Rooney favourite for award

United star looking to make it four in a row

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PFA Players' Player of the Year nominees:
Carlos Tevez
Cesc Fabregas
Didier Drogba
Wayne Rooney
Young Player of the Year nominees:
Cesc Fabregas
James Milner
Joe Hart
Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney is 1/16 favourite to scoop the PFA Player Of The Year award. Click here to bet.

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Wayne Rooney has been installed as the overwhelming favourite to land the PFA player of the year award following the release of the short-list.

The Manchester United star has enjoyed an outstanding season, even if it appears his success at club level will be limited to the Carling Cup.

Rooney has scored 34 goals for United this term and has catapulted himself among the true world-class talents.

If Rooney did win, it would be the fourth time on the trot a member of the Old Trafford camp had received the accolade, following on from Ryan Giggs last year, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who was player of the year in the two seasons before that.

Rooney does have some competition, although the usual six-man shortlist has been trimmed to four.

Like Rooney, Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas has been selected for both the main award, and the young player of the year prize.

Although he has been sidelined for the rest of the season by injury, Fabregas held together a Gunners' title challenge that twice seemed to have collapsed before Tottenham almost certainly snuffed it out last night.

As champions-elect, Chelsea were bound to have a representative, and while he might not have hit the heights as consistently as in other years, Didier Drogba's goals ensured the Stamford Bridge outfit came through their rocky patch and are now in line to become only the seventh team to land the domestic double.

Manchester City's emergence as a Premier League force is also confirmed by the presence of Carlos Tevez, who has been such a pivotal figure for the Blues since his controversial summer move from neighbours United.

City also have a representative for the young player prize, although in Joe Hart's case that has only happened following a successful loan move to Birmingham.

Aston Villa's James Milner is the fourth name on that list, testament to his outstanding form for Martin O'Neill's men, which seems certain to earn him a place in Fabio Capello's England World Cup squad.

Click on the video to see PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor explain just what has made this year's four candidates stand out from the rest...

Comments (70)

Kristian Quartermain (Arsenal fan) says...

Throughout the season it has been between Rooney and Fabregas who has been the better plus best player. Rooney has many goals to his name. 26 in the league i think but only 3 assists however he does link up well with the wing man. However Fabregas still has many goals. 17 which is alot but not as many as Rooney however he equilises tht wiv the amount of assists which has also been 17. Both players have been outstanding this season but Rooney does have the edge so in my eyes... Rooney 1st, Fabregas 2nd, Tevez 3rd, Drogba 4th

Posted 01:09 17th April 2010

Manfred Coverdale (Hull City fan) says...

I know that people can be short sighted and see nothing but greatness from their own team, but please people, behave! Rooney is world class and has been head and shoulders above any other player this season. Yes, he hasn't made as many assists as others, or even as much as he has in the past but let¿s remember that it was just a year or two ago that Fergie and Capello released statements suggesting that he's too generous and needs to be more selfish in front of goal. He's scored over 30 goals this seasons, showing that he's not just a natural talent but he can also listen to managers and perform how they want him too. Rooney would walk in to any side in the world, no question about it! Let's stop being silly and just give him the PFA award.

Posted 21:13 16th April 2010

Ryan D (Rangers fan) says...

I cannot stand Wayne Rooney - but even i'll admit hes a shoe-in for player of the season -he has been unstoppable. James Milner for young player although i think joe hart maybe in with a shot.

Posted 21:00 16th April 2010

Sanpreet Bachu (Chelsea fan) says...

DROGBA ALL THE WAY.......Drogba has to PFA player of the year......hes stronger, faster, more skillfull then rooney and hes deadly from freekicks.......any defender in the world would rathe play against rooney then drogba purely because of his physical presence and abilility to run defenders into the ground. So what Drogba dives hes still a striking genius! BUT rooney does have age on his side.

Posted 15:36 16th April 2010

Neil Allen says...

Am I wrong or was there 4 players nominated for this award here?, after reading through 4 pages of bias from united and chelsea fans, this might come as a shock to you lot, but the Premier League also contains 18 other teams who have had players perform well for them also. Everybody seems to be dismissing Carlos Tevez in this list here, not saying he will win it, as we already know who is going to win, hell a player who plays in a certain colour won last years and was not even good enough to get into their team, yet we are led to believe he was the best in the country (Ryan Giggs), even Ferguson didn't think he was good enough for a place last year, hence why he never picked him. This award is fixed and bent, the who "who will win" debate is pointless, I can tell you now, Rooney will win PoTY and Fabregas YPoTY......and how stupid would that be? can a player be in both polls and not win both?, surely if one wins PoTY then they MUST win the YPoTY award also if they are nominated in the list of candidates, but then again this IS the English FA, so I guess anything can happen, and usually something stupid does. I have no idea who will win it next year when Rooney is in the white of Real Madrid.............probably Darren Fletcher, as no matter how hard they tried, United couldn't sell sell you would need a buyer and no side in Europe are that desperate.

Posted 15:32 16th April 2010

Gareth Gaukroger says...

