Boro appoint Strachan

Strachan lands Riverside post

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Boro appoint Strachan

Strachan: Boro's new boss

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Middlesbrough have confirmed that Gordon Strachan will succeed Gareth Southgate as their new manager.

Southgate was surprisingly sacked following last Tuesday's 2-0 Championship victory over Derby County at The Riverside.

Although that win meant Boro were just one point off the top of the Championship table chairman Steve Gibson opted to wield the axe.

Former Celtic, Southampton and Coventry boss Strachan was immediately installed as favourite with Southgate revealing at the weekend the Scot was interviewed for the job weeks ago.

Boro have now confirmed the 52-year-old will take up the post with a press conference planned at 2.30pm on Monday afternoon.

Strachan enjoyed a hugely successful career with Celtic, helping the Bhoys win three successive SPL titles between 2005 and 2008.

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Comments (25)

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Andy Sweeney (Celtic fan) says...

People who are ignoring Strachan's success in Glasgow due to the SPL being part of a 2-team-league must remember he achieved this whilst significantly reducing the wage bill. He is, on paper , more successful than O'Neill ,both domestically and in Europe with a much inferior transfer war-chest. He achieved great things at Southampton and his failings at Coventry were very early in his managerial career, which he has learned from. He will be a huge success at the Riverside.

Posted 18:28 26th October 2009

Chris Priest (Hartlepool United fan) says...

I wouldn't get too upbeat about this appointment. Saw his managerial stats on Sky Sports news today and apart from when he was at Celtic, his win ratio was appalling.

Posted 18:23 26th October 2009

A Smith (Celtic fan) says...

Good appointment for boro, they have a good manager who achieved much with Celtic under considerable financial constraints. Champions League success with against the like of Man United and A.C. Milan with lesser quality of player and 3 championships. Should do well as has the backing of a chairman and board who wish to spend money. Good Luck Gordon.

Posted 17:29 26th October 2009

Yahya Ali isa (Liverpool fan) says...

Gordon strachan! Good manager who has seen the ins and outs of the football game as well the good and the bad sides of the game! I think this appointment will surely mean restructuring Middlesboro as a club from head to toe, whether be physically or mentally strachan will decide. he's had a taste of glory and i think personally strachan want to be back in the premier league so the right man for this job. Wish middlesboro all the best. They gave Gareth Southgate more than a fare crack at it.

Posted 15:02 26th October 2009

Michael Reah (Newcastle United fan) says...

Now Strachan is appointed I think Middlesbrough will be a stronger team than when Southgate was there. I think people should now watch out for Middlesbrough. The TyneTees derby will be one to watch

Posted 14:38 26th October 2009

James Brown says...

Coming from a Sunderland fan like myself, i think this is a great appointment by the Boro, you've already got a team able enough to get back you into the top flight aswell as young decent players who Strachan will get the best out of, who ever says this is a bad appointment is deluded, I'm tipping the Boro for the Championship now!!!

Posted 14:11 26th October 2009

Ian Anstey says...

You're right to get behind a new manager. Just don't get upset with all the 'I told you so' comments when you aren't promoted at the end of the season. Southgate took over when other more experienced managers had turned it down he should have been given more time.

Posted 13:47 26th October 2009

Jon Adams says...

While it is a valid point that the SPL, a 12 team league, is a two horse race, is the EPL realistically any better? Arsenal are going through a barren patch, and when was the last time Liverpool won the title again? Regardless of that, these two teams still contribute to the four teams which compete for the title every year (obviously along with Manchester United and Chelsea- and even Chelsea are a recent edition to the pack). That´s four teams with a realistic shot of the title from 20, compared with 2 from 12. In purely numerical terms (obviously the gulf in class, money available, technical ability and so on is massive...) the EPL is hardly less predictable than the SPL... In any case, as a Rangers fan, I´m amazed Middlesbrough have managed to nab Strachen. He did a marvelous job at Celtic, both domestically and in terms of improvements on the European front (we´ll just ignore their away form...), and I was convinced his next job would be at a mid-level EPL team. So, congratulations, and enjoy your promotion Boro fans...

Posted 13:37 26th October 2009

Robert B says...

I can't believe some of the comments on Strachan already! Let's get 1 thing straight, yes the SPL is a 2 horse race but winning it 3 out of 4 years is a good achievement no matter what way you look at it. What seems to be forgotten is that Strachan got Celtic into the knockout stages 2 years in a row, that is by far an absolutely incredible achievement. To put things into perspective, Celtic recieve less than ¿10m a season in prize money compared to the ¿70-¿80 you get in the Premiership. I would love to see how the Premiership managers would get on in Europe with ¿5m a season to spend on new players. What a fantastic signing this is for Boro...I have no doubt now that you will be back in the Premiership next season and I couldn't have said the same with Southgate in charge.

Posted 13:01 26th October 2009

Pete Swift says...

