Hughton leaves Newcastle

Magpies want boss with 'more experience'

By Rob Parrish   Last updated: 6th December 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

Hughton leaves Newcastle

Hughton: Newcastle exit

The board now feels that an individual with more managerial experience is needed to take the club forward.

NUFC statement.
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Alan Pardew is the favourite to replace Chris Hughton at St James' Park. Others in the running include Martin O'Neill and Alan Curbishley. BET NOW

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Newcastle have parted company with Chris Hughton and are looking to appoint a new boss with 'more managerial experience'.

Despite the well-respected Hughton leading the Magpies back into the Premier League at the first time of asking, his services have now been dispensed with following Sunday's 3-1 defeat at West Brom.

The Tyneside club are currently sat in 11th place in the table and enjoyed a 5-1 derby romp against bitter local rivals Sunderland this term, stunned Arsenal at Emirates Stadium and held champions Chelsea on home turf.

But owner Mike Ashley has decided that the time has come to make a change at the helm and the search is now on for a new man to step through the seemingly revolving door to the manager's office at St James' Park.

Hughton initially took charge on a temporary basis following relegation under Alan Shearer at the end of the 2008/09 season before being handed the reins on a permanent basis.

Speculation over his position has never been far from the headlines this season, and only this weekend he was forced to deny suggestions that player power was influencing his team selections.


Further reports surfaced on Monday morning that the 51-year-old was facing the axe, with the club confirming that Hughton had departed shortly after 2pm.

A statement on the club's official website read: "Newcastle United Football Club have today parted company with manager Chris Hughton. Goalkeeping coach Paul Barron also leaves the club today.

"The board would like to place on record their thanks to Chris for his considerable efforts during the club's transition from Championship to Premier League football.

"Chris has shown exceptional character and commitment since being appointed manager in October 2009. The club wishes him well for the future.

"Regrettably the board now feels that an individual with more managerial experience is needed to take the club forward.

"The task of appointing a new manager now begins. An announcement will be made shortly regarding transitional arrangements pending the appointment of a successor."

Comments (283)

Gary Hunter (Sunderland fan) says...

Even as a Sunderland fan i cant figure out this decision, i cant even laugh at this decision because its simply outragous. They thrash us 5-1, play arsenal off the pitch, draw with the champions and are sitting 11th and this is enough for ashley in there first season back in the top flight??? Newcastle fans shouldnt of forgiven ashley and kept up the ashley out protests

Posted 09:14 9th December 2010

Mike Jordan (Newcastle United fan) says...

Until Ashley sells the team we will continue to struggle. Many thanks and much respect to Mr. Hughton.

Posted 22:23 8th December 2010

Gary Adnitt (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Mike Ashley seems to think that Newcastle are still a big club that can compete with anyone, but the truth is that without big money and a capable Manager that is not going to happen.Changing Managers like Chris Hughton, who as done such a great job to get them were they are is ridiculous and they will never know now if he could have done so much more for them. I feel very sorry for Chris Hughton and indeed the clubs future as who will want to take over without wondering that even if they do well they will still end up being sacked

Posted 20:50 7th December 2010

Jonathan Grave (Newcastle United fan) says...

as a newcastle fan I am disgusted. chris has done newcastle utd proud. ashley should be the one walkin. not the man who sorted this club out. I just hope some idiot doesn't come in and ruins chris's hard work

Posted 19:38 7th December 2010

William Green (Liverpool fan) says...

The worst decision in football history,He was the rite person for New Castle,hope you get relagated again.

Posted 19:33 7th December 2010

Jamie Ricketts (Southampton fan) says...

What an earth had happened here?? Newcastle in my eyes were still huge favourites to have a relegation battle this season when you look who are below them for example everton and villa!! they are only 4 points off relegation and they choose to sack a man who is one of the favourites I would say for manager of the year. He has developed players such as carrol,ranger and others into this league. Plus holding down big players to not get carried away especially joey barton. Something must of been said between manager and chairmen but even if things were there was no need for this rash sacking unless someone like martin o'neill has declared interest in the job and is already in line to take it!!

Posted 19:23 7th December 2010

Sam Dixon (Newcastle United fan) says...

Chris Houghton has done an unbelievable job as the manager of Newcastle, and I am outraged that he has been sacked, The whole Newcastle board ought to be shot.

Posted 19:14 7th December 2010

Steve A (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Disgusted - Mike Ashley should hang his head in shame. Experience doesn't always make a great manager... Chris was doing a great job and appeared to have stabilised Newcastle. Now Mike Ashley has turned them into a laughing stock. I feel for both Chris and the Newcastle fans who deserve so much more... Now who would actually want the job? It's a poison chalice...

Posted 12:38 7th December 2010

Mark Moran (Everton fan) says...

just reading some of the comments about chris hughtons sacking and one thing is very clear. He must be one of the most respected people ever to be involved with football and can keep his head held very high and the dignity he has shown in this appalling situation is a credit to him and he's family . It also make me very happy when i see comments come from other teams supporters praising the man and shows that there are footballing people out there with respect which is completely opposite to the way football is heading at the moment, mike ashley hold your head in shame.

