Rooney staying with United

Striker ends uncertainty by agreeing new five-year deal

By Chris Burton   Last updated: 22nd October 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

I think Wayne now understands what a great club Manchester United is.

Sir Alex Ferguson.
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Wayne Rooney is a 5/6 chance to see out his contract at Manchester United after he performed a surprise U-turn and signed a new five-year deal at Old Trafford. Bet now.

Sky Bet have also refunded all bets on which club Rooney would join in the January transfer window.

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Wayne Rooney has agreed a new five-year deal at Manchester United to end days of feverish speculation over his future at Old Trafford.

It was revealed by Sir Alex Ferguson on Tuesday that Rooney had refused to pen fresh terms and had stated his desire to leave the club.

The England international, who would have been out of contract at the end of next season, confirmed that stance on Wednesday, releasing a statement questioning United's ambition.

From there it appeared to be a foregone conclusion that he would on his way in the January transfer window, despite claims from Ferguson that the offer of a new deal still stood.

Reports suggested that Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and even arch-rivals Manchester City were keen to raid United for their prized asset, with big-money bids believed to be in the pipeline.


However, talks between the United board, Ferguson and Rooney's representatives have continued for the last couple of days and an agreement has been thrashed out.

Instead of bracing himself for an imminent departure, Rooney has now signed a new deal which will keep him at Old Trafford until the summer of 2015.

An understandably delighted Ferguson, who never wanted to lose the 24-year-old frontman, told United's official website: "It's been a difficult week, but the intensity of the coverage is what we expect at Manchester United.

"I said to the boy that the door is always open and I'm delighted Wayne has agreed to stay.

"Sometimes, when you're in a club, it can be hard to realise just how big it is and it takes something like the events of the last few days to make you understand. I think Wayne now understands what a great club Manchester United is.

"I'm pleased he has accepted the challenge to guide the younger players and establish himself as one of United's great players. It shows character and belief in what we stand for.

"I'm sure everyone involved with the Club will now get behind Wayne and show him the support he needs to produce the performances we know he is capable of."


Rooney has also spoken out, backtracking on his earlier statement by insisting that he is fully committed to the United cause and confident that he can enjoy many more years of success at Old Trafford.

The forward, who celebrates his 25th birthday on Sunday, said: "I'm delighted to sign another deal at United.

"In the last couple of days, I've talked to the manager and the owners and they've convinced me this is where I belong. I said on Wednesday the manager's a genius and it's his belief and support that have convinced me to stay.

"I'm signing a new deal in the absolute belief that the management, coaching staff, board and owners are totally committed to making sure United maintains its proud winning history - which is the reason I joined the club in the first place.

"I'm sure the fans over the last week have felt let down by what they've read and seen. But my position was from concern over the future. The fans have been brilliant with me since I arrived and it's up to me through my performances to win them over again."

One Red Knight, a member of the group of investors who want to buy Manchester United, told Sky Sports News' chief news reporter Bryan Swanson Rooney's new contract was "good news for the club."

The Red Knight went onto say the decision "should make the Glazers think more seriously about their whole engagement with the club, its supporters, and whether they are useful owners."

Comments (171)

Michael Murphy (Vauxhall Motors fan) says...

Forgrt Rooney and Sir Alex,the person behind this farce was in fact his agent,who has a bit of a dubious past in Rooneys dealings.What surprises me is the fact that Sir Alex fell for it and caved in.This leads me to wonder what other managers are thinking about this episode,there has been a precedent set in Football by this ,it now mwans that all top players has the "clout" to hold the clubs to ransom over any future talks of renewing contracts to get more of the "fans" money to top up their inflated wages juust by going down this same road.This in my opinion has been thhe ruination of football as a sport and why I am only now an armchair supporter,it is no longer a sport tun by Club Directors and Managers but a business dictated to by fotballers "agents"out to screw the club for everything they can,it is not about the players interests,more about their percentages for dong the least amount for the player and the sport,apart from killing it off finacially.You only have to look at the amount of debts the clubs are running at present,take the foreign investment away and there will be no clubs or if the investors call in the money they have invested when things get really bad,as it is going now and there will be no sport of football,in an age when this country is going through the financial difficulties it is a joke to find people can resort to these tactics to get a wage rise.Finally will be interesing after the comments made about the players what the responce from them will be.Sorry to have gone on a bit ,but I think this will have serious comebacks to football in the near future when other contracts are up for renewal.

