Roy warns United off Reina

Goalkeeper not for sale at Anfield

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Roy warns United off Reina

Reina: Going nowhere

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Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson has warned Manchester United against making a move for goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

Recent reports have claimed the Reds' bitter rivals were lining up a swoop for Reina as a long-term replacement for Edwin van der Sar.

Arsenal have also been credited with an interest in the Spaniard, but Hodgson has rejected the rumours and insists the 28-year-old, who only signed a new six-year deal in April, is staying at Anfield.

"It was just one of those stories that seems to occur - it's just disappointing and annoying," Hodgson told the Liverpool Echo.


"Pepe is fantastic here, he is a lifeblood of this team.

"Everything he does around the club is excellent - he is always lively in the dressing room, he is always first class in training and he always wants to do more to improve.

"He demands better from those around him, he is always pushing people on. He is a player who we hold in the highest esteem.

"We have heard nothing from Manchester United and, more to the point, we don't want to hear anything from Manchester United.

"If (Sir Alex) Ferguson is looking around at the end of the season and he has got lots of money to replace (Edwin) van der Sar, he might very well want Pepe Reina because he is the best around.

"But we do not want to sell him. I would like to think that we are going to become a successful club once again and Pepe is crucial to that."

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Arsalan Younis says...

Man u will never get Reina in a million years he is fully dedicated to liverpool so man u go try getting someone else.

Posted 17:22 29th October 2010

Colin Smith says...

This is just media speculation, United do not need a clanger-prone keeper, there are a few keepers out there who would be much more competent than Reina, Fergie steer clear!!

Posted 17:06 29th October 2010

Gerald Mashiri (Liverpool fan) says...

Yes, we are going to become a successful club again, once you leave and a serious manager comes in.

Posted 16:44 29th October 2010

Andrew Govender says...

LOL. This is so amusing. About a week ago the united fans were going on about how Liverpool only have 2 good players in Gerrard and Torres and now suddenly because Reina is linked to the sinking ship(MUFC) he is also a good enough.I bet when MUFC make a bid for Lucas then he too will be a good buy.

Posted 15:14 29th October 2010

Lee Cowley says...

I think this is just media speculation... I think SAF will be looking for someone much better than Random Reina!!!

Posted 14:22 29th October 2010

Alan Molyneux says...

Reina recently signed a 6 year contract at Anfield, something the papers conveniently overlook when they try and stir up trouble. Having said that, if he did ask to leave, there is no way he would go to Old Trafford as he is revered by the Kop and he feels the same way about the Kop. Dream on Fergie!

Posted 12:37 29th October 2010

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

Relax Liverpool fans, its just another tabloid tale... don''''t take these rumours too seriously.

Posted 03:27 29th October 2010

Andrew Larkey (Liverpool fan) says...

Good stuff Roy! It would be extremely disappointing to see Reina and Nando off so quickly. I hope they have more depth as professionals to realise Liverpool''''s predicament and help them get out of this situation, it is still possible to get top 4! YNWA

Posted 01:48 29th October 2010

Keith Owen (Liverpool fan) says...

Firstly I have to say that I hope both players show the character and commitment that is demanded of all who play for the anfield faithful. If they do not - and I have to accept that this may be a possibility (and not just journalist speculation), what I cannot fathom is why they would leave to join a club which is going into decline. Think about it - both Torres and Reina have seen 1st hand the crippling handicap that is placed upon a team which has been purchased by a leverage buyout so why when the club has turned a corner and are back in the black would they want to join a team which is over a billion in the red and now starting to fail both in terms of premiership & european dominance . Manchester Utd needs premiership and european success in order to have any chance of servicing their debt, without it the overall debt increases and the club enters a vicious downward spiral as success equals money, money equals funds for the best players. I know a lot of Man Utd fans either can''''t or refuse to see this predicament but mark my words man Utd with the next 2 years will be facing the same scenario that Liverpool were looking at a few months ago (bankruptcy). Leverage buyouts are a boom or bust philosophy and given that the likes of Chelsea and Man City have way more funding to call on there is only one foreseeable outcome (in fact if you look at the level of debt on Man Utd every team, in every league in the country has more available funding). In terms of top world class players below pension age Man Utd only have 2 : Ferdinand (who is constantly injured) and Rooney who only stayed for the money, when someone like City or Chelsea offer more cash to him next year he''''ll be off like shot (Everton fans will confirm this for you if you don''''t believe me).

