Chelsea launch Kaka bid

AC Milan ace could be on way to Stamford Bridge

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Chelsea launch Kaka bid

Kaka: Chelsea target

After Chelsea's reported £73.5m for Kaka, Sky Bet go 7/4 that the Brazilian ace will move to Stamford Bridge in the summer. It's 4/6 he'll leave the San Siro to join Real Madrid and 5/1 the player-maker will stay at Milan. To bet on this market click here.

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Chelsea have made an astonishing £73.5million bid for AC Milan superstar Kaka, according to Sky Sports News sources.

The brilliant Brazilian, widely regarded as one of the finest players on the planet, was targeted by Manchester City in the winter transfer window but elected to remain with the Serie A giants.

Kaka went on record as recently as Tuesday to insist that he was happy with the Rossoneri and had no plans to move on this summer.

But further speculation emerged that Real Madrid were planning a swoop following Florentino Perez's appointment as president, with the returning supremo eager to make another 'Galactico' signing.

And Sky Sports News sources now understand that Chelsea have tabled a bid which trumps the reported offer of £56million from Santiago Bernabeu.

Former AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti was installed as the new Blues manager on Monday and he could now be set to link up again with the talented playmaker.

Chelsea's £73.5million bid is reported to be backed up by an offer of £10million-a-year in wages after tax for Kaka in a bid to lure him to Stamford Bridge.

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Thomas Devine (Chelsea fan) says...

That would be an amazing signing for the blues, BUT, surely someome will have to go. He is a midfielder and Chelsea already have Lampard, Ballack, Deco, Malouda, Cole, Mikel, Essien and Belletti, all of which would be top-class players for any premiership side. We cant keep them all so who will make way, and who will make way in the starting 11? Ballack, Lampard Mikel or Essien for Kaka?

Posted 17:24 3rd June 2009

Andrew Johnson (Southend United fan) says...

This is now getting out of hand. Don't get me wrong, I love to see Real Madrid's delusions of grandeur get stamped on as much as anyone, but the prices these clubs are talking now are ludicrous. I'm sure I read recently somewhere we're in the midst of a recession...

Posted 17:21 3rd June 2009

Craig Needham (Chelsea fan) says...

Kaka would be a great signing for Chelsea, but i dont think the £73.5m price is very realistic! Also, £200,00+ per week after tax is ridiculous. I still hope Chelsea do sign Kaka, let's just hope its for a more realistic price though (if there is one). And, let's hope Riberry will be on his way too to Stamford Bridge who i think would fit into the team perfectly and give the team more threat going forward!

Posted 17:19 3rd June 2009

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

I'd prefer if Kaka goes to Chelsea than Real. Firstly, better league, more chances of silverware and better players to play with and test his skill against. If he does go to Stamford Bridge, where will he play? He surely cannot be first choice ahead of Lampard and Essien? Only time will tell. He's a quality player who can excell in any league even the Prem.

Posted 17:18 3rd June 2009

Sam Bramley (Liverpool fan) says...

Is this a joke? how on earth can a footballer be worth such a ludicrous some of money? I have to feel sorry for 99% of football teams who's entire squad is valued less than this kid. This game is going to get more and more lopsided as time continues with only the super wealthy able to fight for everything, everyone else will be picking up scraps. It's a sad, sad day for English football.

Posted 17:15 3rd June 2009

Ali Hayderi (Manchester United fan) says...

Recession? What recession? First Real Madrid put in a bid for £56 million and now Chelsea £73.5million and £10million wages after tax. I would love to see Kaka playing in the premiership but this is a ridiculous amount of money being thrown about. For £73.5million Chelsea could buy 3 world class players which is all they need to contend for the title next year. As a Man Utd fan I wouldn't mind selling Ronaldo to Real Madrid and using the money to get Kaka.

Posted 17:13 3rd June 2009

Adrian From jamaica (Chelsea fan) says...

Wow! What a bid! Iam astonished that Abramovic is willing to spend so much money on one player, seeing that he has lost some of his fortunes. However, if Chelsea do get Kaka, it would be an AMAZING signing. He would be well received by us, the fans and the team. I really hope we get him. However, I hope we sign some young talent as well. Pato would be perfect to play alongside Drogba.

Posted 17:09 3rd June 2009

Roberto Riccioni (Manchester United fan) says...

As a Manchester United fan I'd love to see the best players coming to the English Premier League. But I think it is a disgrace that a club are willing to pay over £73million for a player. Especially when you look at the current climate the world is in! £10million a year after tax most people wouldn't even earn that in a life time let alone a year. At first I thought it was a stupid idea, but I honestly beleive FIFA should introduce a wage cap now. I love the beautiful game, but to be paid that much to play once, twice at most a week is a disgrace!

Posted 17:06 3rd June 2009

Leigh Denman (Chelsea fan) says...

I think that Kaka is just what Chelsea need along with a backup keeper and left back. I think he will bring a match winner to us if he does come, just like man utd have ronaldo, barca have messi, ect. Yes a very steep/high bid, but then i guess, with the likes of Madrid offering 56million ...

Posted 17:03 3rd June 2009

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