Posted 06:28 23rd October 2010

Paul Charles (Manchester United fan) says...

I hope it all continues to be flat, he was never that great anyway and most ceratainly never a one touch striker - which all the truly greats are - he is a player who has been overhyped and is now washed up. A world class striker - oh let me roll on the floor in hysterical laughter. He won''''t be at Man U for the next 5 years and I am glad because he is a disgrace to the fantastic REAL world class players that have graced this legendary club. Ferguson is past his ell by date as well, its about time him and Rooney retiired to caravans in some gasworks view spot.

Posted 04:20 23rd October 2010

Henry Oei-agyemang (Manchester United fan) says...

As a die hard Man U fan, I find it quite unbelievable that Rooney could deride the team''''s ambition. If there is truth in what some quarters are saying that this was a publicity stunt, then I''''m afraid it has done more harm than good for the club as a whole.

Posted 03:22 23rd October 2010

Dean Powell (Liverpool fan) says...

Rooney is now on a reported £250,000 a week, so these big name signings they have assured him of will want the same pushing the wage bill up massively. Man Utd spend like a club in denial and only a small minority of their fans seem to be picking up on it. My club quickly realised the insecurity of being a club in debt and we never pretended otherwise and luckily we are now financially stable but Man U fans are in a WE ARE THE BIGGEST CLUB IN THE WORLD BUBBLE. Spending money you don''''t have might be fun for a while but that is like me driving a Ferrari, flying everywhere by private jet and bragging I''''m the richest man alive! Naive!!! It will all end in tears! Man U fans should be doing more to get the Glazers out they are another Hicks and Gillette

Posted 02:27 23rd October 2010

Darren Coulton (Manchester United fan) says...

Strange week ...but seriously all us utd fans can you disagree with rooneys comments about wanting to know about the future of the club ? i know i have been asking myself wheres the new signings when city, madrid etc have been buying ...all we get told is AF wont buy cos of over inflated prices ...... that im afraid is going to be the way it is for a long time , city have made sure of that , for all i dont agree with the way Rooney has done things , his comments are exactly what most UTD fans have been thinking ...and last comment from me i hope you mean it Rooney im prepared to give you another chance score some goals :)

Posted 02:24 23rd October 2010

Scott Paterson (Manchester United fan) says...

What a masterstroke from Fergie. Conspire anyway you like about this situation (and I do have my own thoughts) but the real hero in this story is once again Mr Man United! I do believe that Mourinho will take over once Sir Alex retires but for now, take a(nother) bow Fergie. Pulled it out the bag. If this kind of man management doesn''''t make top players curious of life at man united then I don''''t know what will! re. Rooney. I think a public apology on the 26th or 30th before the game might just help your cause ;)

Posted 01:43 23rd October 2010

Brittany D. (Arsenal fan) says...

Football guys have no lives.

Posted 01:39 23rd October 2010

Matt Limbrick (Manchester United fan) says...

Wayne you might be an Everton fan but you are united through and through. You exemplify everything Manchester united is about. your young, unbelievabley talented, and a product of amazing management and coaching. By staying at united, you''''ve just cemented yourself future honors other players at other clubs could only dream of. You''''ll be regarded along the same lines as Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and even Christiano Ronaldo to a lesser extent. To put it bluntley you''''ll be remembered as a legend. No amount of money can buy that, and it doesn''''t just become associated with you at any club, you have to earn it. Your a diamond mate, and the fans will love you forever, and that''''s set in history. '''''''' I saw my friend the other day he said he had seen the white Pele. whats his name who is he? He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney He goes by the name of Wayne Roooney. Be a legend........

Posted 01:23 23rd October 2010

Chris Lane (Chelsea fan) says...

Hypocrites, every Man U fan on this site was condemning his decision, now he''''s God again.

Posted 01:16 23rd October 2010

Gordon Williams (Wycombe Wanderers fan) says...

What Wayne Rooney has just done is called "Blackmail" !!! Since the end of last season he hasn''''t "earned" even a fraction of his massive salary and now he''''s taken you all for a ride..... If he suddenly gets back to form (and that''''s only a maybe) does that mean that he''''s been playing you all along??? If he''''s so committed to Man Untd....... Why didn''''t he take a wage cut, it''''s not like he needs the money!!! and then maybe a few more United fans could afford to go along to see their team play!

Posted 01:12 23rd October 2010

Chris Ryan (Manchester United fan) says...

