Harry scoops manager gong

Redknapp named best boss by Premier League

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Harry scoops manager gong

Redknapp: Manager of the season

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Harry Redknapp has been named Premier League Manager of the Year after breaking into the top four with Tottenham.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have monopolised the UEFA Champions League positions in recent seasons and were expected to dominate once more this term.

Manchester City were tipped to mount a strong challenge after investing heavily in their squad, with the likes of Tottenham, Aston Villa and Everton considered outsiders.

But Spurs have enjoyed a stunning campaign, recording victories over Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool at White Hart Lane.

Other highlights included the 9-1 demolition of Wigan in November, as well as the 1-0 triumph at Manchester City on Wednesday that guaranteed Champions League qualification for the first time in the club's history.

Tottenham could even finish third if they beat Burnley in their final game on Sunday and Arsenal slip up against Fulham.

Redknapp, who took charge in October 2008 when Spurs were bottom of the table, was thrilled with the accolade but paid tribute to his players and the rest of the backroom staff.


"I'm delighted to receive the award but it's a team effort with Kevin (Bond), Joe (Jordan), Clive (Allen), Tony (Parks), Tim (Sherwood), Les (Ferdinand) and all the coaching and fitness staff," he told the club's official website.

"Really, I'm just part of the team.

"It's all down to the players and what they've achieved. It's down to them really and a real honour to receive it."

The prize is decided by the Barclays awards panel, which is made up of football's governing bodies, the media and fans.

Redknapp becomes only the second manager since the formation of the Premier League to win the gong without having won the league, following in the footsteps of George Burley after the Scot guided Ipswich to fifth place in 2000/01.

A number of shock defeats for the top teams has contributed to an exciting season and the title race is still alive going into the final day with Chelsea and Manchester United competing for the trophy.

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Alfie Briggs (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think we're losing sight of the fact Hodgson's most notable achievements came in the Europa League, and it's the Premier League manager or the season award. Macleish is a good shout, but Tottenham's achievements this season surpassed Birmingham's, and they did it playing exciting football. He's got the best out of players who struggled under other managers. Something else that should be noted is the committment he's got from players. Ledley King risked his long term health and compromised his World Cup ambitions playing against Man City the other night, and a manager that can instill that kind of loyalty and passion like that is thoroughly deserving of the accolade.

Posted 16:35 9th May 2010

Sebb Sebb says...

well commented Gary Ranson. I think this analysis should be based on the Premier League not the Europa League. Otherwise it would have been called the Europa League award and not the best Premier League manager award. For me if Redknapp hadnt received it it would have been a myth really because the man is a genius he has more or less singlehandedly brought my Spurs from the bottom of the league to finishing either 4th or 3rd in the space of 18 months what an achievement. Roy Hodgson is a very good manager he has done wonders in Europe but to me didnt do enough in the Premier League to get the award nor did Tony Pulis of Stoke City nor did Alex McLeish of Birmingham City so why people mention them is beyond me really. Yes they dont have the same resources but look at Arsenal Chelsea and Manchester United they have more resources then Spurs have and still none of those managers got named so it doesnt matter if one has resources or not it matters who got named and picked and for me it was the right decision he def deserved it overall the hard work he has put in with my team Spurs. And like people say people dont realize that Spurs have recoup alot of the money via sales of players such as Berbatov, Keane, Carrick etc like some other Spurs fans are saying. Why do you think Spurs have no debt at all like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool etc because Spurs have been doing their business wisely and not got themselves into unpayable debt. We do have one of the richest owners of the club Joe Lewis who has a fortune of more than 4 billion pounds. So in years to come Arsenal wont even finish or compete with Spurs in the next few years. Roll up Burnley last game of the season and lets see Arsenal slipping up to Fulham today if that happens I will be having the last laugh. As Arsenal have lost 4 of their last 5 games in all competitions. Have only taken a single point against Manchester City at home.

Posted 12:37 9th May 2010

Kevin Teece says...

