Hughes - Schwarzer stays

Cottagers have no plans to part with keeper

By Chris Burton   Last updated: 13th August 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

Hughes - Schwarzer stays

Schwarzer: Keen on move

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Fulham boss Mark Hughes has no intention of allowing Mark Schwarzer to join Premier League rivals Arsenal.

The Gunners are in the market for a new goalkeeper and have indentified the Cottagers' No.1 as their top target.

Australia international Schwarzer has openly admitted that he would welcome such a switch, claiming the chance to turn out for the Gunners would be 'an amazing opportunity that I want to take'.

However, Fulham are reluctant to sell, especially on the terms currently being offered by Arsenal, and Hughes insists no deal will be done unless it benefits his team.

He said: "From our point of view the situation has not changed. There was interest from Arsenal in May.

"Their bid was refused. We have not had any more bids and we wouldn't encourage any."

Hughes added: "Mark sees it as an opportunity with the current stage that he is at in his career.


"I can appreciate that but he has to understand that we have to protect Fulham too.

"At the moment it wouldn't be right for Fulham football club.

"He is an outstanding goalkeeper. It's only when you work with players that you realise how good they are.

"It would be difficult to replace him. It's difficult to get the right quality into your football club. We have a top-class keeper in our squad and we would like to keep him."

Meanwhile, Hughes has confirmed that he hopes to have a deal for AZ Alkmaar striker Moussa Dembele wrapped up by Friday evening.

"We have made some progress with Moussa," said the Welshman.

"We hope that he will be in London by the close of play to do a medical, although it hasn't been fully signed off by his club yet."

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Comments (83)

Rich Pedder (Arsenal fan) says...

While I would say that Schwarzer is a class act as a keeper (and with him we''d have a much better chance at the title) I cant see us paying much more than we have offered, simply because a season (two at the most) is all we would ever get out of him so it would be money down the drain. One thing I will say though is that i am completely unimpressed with him coming out and saying he wants to move, its fair enough telling the manager but saying it to the press just shows a lack of class. Its about time players fulfilled their contracts and stopped going on about wanting to move to xyz because they are a bigger name, throwing more cash at them etc!

Posted 17:03 13th August 2010

Arsenal''s empty Trophy cabinet (Arsenal fan) says...

i agree with Jamie if we should get a keeper let it be the best not Schwarzer who past his prime. He Should go for Shea Given or J Hart as they shown what they can do last season and both keepers want to be No1 and not bench warmers. Get rid of Flappyyanski and keep Alumina for a Season as No.2 And pls pls get 2 good Centre Backs that can be used as cover when Vermalen is injured and since Djouru is not at his peak being out for a whole season

Posted 16:57 13th August 2010

Robert V (Fulham fan) says...

Kit, how can you be so arrogant? Hughes is making a big MISTAKE? "This is probably Schwarzer''''s final chance to make a move to a big club and in keeping him Fulham will have done themselves no favours". Is Fulham doing themselves no favours by holding on to one of the best goalies in the league? Or doing themselves no favours by refusing to strenthen a competitor to their own detriment? Arrogant, ridiculous fans like yourself who can only see the league through the eyes of their own team''s success (or in your case lack of success and the resulting desperation that it breeds) is what makes me hate the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea. This league is NOT played only for the benefit of your team. Fulham is the most improved team in the English premiership over the past couple of years, and has every right not to roll over when Arsene comes with a big wad of cash. Or do you also argue that Arsenal has done themselves no favours holding on to the likes of Fabregas when Barca comes calling? Pathetic.

Posted 16:30 13th August 2010

Jordan Balindo (Arsenal fan) says...

i think mark hughes is trying to frustrate arsenal knowing that he cant keep schwazer,what he wants is the increase of the money offered by arsenal,boss wenger must be quick to execute the deal,so that the current arsenal goalkeeper can know who is going to the number one,and also make us as arsenal fans relieved as we will be sure that our goal is in safe hands of one of the eperienced goalkeepers by,JORDAN BALINDO

Posted 16:28 13th August 2010

Darren Tully (Arsenal fan) says...

It''s the friday before the beginning of the season and Wenger has just attended the pre match press conference and was asked who will be in goal on sunday.. he answered while smiling he doesn''t know yet, meaning there is no No.1 at the club right now which to me means he is still looking to buy a GK. Mark Hughes'' above statement only says that "at the moment" (the moment being our most recent bid) it wouldn''t benefit fulham. Wenger was also asked if he would make a bid for Given or Hart and he clearly said 3 times "no"... however when asked if he would make another bid for Schwarzer he replied "I don''t think it''s the best time to talk about transfers" lol Typical Wenger he gives you the answer but just makes you look for it... only thing I don''t agree with is not having a number 1 keeper before such a tough opening match where as if we were playing blackpool at home almunia could do us a favour while the Schwarzer deal is negotiated. Saying that though our first bid was when Hodgeson was manager so it''s not Arsenal''s fault that a deal couldn''t have been done sooner. Have faith Gooners...