Seems like this is right out of the John Terry textbook of pay negotiations. It says here on the Skysports to select your "favourite team". The word "team" doesn''''t seem to mean anything in modern day football. It''''s all about clubs collections of over paid and easily toppled egotists. It''''s a bit rich Rooney demanding a higher salary after seeing his first touch when he came on against West Brom. Maybe after he banged in his 22nd goal last season he might have been worth £180,000 a week, on current form he''''s not worth £180. Can Ferguson just please get Suarez before one of the big clubs snap him up?

Posted 01:07 23rd October 2010

Colin O''halloran (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Yeaterday when Rooney still wanted to leave all the comments were slagging him off and saying United didnt need him and today hes back to being a God at Old Trafford. Now we know where the true lack of loyalty is in football. Some fans learn the meaning of the word SUPPORTer!

Posted 00:45 23rd October 2010

Brian Gray (Manchester United fan) says...

I have supported United for over 40 years and to be honest I am totaly disgusted that Alex Ferguson has given in to Rooney and or his agents demands, I would have shown him the door after leaving him sitting in the stand for the remainder of his contract and Yes I mean the whole 18 months.We could have set a precedent for greedy agents by not playing their clients which would severely impact on their Image Rights.Had enough and not happy Rooney has signed. i for one will not support him. Someone has to make a stand against these agents

Posted 00:33 23rd October 2010

Chris Toffee (Cardiff City fan) says...

Don''''t EVER use the words ''''loyalty'''' and ''''love this club'''' in the presence of Wayne rooney again!! Absolutely disgraceful and a slap in the teeth for those who support his artificial team and also to the supposed 500,000 people who are just about to lose their jobs after the smug Conservative Party (Oh yes, and Liberals!!) announced their unworkable cuts to Parliament. He''''ll be getting more in a week than most of those will ever dream of earning in 10 years!! Something wrong when the litle fella can behave the way he does and still gets a pay rise to boot. WHAT A ROLE MODEL HE IS!! Obviously needs the extra cash to pay for a higher class of companion; preferably one that can keep her gob shut afterwards!! Ollie was right....the pendulum has swung so that the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum!! Luckily for me, I am not a Man Utd fan....but if I was, I''''d send my season ticket back and spend my time doing something else other than watching a bunch of multi-millionaires screw me out of my hard earned and then laugh in my face!! Wayne Rooney isn''''t smart enough to have done all this himself ....BUT he might just be DULL enough!!

Posted 00:21 23rd October 2010

Nahashon Sambai says...

Thanks to rooney for rediscovering himself.Man what made him great and moving out was a suiciding carea.I belief he''''ll still shine as before and reinstate the position of the club.

Posted 00:07 23rd October 2010

Steve Palmer says...

Who cares why the events of the last few weeks have happened or for what reasons there is only one Rooney and who could you replace him with and at what cost.

Posted 23:50 22nd October 2010

Dane Best (Manchester United fan) says...

I was absolutely gutted when i first heard that Rooney wanted to leave the club, I know he''''s been off his game lately, on and off the pitch, but still we all know what he''''s capable of when he''''s on form. Today was the best news I''''ve heard in a long time, it''''s great for the club to have Rooney sign a new contract, now the only thing to do is get rid of the Glazers!!!

Posted 22:49 22nd October 2010

Hoosain Ismail (Manchester United fan) says...

I am more interested in the assurances given by Glazier and Gill not only to Rooney but SAF as regards the future of the club.What a MASTERSTROKE performance by Rooney and Fergie.??? Does Jose already have a hand at the club.Mourino is on his way to OLD TRAFFORD.New owners,and Jose at old trafford."THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES" at the THEATRE OF MANUFIQUE PERFORMANCE.

Posted 20:09 22nd October 2010

Not Sobovvered (Reading fan) says...

This is clearly just a publicity stunt to a) divert attention away from Rooney''''s personal life and b) increase Rooney''''s transfer value with a longer term contract. I find it highly probable there''''s a clause in there somewhere that states he can leave if certain conditions are not met at the club. This 5 year lock down also acts as financial protection for the club when he does leave in the next 12-18 months.

Posted 20:09 22nd October 2010

Super Mario (Manchester United fan) says...

Great to see Wazza agreeing to stay at United. To me, this whole saga seemed like a scheme to expose the greedy clubs, Real, Barcelona, Chelsea and especially CITY! They may deny it, but they seem pretty nosy in our business!

Posted 20:05 22nd October 2010

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