Masch bound for Barcelona

Liverpool agree terms for sale of Argentina captain

By Rob Parrish   Last updated: 28th August 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

Masch bound for Barcelona

Mascherano: Barca-bound

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Javier Mascherano has been given permission to open talks with Barcelona after Liverpool agreed terms with the Spanish giants.

The Argentina captain has been linked with a move away from Anfield for much of the summer with Barca and Inter Milan both keen on his services.

Midfielder Mascherano was not included in the Reds' squad for Monday's 3-0 Premier League defeat at Manchester City after informing Hodgson he did not want to be considered for selection.

New Reds boss Hodgson has always maintained that the 26-year-old would remain on Merseyside unless the club's valuation of the player was met.

The former Fulham manager revealed after the Reds secured their place in the group stages of the Europa League that the club had rejected an initial offer from Inter, who have ex-Anfield boss Rafa Benitez at the helm.


And Barca have moved to the front of the queue for the tough-tackling Mascherano's services with their offer accepted and the player now due to open discussions with the Camp Nou outfit.

A statement on the club's official website read: "Liverpool Football Club have agreed terms for the transfer of Javier Mascherano to FC Barcelona.

"The Spanish club have now been given permission to speak to the Argentina midfielder."

Sky Sports' Guillem Balague understands that Barca will pay Liverpool an initial £16million for Mascherano, with a further £6million depending on performances and future success.

Pep Guardiola's side have revealed that Mascherano is expected to put pen to paper on a four-year contract this weekend.


A statement on the Barcelona's official website read: "FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC have reached an agreement in principle for the transfer of Javier Mascherano to the club for the next four seasons.

"The deal was closed after intensive efforts made by the club in the final hours and through the player himself in the negotiations.

"Barcelona will report the details of the operation once the player passes the medical and the transfer is concluded.

"It is hoped Javier Mascherano will arrive in Barcelona this weekend."

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96 Forever (Liverpool fan) says...

go masch!!!! dream move eh? was that the same dream move to inter then?........... your not wanted

Posted 21:26 29th August 2010

Daniel Enslin says...

Well, I have no doubt he''ll strengthen Barca''s squad, and it probably a better player right now than sergio busquets. But I dont understand the hateful comments; he gave it his all in the few seasons he was at liverpool, and now that the club is going downhill he wants to move somewhere where he can win something in his career. As a regular for Argentina way before he moved to the Liverpool he was hardly developed by them, and dont see why he owes liverpool anything, rather they owe him for taking a risk on a team that hadnt won their own league in years, when he could have gone to spain much earlier in his career, and performing so admirably...wish him well and blame the yanksthat have reduced your ability to keep your best players

Posted 14:56 29th August 2010

Luke Gibson (liverpool fan ) says...

I am glad that maschrano has left as he didnt want to play for us anymore ,and any player that doesnt want to play for one of the best clubs in the world should leave ,we still have a good midfield ,gerrard , j.cole,poulsen ,lucas and new signing meireles .All we need now is a world class foward a left back and another midfielder just to give some depth in the squad

Posted 13:03 29th August 2010

Andy G (Liverpool fan) says...

Javier who????? Hes been forgotten already but the club will always be remembered, nobody is bigger than the club. Welcome Raul Meireles hes a more complete player that ....that guy....whats his name? aww i forget.

Posted 12:31 29th August 2010

Dermot Walsh (Liverpool fan) says...

3 to 4 years ago we had a midfield of Ger,Sissoko,Xabi Alonso and Mascherano one of the best in europe. Now we have Poulsen,Lucas,Shelvey,Spearing. How far we have fallen.The yanks asset stripping and selling our best players continues.

Posted 12:18 27th August 2010

Brian Farquhar (Arsenal fan) says...

His mindset was not on the game. Anfield will be a poorer place without him,he played extremely well against us. But Roy Hodgson is a good manager and I am sure he will spend the money wisely for you. That is if they the Management let him have the dosh. Good Luck

Posted 12:17 27th August 2010

Paul Ottley (Liverpool fan) says...

The money we have got for Masch is not enough if you compare him with Milner''s deal but I hope we got for Lassana Diarra, he is athletic and a very good player.

Posted 12:13 27th August 2010

Daniel Foster (Arsenal fan) says...

I wonder if Fabregas has noticed this. One more player in his central midfield position to compete with next season along with Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and whoever else I may be forgetting. I guess we''ll soon see some more backtracking and "I love Arsenal and want to stay" comments from him.