Posted 12:36 7th December 2010

Rod Linn (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Absolute madness. Hughton quietly went about shaping Newcastle into a side which won the Championship at a canter (a very difficult league to win), and as so often happens, one bad run of a few games sees the end of a decent bloke and manager. It's curtains for Newcastle if Shearer comes back, and I reckon the fans know that too. Shearer, like those other lazy slouches on the Match of the Day sofa, can't be bothered to do his homework for that show, so can't see him getting stuck into running a football team.

Posted 11:52 7th December 2010

Bob Anderson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

It seems the board at Newcastle are in absolute termoil, How can you sack a manager who has brought stability the club? I hope Chris Houghton finds another club soon (if he can find one he can trust). I feel for the Newcastle fans but foresee more bad times ahead, if this how poeple are treated by Newcastle F.C.

Posted 10:26 7th December 2010

Keith Bell (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

The person I feel for is Chris Hughton. That man took the job on the cheap after the pantomine Ashley made of the club. He then guided a troubled team back into the Premier League. Then went one better and guided them to mid table respectibility, all with no financial backing. Hughton has put his soul into that club and has been discarded like an old pair of shoes. Its disgusting and should not be allowed. Mike Ashley and his entourage of directors should be ashamed of themselves and the F.A should impose sanctions on the club for mistreatment of employees. Hopefully Hughton will get another crack at Premier League management, hopefully with a team that will treat him with the repect he deserves.

Posted 10:12 7th December 2010

G Man (Arsenal fan) says...

Absolute insanity! To drop any mananger at this point of the season is dangerous ground but Chris Hughton? Judging by fan response, Newcastle know they are not a top 4 side and for Ashley to claim they should be fighting for honours? Please, spare me. Chris has done a magnifecent job and iconsistant results are a poor excuse. They are 11th!! Every big team has had a few 'mares this season. It's part of this tough league we play in. I don't mind Newcastle as a club but I always thought that the supporters were Liverpool like in thier logic. That they should have some divine right to be up there with the best. The humble and realistic comments from supporters have made me see otherwise and I only hope that you don't nosedive as a result of losing this great and brave manager. A true gent. Mike Ashley...your a @$*#. Please fill as appropriate.

Posted 09:36 7th December 2010

Darren Wilkinson (Newcastle United fan) says...

Has a Newcastle supporter i do feel sorry for Chris but i have said before he is not the man to take us forward.Martin Jol would be a good appointment but Ashley would need to back him, has we have a lot of average player's at the club .

Posted 09:13 7th December 2010

Matt Gillett (Newcastle United fan) says...

like everyone else has said, shell shocked. 5 games without a win - true not the best run in the world but what about Chelsea? if they had the mind set of the fat controller then surely ancelotti would have been sacked by now. They're the reigning champions so that would be understandable. but us? our objective was simply avoid relegation. we have had some great results and some poor ones. the fans and the players love him, everyone else in football who has met him like and respect him. I wouldn't want to be his successor. Only martin o'neill and wor alan would be accepted by the fans. The board want someone with more managerial experience so that rules alan out and o'neill has a brain so I doubt he'd want the job. Wish he would though. I can't think of anyone better than chris who would WANT the job. Thank you board for making us the laughing stock in football again. Thats the thanks chris gets for doing a super job and adding stabilizers to the team.

Posted 08:37 7th December 2010

Ian Muddell says...

What an absolute disgrace in sacking Chris Houghton,the guy did a wonder job in bringing them back first time of asking from the hardest league to get out of and this is the way he is treated by Fat Boy Ashley. I feel sorry for the die hard Newcastle fans and i believe there top stars will leave in the January window. I am also glad Ashley is not a Leeds fan

Posted 08:04 7th December 2010

Matt Hew says...

Absolutely disgraceful!! A manager who broke numerous records with us to win the Championship at the first attempt, thrash our local rivals, has total respect of players and fans and had us 11th in the best league in the world! Mike Ashley and his board are idiots. The worst thing is this will make noone want to buy us from the clutches of this lunatic. I see protests, poor attendances, a new manager who'll probably get sacked as we go down again! It'll be much harder to come back up next time! Chris Hughton - not that you'll read this, but you're a legend - the fans and the players love you and see what you've done for us. Good luck with the future, I'm sure you'll get a new job in no time!

Posted 07:12 7th December 2010

Joe Calvey (Liverpool fan) says...

I have never wrote on the comment line before but i feel compelled to. Worst footballing decision ever.

Posted 05:10 7th December 2010

Bobby Mcclung (Rangers fan) says...

as a follower of english football, chris was a manager who looked like he had the respect of not just his players but fellow managers for the job he has done, it is ashame how he has just been cast aside, football owners nowadays think football is a game of fifa

Posted 03:49 7th December 2010

Paul Makem (Sunderland fan) says...

Very poor decision by Mike Ashley. Even a Sunderland supporter would agree, that Chris Hughton has done a tremendous job since he's been in charge. NU, if they don't watch out will do a Leeds United, and that won't be good for the North East.

Posted 03:05 7th December 2010

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