to Spanish or Brazilian because he won''''t win anything the way he has been playing for England!

Posted 17:54 21st October 2010

Danny Cousins says...

When wayne is in his 60''''s then I will respect his comments on managing a squad. If He thinks that its about the golden paths that Chelsea & man city lay, is what football is now all about then thats just sad. What he is saying is that he''''s not up to the challenge of achieving something through hard work and dedication. Chelsea may have won a thing or two but its no legacy. Utd build squads from roots not cash

Posted 17:47 21st October 2010

Ellen Barnicle (Everton fan) says...

I hate to say it but what comes around goes around. Rooney acted the exact same way when he left Everton (although then ambition would have been a logical reason as we weren''''t what we are now) but leaving pretty much the biggest football club in England and one of the biggest in the world, is nonsense. Ok, bad season, bad world cup, bad lifestyle I get it but you need to come back down to earth and see what you are blessed with Rooney. We are over you and do not care what you do as we have proper Blues playing now but it is a huge disrespect to the club that pretty much raised you. For the second time I might add. Also, Man Utd only get 75% of the sale as there is a 25% sell-out clause in the contract. It states Everton get 25% of the buying fee, so Rooney thanks we can spend on proper players who are team players -and get rid of mopers like you and Gosling- and Man Utd can thrive. Good luck to you and as we say here in Ireland, good riddance to bad rubbish!

Posted 17:34 21st October 2010

Matt Self (Chelsea fan) says...

This is going to end in tears for all concerned. Rooney is at the best club for him already. Man U will lose a very talented player if he goes. If a club is prepared to pay him 250K a week then good luck to him and them but I hope it''''s not Chelsea as a player on that salary is going to stir up some discontent within the team. Like it or not football is now all about money and it''''s the fans who pay via tickets or TV. I enjoyed football just as much before the money came into the game!

Posted 17:32 21st October 2010

Colin Washington says...

Everyone is showing some ignorance as to how a player of any sport becomes what they are. When they play great the media, the fans and many other sources put them where they are, not the player. How the player reacts to this is a different story but they themselves do not put them on top with the exception of how they play. No matter who you are or what you do, everyone has off days. We all too, have bad weeks, months, years and seasons this is how life is, ups and downs. How you get over your downs will bring out your character more than anything else ever will. Your personal life is just that, personal, but it will without doubt effect anyones professional life because that is how humans are. So, instead of being nasty, can we not just thank Rooney for what he has done and wish him all the best for his future. After all he has delighted everyone in the past except maybe for nasty jealous people.

Posted 15:32 21st October 2010

Sue Stringer says...

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Wayne Rooney walks into the dressing room. He made out the players at OT were not up to much, and who is he to say who Utd should buy. I have watched as much as possible on Sky and agree with Paul Merson, I think he has been tapped up and the deal was done even before the World Cup, which he didn''''t shine and everyone including press and public said he was injured. Then came all the trouble about his private life, and it looked at if MU were protecting him again, but in view of the last few days I wish they had thrown him in the deep end because I do not think he would get this high level of support anywhere else.

Posted 15:17 21st October 2010

Gordon Swyer says...

Which ever way he dresses up his excuses , he is turning his back on the club and fans that esculated his fame to a world superstar for a feeble excuse that he wants to know where the club is going, he has litterally changed his mind about the club in a matter of months as not so long ago he was saying this is his club for the rest of his career,He has just taken the fame and a huge amount of money and now wants to run the club, who does he think he''''s kidding, if i were him i would watch my back if i left for those reasons, definately had his eye turned, he is a parasite like Ashley cole, they like to live on the meatiest host, good riddence.

Posted 14:41 21st October 2010

Brian Jones says...

I have supported Man. Utd. since 1957. Firstly I cannot believe that money doesn''''t come into Rooney''''s thinking. He would not have won as many trophies, etc, at any our club in Britian over 6 years, so that blows away ambition statements. Secondly a player of his stature should behave off the field knowing that 100''''s of thousand of youngsters look up to him. Also he must know that being in the public eye any wrong doing will be reported. If I had my way he would never play for the first team again and would languish in the reserves until his contract was up. Try living on 12,000.00 a YEAR and see how your lifestyle changes. As much as I love football no one should earn that amount of money for just kicking a ball around.

