Magpies plotting Gradel swoop

Pardew reported to be ready to launch winger raid

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Magpies plotting Gradel swoop

Gradel: Has caught the eye

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Also see understands Newcastle are preparing a January move for Leeds winger Max Gradel.

The 23-year-old has been in sparkling form for the Whites this season, bringing him to the attention of Premier League sides.

He only completed a permanent switch to Elland Road 12 months ago, having shone during a loan switch from Leicester

Gradel penned a two-and-a-half-year contract upon his arrival, which is set to run until the summer of 2012.


His fine form has thrust him into the spotlight, though, and the top flight vultures are beginning to circle.

Leeds boss Simon Grayson maintains that Gradel is not for sale, but the Whites have yet to see their resistance tested.

Newcastle could be the first to test the water, with Alan Pardew believed to be keen on a New Year approach.

Gradel has admitted that he would welcome the opportunity to test himself in the Premier League at some stage, but has given no indication that he is looking to make such a step up this season.

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Comments (17)

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Neil White (Leeds United fan) says...

Gradel to Newcastle wouldn't be that bad for Leeds as it would give us a little more spending power in the transfer Market but like lado said he would be no more then a bench warmer that's all he was at Leicester he's not as good as snodgrass or watt I know watt is only on loan but it's for the season and there's loyd Sam aswell so let him go if he wants super Leeds

Posted 12:19 5th January 2011

Gary Deighton (Leeds United fan) says...

Every transfer window it seems Newcastle are sniffing around! They could take advantage when we were struggling but what kind of a player would even consider going there now!? the most deluded club in the country, they've won nothing! We will see you in the Prem nxt year.....MOT

Posted 12:08 5th January 2011

Simon Miller (Leeds United fan) says...

Gradel is playing well but 1 player doesn't make a team. If he goes we have got lloyd sam and sanchez watt to fill his place. I don't think he is the player we should be selling personally i would sell neil collins and get woodgate back on loan.

Posted 11:09 5th January 2011

Daniel Rahnavard (Leeds United fan) says...

Before gradel even thinks about it he should remember a year ago he had been frozen out in the cold at Leicester and owes Leeds for restarting his career. I'd like to think loyalty would play some part in this saga but I won't hold my breadth. he is one of our better players definately and i dont want him to leave. However like any player if he starts to rock the boat and we get a good offer no one player is bigger than than the club and he should go. Mot

Posted 08:48 5th January 2011

Andy Turner (Newcastle United fan) says...

@Alan Hey - since when did winning a trophy define a club as being big? it's about more than that and i can assure you that Newcastle are bigger than Leeds Plus we won the championship last year ;-P lol

Posted 23:39 4th January 2011

Joel Dalby (Newcastle United fan) says...

i personaly dont see why we would need him when we have enough wide players and trying to make ben arfa permanent but i hear its a swap deal for leon best? then if thats the case go for it!

Posted 23:18 4th January 2011

T K (Newcastle United fan) says...

Personally think he's better off staying at Leeds - coming here he'd end up an impact (off the bench) player at best most likely. I have to disagree strongly with Alan Hay though, in terms of support, infrastructure, worldwide fame we're a far larger club than Leeds are. Take nothing away from Leeds though, they are a larger club than quite a few currently in the prem (eg: Stoke, Wigan, Blackburn and a couple of others) but no way are they bigger than Newcastle/Chelsea/Everton/Spurs (ie: the group of huge clubs that sit below the big 3 of ManU, Liverpool and Arsenal).

Posted 22:36 4th January 2011

Olan Mijana (Leeds United fan) says...

Newcastle....get away. Gradel is Leeds material.

Posted 20:22 4th January 2011

Daz Johnson (Newcastle United fan) says...

leeds are a sunday morning team compared to the toon, max will see the the light.

Posted 20:20 4th January 2011

John Williams (Newcastle United fan) says...

Alan Hey Leeds bigger then Newcastle? You getting carried away a bit there pal, at least get promoted into the Premiership first for Gods Sake! Norwich are a bigger team than Leeds!!

Posted 19:57 4th January 2011

Dennis Wilders (Leeds United fan) says...

If max wants to go to newcastle lets do a deal and get smith back a leeds lad who deep down would love to come home.

Posted 19:54 4th January 2011

Drew W (Leeds United fan) says...

I'm going to be more objective here. Bates has said he does NOT tell Grayson what side to pick or buy players he doesn't want. I'd suggest if Bates sells Gradel, it will damge their relationship irreparably. IMO, this article is nothing more than a laughable - but already failed - attempt to stir up specualation, same as they tried and failed to with Becchio.

Posted 19:50 4th January 2011

Jrme B. (Leeds United fan) says...

Don't touch to Gradel, he's staying at Leeds !

Posted 19:18 4th January 2011

Larry Grayson (Newcastle United fan) says...

Would that be alongside David Beckham or just tucked in behind Ronaldinho? ...amateurs, Dude.

Posted 18:21 4th January 2011

Martin Bleasby (Leeds United fan) says...

Although Leeds are trying to build a squad to challenge for promotion to the top flight i think if Ken Bates Can double or treble his money on a player we only signed last year then i dont think Simon Grayson would have any say in the matter although we could get another player for more money than what we paid for Gradel but we would have to pay more in wages so is that not false economy,If Leeds dont get promoted or make the play offs, then look at it again in the summer & if Gradel keeps scoring & playing like he is it can only add to his value so Ken will make more money .

Posted 18:00 4th January 2011

Alan Hey (Leeds United fan) says...

why would leeds want or need to sell one of our better players(max gradel)we do not need to sell platers now and why would he want to go to newcastle are they bigger than leeds(its even longer than us since they won anything in fact have they ever won anything )if a big club wanted him ie arsenal/manu then maybe it might tempt him.He will be better at leeds playing in the premier league next season playing for simon grayson and leeds united

Posted 17:53 4th January 2011

Dave Paul (Leeds United fan) says...

max gradel is staying at leeds get u hands off newcastle

Posted 17:35 4th January 2011

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