I think you bitter Chelsea fans should look at the facts, yes Drogba went to the ANC... so? Doesn't change anything... Rooney has missed a handful of games due to injury. In the Premier League Drogba has played 28 games.. Rooney has played just 29.. For those who stated Drogba gave Rooney a head start should have their head in their hands as to being so idiotic with their comments. Rooney will win the award down to his performances which have basically carried Manchester United through the season. Drogba has had a great season don't get me wrong but he doesn't put in the effort that Rooney does in his games. Rooney 1st Fabregas 2nd Drogba 3rd for me.

Posted 14:54 16th April 2010

Anne Hill ( charlton fan) says...

How can it not be Rooney, and not because he is English as Chelsea fans seem to think he will get chosen solely for this reason but because he is the best all rounder by far, strike ability - great. defensively - great. team player -definately. diver- not in the slightest. work rate - epic ......... no contest. and as for Mario ( Barcelona) he's scared in case Madrid get Rooney!! Milner - youngest player

Posted 13:04 16th April 2010

Jay Token (Manchester United fan) says...

Rooney to win.. Henry Shiri.. your having a laugh to ever thing drogba is better than rooney.. i respect u have to support ur chelsea man but face facts.. ask ur chelsea team to really be honest on whose better and im sure they will say rooney.. not because he is english.. member rooney went from best player in the world to best striker in the world since his injuries as messi shined whilst rooney was injured and missing important games etc.. you say you have to defend.. haha.. im sure we all know rooney is a far better player at defending than drogba.. i member watching a game when we only had 10 men.. rooney went to defence and put the ball upfront for park to score.. never see drogba doing that unless its a conceding corner.. rooney is one of the most unselfish players ever. 5 yrs with ronaldo proves that... specially last 3 yrs playing all over to support ronaldo reducing his chances of goal.. behave mate.. penalties.. excuse me.. penalty against liverpool, hull and sum1 else early on in the league.. 3.. wuppy do.. chelsea win it then fair play but rooney has helped man u win far more than drogba has helped u lot win.. he is famous for helping u win FA cups.. and in mourinho days he helped u win bck to bck premieres but dnt mistake it thinking he better than rooney. Adam levy.. i do agree.. rooney should win one and fabregas should win one.. rooneys impact is crazy and so is fab.. not many players come on a pitch for 15-20 mins n score 2 goals and then come off the field again to have a cup tea with a smile of victory haha. Mario Zagallo clearly you dont kno nuffin.. every1 is talkin about assists etc.. yes drogba has had more assists this year which is a first.. but.. if you want to look at facts.. rooney has created far more link up plays to the left or right flanks that create goals.. most of his goals come from him getting the ball.. puttin it on wings then bck in to score by him or sum1 else.

Posted 09:37 16th April 2010

Peter Castle (Swansea City fan) says...

Rooneys had a great season, no doubt, but those who say he is offers so much more, more than the others, are blind to the fact that rooney only has 3 assists. a lot less than the others. People say that rooney has carried the team, but thats only because he is the main striker and the providers from midfield have been conditioned to play for him, ie Rooney hasnt been creative one, the team has been creating for him and hes been doing a fantastic job of putting the ball in the net, he has been the final part in the jigsaw if u like and without him they would have struggled as they dont have a good enough back up, where as chelsea do in anelka. IMO Drogba should win it or fab, as alhough drogba has one less goal, he has set up a lot more for his team mates, which in my logic says that hes more than a goal scorer, he is a provider as well, more than rooney. Fab has amazing stats for a midfielder, and is hands down the best CM in the league. I know stats dont paint the whole picture, but they are ultimately what players should be judged on, as they are truly impartial and not swayed by national pride.

Posted 09:34 16th April 2010

Josh Austin (Aston Villa fan) says...

I seriously don't know how all these people can be saying drogbas better than Rooney, if drogba was in that man u team, man u would have been no where in comparison with how theyve done with wayne! He's the complete package, when he came to villa he was just unstoppable, didn't lose the ball once even when they were down too ten men! As for young player of the year, it's obviously going to be Rooney or fabregas, but I'd love milner to get it, he's really carried us a lot this season, he has an engine like not many others, showed he can perform on the big stage as him and petrov dominated both man u and Chelsea in the cup finals, I do agree bale should at least be in the reckoning, he's been awesome!

Posted 09:23 16th April 2010

Ollie Hall says...

Rooney is the best!

Posted 09:17 16th April 2010

Stuart Gray says...

Coventry Fan (independant) Rooney should win the award he is a complete striker, works so hard for the team scores and creates goals from all ove the park. Drogba!!! Is the same Drogba i'm thinking of about 6ft 4 16-17 stone of muscle falls over blades of grass!!! Drogba should win nothing whilst he continues to throw himself to the ground trying to win cheap free kicks and penalties!! He even has the audacity to throw himself to the ground then try and get players booked by getting in referees faces. I'm not disputing the fact that Drogba is a Great Striker and one of the best in the World, but he needs to stop the falling over like a fairy!! Wayne Rooney 1st Fabregas 2nd Drogba 3rd

Posted 09:14 16th April 2010

Awosanya Remmy (Manchester United fan) says...

i think Wayne Rooney deserve the award has far as am concern because he has been an outstanding man this season.