Posted 16:27 13th August 2010

Adam Watts (Arsenal fan) says...

Come on hughes do the decent thing, what a difference he will make to the gooners, without him I cant see us improving upon last season. Can see wenger''s plan bring him in and then coach up Wojciech Szczesny who wenger rates highly!!

Posted 16:22 13th August 2010

Mark Raffaelli (Arsenal fan) says...

I don''t know if our beloved leader ever reads these columns, but if he does then i would take the opportunity to ask him, nay beg him to go after ''Hart'' with all guns blazing! (no pun intended).I would also recommend that he consider that no price is to high for this young man, especially given his young age and future prospects.If we cannot buy him, then talk to Man City about a loan deal with options on first chance to buy if the occasion arises. I do not want to appear disloyal to our current keepers, but they are simply not at the standard we need or are used to, i am sorry but this is how i feel. Here''s hopeing!!!!

Posted 16:06 13th August 2010

Pat Sullivan (Fulham fan) says...

This is probably going to be Schwarzer''s only chance to play in the Champions League.....we should let him have that chance but only if Hughes feels we have adequate cover or can get that cover before the window closes.

Posted 15:55 13th August 2010

Thierry Henry (Arsenal fan) says...

for the last 2 years arsene wenger has said that we have lost titles due to conceding too many goals, we match chelsea and united offensively but defensively we are well behind. so what has wenger done to rectify this so far? He''s let 3 centre-backs go, bought one in, and no closer to signing a decent keeper. Our defence is now weaker than before the summer, what is wenger doing?!

Posted 15:43 13th August 2010

Mph Iceland (Arsenal fan) says...

The point of buying Schwarzer is to get at least one decent goalkeeper that has any experiance of first team football of premier league standard that isnt playing like crap. Almunia and Fabianski are just not at the quality we need atm. The pole has shown it over and over again that he is failure prone and almunia just hasnt got it anymore. the idea of buying M.S. would be ideal to so that he can play a year or two while we get another keeper or get mannone or Wojciech Szczęsny some experiance that they need and boot mabe fabianski can see then that he needs to step up his game.

Posted 15:35 13th August 2010

Adrian Sampson (Arsenal fan) says...

We should all understand that despite what they are all saying( you''ll know who) there''s simply limited funds to spend, so don''t get caught up with all the reports of potential signings and accept who''s THERE..........

Posted 15:30 13th August 2010

Peter Froggatt (Arsenal fan) says...

Wenger - Wait and see who Man City pick in goal and buy the other one. Hart or Given, I''d have either of them before Schwarzer. Whilst your at in but in a bid for Kompany and pair him with his Belgian team-mate Vermaelen at the back.

Posted 15:18 13th August 2010

Andrew Georgiou (Arsenal fan) says...

Its all to do with making money for the shareholders,thats why Arsenal have become a feeder club,the money is there based on their turnover and debts

Posted 15:14 13th August 2010

Pascal Mugiraneza (Arsenal fan) says...

Schwarzer will do for a couple of seasons and he would be a great mentor for young Vito Mannone as Vito hasn''t really any1 to look up to in Almunia and Fabianski.

Posted 14:59 13th August 2010

Paul Storrie (Arsenal fan) says...

I can see he wants to buy Schwarzer to be his keeper for 2 years , till sczesny blossoms to a mature goalkeeper to be his number 1

Posted 14:50 13th August 2010

Ian Peckett (Middlesbrough fan) says...

being a boro fan, i honestly feel if we had Shwarzer in goal the last couple of seasons we wont have been relegated , quality keeper deserves his chance to be playing at the highest level deffinately in the top 5 GK of the premiership

Posted 14:38 13th August 2010

Kabir Ahmed (Arsenal fan) says...

Since David Seaman we''ve not had a keeper that we could trust week in week out (ok, maybe Lehmann) but Mark Schwarzer would be a good addition and lets forget his age, at 37, if he stays fit I''m sure we can get 2/3 years out of him....look at David James he looks younger then some of the players in their early 30s. With Schwarzer in goal and Vermaelen it will bring us much needed stability and confidence in defence. Does Arsenal not have 19yr old Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, Lee Dixon and Martin Keown playing in our youth team? How I miss those four

Posted 14:25 13th August 2010

Francis Amadi (Arsenal fan) says...

Hughes refusal to let Mark join arsenal is a blessing in disguise because I can''t imagine what Mark at 38 will be doing for us. Wenger has identified the problem areas in the team, he should make bold to fill the gaps before the window closes. No excuses please.

Posted 14:17 13th August 2010

James Alexander (Arsenal fan) says...

james storrie, we already have two good young keepers so schwarzer would be amazing, giving them a helping hand and keeping the goal safe for at least this season. i completely understand fulham''s position, but they let van der sar go for 2m, why wont they let schwarzer go for similar terms?

Posted 14:15 13th August 2010

Alan Millard (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree, we need someone younger. KASPER SCHMEICHEL;;;;;;;;;;;;; LEEDS UTD.

Posted 14:14 13th August 2010

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