Gomes hits out at ref

Spurs keeper says Clattenburg was unclear over Nani incident

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Gomes hits out at ref

Gomes: Says ref was not clear

He is supposed to use his hands. It was not clear to anyone. It was only when I saw Scholes shouting at Nani to shoot that I reacted.

Heurelho Gomes
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Heurelho Gomes has slammed referee Mark Clattenburg for not making his instructions clear at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Tottenham were outraged as a disputable strike from Manchester United winger Nani was allowed by Clattenburg to seal a 2-0 victory for the Red Devils.

The Portugal international prodded the ball home after Spurs goalkeeper Gomes placed the ball on the ground feeling a free-kick had been awarded by the official for a handball by the United player.

Clattenburg, however, allowed the goal to stand, having seemingly invited Tottenham to play on.

Not clear

But Gomes feels the referee did not clearly communicate his instructions, and insists there is no way he did not see Nani's handball.

"In my opinion, the whole stadium saw what happened," said Gomes in The Sun. "It is impossible the ref did not see the handball.

"He did not gesture in any way to play on, like you would normally expect. When I put the ball down on the floor, he started gesturing with his shoulders.

"He is supposed to use his hands. It was not clear to anyone. It was only when I saw Scholes shouting at Nani to shoot that I reacted.

"The biggest mistake was not being clear afterwards. Maybe he did not have to give the foul but you have to be clear. He only gestured after I put the ball down.

"Nani stopped the game with his hands but this is not basketball."

The Brazilian shot-stopper maintains that, as far as he is concerned, his own actions were justified.

Same again

"I feel bad, as I let in a goal. But I would react the same again," he added.

"The ref was not clear. He gesticulated with his shoulders and barely moved his arms. He was not able to explain and show to anyone in the stadium what was going on.

"Even the linesman was confused. He told me he did not know what the ref gave.

"He said he saw the handball and told me to go back to the goal, that he would tell the ref what he saw."

Comments (99)

John Mills (Manchester United fan) says...

Surely if as Gomes says, the ref's instructions were not clear then anyone with a bit of sense would have acted on the safe side and cleared the ball, not put it down and assumed quite wrongly that a free kick had been given.

Posted 15:22 2nd November 2010

Barry Bleasdale says...

Gomez cocked up. Schoolboy error. Play the whistle

Posted 15:06 2nd November 2010

Steve Wiggins says...

We all know that if Gomes had kicked the ball out of his hands as people were suggesting then he would have been booked for kicking the ball away! The ref didnt see the incident because of his red scarf blowing in his eyes, as per usual!

Posted 15:05 2nd November 2010

Mike Bibby says...

Get over it you pathetic totty fans, great thinking from Nani, made your keeper look like a clown, Your only pretenders to the throne anyway.

Posted 14:42 2nd November 2010

Paddy Moore says...

At the end of the day, every player should play to the whistle, that's what you're taught at schoolboy level. Gomes tried to call his own foul, which clearly the referee didn't agree with the free kick, hence why he allowed the goal as the ball was still in play. Whether he saw the handball or not, play to the whistle. Gomes has no arguement here, if the referee disallow that goal and let Gomes call his own fouls, why can't Nani pick up the ball and say it's a penalty? January 2001, Man Utd vs West Ham FA Cup, Barthez tried calling Di Canio's offside, but didn't work and the officials allowed the goal. You can't truely say that the referees are pro Man Utd!

Posted 14:42 2nd November 2010

Fergal Burke (Manchester United fan) says...

I am a United fan and although I think we were fortunate to get the goal Gomez is at complete fault. If Gomez thought it was a free why didn't he take the free were Nani hand balled it, by picking the ball up in his hands and walking forward with it to the edge of the box would suggest to anyone that he wanted to keep play going. I still think though that Nani should have left Gomez kick it in the rule of fair play.

Posted 14:35 2nd November 2010

Yogi (chelsea fan) Bear says...

The referees are so bad in this country that we ought to let Alex ferguson referee all the Man Utd games - we would get the same bias anyhow.

Posted 14:31 2nd November 2010

Matt Nixon (Manchester United fan) says...

Chip paper... what happens if this weekend Spurs get a contentious goal go their way? They will be glad they got the goal and have to deal with all the rebuke that comes from it. Gomes shouldn't have put the ball on the ground when no one had given a free kick. Whether it should have been one is neither here nor there. Nani shouldn't have dived and handled the ball, the ref played on and the ball was still in play. United were punished by two offside goals against Chelsea which basically decided the Premier League last season. We got over it.

Posted 14:27 2nd November 2010

Baz Quinnel (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Saturday was just a long list of ref blunders that have become a regular occurence when Spurs go to Old Trafford. If it's not Clattenburg it's Howard Webb who aides Man Utd. Anyway that aside personally I think you should play to the whistle so Gomes has to take some of the blame. Nani should of been booked for simulation especially as it wasn't the first time in the game that he had dived. Nani stopped the ball going out of play by dragging the ball back with his hand, this is deliberate handball and a booking. Nani can not be blamed for sticking the ball in the net. Why was Modric booked and Spurs players told too go away yet Ferdinand can stand there voicing his opinion whilst the assistant ref and Clattenburg discuss the incident. The assistant clearly tells Gomes that "he knows" it was handball, why was this over ruled as we obviously received no advantage from the dive and handball. The problem is the clarity of the situation at the time hence why there has been so much debate about the goal. I don't think it made a difference to the result, however it is a annoying seeing Man Utd fans with their typical classless attitude as per usual. If anything there wasn't much to choose between the teams on the day, Utd were better in the final third and thus deserved too win. Also if this was the other way round all hell would of broke loose, bacon face would have gone mental over that and United players would of surrounded the ref and assistant. Not one Utd fan as accepted they would be annoyed if it was the other way round which goes back to my classless comment. No class in victory and no class in defeat.

