Pearson takes Tigers post

Former Leicester boss lands KC Stadium post

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Pearson takes Tigers post

Pearson: New Hull City boss

We feel it's a real coup for Hull City and that Nigel is the best man to mould the existing squad into a competitive Championship team.

Adam Pearson.
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Hull City have appointed Nigel Pearson as their new manager on a three-year contract at the KC Stadium.

Pearson, 46, who steered Leicester to the play-offs in the Championship last season, will start work as Iain Dowie's successor immediately.

Dowie took the job on an interim basis in place of Phil Brown, who was put on gardening leave midway through last season and was subsequently dismissed following the club's relegation from the Premier League.

"We are delighted to welcome a manager of Nigel's experience and calibre to the club," Hull's head of football operations Adam Pearson said.


"We feel it's a real coup for Hull City and that Nigel is the best man to mould the existing squad into a competitive Championship team.

"Nigel had two outstanding seasons at Leicester City and I feel sure this experience and winning formula will ensure the very best chance of bringing success back to the club."

The Tigers have also brought in Craig Shakespeare and Steve Walsh.

The pair were Pearson's assistant and first-team coach respectively at Leicester, who bounced straight back to the Championship in 2009 as League One champions under their leadership.

Leicester chairman Milan Mandaric has paid tribute to Pearson following his appointment at their Championship rivals.


Pearson spent two years at the Walkers Stadium and Mandaric is expected to receive compensation from the Tigers for the former Sheffield Wednesday defender's services.

Mandaric said in a statement: "We were greatly surprised to receive the initial approach from Hull.

"The past few years have been a turbulent time for both me and the supporters at Leicester City. We have been striving to get a degree of continuity at the club.

"However, Nigel has done a fantastic job for us and it would have been wrong of us to deny him the opportunity to speak to another club if he wished.

"After speaking to him, we have reluctantly agreed that if he wished to pursue this opportunity at Hull, we would permit it. I am deeply grateful to Nigel for everything he has done for the club. He has put together the foundations of a strong squad and it is now up to us to find a manager to build on those foundations."

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Alex Mortimer (Leicester City fan) says...

I can't believe some of you hull fans. Surely you can see why we are a little peeved about losing Pearson? Your not as big a club as we are. You enjoyed a few yrs in prem compared to several sustained yrs under oneil with consistent top 10 finishes. Pearson had been likened to oneill. We finally had some stability after having manager after manager walk in and walk out and this was the season we were going to push for promotion because let's face it we over achieved last season. Now we face an uncertain future and we feel robbed. That's how highly we regard Pearson. We can't see the logic in going to a rival championship side because he's not bettering himself. I hope you appreciate what you guys at hull are getting with Pearson and his backroom staff and expect big things. Just spare a thought for us as Pearson was our 11th manager in 5yrs. All we want is stability and direction. Is that too much to ask? 

Posted 21:45 30th June 2010

Andy Knight (Coventry City fan) says...

As a Coventry city fan, and a very anti Leicester man!!!. Even I think it's a huge step down for a good manager like Pearson, I would understand if he'd gone to a premiership club, but hey ho never mind eh! There's alway Chris Coleman or even phil brown

Posted 20:00 30th June 2010

Simon Howe (Leicester City fan) says...

Don,t know the reason why nigel decided to go to hull thats his choice, but thanks for bring some stability to leicester, hope you don,t come to regret your decision the season will tell us that look forward to you bringing your new club to the walkers. Lets see if we can entice curbishley to drop down a division.

Posted 14:58 30th June 2010

Gail Gardner (Leicester City fan) says...

Gutted Nigel Pearson has gone. Gutted he was allowed to go. Steve Walsh - The price was obviously right - no big loss!

Posted 14:19 30th June 2010

Neil Priestley (Hull City fan) says...

To all you Leicester City fans. Why do you think your club is bigger than Hull?

Posted 13:29 30th June 2010

Allan Edwards (Leicester City fan) says...

