Jovanovic hints at Reds exit

Serbian star frustrated at his lack of action

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Jovanovic hints at Reds exit

Jovanovic: Frustrated


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Liverpool new boy Milan Jovanovic has admitted he is considering leaving the club just two months into the season.

Jovanovic joined Liverpool on a free transfer from Standard Liege in the summer in a deal already agreed by former Reds boss Rafa Benitez.

However, the Serbian international has struggled to hold down a regular place in Roy Hodgson's side and he is not happy with the current situation.

"I am starting to find the time dragging on," Jovanovic is quoted as saying by The Sun.

"I'm a fighter but if things do not sort themselves out I will change club - even though it is too soon to think about it yet.

"I'm on form, I'm working hard and I have started eight competitive games.

"But I've not been in the starting XI for the last few matches - and I've not even come on as a sub."


Jovanovic admits he is missing his former club Standard Liege as he is struggling to adapt to the rigours of English football

He continued: "I have to adapt to a new system over here. I have to defend all the time.

"Just three or four teams in the Premier league play attractive football. The others set great store by commitment, discipline and defending.

"I miss Standard and the city of Liege."

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James Tawse (Liverpool fan) says...

...let the waster go. already talking about leaving cause been left out of 2 games!!! some team player he isn''t... let him go back to his mummy.... cant pronounce his name anyway!

Posted 13:02 2nd October 2010

Frustrated liverpool fan . (Liverpool fan) says...

well that was clever of a new signing to go out in public and admit you want to leave, great way to win over the fans... another ''amazing'' loyal signing from Benitez, hes not even our manager anymore but still drags us down! just go if your not commited to the cause!

Posted 13:00 2nd October 2010

Shaun Ashley (Liverpool fan) says...

OH NO! How will we cope without him? Let him go, not as if he''s exactly been pulling up trees for us is it? Am still prepared to wait for Woy to get things right at my beloved club, I just hope that my first thought after he was appointed manager (Not the right man, not big enough for our club) is wrong, I really do. Come on the redmen YNWA

Posted 12:33 2nd October 2010

Craig Allsop (Liverpool fan) says...

I can understand ur frustrations, and you have got it bang on for Roy and his defensive tactics, just hang on in there lad, hopefully with new owners looming we can get a new manager coming in that''s actualy willing to go out there and attempt to win a game instead of settin stall out not to lose, there''s slot of us fans don''t like roys tactics, we will get to him soon enough but for now we got two bigger muppets to get rid of - YANKS OUT NOW - Y.N.W.A - J.F.T.96

Posted 12:33 2nd October 2010

Colin B (Liverpool fan) says...

Wow, we so don''t need a player like this at the moment. He playes good football and I think he would have been a good addition to the squad. But a new player under a new manager has to know the manager will be looking to see what works. If he honestly thought he would come into English football and play every game he is deluded and maybe should have got a Sky Sports package in Liege and watched more English football. No player plays all the games of a season and I think for a player just getting used to the game he should be glad of 8 starts. Exit stage left in January me thinks. Pity, be any club only wants those willing to play for the team and not players who air their discontent in the press. Did this guy know anything of Liverpool before he signed ?

Posted 12:19 2nd October 2010

Will Hudson (Liverpool fan) says...

you''ve been there for 2 months and you want to leave already? thats the same as having a new job and leaving after 2 months give it a chance jova you can do well

Posted 12:17 2nd October 2010

Luke Mcewan (Liverpool fan) says...

Dear Milan, In this interview you''ve come accross selfish, lazy and non - ambitious. You have to work for things in England, especially Liverpool, if you want to acheieve them. If you have no wish to compete for a place in the Liverpool line up, please leave. There are a million people who would die to take your place. Yours, Luke McEwan

Posted 12:11 2nd October 2010

Rob Shackleton (Liverpool fan) says...

What a sick joke, get some fight and some passion, you get paid ridiculous amounts of cash so you can fulfill the needs of your entire extended family, and all you have too do is be loyal and stick at it, if you miss it there go back there and play Championship standard (Liege) football, and let someone else have the fantastic opportunity to play football for Liverpool. Embarrising...

Posted 12:03 2nd October 2010

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