If it is the Premier League Award as John Clark says then surely it should go to the manager who wins the Premier League.To me it should go to the best manager in the Premier League and that then surely it should be between McLeish and Hodgson.Both have had brilliant seasons with their clubs and neither have had the resources Redknapp has had with Spurs.Birmingham and Fulham suffered at the end of the season because of the size of their squads.But lets put Spurs,City's and Villa's "achievements" in the league in perspective.It has taken them until the last 2 to 3 games for Spurs and City to definitely finish above Liverpool and they have had a disastrous season.Villa can still finish below Liverpool.Spurs and City have not had Europe to contend with.Hodgson took over Fulham in a worse predicament than Redknapp took over Spurs.To me, Birmingham and Fulham have taken on the much larger clubs in the Premiership playing positive and attractive football that both clubs should be proud of.If Fulham win the Europa League (and best wishes in the final), then the award shoud have gone to Hodgson.If they don't then to me McLeish just pips Roy.

Posted 08:22 9th May 2010

Nick Hadges (Chelsea fan) says...

What if Ancelotti wins the double, this should be decided after the all competetions are finished and so should the team and player of the year. Then again to take Tottenham from bottom to 4th and potential 3rd in a season and a half is pretty amazing. Roy Hodgson could have easily won this, his conquering of Europe is amazing and he is flying the English flag high.

Posted 01:19 9th May 2010

Craig(thfc) Hale says...

well done Harry you deserve it, unlucky hodgson its a premier league manager award not a europa league award finishing 12th is not a good season for fulham

Posted 22:46 8th May 2010

Gary Ranson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Pure and simple yes Roy Hodgson did a great job in EUROPE, this award is based on the premier league not europe and therefore no-one else was more deserving! Arsenal should take note of spurs being able to supply ENGLISH talent !!

Posted 20:19 8th May 2010

Neofytos Ferekkides (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Congrats to Harry! I must confess I would have voted for McLeish down to resources, but Harry still deserves it for his work. Its a PREMIER LEAGUE AWARD not Europa League. Moyes didnt get it in 2005 because of JM invincible team that won Chelsea's 1st title in years. Some of the aggresive comments here make no sense (i.e. Hodgson winning a PL award).

Posted 18:49 8th May 2010

Nathan Wood (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The award is for 'Premiership' Manager of the year, so Harry fully deserves it. Everybody wrote us off before the three fixtures with Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester Utd. We picked up 6 points from a possible 9, and then went to Manchester City, where we were the underdogs, given their home record, and we beat them too. Hodgson has been extraordinary for Fulham during their European campaign, and might pick up the Manager of the year award for this fine achievement, but he does not deserve a Premiership Manager of the year award, as Fulham have had a rather average season in the league, with nothing to shout about.

Posted 18:24 8th May 2010

Vincent Martin (Portsmouth fan) says...

Harry Redknapp doesn't deserve any kind of award! If it going by the PL then Avran Grant should get it! All the of feild trouble he has had to deal with but can still get a relegated team into a FA Cup final by beating Tottenham (aka Pompey ex-team), who the last time i look was in the top 4! Play Up Pompey!

Posted 17:21 8th May 2010

Mark Skybourne says...

All of you that think Roy Hodgson should have won this award seem to be missing the point... the award is "Premier Leage" manager of the season, and is not taking into account any european competitions. Fulham are 12th and so Roy Hodgson was never going to win this award. What Harry Redknapp has achieved is far greater than 12th. If european competitions were taken into account then yes, Hodgson would have a fair shout, but as it is the premier league, it's got to be Redknapp all the way.

Posted 17:10 8th May 2010

John Curtis (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Unfortunately, Moyes didn't win it in 2005, even though he achieved 4th because Mourhino did, by winning Chelsea's first title for 50 years and recording the highest amounts of points in any Premier League season to date. This is an award for the Premier League, so whilst Hodgson has done a fantastic job for Fulhum, its in the UEFA cup competition and so not considered in this prize. Even though Spurs were in a false position when Redknapp arrived, he has still made an impressive turn around. A fourth place finish that has been made harder by the fact that there were 4 teams in the fight for the position for much of the season. The fact that the top4 has been a closed shop for some time means that getting the chance to qualify for the Champions league is a big deal. To say otherwise is to ignore the current climate in the football leagues and so just sour grapes. Spurs have spent a decent amount of money on players, but this isn't through getting themselves into unmanagable debt or by a massive injection of a billionaire's private fortune. They are a club running at profit (14th richest in the world on this years forbes list, the highest without regular Champ league qualification), with plans to build a larger stadium and so should be commended (especially when you consider the mess they were in in the 90s). Well Done Redknapp, very well deserved.