Posted 01:03 29th October 2010

Darren Holland (Liverpool fan) says...

Why is Roy even saying that?? Man United cant afford anyone and a direct transfer between the clubs?? he should do well to remember the Heinze episode and tell SAF to do one! Football really is boring if we speculate on such nonsense!! Torres to Untied??? He aint Michael Owen people!!

Posted 00:56 29th October 2010

Brendon scott (Liverpool fan) says...

It would be a very sad day for all Liverpool fans, if Torres and Reina were to leave the club, a very sad day indeed. But honestly who could really blame them, both are tremendous players, and both are at the "very top of their games", and want to win trophies and medals at the very highest level. I believe that we (as Liverpool fans) are lucky that both earned World Cup medals in 2010, or else both may have already departed!. The prospects of Liverpool qualifying for the Champions league for next season are looking very remote indeed, so that means another season in the Europa (but the team still has a long way to go to achieve that as well!). So one has to honestly say...... what do Liverpool "currently" and in the next year, have to offer two of the best players in the World. Food for thought!

Posted 00:52 29th October 2010

Frank Houiellebecq (Liverpool fan) says...

Of course Van der sar would never make any mistakes would he lol. You must have the memory of a goldfish Man U fans, and why would Reina want to go to Utd, they are not looking too good them selves, billions in debt, just scraping through most matches. Wake up man u fans, your manager is only good at one thing drinking whiskey I would say..........

Posted 23:52 28th October 2010

Dave Stone says...

Can not take this as fact how can Man U look at other teams player''''s when they have such a hard time just hanging on to their own so called stars,,

Posted 23:47 28th October 2010

Andy Lavis says...

i have been watched liverpool fc since the 60s and i have never seen them play the way they are playing this season . they have no heart no passion .they dont close the other sides down they let them have compleat space all over the pitch the defence closeing down quick anoth when torres gets the ball and loses it it is rare for him to try and retreav it as we know most games in the midfeild but liverpool are to slack they need to get tighter and fight for the results roy hodgeson is not the right man for the greatest team in england we surgest he is not the man for the job we need a who knows what he is doing

Posted 21:38 28th October 2010

Roy Sanders (Manchester United fan) says...

Class! Hodgson does it again. Why argue with something that a) may not be true, b) is out of your hands anyway and c) having such a weak arguement. Liverpool have nothing at the moment. Why would any top player stay there? On the false belief they will amass an amazing comeback this season and reach 4th? dont think so. Gerrard, Torres & Reina will not go another season without Champions league, end of. It may not be United they join, but it will be someone else. Time to man up and accept it.

Posted 20:27 28th October 2010

Pedro Lejer (Real Madrid fan) says...

Great idea, Liverpool can become a feeder club for United, they bring on the players they then sell to their senior team, Real Madrid.

Posted 19:22 28th October 2010

Stephen Scott (Liverpool fan) says...

check youre debt man u!!we know an so do our players!why would they go to you when your club will be in a worse possition than we ever where!i''''ll give you 2 years!!if they dont stay true to thier club,unlike rooney,they will go back home which is fair enough!!!YNWA!

Posted 19:21 28th October 2010

John Barrett (Liverpool fan) says...

this is clearly ferguson tyring to take the media glare of his own useless player rooney picking up over 200 grand a week lauging at all the mancs in dubai usual ferguson

Posted 17:27 28th October 2010

Matt Watson (Liverpool fan) says...

Delusional United fans, Reina would never go to United, simply because he knows they''''re Liverpools biggest rivals. That would be like Tevez going to Manchester City... Oh wait... Reina has a lot more respect for his current/former club than that.

Posted 16:47 28th October 2010

Paul Glover (Liverpool fan) says...

Why is RH bothering to respond to that? It''''s just like the media suggesting that we''''re looking to take Rooney to us, and of course the Utd fans will consider commenting that it''''d be wonderful to have Reina. Sure, he''''s world class but it''''ll also wind a lot of LFC fans up. End of the day, 6 year contract folks... and United really don''''t have that sort of money to throw around. I''''d be surprised if they can buy anyone of worth in January as it doesn''''t look good for them. Rooney said himself, a team on the decline... until they doubled his pay of course.

Posted 16:38 28th October 2010

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