For NP to leave Leicester for Hull, I can only imagine that Adam Pearson was able to make more guarantees of challenging for promotion than Mandaric could make. If that's the case, then I'm deeply worried for the upcoming season and beyond. No disrespect intended to any Hull fans, but Leicester are, despite recent history, still a far bigger club than Hull - on a level financial playing field I think Leicester have greater long term potential. However, if the Tigers can offer a manager of Pearson's calibre more opportunity for success that the Foxes when both clubs are in the same division, then there is undoubtedly a problem at Leicester. Does Milan Mandaric have any funds left to strengthen the team? If not, I fear a difficult season lies ahead.

Posted 10:32 30th June 2010

Lew H (Leicester City fan) says...

Nigel Pearson, i thank you for what you have done for our club...its just a shame that you left under a cloud i.e becuase of a rift with our chairman, not becuase "he thinks the future is bright with the amber nation"...and when he doesn't get hull up at the first attempt, adam pearson will sack him. oh and hull fans, your not big, you will always be second to ruby in your city, and if your squad DID had any talent, you'd have stayed up last year wouldn't you? you'll end up just like middlesborough, sat in mid-table going nowhere. if you don't like the comments hull fans, don't read them. we've just lost our best manager for years...we're entitled to be bitter.

Posted 08:55 30th June 2010

Rob Lowe (Leicester City fan) says...

Must say I am extremely disappointed to see Pearson has left us, and regardless of what Hull fans may think, it's a step sideways, not up. However, I am led to believe that Leicester actually wanted Pearson to leave, and let Hull speak to Pearson without even consulting Pearson. Steve Walsh, one of Pearson's assistants, said last week that Pearson was definitely on his way out of the club and off to Hull. It seems that the relationship between Pearson and Mandaric had completely broken down. Of course, what I have said may not all be true, but it has all come from inside of the club, and I am inclined to believe it.

Posted 23:51 29th June 2010

Jason Nothull (Leicester City fan) says...

Ok, credit to you Hull fans, (both of you) but a sideways step for Pearson. A side come out the premiership for once in their history, (not that history counts for anything) small ground small fan base, but nevertheless a parachute payment to play with. Not that I would work for Adam Pearson, has a habit for putting good managers on gardening leave, c,mon leicester fans he is ex Derby!! Or has Nigel Pearson jumped because Mandaric is off?? When we get Grayson no doubt all you Leeds fans will say the same about us.

Posted 22:57 29th June 2010

Elliott Plant (Leicester City fan) says...

.... Football gone mad, word can't describe how backward this game has become "Myhill, Duke, Dawson, Ashbee, Garcia, Barmby, Folan & Fagan" .... yeah all the best NP ;)

Posted 21:36 29th June 2010

Jon Green (Leicester City fan) says...

I'm absolutely gutted that Nigel has been allowed to leave and wish him and his team all the best at Hull City. As for Hull fans, take it from me, you couldn't have a better bloke coming in, he did outstandingly well at Leicester and we are gutted he's gone. I'm feeling pretty depressed about this, Nigel is an outstanding managerial prospect and will be a top premiership manager along the line. I just hope he doesn't take Hobbs, King et al with him. Mandaric has treated him poorly and made a huge mistake letting him go. Of the names linked to the job, none of them appeal to me and who'd want to work for Mandaric anyway?

Posted 20:39 29th June 2010

Mark Coverdale (Hull City fan) says...

This is a decent appointment for Hull. Not great but decent. I'm understanding that Leicester fans are upset with losing a manager that has done great for them but not sure why they feel that it is 'a backwards move'. He's going to a club that has just spent 2 years in the Premiership... during this time Leicester were in league. Also, Hull is a bigger city than Leicester and there isn't nearest competition in terms of geographical location/club standing would me Leeds...over 60 miles away. Point being, there is a huge fan base for Hull City. Pearson has moved to a bigger club that needs to get through their financial issues. And just FYI to those Leicester fans that have miss information, Hull city are not going in to administration! Pearson is an intelligent man and recognises that Hull has more potential than Leicester and that's clearly what he's based his decision on.

Posted 18:27 29th June 2010

Ian Midgley (Hull City fan) says...