Posted 11:53 8th May 2010

Gearoid Kelly (Real Mallorca fan) says...

Harry's a great head coach, but not a great manager. Pure example is leading Pompey to the FA Cup, without realising he's destroyed the club's future in the process. You won't see poor old Portsmouth back in the PL for many a year, and that's largely down to Redknapp's 'kid in a candy shop' approch to his transfers. He mortgaged their future for short term success and now can't even get a UEFA license! Viva Roy Hodgson!!

Posted 11:41 8th May 2010

Lee Butler (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Fellas, you're not listening, Fulham finished in the bottom half of the league so how can you justify Roy winning 'PREMIER LEAGUE manager of the year'? Robin, you're comparing our gross spend with your net spend which is unfair (and perhaps typical), besides, there wont be much between our squads at all next season!! The bottom line is that the award goes to the greatest and most unexpected achievement. Spurs achieved 4th when the money was on Man City (spending over double what we have recently) and Liverpool, both expected to be up there, and we did it in style. We've played attractive & entertaining football, scored goals, beaten great teams (incl. Arsenal) by playing as a team and have defied the odds to do it. Harry/the players/the staff and perhaps most importantly the Chairman are ALL great people who have achieved something fantastic this year and, as Champions League qualifiers with a new stadium on the way, are all taking the club forward to a very, very, promising future! Well done THFC us loyal supporters are all very proud and looking forward to the next campaign(s).

Posted 11:28 8th May 2010

Jack Dyer (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Spurs have spent alot but have recouped most of it with mega sales like Berbs 30 mil, keane 20mil, carrick 16mil, so its all been part of an excellent recruitment strategy by spurs. Players like lennon, huddlestone, dawson were all bought for a fraction of what they would cost now. So if you look at it in that respect Spurs havent overspent at all. What a great achievement, lets hope we dont do an Everton!

Posted 11:20 8th May 2010

Arnold Ardeman (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi, Having been a Spurs Fan for over 50 years I think that it is great to have a Manager who looks as though he can become as great a Manager as the greatest of all spurs Managers Bill Nick. Harry is dooing the same as the great man who took spurs fropm the depths of the late 50s to one of the best teams in Europe. Come on Harry lets go and win the Champions League.

Posted 11:20 8th May 2010

Amey Nandedkar (Manchester United fan) says...

I don't think that Harry deserved the award. Yes he is a very good manager but Roy Hodgeson was the more deserved candidate I thought. Breaking into the top four was no big deal this year as someone was gonna do it for sure as Liverpool have had a hopeless campaign and to give it to the one who finishes fourth purely on that basis is not justified according to me.

Posted 07:02 8th May 2010

Robin Leach (Arsenal fan) says...

To make one obvious comparison: Tottenham have spent £160 million on players in the last three seasons and have finally managed to qualify for a qualifier. Arsenal have made a profit on transfers in the same time frame, finished in the top four all three seasons, and despite having a disappointing season will (probably) finish above the local rivals again. Would Mancini have won it for finishing 4th? Nothing to do with 'arry being English is it?

Posted 06:42 8th May 2010

Darren Russcher (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

With all do respect to Moyes, he hardly won anything as much as Spurs gifted it to him. Spurs beat Arsenal, Chelsea and City when it mattered to get 4th. They didn't rely on ANYONE losing to give them their spot, they earned EVERY inch. Deal with it French Foreign Legion. An English manager, 6 English starters and an English majority shareholder. Scoreboard haters.

Posted 06:32 8th May 2010

Graham Finch says...

What a manager .great achievment all spurs fans r very proud 2 have him as a manager

Posted 06:27 8th May 2010

Lester Westcarth says...

Congratulation Harry it being a long time coming.

Posted 05:46 8th May 2010

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