Posted 12:08 27th August 2010

Ananth Reddy mandra (Chelsea fan) says...

sad for LFC as they got ripped off!!!!!.....masch could have fetched them 30 million easily(if LFC had good negotiaters)

Posted 12:04 27th August 2010

Scott Tilley (Manchester United fan) says...

He was after a move anywhere,just like all the foreign players,they all seem to forget which club has made them the players they are today.

Posted 12:03 27th August 2010

Andrew Gisby (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

i think it''s scandalous that again Barcelona players keep talking about other players wanting to join their club. First it was Puyol and co about Fabragas, now Messi reportedly saying its in humane to keep Mascherano. As for all these so called professional players who are not in the right frame of mind to play for the clubs they are contracted maybe if that''s the case the clubs should be not in the right frame of mind to pay them as they are not obliging what they are paid to do. Too much player power in the top flights.

Posted 12:02 27th August 2010

Matthew Pace (Liverpool fan) says...

Bye, bye, Trasch-erano. Don''t slam the door on your way out.

Posted 11:54 27th August 2010

Richard Cole (Liverpool fan) says...

Javier Mascherano is a good player, a top player, if he wants to go, fair play to him, people wouldnt be hating on stevie g if he wanted to leave would they, after last season who can blame him for wanting to leave, to be honest we are''nt going to win anything this term anyway, so whats he got to stay for? and as far as getting our asking price, what does it matter? the yanks debt will wipe out any money we get anyway and we wont see any of it!! Just hope Hodgson has a good season Get the yuanks out!! YNWA!!!

Posted 11:54 27th August 2010

Paul Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

Good bye, good riddance.. I hope Roy spends this money wiser than Benitez did.. i have faith in him though.. Memo to Hodgson: Xabi Alonso, Keisuke Honda, Luis Suarez, Riise, Konchesky

Posted 11:49 27th August 2010

Howard Shopland (Liverpool fan) says...

The comments on here about Mascha are harsh. During his time as a Liverpool player he was nothing short of immense, he could have & should have dealt wtih this matter a lot better but at the very least he deserves some well wishes as he moves on. Now Woy needs to spend the money on a QUALITY striker and a left back.

Posted 11:40 27th August 2010

Daniel Joselyn (Liverpool fan) says...

What a joke! £16m plus add ons. Is Purslow Rick Parry in disguise? Liverpool''s business model when it comes to buying and selling players is an absolute joke. No wonder no one wants to buy the club, if they buy out the debt our poor business transactions will soon put us in the mire again. The only way I will be happy about this deal is if we get to buy back Alonso for £12M. Our midfield is threadbare and Roy insists on using Rafa''s dumb tactic of playing strikers on the wings. I thought Jova was support for Torres, not a left sided DK!

Posted 11:37 27th August 2010

Neil Law (West Ham United fan) says...

All I can say is good riddance, when a player refuses to play for a club then its time they moved on. I agree with earlier comments , liverpool saved his career and he thanks them this way. He is a disgrace to the footballling world and is just another one who to get his way throws his toys out of his pram. His first game he will either be sent off or suffer a bad injury which will end his career

Posted 11:24 27th August 2010

Graeme Rycyk (Liverpool fan) says...

Come on guys, he has been a great player for us. He has said why he wants to leave and its down to family. He said its not the club but the country. Why can''t we just respect that, yes he is leaving, and leaving what 2 seasons ago was the best midfield line up in the world to a mediocre line up and honestly i don''t want him to go he is one of my favourite players but sometimes things are bigger than football. He should be leaving with the fans sad to see him go but understanding the reasons. Everyone else would do the same for there family.

Posted 11:18 27th August 2010

Paul Dance (Liverpool fan) says...

Good player but if his heart aint in it best to let him go, I say lets see if we can''t temp West Ham to let us have Scott Parker best english holding midfielder about at the moment!!

Posted 11:08 27th August 2010

V Kash (Manchester United fan) says...

It''s sad to see so many Liverpool fans slagging off Mach when he was one of your best players overs the last few years. Yes, you did develop him and make him the great player he is today, but only a few have thanked him for his services and wish him well. When a player doesn''t want to play for the team anymore, I think it''s better for the team to let them go, and find someone who wants to play for them. It''s a team that win trophies (Adam H) not a player, maybe that''s where your going wrong?

Posted 11:04 27th August 2010

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