Posted 14:17 2nd November 2010

Tim Porter (Manchester United fan) says...

It shouldnt have been given as a goal and clattenburg has messed up big style. Maybe nani should have been booked or its a penalty for kaboul pulling him back these are all if so's. The fact remains that if spurs had scored the could of felt hard done by they didnt and they didnt even look like scoring

Posted 14:07 2nd November 2010

Mark Clyne says...

Nice try to deflect the situation away from you Gomes. This is all your fault. You heard an imaginary whistle. You then picked up the ball and moved it ten yards away from where the incident took place. The ref gave you an advantage so you could pick it and kick or throw from where ever you wanted in the box. And finally what are you moaning for anyway. Nani was fouled before he dived so in affect we got the penalty we should have got anyway. Also if the game went on for another 5 hours with Van Der Sar blindfolded Spurs would still not have scored.

Posted 14:06 2nd November 2010

Greg Smith (Norwich City fan) says...

Gomes has to take responsibility. The ref didn't blow and he should not have assumed it was a free kick, nor should he have ran and tossed the ball 10 yards away from Nani which was never going to help his case, especially as the linesman didn't flag for the handball until after the gioal had been scored. I think its fair to argue that the ref had given gomes an advantage by allowing him to pick the ball up with his hands to kick the ball out. It's Gomes who decided to throw it back on the floor. I still think the right thing to do after the ball went in would have been to disallow the goal and have the free kick taken from where the handball took place but technically under the laws of the game the ref was right to give it. He didn't blow the whistle as no sooner had Nani touched it, Gomes had the ball in his hands....so, play on. Gomes is the biggest fool here, not the ref.

Posted 13:57 2nd November 2010

Me Andyou (Woking fan) says...

Get Over It!!!!! Its gone and cannot be changed!!!!! U get some, U dont.

Posted 13:53 2nd November 2010

Prue Halliwell says...

Neil Sheeran (Chelsea) says... Here are the possible outcomes from Nani handball.1. Nani handballs, ref sees and gives a free-kick.Ref didn't blow for a free-kick.2. Nani handballs, ref sees and decides to play advantage in favour of Spurs.Ref didn't signal advantage and Spurs didn't gain any advantage from playing on.3. Nani handballs, ref doesn't blow or signal advantage which means he didn't see it. Assistant informed the Ref of the handball which he ignored. Somewhere here the Ref has made a mistake. Actually Neil you are wrong the linesman only puts his flag up when Gomes & one other player are charging at him after the goal has been scored. At no point did he flag anything the whole time they were in the box. And one more thing there have been lots of incidents when ref's don't give pens but also don't book players for diving.Gomes need to strap on a pair & accept the consequences of his decisions.

Posted 13:43 2nd November 2010

Mark Gamble (Liverpool fan) says...

1) it was NOT a penalty, Nani dived. 2) it WAS handball 3) there was NO advantage to be played in the first place. 4) the ref NEVER signaled advantage to be played 5) scohles putting his hands on the ref in an inappropriate manner 6) ferdinand trying to influance a PRIVATE consult between ref and linesman 7)goal should of been disallowed as spurs recieved no advantage, they recieved a big disadvantage. Ref's in this country are beyond a joke, week in week out they consistantly get LOTS of decissions wrong. Only one ManU fan has recognised these facts, the rest of you must all be walking round with guide dogs.

Posted 13:32 2nd November 2010

Aristo Aryee (Chelsea fan) says...

It's only the English people who have not yet seen that their referees are not good and that standard of officiating has fallen far below expectations. When referees /or match officials go into matches with bias minds then you should expect what Clattenburg did to happen. The problem with the English is that they see everybody as wrong and they as the only good people on earth. For instance when Lampard's goal was disallowed at S. Africa 2010 England went beserk but worse things happened which involves English referees at the same world cup and nothing was said about it. Care must be taking to stop these useless & senseless mistakes by referees. Clattenburg was wrong and totally useless that day. He didn't even see Ferdinard interferring when he was talking to the assistant referee but saw Spurs Players around and asked them to go . As human as we all say they are we are also human & therefore must begin to hold senseless & reckless match officials accountable for the actions as is done with other professions before the wreck our beautiful game.

Posted 13:31 2nd November 2010

Karl Young (Manchester United fan) says...

I don't see what all the fuss is about. Gomes made a huge error. People easily forget that Nani should of had a penalty in the first place. If it was a freekick then Gomes would of taken it from the 6yard box were the supposed handball was. Not from the edge of his area. maybe now players will also stop moving the ball 10 yards forward when they get a free kick. Although it is about time we got a controversial decision, after the last two seasons shockingly anti united officiating. Yes we still won the league in 08-09 but that is because we were so good the decisions didn't matter that much, but last season they may as well of just called the season off anf gave chelsea the title in august as the agenda from the outset from the FA was to stop United

Posted 13:30 2nd November 2010

Biff Gifford (Manchester United fan) says...

Play to the whistle.

Posted 13:17 2nd November 2010

Antony Bowyer (Everton fan) says...

Iam not surprised one bit, this ref has previous for favouring the so called bigger teams, i seem to remember a derby a few years ago were he and his best mate stevie g ref'd the game as a pair. He should be banned from football, loved the way he let rio in on his conversation with the linesman.

Posted 13:10 2nd November 2010

George Smithen (Newcastle United fan) says...

Nani is a diver. The worst, worse than Ronaldo.

Posted 13:06 2nd November 2010

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