Posted 08:03 16th April 2010

Tristan Rushmer (Manchester United fan) says...

I see that there is a lot of bitter comments about Rooney in this debate.Chelsea fans blaming the media for giving him too much hype. Ha! And that they are bigging him up beacuse he's englands golden boy. (pretty sure ronaldo got the same attention when he was donning the league). And most of them keep saying things along the line of 'Drogba missed aload of games because of the ACN. No wonder Rooneys scored more,he's played more games.' I would like to point out to the haters that Rooney has played just 2 more games with two more goals than drogba in all competitions all season. 'What about just the premier league?' I hear you say. For Rooney its 26 goals in 29 games in PL. Drogba its 25 goals in 28. So by the looks of goals pretty damn equal. and as I pointed out Rooney has not played loads more at all. Also, since when did the award just go to the player thats scored the most. Thats a different award, its called the golden boot. PFA is about all round game play, contribution to the team effort, passion, charisma etc etc not just goals. Drogba has had a good season,dont get me wrong. He is one of the best and as much as it pains me to say, he has contributed to Chelseas probable title win. but it is not his most prolific season at all. Rooney has carried us this season, Drogba has not carried Chelsea. And to that bitter Arsenal fan, Dan Rothwell. Firstly, how can you go from saying Rooney was the worst player for utd at the start of the season (that made me laugh, should be a comedian), to then saying he's selfish (which he isnt at all), to then saying 'he should be scoring that many goals anyway because he plays for utd and they are meant to be best team', to then saying we need him to drive the poor midfielders. your comment is full of contradictions and I sense that you are not over the 3-1 defeat at the emirates, are you? Face it we won and we (in particular rooney) showed you up.need a tissue?Rooney=best

Posted 07:43 16th April 2010

Henry Shiri (Chelsea fan) says...

Why Rooney? It is because he is British? Drogba is the best! He has proved that being a striker does not mean only waiting for scoring. You have to defend, pass the ball for someone else to score. Thats what Drogba is! he is not selfish player. Rooney has scored a good number of his goals through penalties unlike Drogba. By the way how can someone who has failed to win his team a Premier League Championship win the award? Drogba is the man!!!!!!

Posted 07:42 16th April 2010

Adam Levy (Arsenal fan) says...

Rooney should win it 100%. What he's done at utd this season is unbelievable. It's not just his goals that should win him the award it's everything that leads to the goals, the vision, the movement, (surprisingly) the pace at which he does it too. As for the Young player of the year, if Rooney doesn't win that aswell, it has to be Fabregas. Arsenal wouldn't be where they are now without him. He's kept Arsenal in it when it matters. Yes Milner and Hart are good young players but not the best in the league I'm afraid.

Posted 07:26 16th April 2010

Mario Zagallo (Barcelona fan) says...

This is not even a contest: it's a straight choice between Drogba and Fabregas. Only propaganda by english media can make W. Rooney win it. I can't see where this unplayable thing by Rooney is coming from: he's just being scoring few goals this season. Before people talk they should check their stats. Actually, Man U winning % is double when Rooney IS NOT IN THE TEAM, plus he scored same goal/game ratio as Drogba, with the advantage of playing 5 weeks more while Drogba was in African Cup. Regarding assists this season, well Drogba has 300% more assists than Rooney, so it can be only one winner this season and every season, and that is Drogba. Fabregas, well 15 goals and 15 assists speaks for him. Anything other than that , is pure bulls**t.

Posted 03:55 16th April 2010

Triston Smook (Chelsea fan) says...

Drogba would be my pick but as this is a decision made in the UK guess who will win - Rooney. United have tilted from one Special player to the next every season especially during the Ronaldo era. This season it has been the Rooney era. As for all the Manchester United fan comments, it's nice to see that all of you understand and recognize the concept of a "One man Team". Drogba was away for a month and had he been present he would be head and shoulders above Ronney in the scoring stakes. There is no way he would go 5 games without a goal. And yes Chelsea can play and score with or without him, that is why Chelsea are deservedly Top of the League. Drogba can be a bit padantic now and again on the pitch but give me the names of 5 World class strikers who don't act the same? Ronaldo was no different. True strikers the predators that they are will use every means possible to fein weakness only to pounce and score the Winner - Go Drogbaaaaaaa!

Posted 02:11 16th April 2010

Ted Bungo (Leeds United fan) says...

I don't understand how Milner has only been placed in the "young player of the year" category. If everyone is talking about how Rooney has carried Man United; surely credit has got to be given to Milner for carrying Aston Villa this year and keeping their champions league hopes alive. He has been one of the most consistent performers this season, and is one of the only real guaranteed places on the plane to South Africa for England.

Posted 01:02 16th April 2010

Niall Burns (Aston Villa fan) says...

Definatly Milner for young player. As a season ticket holder i watch him week in and week out and he never stops, just overall a fantastic player. I was suprised he wasnt up for player of the season, but i suppose theres only 4 slots open and the 4 that have been chosen have be great as well this season. Rooney for player of the season as well. He's carried united since Ronaldos departure and without him united would be no where. Brilliant player in every way.

Posted 23:47 15th April 2010

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