I think all you leicester fans need to stop crying, we are a bigger club than you, wah wah wah, so what if your a bigger club than us, i dont think hes left you because of the size of your club or ours, by all accounts he couldnt get the assurances at leicester that he could get at the beautiful city of hull, maybe you should be asking the questions of manderic!?

Posted 18:13 29th June 2010

John Hemphill (Leicester City fan) says...

I am shocked by this news and can only assume there is a problem behind the scenes at Leicester. Why Hull? Seems a strange decision for Nigel. As many have already mentioned, he is going to a club with a smaller fan base, ground etc.. I do think Nigel did a fantastic job for us. But I am still left bemused!!

Posted 18:13 29th June 2010

Shimon Schlomo (Leicester City fan) says...

unbelievable, BUT I think Nigel Pearson is a great guy, and food luck to him in whatever he does...i have the upmost respect for the man He is a better manager than Martin Oneill, and knows how to get the players to play for him. The guy is very good in the Transfer / Loan market, and all other managers are very happy for him to graduate their younger players. I only hope he doent take players like Jack Hobbs with him!! I do think he has made a big mistake leaving Leicester for Hull, as this is a backwards step, and he could have definately gone on to manage a much MUCH MUCH larger club than Hull, like Villa / Birmingham /. Spurs / Everton etc etc GOOD LUCK NIGEL, AND THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US BACK FROM THE DEAD

Posted 18:07 29th June 2010

Ricky Coates (Hull City fan) says...

Pearson did a great job with Leicester pulling them back from League one but I think you guys are been harsh on us at Hull. It might be due to the fact that whilst you were in League 1, we were enjoying Premier League football - so it would be expected we would have the better chance of going back up.. But like I said 'expected' we could quite easily go in opposite directions. I can't explain why he choose to come here with the financial troubles but I genuinally believe we can make the play-offs next season, all things considered.

Posted 17:47 29th June 2010

Rick Skelton (Hull City fan) says...

Some of the comments from the Leicester fans are pretty appalling. I don't want to cause an argument but seriously, who do they think they are? Hull City are not on the verge of administration. We don't have untalented footballers. We have a good squad, one that is being under-rated by bookmakers and pundits. We have players who won promotion to the Premier League, like Myhill, Duke, Dawson, Ashbee, Garcia, Barmby, Folan & Fagan. We have excellent young players like Cairney, Cullen, Cooper and Atkinson. We have proven performers in the Championship like McShane, Olofinjana and Halmosi, players who've been playing at the top level, like Cousin, Kilbane and Gardner plus wildcards like Zayatte and Geovanni. Welcome to Hull, Mr Pearson.

Posted 17:10 29th June 2010

Tim Timmins (Leicester City fan) says...

This is unbelievable, like the rest of you I cannot understand the logic behind this. Walshy going as well??? Something is seriously wrong behind the scenes. I don't think Mandaric is stupid enough to employ Dowie though. My preference would be Tony Mowbray. Basically, we're back to square 1 at a time when every City fan was looking forward to a season of pushing for we have no idea what sort of a state our club / team is going to be in. We need answers from Mandaric NOW.

Posted 16:54 29th June 2010

Ollie Barnes (Hull City fan) says...

I think it's actually quite hilarious that all of you blinkered Leicester fans think Hull City are on the verge on administraiton. The possibility of that is over my friends. Hull City will be inheriting £48m over the next four seasons. Don't be suprised if you see us challenging for automatic promotion next season! Quit the bitterness, you are not as big as you once were! UTT.

Posted 16:53 29th June 2010

Paul Manson (Leicester City fan) says...

So shocked to see Pearson leave. I truly hope that like Mark McGhee he comes to regret leaving us... and that every time he passes Junction 21 of the M1 motorway he looks west to Coventry and curses ever having mad this decision. The chairman has shown a fairness to Pearson in allowing him to speak to Hull City that has amazed me but being honest if Pearson's judgement tells him that he has made a move for the better then my instinct is to think that Pearson has flawed judgement and this is borne out by his decision. Onwards and upwards.. Come on City

Posted 16:53 29th June 2010

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