Brown hails 'biggest' day

Tigers boss says avoiding drop is his greatest achievement

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Brown hails 'biggest' day

Sing when you're winning: Phil Brown serenades the KC Stadium crowd after keeping Hull City in the Premier League

This is biggest thing I've ever done in my football career.

Phil Brown
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Hull City boss Phil Brown says keeping the Tigers in the Premier League is his greatest achievement.

After watching his side beat the drop in spite of going down 1-0 to champions Manchester United, Brown was ecstatic at the prospect of another season of top flight football at the KC Stadium.

The City manager treated a packed home crowd to an impromptu karaoke session then told Sky Sports: "This is biggest thing I've ever done in my football career.

"Getting promotion last year was great but staying in the Premier League - with the support that the chairman (Paul Duffen) has given us is just fantastic."

Brown knew his side had to at least match Newcastle's result at Aston Villa and he was kept posted on events at Villa Park by injured members of his squad.

"The club captain (Ian Ashbee) and Jimmy Bullard behind the dugout kept me in touch and were telling me the scores."

The Tigers certainly did things the hard way and rarely looked like getting a positive result from their final game of the campaign after losing to Darron Gibson's spectacular goal - but defeat was not enough to dampen celebrations in East Yorkshire.

"It was one of those where, after we went a goal behind, we had a mountain to climb especially against a side like Manchester United but nobody can question them, the quality was there for all to see."

And when asked if there were moments he felt the club would not survive in the top flight, Brown replied "never" before going to join his celebrating players.

Chairman Duffen was delighted for his manager and added: "I think it is a wonderful birthday present for this man - he is 50 years old next week. He said he wanted to be a Premier League manager on his 50th birthday and he is going to be."

And talking about the club's rollercoaster of a first season in the top flight, he added: "It's been incredible. To know that we are now looking forward to our second PL campaign in 106 years is massive."

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Arsenal Madd (Arsenal fan) says...

I totally agree with melvin's comment.. but i also wonder why this was his greatest achievment?? i mean they lot on the last day and just needed a goal from nufc to send em down....he didnt do anything at all...surely sending hull to the EPL and almost to the final after a loss to arsenal would be his greatest acheivement

Posted 11:01 25th May 2009

Hax Nine (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

I was glad to see Hull City survive this season... the second half of the season might not have gone their way but it would have been a shame to see them relegated after they had spent most of the first half on top form. I think they deserved another chance and just got unlucky to end up where they were... Newcastle on the other hand had a bad season altogether.. they never looked like going anywhere but down. I do feel sorry for Alan Shearar and the fans but its the players and Mike Ashley who are to blame...

Posted 10:57 25th May 2009

Peter Walker (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Phil, Great Job and Happy 50th Birthday. I met you during my yearly Trip back home to watch the Wanderers. You had just been named caretaker for Wanderers and I met you on the pitch. Again, Great Job of staying in Premier League and Hull is very lucky to have you for their Manager, Happy 50th Birthday

Posted 07:12 25th May 2009

Harry Shortland (Arsenal fan) says...

To messers Johnson and Evet ..... take another minute, guys. Brown's only two faults were his acceptance of Duffen's miserly ways, and his acceptance of his 'players' poor play. Come to think of it, Steven, you're probably right! And the Arsenal thing, Mel ..... the refs were absolutely disgraceful in that game! They were very openly Arsenal fans! Hull got screwed royally against Liverpool, Villa and Arsenal. With 9 or 10 new players, and some money from Duffen, they'll be OK next year, otherwise ......

Posted 03:16 25th May 2009

Paul Skinner (West Ham United fan) says...

Hull should have gone down they have been terrible for most of the season and are the most boring side to watch in the league. On a day when a win should have been a priority they never looked like getting anything. They have been extremely lucky that boro and newcastle have been just as poor, and if it had not been for a couple of very lucky wins at arsenal and against fulham they would have been down where they belong.

Posted 00:10 25th May 2009

Jamie Pegg (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Congratulations!! Even though we went down, can't say we did not deserve it! Hull played so well at the start that it is only right you get another chance at top flight!! It will be a while before we get that chance again!!

Posted 22:16 24th May 2009

Dan Fry (Bristol City fan) says...

Well Done Hull City!!! From out meeting at wembley last year, your fan's we're brilliant from start to finish and i'm personally glad that you managed to stay up! (good luck for next season!) Well i'm happy that Newcastle got relegated as the championship is more becoming a second premier league! and it would be a beautiful championship ground to visit. Well Done Hull! Bristol City Championship Winners 2009/10!!!! (I'm very optimistic!)

Posted 20:00 24th May 2009

Carl Stringer (West Ham United fan) says...

just wanted to say congratulations to phil brown and hull city a remarkable achievment well done lads

Posted 19:01 24th May 2009

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