SFA chief calls for Dida ban

Smith slams Milan star

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SFA chief calls for Dida ban

Dida: Dramatic

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Scottish Football Association chief executive Gordon Smith has called for Milan goalkeeper Dida to be banned for diving.

The Brazilian was involved in an altercation with a Celtic supporter who ran onto the pitch and appeared to tap Dida in the face in the final minute of Milan's 2-1 UEFA Champions League defeat at Celtic Park on Wednesday.

Dida briefly chased the Celtic fan before collapsing and leaving the field on a stretcher.

Smith, though, believes Dida made the most of the incident involving the fan - who has since been banned from Celtic for life - and wants the Milan star to receive the same punishment as Lithuania's Saulius Mikoliunas.


The winger was banned for two games after being found guilty of diving in Lithuania's 3-1 Euro 2008 qualifying defeat to Scotland in September and Smith wants Uefa to use the same yardstick for Dida.

"I was at the match at Celtic Park but I did not see the fan come onto the pitch," Smith told the Daily Record.

"From what I've been told he made what could be described as a friendly pat at the goalkeeper, who then decided to fall over. To see him leave the park on a stretcher could be described as farcical.

"I would hope that Uefa act in accordance with their recent judgment on Mikoliunas. I would certainly hope the incident would have no effect on the outcome of the match."


Uefa are set to meet on Friday to decide if there is a need for an enquiry into the incident and Smith acknowledges that, until the European governing body pass judgement, the SFA is unable to become involved.

"The fact of the matter is that Celtic will have a case to answer because their security was breached by the supporter who came on the Park," added Smith.

"Therefore there is nothing we can do to help them at this stage.

"What Uefa have to decide is whether Dida was guilty of simulation and whether it was intended to make the problem with the fan look even worse by indicating that he had been assaulted."

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Huggie Mcknight (Celtic fan) says...

First of all congrats to both Celtic n Rangers on their respective wins and may it continue !! I hope Celtic only cop a fine for the excited supporters actions, but it doesn't surprise me of Dido's actions, he was at fault again for a goal and was trying to hide his lack of ability by takin a dive when he got clothes lined !!!!!! And Alistair Kidd {gers spprtr} is clearly one-eyed on his opinions of punishment for Celtic......IDIOT.

Posted 12:29 7th October 2007

Edward Foster (Derby County fan) says...

Gordon Smith's claim that Dida should be banned for diving is ridiculous. If he really believes this then he is an embarrassment and possible threat to Scottish football. I'm shocked that he has spoken out in this way and isn't more concerned that Celtic failed to control their fan. The absolute moron that ran onto the pitch has taken the headlines instead of one of Celtic's best wins in the past few years. I pray that UEFA don't deduct Celtic points because wins like this one don't come along often. I suspect that Celtic will be punished, but I hope UEFA uses common sense. Dida showed himself to be a dirty cheat and should lose any respect that anyone ever had for him. I suspect he acted in the heat of the moment and will probably be very embarrassed now. In all fairness, the only party that has come out of this with any dignity is the Milan management who immedietly saw it for what it was and said they wouldn't be seeking action.

Posted 13:20 5th October 2007

Mark Mcphillips (Celtic fan) says...

i think its an absolute disgrace what dida done. I am a celtic fan and i'm glad that the fan was banned as he shouldn't be on the pitch under any circumstances, but i feel dida dived to make this an incident that could have cost us the three points, personnally i think dida should be banned for the rest of the group games.

Posted 10:59 5th October 2007

A J (Rangers fan) says...

As a Rangers fan I don't usually side with the other half of the Old Firm but Celtic had no option to ban the supporter for life. Doesn't matter why you come onto the pitch you just don't do it! I would however support Gordon Smith and Celtic if they push for punishment for Dida. It was an absolute joke and players who try to get other players / clubs into trouble should themselves be charged with unsporstmanlike conduct etc.

Posted 10:43 5th October 2007

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