Anyone could have done what Strachan did at Celtic - not hard really when you only have to complete with one team for the title - what did they do in Europe? Sweet FA - prepare to be disappointed - Gibson would have been better keeping faith with Southgate!

Posted 12:55 26th October 2009

Louis Keeley (Manchester United fan) says...

Congrats to Boro for appointing a manager with a proven track record! Since the premiership began i would say Boro have been the 5th most successful team to be in the premiership!, winning the carling cup (04), 2 carling cup finals (97+98) and f.a cup final (97) under Robson and a UEFA cup final (06) which other team apart from the big four has gone that far in so many competitions? Strachen has won 3 striaght league titles and got southampton to the F.A cup final! (look where they are now hes gone) People who accuse the scottish league of being a two horse race have a very narrow perspective of football! a manager good enough 2 over come a team, who not long ago were UEFA cup finalist, 3 times in a row is good enough for a championships team and no 1 should write him Strachen off! he could restore them the years when they were a good premiership team!

Posted 12:43 26th October 2009

Mick Duffy (Middlesbrough fan) says...

I wish these so called boro fans would just shut up and get behind the team. Southgate is a legend still and good luck to him in the future. Gordon Strachan will get the smoggies into the premier league where we deserve also to all these boro fans shut up moaning and get behind the RED ARMY Come on BORO!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 12:23 26th October 2009

David Anderson (Manchester United fan) says...

I think the wee man will do a grand job there. He has had a good time at Celtic winning trophies so why not? Boro fans should be buzzing as he has more qualities than Southgate & Robson put together! Also relating to Neil Poole's comment. Rangers & Celtic fans are a joke the SPL would relish freshness and if that means goodbye to the Old Firm, then happy days!

Posted 12:21 26th October 2009

John Byrne (Coventry City fan) says...

Beware Boro, be very aware, as a long standing coventry fan i remember Strachan very well. He is the only manager to get us relagated. Were in the top division for 36 years until he came along. He also slagged our fans off when they questioned is methods. After he got us relagated he walked away then tried to sue the club 4 £300,000. He will sign a long contract with Boro thinking only of the money. He wont care about Boro. He did the same with Southampton.

Posted 12:05 26th October 2009

Steven Conlin (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Iddy Wilson (Newcastle United fan) says...I think Strachan is a disgrace. You should not interview for a job that is not yet available. Well Iddy i think you need to read up a little more, the reason why Strachan wasnt in the job by Saturday is because he wouldnt speak formally about the job until Southgate left. Talk about being wrong on many fronts, i dont think any Newcastle fan has the right to call any appointment made by Gibson, lets wait until we get took to court, investigated by the police, have 5 managers in as many years and are looking to sell. Thats when you can even start to open your mouth on matters of this nature. Back to Strachen.....good appointment for one major reason, experience. This team has the talent to go straight back up (If we keep jinky in January that is) all they need is an experienced hand telling them the basics and giving them the discipline they most desperatly need. Come on Boro!!!

Posted 11:36 26th October 2009

Dave Gill (Middlesbrough fan) says...

If Mr Gibson is as good as his word and promotion really is the only thing that matters, then Mr Strachan will have a contract to the end of the current season with a huge (bankers type) bonus at the end of a successful first year.

Posted 11:27 26th October 2009

Neil Poole (Manchester United fan) says...

I have to agree with JB, the only reason Strachan was a good manager in the SPL, is because there are only two teams and the standard of football in the SPL is awful, I work with a large number of both Celtic and Rangers fans and they agree that the SPL is a joke.

Posted 11:00 26th October 2009

Dan Garratt (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Andrew Nimmo (Middlesbrough fan) says... It's about time we had an experienced manager like Strachan who has won trophies with Celtic. Let's hope he does the same with Boro! Come on Strachan get us out of this league and back where we belong, in the Premier League. Mate, who couldnt win silverware with Celtic. Not that much of a special appointment. Did nout with coventry.

Posted 10:45 26th October 2009

Robert Leith (Celtic fan) says...

You Middlesborough fans will hate Strachan. We Celtic fans were glad to get rid of him. He left Celtic in a mess. The football on offer was dire. His teams are absolutely awful to watch ( although he seems to see a different game from the fans and reporters ) and he's a dreadful judge of a player ( like Keane ). He pisses the fans off with his comments after the game and he's the only one who knows anything about football. He got Coventry relegated after about 50 years in the top division and left Southampton in a mess. Be warned 'boro.

Posted 10:38 26th October 2009

Alan Ward says...

An experienced manager like Strachan. EVERY manager of Celtic wins silverware. Gareth Southgate would have done if he had been given the opportunity to manage Celtic. In the top three and Southgate is sacked so one presumes that should Boro not be promoted Strachan will also be on his way. Quite a tough requirement!!

Posted 10:32 26th October 2009

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