Becks' Utd dreams crushed

Arsenal also rule out a move for former England captain

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Becks' Utd dreams crushed

Beckham: Too old for United

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David Beckham's hopes of a dream return to Manchester United have been crushed by Sir Alex Ferguson, while Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger does not have room in his squad.

The former England captain is determined to see out the remainder of his contract with LA Galaxy, but he is also keen on a loan move to Europe in the close-season to ensure he remains in the thoughts of international manager Fabio Capello.

Beckham has said that he would only return to the Premier League with United, where he won six titles before moving to Real Madrid in 2003, and he has snubbed interest from Everton.

But United boss Ferguson has no interest in signing his former player because he thinks that at 35 years of age the midfielder is too old.

"I don't think so with David at his age," said Ferguson. "I have never signed a player at that age have I?"

Arsenal have also been linked with Beckham after he trained with the North London club in 2008 and Wenger has admitted that he would complete the signing, but there is not room in the Emirates Stadium squad.

The Gunners boss said in The Sun: "I would consider signing David Beckham, but we have (Theo) Walcott, (Samir) Nasri, (Tomas) Rosicky, (Andrey) Arshavin and (Emmanuel) Eboue who can play on the flanks."

Comments (62)

Shuja Ahmad (Manchester United fan) says...

I'm sure SAf has signed players older than Beckham. I recall Laurent Blanc being around 36/37 & Larsson. Plus SAF has renewed contracts for players who are older then Becks so it wouldn't be something he has never done before. But fergie doesn't seem to deal in 2nd chances so i don't think Becks will get his return to OT!

Posted 15:47 29th December 2010

Sypo Gontshi (Arsenal fan) says...

Sir Alex always consider the team, so if signing David is good for United, he will do it. But if it is not good for United, he won't do it. That is why he is a good manager, beleive me I'm not a United supporter/fan but I respect the decisions he takes...

Posted 15:00 29th December 2010

King Red (Manchester United fan) says...

He wont be back unfortunatly, Fergie put the hammer in the nail this morning and told LA Galaxy he didnt want to sign him on loan.

Posted 09:43 29th December 2010

Obidon Collins (Manchester United fan) says...

pls guy's respect the manager's action on becks pls he is still in charge here

Posted 07:09 29th December 2010

Alexander Fergi (Arsenal fan) says...

You folkes should understand, that, Henrik L. was a different kind of player.

Posted 21:40 28th December 2010

Matthew Marowa (Manchester United fan) says...

its good for becks to end his career at man u. i love to see him in man u colors again. pls fergie

Posted 18:00 28th December 2010

Matthew Elliott (Manchester United fan) says...

Get the loan deal arranged NOW Mr Ferguson. It makes sense to everyone involved, and more to the point it would lift the whole squad and gives all Utd supporters in the country a chance to see Golden Balls at old traff again and give him a proper send off at the end of his loan. With the debt at Old Traff I would reckon that it could probably be quite a big earner in merchandise alone.

Posted 12:43 28th December 2010

Jermaine Jackson (Manchester United fan) says...

Fergie will sign Becks...He won't say it to the media though...

Posted 07:58 28th December 2010

Heather Jackson (Manchester United fan) says...

I should hope that Sir Alex Brings Beckham back to man.united, i think no matter what age becks gets, he will still will be at his best no matter what criticism he gets off everybody else!

Posted 18:21 27th December 2010

Ruairi Doherty (Manchester United fan) says...

Fergie sign him up! Fergie Fergie sign him up!

Posted 09:41 27th December 2010

Dean Hartill (Arsenal fan) says...

borin borin man utd...

Posted 15:55 26th December 2010

Mike Atkinson (Manchester United fan) says...

Love to see him back.

Posted 10:48 26th December 2010

Steven Greenhalgh (Manchester United fan) says...

Come on Sir Alex , lets bring back king Beckham and give him the swansong he deserves at the club he has always and will always love !!! Theres only 1 David Beckham !!!! LUHG

Posted 09:13 26th December 2010

Robert Eachus (Manchester United fan) says...

i don't see why united wouldn't take him on loan, he has signed a few older players, and he could just take valencia's place til he's healthy again.

Posted 09:02 26th December 2010

Dino Kun (Manchester United fan) says...

Well , this cant be helped ,SAF is enforcing his authority , no one can argue there . i guess the situation will be the same with Ronaldo in few years

Posted 06:07 26th December 2010

Lutalo Bbosa dan says...

The issue doesnt seem to be age here. Can Becky bring anything new to United? The ans is YES, Becky can change anything in a team even if it were Barc, Madrid or AC but how consistent can he do that at his age now?

Posted 03:39 26th December 2010

Ciaran Kearney (Manchester United fan) says...

I think ferguson should not waste his time with beckham, he might put in 4 or 5 good performances maximum but i think hes not worth the hype.. united should focus on bringing new, young and exciting talent to old trafford, not beckham who face it wion't be starting for england in a big match again.. hes has a bit left in him but i don't think united should waste their time on a has-been..

Posted 02:02 26th December 2010

Ryan Elsworth (Leeds United fan) says...

Come to Leeds united becks your not to old a do it to annoy fergi your to Gd for him too old still best England player they have

Posted 01:06 26th December 2010

Philip Cockerill (Manchester United fan) says...

Will you all leave the boss man alone. Goalkeepers apart how often does he get the new signings wrong?

Posted 00:38 26th December 2010

Jack Stott (Manchester United fan) says...

Just sign becks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 00:14 26th December 2010

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