Posted 14:31 21st October 2010

Ally S (Manchester United fan) says...

I dont get his sudden change in opinion over united. As fergie stated he wanted to play at trafford for the rest of his career and what, a couple months later he''''s gone off because he feels the current squad cant win the tites HE wants to win? Fair enough we dont have the same champions league winning squad as before, but ambition is what drives united to success and has done time and time again. If he feels (as an individual) bigger than Man United, then sell him. I wouldnt want to play along side someone who thinks he''''s bigger than everyone else. We''''ll easily find a replacement and Rooney will then become known as a "let down" instead of what we thought could turn out to be a legend.

Posted 14:29 21st October 2010

Alan H says...

Wayne Rooney has deteriorated a la George Best. Whilst not as good a player as George, Rooney has the makings of being the next Paul Scholes - until he is allowed to make his own decisions off the field then it all goes a... up! He is NOT worth anything like the money he is demanding - but then which player really is? His performances during the summer world cup and so far this season, both at club and country level, indicate a frustrated individual who seems to think that it is ALL about him. Football is a TEAM game - get on with it Rooney and quit blaming everyone else for your shortcomings. In all honesty he doesn''''t warrant a place in anyone''''s squad/team until he gets back to thinking/playing football - WHICH AFTER ALL IS WHAT HE IS BEING PAID FOR!!! Priorities Wayne - I think we already know that loyalty is hardly important to you. I''''m a Liverpool fan but have immense respect for AF''''s achievements at Man U - even if not much for his utterances - but I share his incredulity at Rooney''''s dismissal of both Alex Ferguson and his club, plus it seems his country. Grow up lad!!!

Posted 11:49 21st October 2010

Matt Kerry (Ipswich Town fan) says...

I know this will sound strange! But i think this could be a good thing for united! In all honesty how big a part - other then last season when united won nothing!- has Rooney contributed? Lets face it Ronaldo was the driving force of the last few years, and despite Rooney scoring for fun last season, he is a luxury player in my opinion! There is some good youngsters coming through, as always at utd- the brazilian twins, gibson, macheda, hernandez, smallings etc- they just need a couple of additions for the time being! If SAF can get 50m for Rooney and have it to spend?! Then I honestly think let him go! United will always be competitive and Rooney will regret his impatience!!

Posted 11:45 21st October 2010

Adrian Moore says...

I think Wayne is a top footballer and i like the fact he wants out of United... I want him playing playing football in England but if he thinks he''''s going to come to Derby he''''s wrong as we don''''t need players like Wayne Rooney.

Posted 11:40 21st October 2010

Russell Thomas (Newcastle United fan) says...

Wayne Rooney get a grip! You say its not about money so the £150k per week means nothing to you and the thought of cashing in on your ability that United have mentored stands for Jack when you go to Chelsea for £250k per week! Well go and take your fat arse with you and no Im not talking about Colleen. How dare you diss United who do you think you are?!!!

Posted 11:37 21st October 2010

Jack Fallows says...

Ha ha ha ha....what a pleasure it is to see Manchester United¿s empire crumble and all these "Man U" fans from Ireland and China saying how Rooney isn''''t that good and it¿s the best thing for the club. The truth my friends is that you are about to lose one of the best strikers in the world and his passion and skill is unrivalled. Like Tevez and Ronaldo, he is truly irreplaceable and your cries of "Rooney Rooney Rooney" at Saturdays game against WBA when he wasn¿t playing only further highlight how much you all love him and clearly need him! Well good luck but I think mid table mediocrity is calling for you glory seekers. I think you''''ll find a lot of the so called united fans jumping ship as the red Titanic is heading directly for a very big iceberg :)

Posted 11:37 21st October 2010

Chris Crofts says...

I think Rooney''''s agent has made him aware of the new rule which is coming which states that football clubs can only buy players if their club is in profit generated by the club as opposed to the owners throwing money about willy-nilly.. United (and Chelsea) overall made losses last year so where would their purchasing budget come from? I wouldn''''t want him to go abroad, he''''s a great player but like Torres is having a tough time at the moment.

Posted 11:27 21st October 2010

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