Reds confirm record Carroll deal

Permission granted for striker to undergo medical in the North West

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Reds confirm record Carroll deal

Carroll: Requested transfer

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Liverpool have confirmed that Newcastle have accepted a club-record fee for striker Andy Carroll.

The announcement represents a significant marker in what has been a twisting transfer saga on an incredibly dramatic deadline day of the 2010/11 winter window.

Liverpool failed in two initial bids in the region of £30million, but Carroll then requested a transfer and Newcastle were essentially forced to 'reluctantly' accept.

The striker is now travelling to the North West by private jet in order to discuss personal terms and undergo a medical ahead of an 11pm deadline.

A statement on the club's official website read: "Liverpool FC confirmed this afternoon that Newcastle United had accepted a club record offer for the transfer of Andy Carroll.

"The club have been given permission by Newcastle to discuss personal terms with the player, who will now travel to Liverpool for a medical."

Rebuilding process

The confusing tug-of-war has emerged as the box-office event of the transfer window as Liverpool presumably prepare to reinvest the funds generated from the potential £50m sale of Fernando Torres to Chelsea.

Carroll is currently recovering from a thigh injury, but, despite relative inexperience at Premier League level, he is viewed as an ideal signing with regards to his age, potential and marketing value.

The 22-year-old made his England debut at the end of 2010 and Liverpool's parent company, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), have decided that he will prove a sound investment in the rebuilding process of the 18-time champions of England.

Ajax striker Luis Suarez is also on his way to Anfield in a £22.8m deal, with the Uruguayan's move set to be confirmed when the formalities of paperwork and a work permit are approved.

Blackpool captain Charlie Adam could be the next player to be moving to Anfield, with Sky Sports News reporting that the midfielder is set to hold talks with the five-time European Cup winners.

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Comments (114)

Stan Manya (Liverpool fan) says...

Well if those of you remember 1987 when Ian Rush was signed, KK was given grief! He then signed Barnes, Beardsley (Geordie) and Aldo and the rest is history! Trust the King! We have only spent 7mill if you count the sums up! not bad business in my eyes!

Posted 00:51 1st February 2011

?? ?? (Liverpool fan) says...

35 Mill For Caroll ?? Its Disgusting How Much Money Is Getting Thrown Around .. Hes Not Even Worth 15 .. Are Arsenal The Only Down To Earth Team In The Premier League .. Theyy Dont Even Spend And They End Up Challenging Well For Mostly Everything... I Think We All Shall Learn From Them ...

Posted 00:46 1st February 2011

David Collier (Liverpool fan) says...

We need to look at the bigger picture here. Fenway group still have not really invested in the team, what ambition have they shown, none. We have sold Torres and replaced him with two players that total Torres fee. If they were really interested in pumping money in, surely we would have signed a couple more quality players. It looks as if they are saving there spending for the red sox since they just invested 280 million dollars in two players. What money have they made available for transfers, "nothing" It looks as we will have to sell to buy in future if this window is anything to go by.

Posted 00:40 1st February 2011

Scott Clarke (Manchester City fan) says...

I must say that this one surprised me, as did Torres! I'm sure now that the fans of Liverpool & Chelsea will, after criticising my team for allegedly 'paying over the odds' for players, be fulsome with their apologies for being hypocrites!!!!!! I mean, come on!! £50 million for a player who is undoubtedly good but spends more time lately with the physio than the first team is a huge gamble for Chelsea, as is Liverpool's £35 million on a potentially good player who has a dubious off-field track record!!! And you guys criticised us for spending £25 million on Tevez, ffs!!!!! Personally, I think Liverpool have bought decent players but are they worth the money? No chance!! Suarez, at £23 million, has a great record in Holland but, let's be honest, it's mainly league One level bar 3 clubs so he is not proven to me. May turn out to be a good buy though. Carroll, at £35 million, is potential at best!! Good player but £35 million quid!!!! The world really has gone mad!! Seriously though, I hope they work out for you guys but, at that cost, you must admit that it's one hell of a gamble!!!

Posted 00:38 1st February 2011

Paul W (Newcastle United fan) says...

Yet again a footballer shows there is no such thing as loyalty. The toon number 9 shirt was good enough for Shearer for most of his career but apparently not for Andy Carroll - despite Andy making noises to the contrary just the other day. So upset with Andy - we shall never forgive him. I now look forward to Pardew resigning as he said that his place as manager was dependent on a promise by Lambias to keep Carroll - not surprisingly this was a lie and so if Pardew is a man of honour (ha ha...) he will resign.

Posted 00:36 1st February 2011

Trevor Rollin (Sunderland fan) says...

only said the other week about bent going for the money,and said carrol would follow .northeast teams can,t keep hold of there best players .henderson next.

Posted 00:33 1st February 2011

Greg Hudson says...

I feel for Toon on this deal. We all felt the same way about Torres pulling his stunt with three days left in the window. So to pick up a player who essentially did the same to his club, I can sympathise. However as a Reds supporter I love the deal since I think Carroll will be an absolutely fantastic partner to Suarez.

Posted 00:30 1st February 2011

Michael Latimer (Newcastle United fan) says...

This is terrible..... He was pushed by Ashley, he never wanted to leave ... but 35M looks very good on the books and the only good thing is that it makes the club mores sellable and hopefully Ashley will now SELL the club in the summer.

Posted 00:29 1st February 2011

Matthew Pattimore (Liverpool fan) says...

