Capello fires Rooney warning

England boss only interested in form of United striker

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Capello fires Rooney warning

Rooney: Must be in form


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England manager Fabio Capello has warned striker Wayne Rooney that he will not play him unless he finds his form.

The Manchester United player is currently sidelined with an ankle injury but his form for club and country has been questionable for the past six months and he has netted just once in the Premier League this season.

The troubled forward has also been headline news in the tabloids as revelations regarding his personal life were also published last month.

Rooney, 25, then expressed a desire to leave Old Trafford before making a sensational U-turn and signing a new five-year contract last week.

However, Capello claims he is not concerned about Rooney's life off the field, as long as he delivers the goods on it.

But if Rooney does not perform, the Italian says he will not hesitate to leave out the former Everton youngster.

"If he's (in form) I'll play him, otherwise no," Capello told RAI.

"For anything else, you've got to ask (Manchester United manager Sir Alex) Ferguson."


The Italian added he intends to give England's 'emerging talents' a run out in the next two friendlies - against France next month and the other in February.

"We have good young players, a good Under 21 squad that has qualified for the European Championship and a great Under 19 side," he said.

"There's going to be some experiments with players in the next two friendlies."

The 64-year-old coach also confirmed that Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine will be his last as a football manager.

"After the Euros I'm definitely going to retire.

"Unfortunately I am old, I no longer have the time: this will be my last experience on the bench."

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Piet Geeh (gooner) says...

Wait a year and Fergie, the devious old fox, who has a hidden agenda, will make an absolute killing for Man U selling Rooney to a big wealthy European Club. Jan 2012 probably Barca who will use him along side Fabregas (who sadly will have returned home, leaving us to sort out a new leader) to feed a finisher

Posted 12:19 26th October 2010

Michael Carey says...

There are not many players who can go through there career without a dip! The strength of a player is what they do when things go wrong. Ability must be the key word and Mr. Rooney has it, he should not be scared to ask advice about his life and work. When young we all know best..... think we are invinsable but alas when we grow older and wiser we can offer advise when needed. WAYNE ask as many people starting with Sir Alex they are there to help you. Ignore them at your peril.

Posted 11:31 26th October 2010

Vinny Alb says...

You have to remember in the worlds football arenas, the players are mercenaries. Loyalty is to the money. Nothing more nothing less.

Posted 05:22 26th October 2010

Mark Seddon (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

As a Wigan supporter, I will agree that Capello made the right decision in taking Heskey to the world cup. Heskey like James, A. Cole and Gerrard (on occasion) were the only players who demonstrated any passion for England during the whole world cup. Admittedly Heskey isn''''t the best player, nor the best striker, but atleast he shows the passion and determination in his play which all players should be showing, especially at international level. (In my opinion Beckham should have a place solely because of his passion, and desire to win). Rooney should be ashamed of himself for whats happened with both united, and what happened at the world cup, and should be dropped by both Sir Alex and Capello... however we all know he won''''t. Capello needs to give players a place on the England team who look like they want to win, want to play for their country and are willing to do anything to make those two things happen. I''''m sick of these so-called ''''star'''' players cruising their way into the England team, and then tournament after tournament, not performing. England needs to start again, either replace the so-called ''''star'''' players, Capello, or both. One things for sure, changes need to be made.

Posted 04:12 26th October 2010

Richard Tersan (Manchester United fan) says...

Have been following EPL football. Comments on Rooney have been mostly harsh. Without good support, there''''s nothing he can do by himself. Berbatov is a flash in the pan, he is still playing the way he did last season. As for the England team, it would be nice if the best players in the EPL play for England! Then the world cup would be England''''s for keeps!

Posted 04:02 26th October 2010

Danny Keep says...

Absolute rubbsih. are you saying that is xavi/iniesta had been injured they wouldnt get picked for spain???? best players get picked no matter what. rooney is one of our best players. simple

Posted 03:31 26th October 2010

Tony White says...

