Wilshere salutes Balotelli

Gunners youngster avoids spat with City striker

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Wilshere salutes Balotelli

Wilshere: Balotelli praise

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Jack Wilshere has paid tribute to Mario Balotelli, despite the Manchester City striker claiming to not know who the Arsenal midfielder is.

Balotelli collected Tuttosport's 'Golden Boy' trophy as the best player under the age of 21, with emerging Gunners star Wilshere in second place.

But the temperamental former Inter Milan forward appeared to be in the dark when questioned over the credentials of his nearest challenger.

"I don't know who Wilshere is but the next time I play against Arsenal I will keep a close eye on him," Balotelli told Tuttosport.


Emirates Stadium midfielder Wilshere could have been forgiven for being somewhat put out, but he has instead elected to praise his Premier League rival.

Wilshere told his Twitter followers: "Would just like to say how honoured I am to have got 2nd place in the 'golden boy'! And like to thank everyone who voted for me!

"And would like to congratulate Mario Balotelli on winning it, even if he doesn't know who I am! He is a top player!"

Balotelli is set to come up against Wilshere in Premier League action when Roberto Mancini's men make the trip to North London on 5th January.

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Comments (31)

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Martin M (Manchester City fan) says...

@ Dan Hicks (Everton) Only interested in money? Have you seen the haul of medals this guy has won already? Absolutely the best young talent in the world

Posted 17:21 22nd December 2010

Timao Smythe-granger (Arsenal fan) says...

no, ballotelli is a self-centred idiot, that's why he doesn't know jack wilshere. it's a shame when a professional footballer shows no real interest in football. not knowing who Jack is means he probably hasn't watched a single Arsenal game this season, either domestic (including man city v arsenal) or champions league. i don't think balotelli meant to be insulting he is simply ignorant of key developments in his own business, and apparently unable to think on (rather than with) his feet. in fact all he had to say was -' yes wilshere is a great player , i look forward to meeting him', something like that.

Posted 16:03 22nd December 2010

Shon Evans (Arsenal fan) says...

@Craig Webster *It's *fans' *Arsenal

Posted 15:46 22nd December 2010

Hamad K (Arsenal fan) says...

@ Craig Webster-Derby Fan, Am sure its more painful for you being a misfit when the discussion is about top teams and top players.

Posted 14:02 22nd December 2010

Daniel Nimely (Manchester United fan) says...

leave d young man alone he has the right to say what he think and feel.a star is a star no amount of insult can take away the huge potential this guy possess.frankly speaking your so call wilshere is not better than mario so he should be the one asking bt him and nt mario .march 5th ll tell.

Posted 13:51 22nd December 2010

Oliver Mcpherson (Manchester City fan) says...

All you Gunners need to worry more about your spelling and grammar than about a Manchester City player!

Posted 13:24 22nd December 2010

Scott Wells (Arsenal fan) says...

Move on guys, Wilshere has not taken it personally. Balotelli has a lot to live up to and the way he ran the ball off the pitch when through on goal versus Everton does not tell me he is a class player. We will see

Posted 12:52 22nd December 2010

Pedro Mancos (West Ham United fan) says...

@Craig Webster (Derby County fan) I think you mean It's and Arsenal.

Posted 12:20 22nd December 2010

Frankie Sav (AC Milan fan) says...

There's some really good spelling going on here guys!! Balotelli like many young superstars nowadays has bad attitude and needs to grow up but nobody can dispute his talent...he has all the attributes to become the best striker in the world (if he grows up)...nobody remember what bad attitude Rooney had a few years ago??......

Posted 12:07 22nd December 2010

Kwesi Awuku-darko (Arsenal fan) says...

Congrats to Jack Wilshere

Posted 10:51 22nd December 2010

Deano Nerr says...

He is new to England. How can he expect to know the 'fringe' players for every club in 3 months? Lay off him!

Posted 10:36 22nd December 2010

Craig Webster (Derby County fan) says...

Its painful reading some of these arsenal fans spelling and grammar!

Posted 10:23 22nd December 2010

Andy Farrell (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Can all you Arsenal fans get some perspective before crying your eyes out please. Balotelli barely speaks English and has only just moved to the Premier League so it's likely that he meant he doesn't know that much about Wilshere which is understandable considering he didn't get that much attention at Bolton last year and has only just got into the Arsenal team. Not even sure why this has been made into such a fuss but fair play to Wilshere

Posted 10:18 22nd December 2010

Oyelowo Jamiu (Arsenal fan) says...

It is a ridicle that balloteli said that he did'nt know jack wilshere i think that no player in the whole world we say that he did not know jack,more over even if the player is playing under the water he will know jack wilshere, balotelli is a stupid player for that statement, UP GUNNERS WE ARE THE CHAMPION!

Posted 08:24 22nd December 2010

Mark P (Arsenal fan) says...

Wilshere...what a class act, unlike Balotelli

Posted 07:49 22nd December 2010

Fam Fajrin (Arsenal fan) says...

England have a bright future in jack

Posted 07:39 22nd December 2010

Leo Kerrison (Arsenal fan) says...

well done jack! avoid negativity

Posted 06:44 22nd December 2010

Morris Mutebi (Arsenal fan) says...

Thanks Jack for showing such maturity at such tender age,for honouring your rival whom i believe his comments were rubbish.may be it was out of excitement.actually if we are to look around the world and ask btn Jack and Baratolli,i dont think Baratolli will even surface near Jack.i just give Jack such ahonour for making his mentality hospitality.and for Baratolli.just few seasons in England cosi doubt wheather he will adjust there.let him first break into the first 11.God bless u Jack!!!

Posted 06:36 22nd December 2010

Dayo Dayo (Arsenal fan) says...

A brilliant display of maturity by a younger player.Balloteli should grow up,professionalism without character is nothing.Awards like dat should be given based on skills displayed and ability to follow d rules of d game which Balloteli does'nt display.

Posted 06:08 22nd December 2010

Joseph mary Oketch (Arsenal fan) says...

He could be a good player alright, but he should learn how to respect other players. I just like the way Jack has handled it. Balotelli grow up, Jack is a top class player, come 5th Jan 2011, you will test his ability and you will be brought to total shame. You are both young, but just see how mature Jack is!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 05:36 22nd December 2010

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