I cannot believe we paid £35m for Carroll, i honestly believe he will become the most expensive flop in premiership history. if we had acted earlier we could have gone in for Aguero for around 40m, or pato for around 25-30m both of which look like an incredible investment. suarez looks impressive and i think with the market the way it is he will prove to be a bargin, however like carroll he has a fierce temper and will pick up red cards. as much as im gutted about torres leaving he is like a petulant child and id rather him not be there if he doesnt want to be, would have preferred to wait till the summer and get man city involved along with barca maybe

Posted 00:28 1st February 2011

Lewis G says...

Although Torres was one of our best players, we cannot force a player to stay at a club if he doesnt want to and who in recent games looked and acted as if he didn't want to be there. He obviously has his reasons for leaving and who are we to argue? I wish him luck at Chelsea. As for the fans who made a public display of frustration by burning their Torres shirts, grow up! Is there any wonder why he wanted to leave with such public shows of hostility? The signing of Andy Carroll may be one of Liverpool's better signings in recent years and we all look forward to seeing him play.

Posted 00:24 1st February 2011

Brad Smith (Newcastle United fan) says...

mike ashley ,do us a favour and pack your bags before the toon army burns you at the striker,no goals and relegation zone here we come.we are all so dissapointed.just as we were looking pretty good and starting to believe that we were going go and rip us apart again.please,please,please do the right thing and leave newcastle.

Posted 00:19 1st February 2011

Suky Sahota (Manchester United fan) says...

i know this post wont probarly be posted but if it PLEASE READ to all the opposite fans just shut up evan utd fans we should be focusing on our squad couldnt care less on what other clubs are doing and to all the kop fans crying over torres leaving you got 50m for one of the leagues worst performers and all people saying andy carroll isnt worth 35m can some1 tell me how was rooney worth 25m 5 years ago and carrol has also scored 11 goals in his first season he has got a good future ahead of him and its nice to see someone else spending money accept for our noisy neighbours and it also makes the league more intrsting because everyone has made improvements i wish we could had purchased some midfielder but oh well we'll still be there at the end of season and p.s cant wait to see what rooney is worth if torres is 50 cus rooney is english probs 80m?

Posted 00:19 1st February 2011

Patrick O'hagan says...

All this talk about a signal of intent from Liverpool's new owners. Glad they moved quickly to buy someone but should have spent a bit more to get Adam. In real terms they have only spent £2M - £50M in for Torres and £6M for Babel, £23M out for Suarez and £35M for Carroll.

Posted 00:14 1st February 2011

David Reinhardt (Aston Villa fan) says...

replacing torres with carroll is like replacing cheryl cole wit susan boyle! madness he is as slow as christmas n has only half a decent season in pl! ill have bent any day!

Posted 00:12 1st February 2011

Michael Garner says...

Great singing made up, looking forward like most people to see suarez and carroll playing together. Pity we lost Torres like but players come an go like buses these days good luck nando anyways. an whats with all these man united fans commenting worried are we?

Posted 00:11 1st February 2011

Ben Wilson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Some of the liverpool fans commenting on this do make me laugh.. how can you justify £35m+ for an unproven injured striker who only came really came on the scene following a season in the championship where he ONLY finished 6th top goalscorer? And yes he has been good so far this season but not 'prolific' and by no means a revelation. Anyone comparing him to the next rooney are mad.. he wasnt even worth the £23m we offered them! Although its good money for them, gotta feel sorry for newcastle fans, he was like their idol and he lead them down the garden path with his rubbish about wanting to play their forever.. then handing his transfer request in when liverpool who have a mediocre squad and have just sold one out of two of their only good players! also dont act like u dont care that torres has gone some of u delirious 'pool fans or that itl be better for you.. you have just lost a fantastic world class football and replaced it with two good players. bit surprised newcastle let him go without finding a good replacement- typical greedy ashley keeping the cash i keep reading that liverpool have basically swapped torres with two 'fantastic' players.. only they havent? torres brought in 50m, the other two cost 10m more than that.. Torres+10m=Carroll+Suarez. I know what id rather have! David Villa 34m Andy Carroll 35m -thats got to be the only good thing rio has pointed out or said on his twitter page!

Posted 00:11 1st February 2011

Matt Lewis (Manchester United fan) says...

Why is everyone saying two new strikers for Torres. Suarez was bought to partner Torres, he was not bought with Torres's transfer money. Who would you have Suarez and Torres or Andy and Suarez? Liverpool have blown most of the £50 mill on an unproven striker. If Torres could not get you wins then God help you with Andy.

Posted 00:10 1st February 2011

Jamie Randall (Liverpool fan) says...

totally agree that carrol is not worth 35 million but thats what football is like these days he only 22 so he can only get better and as someone said why are man u fans commenting on this are they that obbessed with liverpool

Posted 00:10 1st February 2011

Ryan Osborne (Newcastle United fan) says...

How many goals can an injured striker score? I'll bet my right arm it's not 35 million worth...Although I am worrying about our current strike force half of them couldn't finish a snack size mars bar hopefully I'm wrong and Ameobi and Best can do the bussiness every week until the summer when hopefully a proven goal scorer arrives with the money that should now be made available...

Posted 00:05 1st February 2011

Andrew Harris (Newcastle United fan) says...

What a joke this transfer has been, I can't wait to see him drowning at the bottom of the table with the rest of his team. Liverpool was a step backwards as far as I'm concerned, let's see if they can stop up long enough to get the most out of their players....

Posted 00:04 1st February 2011

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