Seems fair if he has other fit in form strikers available. On the other hand Rooney is a worker that puts in a lot of effort for his team. Trouble is that in recent games his skill levels have been inconsistent. As far as John |Terry is concerned I thought he was dropped as skipper because his behaviour had disrupted the team and caused one of his ex Chelsea colleagues to refuse to play in the same team. Even Rooney wasn''''t that stupid.

Posted 00:47 26th October 2010

Steve Ellett (Chelsea fan) says...

bit two faced about what happens off the field, what about john terry.

Posted 23:00 25th October 2010

Garfield Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Capello is doing the right thing. No one should play because of their name. Every player on the pitch has to earn their game. Rooney is no exception. If he has lost his form for whatever reason, then he needs to put in the neccessary work to regain it. The transfer rubbish is over now. Time to get back on to the field and start scoring goals for club and country.

Posted 22:01 25th October 2010

Dean James (Manchester United fan) says...

We''''ve all heard this nonsense before.

Posted 21:57 25th October 2010

Michael Antoniou (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Heskey wasn''''t a regular for Villa still got picked, Wright Phillips, Lennon weren''''t playing in the build up to the World cup both picked, Defoe hadn''''t scored in his last 10 games of last season still got picked, Rio same ! Where were Joe Hart, Adam Johnson, Jagielka, Darren Bent, Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone. Capello says one thing does another, everyone goes on about bringing through players yet we all know the same players will be there after the friendlies however well the other players do

Posted 21:53 25th October 2010

John Kempton says...

how can cappelo say to rooney that he must pick up his form,cappelo is not even an english man,and he was never a good player anyway.I SAY LETS GET CAPPELO OUT NOW.

Posted 21:30 25th October 2010

Jamie Dale (Manchester United fan) says...

The way Rooney has acted is shocking, Sir Alex should just have let him rott on the bench and ruin his career after what was said.

Posted 21:30 25th October 2010

Bj Dunster says...

bring on BALE better than rooney will ever be

Posted 21:19 25th October 2010

Bj Dunster says...

you are so right john welsh

Posted 21:14 25th October 2010

Steve Rudds says...

Methinks fabio is being a bit slow about rooney, trouble is now that ferguson has capitulated rooney can play/not play as he likes, also national team aint on rooney s radar. personally I think rooney started to be shown up once cr went last year. its also possible that now rooney is signed up with united for 5 years, it makes man u open to offers for him; also man u have bigger problems with club debt so they had to get rooney sorted asap. None of which is good for england and football at future international / WC level

Posted 21:09 25th October 2010

Daron Howard says...

Capello should drop Wanye, it would save him for United ;) Wayne Rooney has the ability to be one of the worlds best players, but just like the most of the premier league ''''so called'''' stars he beleaves the hype that is put out by the press. I''''m A Man. U. fan & spend my time wondering why guys at the Biggest club in the UK (if not the world) want to go else where, then I remember 1 word ''''MONEY''''

Posted 20:41 25th October 2010

King Naz says...

capello only telling rooney to pick him self up i need you in top form?why every one complaining about manager if one good player come to play for england some one good like c''''ronaldo or figo or cantona or zidane then people wouldnt have been complaining about manager

Posted 20:25 25th October 2010

Lincoln Johnson (Manchester United fan) says...

i have always noticed, great teams pass the ball well and know how to keep the ball, the passing game is very important ,as we have seen down the years with the great Brazilian teams ,the Dutch, and recently the Spanish, all 3 nations play the same way from youth level to the highest level, so i think its very important for england to learn from these great football nations, and remember what Brian clough says , YOU DON''''T PLAY FOOTBALL IN THE SKY, YOU PLAY FOOTBALL ON TH GROUND.

Posted 20:12 25th October 2010

Chris Benham says...

OK for Rooney to "run -a-muck" off field but NOT JT (John Terry), the best Captain we have had for years ! LETS OUT CAPELLO **NOW**

Posted 19:37 25th October 2010

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