Chopra threatens to leave

Bluebirds striker unhappy at quiet summer

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Chopra threatens to leave

Chopra: Far from happy

If this club doesn't bring in new players, I'm off. I've had enough.

Chopra on Cardiff
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Cardiff City striker Michael Chopra has threatened to leave the club unless they bring in fresh faces before the window closes.

Although a Malaysian consortium has taken over the Welsh club this summer they have been quiet in the market with just two signings.

They have landed Tom Heaton for free from Manchester United while Daniel Drinkwater has arrived on loan from Old Trafford.

Cardiff have lost regular starter Joe Ledley to Celtic and Chopra has grown frustrated that the club have yet to signal their ambition this summer.

Financial problems are believed to be hindering the club and the ex-Sunderland striker has called for investment or else he will leave.

Hacked off

"I'm well hacked off," he told the South Wales Echo. "If this club doesn't bring in new players, I'm off. I've had enough.

"I can see that we will struggle this season if people at board level don't get real and sort this matter [the financial struggles] out sooner rather than later.

"It's not good for morale and I'm not the only one fuming about the lack of movement in the camp.

"TG (chairman Dato Chan Tien Ghee) told me that the club would invest, and that we would have new faces to strengthen the team for a charge at the Premiership.

"But I don't see any investment, I don't see any new faces at the club to make this team a force next season.


"In fact, if this carries on, I can see us struggling. I am really angry about the whole business.

"I was under the impression that the new board were coming in and spending money to take this club to the next level.

"But I don't see that in any shape or form and it's very frustrating for me and the players who want to do well for this club next season.

"I'm happy playing for Cardiff, but I'll be off if this continues. I'm ambitious and I want this club to meet those ambitions."

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Philip James (Swansea City fan) says...

Oh here we go...another footballer in cuckoo-land. When are these players going to realise that not all clubs can just go out and buy players on a whim. Given Cardiff City's recent financial plight I thought it would highly unrealistic to go out and buy the 4 or 5 players Dave Jones is looking for. That said, he was probably looking forward to getting his hands on the money from Stoke for Joe Ledley but the player decided to go to Celtic on a free thus scuppering those plans and therefore no transfer kitty. Players these days no nothing of the world of economics...even as a Swansea fan i would never want to see Cardiff go out of business as i enjoy the rivalry and banter between the two clubs especially since Swansea have been in the Championship. Ultimately all football clubs should start looking at ways to drive down the cost of the players wages/signing on fees and any other payments that are made. Swansea are fortunate as the club tries hard to live within its means as the board have done for several years now, Cardiff's new owners (while at first appearances don't seem to be the white knights they appeared to be a few months ago) have to sort out the financial problems of the last couple of owners first - off the pitch matters at the moment take preference to on the pitch matters!! But i am looking forward to both derby matches this coming season - here's to hopefully a really good season for the Swans.

Posted 12:55 23rd July 2010

Andy Trotter (Sunderland fan) says...

You can't sign him Chris, he's not Scottish !!

Posted 12:54 23rd July 2010

Darren Ciderdrinker (Bristol City fan) says...

Come across the bridge Chops and join the super reds that is BRISTOL CITY we are on our way this year get out of the sinking ship before its to late!!!

Posted 12:42 23rd July 2010

Brendon Jones (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Others want out too ?? You can keep Chopra but I hope Whittingham is feeling the same get out and come to Forest

Posted 12:40 23rd July 2010

Ballistic Bluebird (Cardiff City fan) says...

Chops is only highlighting the frustrations of the vast majority of supporters and it does APPEAR that there is a lack of team investment. I know that there are a number of 'other' issues to sort out at the moment and (as far as I can see) Gethin Jenkins is driving things forward, whilst being as 'open and honest' as possible BUT we do need to know what Board intentions are. We have several 'star' players entering the last year of their contracts and I see sorting those out as a prioity. However, it is clear that a number of new faces are required to maintain and improve the standards of last season and EVERYBODY involved with the club needs to know what is occurring. What we can't have is a repeat of the recent 'Mercenary Joe Ledley' story where players (however good) are allowed to run down their contracts and walk away for nothing. If a so-called 'local hero' like Joe can do that, then that should serve as the starkest warning that others will do the same!! The club and its supporters all want Chops to stay (desperately). We love him and his cheeky, wind-up ways and he is a cult hero already. Hopefully, Cardiff will sort this all out and we can take the next step, which can only be promotion to the Premiership. By the way, Middlesbrough couldn't afford him....

Posted 12:39 23rd July 2010

Simon Farrimond (Newcastle United fan) says...

Chopra would score goals for any championship side no problem but i would see cardiff wanting almost the 5m they paid for him back. As for the idea of him going to boro he would only go if he was gauranteed first tem place how would that sit with macdonald and boyd. I wold love boro to come back up in the premiership like newcastle did this season but i wonder with all the buys from scotland ids the scottish premier league any different to the championship i think its on par and they would struggle with those players in the premiership

Posted 12:28 23rd July 2010

Riley Roger (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

he's overrated if he wants to go let him go hes nothing special, he will play awesome for the first 10 games then he will go hiding waste of money if u ask me

Posted 12:22 23rd July 2010

Ross Anderson (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Chopra is a quality championship striker, but he's proven he's useless in the Premiership. I'd take him on loan, personally. We'd go right back down if he was leading the line in the prem! Don't think he'd get a look in through with Scotty and Boyd!

Posted 12:15 23rd July 2010

James Pill (Aston Villa fan) says...

go then. don't just threaten. GO!

Posted 12:09 23rd July 2010

Adam Hall (Crystal Palace fan) says...

Who does Chopra think he is exactly?! Who is encharge!? I would tell him to sling his hook. He couldnt hack it in the Prem so I'd like to see where he would go off to.

Posted 12:05 23rd July 2010

Chris N/a (Middlesbrough fan) says...

If Chopra wants a change I would love to see him at a ambitious club like Middlesbrough. Along with McDonald and Boyd we would scare the rest of this league, and almost fire us out of this league.

Posted 11:51 23rd July 2010

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